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Jay Lethal had one of his stiffest challenges for the TV title, against one of New Japan’s top stars. Welcome to San Antonio, TX.

ACH vs Matt Sydal
Match #4 in the Best of Five Series

ACH is one match shy of taking this group of matches. The two stood face to face. Code of Honor Handshake but ACH held up two fingers to signal that he already won 2 previous matches.

Collar and Elbow into an Arm Drag by Matt. They went back to a Collar and Elbow and ACH sent Matt over. . They both used another Arm Drag. The crowd showed their respect. Side Headlock Takeover but Matt escaped. ACH with an Arm Bar. Matt worked over the arm but ACH got to the ropes. Matt sent ACH to the ropes but got Shoulder Tackled. Universal and both men seemed to miss moves. Matt sent ACH out with a Dropkick. Slider Dropkick, through the ropes, by Matt. Knife Edge Chop by ACH into an Apron Hurancanrana. Nice.

ACH Knife Edge Chopped Matt and sent him back into the ring. . Matt missed a Spin Kick and ACH drove Matt into the turnbuckle. Dum Dum Stomp by ACH. ACH twisted the arm and then dropped Matt, face first. Matt with chops and kicks He went for the Standing Moonsault but ACH got the knees up. RoH took a quick break.

Ach nailed a hard Dropkick. ACH Punted Matt into another zip code, from the apron. ACH twisted thee arm and sent Matt to the corner. Shoulder by Ach but he got laid out with a Spin Kick from Matt. ACH was flying through the air, at the time. Back and Forth shots by both men. ACH reversed a Whip but Matt hit a Final Cut for a two. Matt kicked ACH in the jaw and dropped him like a bad habit. The ref checked on ACH and even Matt was concerned. 2 count. Matt rolled over ACH but ACH was still able to kick out at two. Back Spin Enziguri by ACH. Matt got the knees up. German Bridge Suplex gave ACH a two. Matt reversed a Whip but got smacked in the face. Matt went for a Hurancanrana but ACH landed on his feet. CrossRhodes by ACH but Matt still kicked out. ACH slid out onto the apron and hit the Get Over Here. Ach headed up top to go for Midnight Star. Matt rolled out of the ring to avoid the move. Back Flip Crash and Burn by ACH. Amazing.

Ach tossed Matt back in the ring. Matt nailed the jumping knees. ACH hit a wicked Step Up Enziguri into the Brain Buster! Midnight Star but Matt brought up the knees. Matt with an Inverted Hurancanrana that led to the Shooting Star Press. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Matt Sydal
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5

The series is knotted up at two each. The match will determine the ultimate winner of this epic series. The Addiction (Daniels, Kazarian and Sabin) rushed in to attack ACH and Sydal. Celebrity Rehab to both ACH and Matt. Why?

Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazaraian and Chris Sabin were still in the ring, after the break. Kaz whined about the tag belts being stolen from them at All-Star Extravaganza. Kaz started mocking Texas. Kaz demanded justice. Daniels grumbled about someone getting involved in their match at All-Star Extravaganza. Daniels claimed they are still the tag champs, since they were never pinned. He called out The Kingdom.

Instead…they got All-Night Xpress. Rhett Titus said the ANX Party goes…All Night Long. Kenny King took over and said The Addiction got under their skin. King said ANX were never pinned or submitted for the World Tag Titles. It was all about politics. King threw out an open challenge to The Addiction. RoH took another break.

Next week…The Addiction vs the All Night Express

The announcers talked about Dalton Castle losing “The Boys” to Silas Young. That brought out “The Last Real Man”. Beer City Bruiser was with his mentor, Silas. Silas went off on The Boys for wearing Dalton-like costumes. Silas wanted to teach The Boys how to take a beating.

Beer city Bruiser and Silas Young vs The Boys

Saito Supplex byBCB. Standing Dropkick to the other Boy. Bruiser whipped one kid into the other. Double Tap Suplex by BCB. Bruiser went up top. He missed the Frog Splash. They rode the foe. Silas came in and got involved. Silas hit Misery and Silas took the pin.

Your Winners: Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser
Honor Roll Ranking: 1.5

Silas and Bruiser carried the Boys to the back.

Truth Martini and Jay Lethal cut promos towards Waranabe. Jay was determined to make Watanabe acknowledge him as the greatest wrestler alive.

Inside ROH was back to talk about The Kingdom. Adam Cole turned on Kyle O’Reilly at All-Star Extravaganza to reunite with The Kingdom. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly explained that reDRagon was crossed and that would not do. Adam Cole retorted with his own promo about his actions. Adam yelled about being on the shelf with various injuries. Adam showed he was so jealous of Kyle O’Reilly and his push. Adam told his old partner that he surpassed Kyle by winning the World title. Adam felt Kyle was a lesser version of himself. The Kingdom will be at RoH, next week, to state their plans for the future.

Takaaki Watanabe vs Jay Lethal
Ring of Honor World TV Title Match

Todd Sinclair was the Zebra in Charge. Watanabe offered the Code of Honor Handshake and Jay accepted. He then immediately jumped and stomped away on the challenger. Jay popped Waranabe with a Forearm. Watanabe reversed a Whip bt ate a boot. Back Elbows by Jay. Waranabe dropped Jay but only got a one count. Funk Neckbreaker by the Japanese superstar, which led to the Backsplash Senton. 2 count. Knife Edge Chops by the challenger. Jay bailed to the floor but Watanabe threw him back in. Truth Martini pulled Watanabe off the apron. Crash and Burn Trifecta by the champ. Ring of Honor had time for one more break.

Jay unloaded on Watanabe with Chops. Jay took Watanabe over and pounded away. Jay dumped his foe out of the ring. Jay then came out and pitched Watanabe into the barricade. Jay got a two count and then went to the Rear Chin Lock. Kneedrop by Lethal. Watanabe got free and went back to the Knife Edge Chops. Jay kicked Watanabe straight in the face. 2 count. Snap Mare by Jay into a Rear Chin Lock. It looked like Jay was going to do something more brutal. Watanabe fought up to his feet and punched fee. Watanabe reversed a Whip and sent Jay into multiple corners. Truth begged Watanabe to stop. Watanabe launched Jay with a wicked Suplex. Bicycle Kick by Jay. That led to Lethal Injection, which Watanabe blocked. Lariat by the challenger brought a two plus.

Watanabe called for the end of the match. He went for a Flatliner but Truth tossed in his book. Low Blow into the Lethal Injection.

Your Winner: Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5


–Jay Shannon

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