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What Happened at NXT: October 14th 2015

Tonight, NXT begins with a TakeOver: Respect recap video. The video focuses on highlights of Samoa Joe and Finn Balor winning the Dusty Classic and the thirty-minute Iron Man match between Bayley and Sasha Banks. After the Respect montage, the regular NXT opening video plays.

When the cameras focus on Full Sail, Rich Brennan welcomes us as Bayley’s music plays. Bayley comes out and makes her way to the ring. When Bayley steps through the ropes, the NXT Universe starts “Match of the Year” chants.

Bayley says NXT made history. She said the whole night was about respect. Not just her match with Sasha Banks, but also with the Dusty Classic. Bayley says that Dusty had a big influence on both her and Sasha and was big reason they had the main event match at TakeOver. Bayley says that being in the main event is what she and Sasha both had dreamed since they were little. Bayley continued that she and Sasha want women’s wrestling to be respected. She continued by saying that she felt the Women’s division looks like the future has been validated.

Just as Bayley was set to continue, Alexa Bliss, who comes to the ring flanked by Blake and Murphy, interrupts her. Alexa says what Bayley accomplished at Respect was incredible. She told Bayley that she was in awe. She also told Bayley nobody deserved to be champion more than her. She says that Bayley is an incredible champion. Alexa says that’s all she came out to say. She said that the future of the Women’s division has no limit. Alexa says she is excited to share it with Bayley. She raises Bayley’s arm then steals the championship belt.

As Bayley starts to attack her, Alexa hides behind Blake and Murphy. Alexa says they wont be sharing the title. Alexa said she didn’t write letters to herself when she was ten, but she wants the title too. She said people like Bayley aren’t meant to be champion and it will be easier when she takes the championship from her. She throws the belt back at Bayley then, the tag trio leaves the ring.

Brennan, Graves, and Saxton are shown and they talk the incredible event that took place last week. They hyped the Dusty Rhodes Classic. Brennan says their cameras caught up with the winners following the match. The show cuts to an interview from Finn and Joe recorded just after the trophy presentation. The interviewer asked them how they feel. Before either man can answer, General Manager William Regal comes out and offers his congratulations. Finn says they are both and honored. Joe says it was both a pleasure and honor to be his tag team partner in the classic. Joe tells Finn that, even he hates to spring this on him, but he has been undefeated in NXT, and Joe did come here for one reason, he wants a shot at the championship.

Balor responds by telling Joe that he knows him better than anyone. Balor says he is a fighting champion and if Joe wants a shot, he’s got it. Regal interjects however and tells the two gladiators that its not that easy. Regal says that so much time went into the Dusty Rhodes Classic, the company has lost on who the number one contender is for the NXT Championship. Regal says that, like the Dusty Rhodes Classic, he believes everyone deserves a chance. Regal announces that, next week, there will be a battle royal to name the number one contender. Joe pleads his case to be named number one contender, asking Regal if he has left any doubt? Joe points that he has beaten everyone Regal has put in front of him. Joe reminds Regal that he is undefeated in NXT and deserves the title shot. Regal is unmoved and tells Joe that, next week, there will be a number one contender battle royal and the winner will be the number one contender. Regal tells Joe that its time to focus. Regal leaves to close the segment. The battle royal is teased as the main event for later show as we head to the first break.

When we come back, Tye Dillenger is cutting a promo on the number one contender battle royal. Dillenger says that twenty-two other men will battle tonight to see who will be the number one contender to Finn Balor’s NXT championship. Dillenger says there can only be one number one contender, one winner, and that there is only one perfect ten.

Apollo Crews also cuts a promo regarding the number one contender’s battle royal. Crews says that, since he has arrived in NXT, that he wants to be champion. He says tonight, after he becomes number one contender, he will go on to become NXT Champion.

Rhyno also cuts a promo about the battle royal. Rhyno says that everyone is talking about becoming the new number one contender. Rhyno says, in his mind, he’s already there because he has already been the face of a revolution. Rhyno reminds us that he was the last ECW champion. He says tonight, he will be one step closer to being the face of a new revolution when he becomes NXT Champion. The battle royal is hyped for later in the show.

Next, we see the Susan G. Komen logo and the Susan G. Komen psa is read.

The Vaudevillains make their entrance for the first match, followed by the team of Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton.

Match 1: The VaudeVillains vs. Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton.

Aiden English starts the match against Angelo Dawkins. Dawkins gets an armbar but English reverses it with a forward roll and step through. Dawkins backs English into a corner and whips him into the opposite corner. Dawkins charges but English goes up and over and ends up with a deep armdrag.

Dawkins makes it back to his feet and tries to throw English into Fulton in the corner. English was whipped but caught Fulton with a forearm in the corner. Everything was going well until English turns around and catches a right from Dawkins. Dawkins and Fulton work over English in their corner. Dawkins slams English who tags Fulton. Fulton catches English with a leg drop off the turnbuckle and goes for a pin. English is out at two. Fulton grabs a reverse chin lock.

English makes it to his feet, so Fulton attempts a back suplex. English flips in mid-air to escapr the hold. Fulton charges but English moves. Dawkins tags in and rushes English but English moves again. English makes the tag to Simon Gotch.

Gotch hits Dawkins with a flurry of offense. He connects with two forearms, a head butt to the midsection, and double knees to the head. Gotch then connects with two running forearms in the corner. He follows that up with a back suplex. Gotch and English set up Dawkins for the Whirling Dirvish for the win.

Winners: The Vaudevillains

Backstage, Devin is in the interview area with Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. Devin comments to them that its an another impressive win for the champions. Dash cuts her off and asks Dawson if he thought it was impressive? Dawson responds that, to the untrained eye it may be impressive, but, if you like that, what about when Dash and Dawson beat the champs in Austin Texas. Wilder chimes in and says, by his calculations, Dash says they are the number one contenders for the NXT Tag Championships. Dawson adds that, in his mind, they are already the champions. Dawson concedes that they have to play the cards that are dealt to them. Dawson says their cards, right now, have them facing Enzo and Cass. Dawson tells Devin that, if she sees Enzo and Cass, to let them know that Dash and Dawson are plain, simple, and direct. Dawson says when they work on a body part, they render it useless and completely tear apart their anatomy, ask them, “How You Doin?” Wilder adds, “…and You Can’t teach that.” That closes the segment as the show heads to break.

During the break, a Nia Jax video airs and teases her for next.

As we return from break, a video package is shown recapping the bout between Asuka and Dana Brooke from TakeOver Respect. After the still shots are shown, we are taken to footage of Dana being examined by the trainer after her match last week. Emma is consoling Dana when Asuka appears. Asuka pats Dana on the top of her head, then glares with an evil smile at Emma before leaving. Dana hears Asuka leave and deliriously claims to have won the match.

The NXT arena is ready for action as Evie makes her way to the ring. Her opponent, Nia Jax, makes her way to the ring.

Match 2: Evie vs. Nia Jax

While the bell rings, the announce team points out that Nia is related to The Rock. To start the match, Evie tries to rush at Nia and gets caught in a bear hug. Evie is able to fight off the bear hug with elbows to the back of the head. She tries to slide down Nia’s back into a sunset flip. She is unable to get Nia off her feet. Nia picks her up and shoves her into the corner. Jax follows up with a back splash in the corner. Evie slumps to the mat prompting the audience to start, “Nia’s Gonna Kill You!!” chants.

Nia grabs Evie by the back of her head and taunts her. Evie catches her with a couple of roundhouse kicks and breaks free. Evie charges at Nia off the ropes. Jax catches her with one arm, and morphs it into a power bomb and gets a three count.

Winner: Nia Jax.

The next segment is an in-depth video recap of the Women’s Iron Man match from TakeOver: Respect.

After the recap, the main event is teased for next. We then hear from more participants before the actual match,

Tyler Breeze is interviewed first. He says if there is anyone who deserves a shot at the NXT Championship, its Prince Pretty. He says tonight you are looking at the new number one contender.

Baron Corbin says that the at the end of the battle royal, there will be one man left standing, The Lone Wolf. The show breaks for commercial.

During the break, an Eva Marie video is shown. Eva says that, she is sorry she is not there but, after all her grueling matches in NXT, she felt as though she needed “Me Time.” She says she misses NXT and she knows we miss her too.\

Its main event time as Rhyno’s Entrance is shown.

Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe’s entrances are shown

Match 3: Twenty-three man Battle Royal: The Winner is the Number One Contender for the NXT Championship.

The bell rings and mass chaos ensues. Rhyno and Corbin try to eliminate Samoa Joe. They throw Joe over but Joe lands on the apron. Four guys try to push Joe off but Joe fights them off.

Apollo Crews gets the first elimination sending Steve Cutler to the floor. Crews begins throwing people out in rapid succession. Crews literally launches Johnny Gargano out of the ring as the show goes to break.

Back from break, the hot and heavy action continues. Dawson and Wilder eliminate Big Cass, but Enzo sneaks up behind Dash and Dawson and dump them to the floor. Tye Dillinger, in turn, throws out Enzo. Bull Dempsey returns the favor to Dillinger. Rhyno eliminates Bull. Baron Corbin rids the ring of Mojo Rawley. Corbin, next, tosses out Zack Ryder. Baron Corbin, tired of playing nice, throws Rhyno to the floor. The show heads to its final break.

When the show returns, we are down to Baron Corbin, Samoa Joe, Blake, Murphy, Apollo Crews, and Tyler Breeze. Samoa Joe backdrops both Blake and Murphy over the top rope to the floor getting it down to the final four.

Breeze goes after Joe but Joe connects with a running boot to eliminate Tyler Breeze. Joe tries to put Corbin in the Muscle Buster but Baron escapes. Corbin throws Joe out to the apron. Joe hangs on the outside as Corbin tries to knock him from the apron. With Corbin and Joe battling, Breeze grabs Joe’s leg pulling him from the apron to the floor. Samoa Joe is eliminated.

We are down to two. Corbin works over Crews and throws him over but Crews lands on the apron. Corbin tries again but, again, Crews able to save himself and land on the apron. Crews is able to fight back and win the match with three enziguries to Corbin then a clothesline to knock Corbin over the top to the floor.

Winner and New Number One Contender: Apollo Crews

Post-match: Crews celebrates in the ring to close the show.

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