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Raw was live from the home of the One Man Gang and the Road Warriors (oh yeah, and C.M. Punk)…Chicago. John Cena defended the US title in an open challenge. Plus, the Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar feud was a key point of the night.

I want to thank all of you who wished Dianna and I Happy Anniversary wishes. We’re now into year 7 and still as happy as the day we got married. Smile.

Plus, this week begins year 11 of being here at 1Wrestling.com. I appreciate all of you that have taken the time to read my ramblings.

So, let’s get down to the craziness of Monday Night Raw!

Kane was on the speakerphone with Stephanie. They were delayed in getting to Raw. HHH told Kane to take control until they could get there. Stephanie was having Hell with airport people. HHH made sure Kane could remain professional. HHH said they would have further instructions, later.

Kane called in the really cute stage manager. He asked her to let Seth Rollins know he was going to be in a Lumberjack Match against…Kane. Which one, corporate or demon?

Roll the opening montage!

Dean Ambrose came from the back. Dean had good news to share. He joked about the Authority running late. Dean welcomed everyone to Monday Night Raw. He so reminds me of Buddy Jack Roberts. Dean was there for a fight.

Randy Orton emerged from the back. Was he there to fight AGAINST Dean or fight WITH him. The fans began “R.K.O” and “Randy” chants. Randy pushed Chi-Town. Randy was happy that he was only about 4-5 hours from home. Randy discussed going against The Wyatts, last week. Randy knew Dean was going to face Braun Strowman and Luke Harper at Hell in a Cell. Randy let Dean know that Orton was going to partner with Dean. Dean asked Randy to “Follow my lead” in battling the Wyatt Family. Randy was amused. Randy knew neither of them played well with others but he figured they could work together. Randy wanted Dean to be smart and follow Randy’s lead. Dean and Randy didn’t trust each other and didn’t care to follow orders but they had to remain united.

New Day suddenly showed up to crash the party. Xavier had that darn trombone with him. The Chicago crowd really disliked Kofi, Woods and Big E. Woods bragged about their recent streak. Kofi felt Randy and Dean should be talking about them, not the Wyatt Family. Please cut their microphones. New Day poked fun at Randy and Dean and their former tag teams.

Kane came up on the Tron. He wanted to make it clear that he was in charge, right now. Kane ordered a ref to the ring. He set up the match between New Day and Randy/Dean.

Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose vs Big E and Kofi Kingston
Non-Title Match

Dean and Kofi opened the match. Front Face Lock by Dean. Kofi escaped and worked over the arm. Kofi went Dean to the ropes and he hit a Shoulder and went into the Universal. Back Elbow, by Dean, sent Kofi to the floor. Dean faked out a Tope Con Hilo. Raw went to their first commercial break.

Randy hit a Blanchard Slingshot Suplex on Kofi. Dean took the tag and sent Kofi to the corner. Kofi got the boots up and tagged in Big E. Dean ripped into E with chops and a Snap Mare. Slider Clothesline by Dean. Randy got the tag and hit a Standing Dropkick. 2 count. Big E worked the ribs of Randy as Woods played the trombone. Expoder Clothesline by Randy. Tag back to Dean.

Dean stomped the massive Big E and then unloaded with Corner Punches. The first “C.M> Punk” chants broke out. Missile Dropkick by Dean and tag back to Randy. Randy worked the leg of the big man and took him down. Dean and Randy seemed to have a bit of dissention. Orton Stomp and Dean tagged himself in. Dean did his own Garvin Stomp. Randy tagged back. Dean didn’t leave the ring. Dean joined Randy in stomping on Big E. Dean and Randy stood face to face. Kofi go the tag and got tossed to the outside as Randy and Dean continued to fuss at each other. Raw took another break.

Kofi had Randy in a Keylock. Woods turned the tide, during the break. New Day started the Round Robin Mudhole Stomps. Big E whipped Kofi into Randy. Big E got in and put Randy in the Abdominal Stretch. B ig E clocked Randy with the Back Elbow. Big E charged the ropes but Randy side stepped him and Big E crashed and burned. Tag by Dean. He ripped into Big E and hit the Running Bulldog. Dean flew over the top and took out Kofi. Low Bridge laid out Big E. Suicide Dive by Dean. Standing Savage Elbow for a two. Belly to Belly by Big E. Tag to Randy. Clotheslines into the Snap Powerslam. Dean took out Woods. Randy avoided Trouble in Paradise and hit the Draping DDT. Dean rushed in to prevent Big E from making the save. Kofi pushed Randy into Dean and Kofi rolled up Orton for the win.

Your Winners: The New Day
Raw Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Raw then looked at the upcoming war between Brock Lesnar and Undertaker. The video package highlighted their 13-year, off and on, feud.

Team Bella made their way out to the ring. Yawn.

Nikki Bella vs Naomi

Raw looked at the Iron Lady Match between Sasha Banks and Bayley. Shoulders by Nikki as the “We Want Sasha” chants rose. Nikki flipped Naomi over the ropes as the chants rose, again. Nikki planted Naomi with a Spinebuster. 2 count. Snap Suplex by Nikki., followed by a Snap Mare. Rear Chin Lock by Nikki. Naomi got free but missed he Leg Drop. The fans broke out “This is Boring”. I have to disagree.

Nikki worked over the arm. Naomi with wild kicks and a hard Dropkick. Nikki popped Naomi in the face and then showboated. Naomi tossed Nikki out of the ring. Corkscrew Plancha took out Nikki and Alicia. Brie started the “We Want Sasha” chant to distract Naomi. Sasha took out Brie. Nikki dropped Naomi and went for the Rack Attack.

Your Winner: Nikki Bella
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Paige was voted WWE’s Most Unconventional Performer.

John Cena United Stares Open Challenge

The crowd really gave John Hell as he came out. John embraced the hostility of the crowd. John reminded everyone that his first WWE match was in the All-State Arena. John said the Chicago people made the arena special. John opened the door for a challenger…

John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler
United State Title Match

Side Headlock by Dolph. Push Off into a nice Universal. Power Spin Arm Drag by John. Dolph bailed out to the floor to throw John off his game. John called for the microphone. John pushed a couple that just got engaged. They happy couple kissed as we went back to the ring.

John worked over Dolph’s arm. John dropped Dolph and continued to party with the couple. Arm Bar Takeover by Dolph. Raw went to break.

Dolph was riding John’s back as the show returned. John broke free. Dolph dropped John and then hit a Corner Splash and Funk Neckbreaker. 1-2-not yet. Dolph worked over John but Cena came back and went Vintage on Dolph. Dolph avoided the Five Knuckle Shuffle and hit a wicked Dropkick. Sunset Flip by Dolph but John slipped around into the SRF. Dolph slid around and locked in a modified Kokina Clutch. John powered up to his feet and hit the Attitude Adjustment. Dolph rolled out to the floor.

John went out and got Dolph. He pitched him in the ring and tried for the pin. 2 count and John showed his frustration. John lifted Dolph and put him on the top turnbuckle. Dolph fought out of a Super AA. Jumping DDT off the turnbuckles. John barely kicked out at two. That was incredible. John Tuned up the Band for the Superkick. John caught the foot and hit a Decapitation Clothesline. Both men were down.

Doolph and John got back up and John went after the legs. Dolph nailed a vicious kick. John went for the AA but Dolph countered it into the Famouser. Damn! How the heck did John kick out at two? Dolph clocked John but Cena tripped Dolph and applied the STF, again. Dolph shrieked in agony but would not give up. Dolph inched towards the ropes. He finally made it and the ref forced the break. Dolh grabbed at his leg. John brought Dolph up top and tried to hit the Superplex. Dolph fought out and John fell to the match. Dolph with the Crossbody but John rolled through. Dolph went to the eyes and hit a Superkick. 2 plus! John was holding his nose. It may have been re-broken. The two went back and forth with Haymakers. The crowd was solidly behind Dolph. John lifted Dolph but couldn’t hold him. John blocked the Zig Zag, at first, but Dolph came back and hit it. Cold be…might be…Denied!

John caught Dolph with the Attitude Adjustment, out of nowhere.

Your Winner: John Cena
Raw Ranking: 4.75

HHHH called back to check in with Kane. They were having a rough flight to Chicago. HHH had to hang up when Stephanie started to go off on a flight attendant.

The Dudley Boyz vs The Ascension

Konnor and Viktor jumped BuhBuh Ray and D’Von. They double teamed D’Von. D’Von was rocked by a European Uppercut. Scoop Slam to the 9-time tag champ. 2 count. Crossface Arm Bar by Viktor. BuhBuh Ray got the fans chanting for his “Brother”. Fist Drop missed and Buh Buh got the tag. Bionic Elbow by Buh Buh. BuhBuh set Viktor up for the Doomsday Device! 3D!

Your Winners: BuhBuh Ray and D’Von Dudley
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Neville and Cesaro and King Barrett and Sheamus

Neville and Barrett started things out. Whip by King but Neville with the Handsprings. Back Elbow by Neville. Tag to Cesaro. Scoop Slam by the Swiss Superman. Cesaro flipped Neville over onto King. 2 count. Sheamus tagged in and the two went back and forth with European Uppercuts. Cesaro rocked the Irish man to his core with Running Europeans and a huge Dropkick. Sheamus hit the Suplex but missed the Kneedrop. Sheamus worked the ribs and unloaded with the 10 Beats. He didn’t get them all as Cesaro blocked the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus wanted the Battering Ram but got rocked with the Uppercut. The fight went out to the floor. It was an Uppercut Party.

Cesaro threw Neville onto their enemies, who were on the floor. School Boy by Neville. King surprised Neville with a Bull Hammer, from the floor.

Your Winners: King Barrett and Sheamus
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Raw profiled Braun Strowman.

So, now you can get a WWE Network Gift Card for a 3-month subscription. It’s exclusively available at Wal-Mart. Hey, come see me in Electronics at my store and I can set you up. Grin. Yep, got my promotion and should be working with computers and such within the next week or two.

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman

Roman did a history lesson about his feud with Bray Wyatt. Roman joked with the fans about the “What?” chants. The fans were getting so bored with Roman’s promo. They started a “Boring” chant and Roman tried to deflect it. Shut the HELL Up and Wrestle! Time to go get my nightly glass of chocolate milk.

Bray Wyatt ushered Braun out to stop this long-winded rant. Luke Harper was also with Bray and Braun. Bray wondered if Roman was trying to convince himself or the fans. Bray warned of a pending massacre at Hell in a Cell. Roman flipped the “Anyone but You” catchphrase to try and send fear into the fearless. Braun walked like Gort (The Day the Earth Stood Still). Raw went to another round of commercials.

The bell rang and they two battlers stalked each other. Braun pushed Roman to the corner and tossed Roman aside, easily. Roman went to the floor but quickly returned to action. Go Behind by Roman but Braun Elbowed the big Samoan. Roman kicked and punched away. Braun shoved Roman into the corner. Roman switched things and hit multiple Corner Punches. Braun Powered Roman into the corner. Braun hoisted Roman up and ran him across the ring. Corner Shoulders by the big Wyatt Family member. Braun charged through Roman. Knee Jam by Braun. Scoop Slam by Strowman.

Braun clubbed away at Roman. Bray was thrilled at his charges destruction of Roman. Braun pulled Roman in and applied a Kabiki Claw to the neck. He also palmed the head. Jawbreaker by Roman to give him some space. Braun shook off the move and then got punched and kicked. Braun didn’t go down. Braun caught Roman but couldn’t do anything with him. Big Boot by Roman. Modified Superman Punch sent Braun to the corner. Corner Clotheslines. Roman went for a Samoan Drop but got Brick Walled by the bigger man. Running Boot by Braun. Roman rolled out to the floor.

Roman popped his foe in the face, over and over. Drive By Dropkick by Roman Braun was shaken so Roman went for another Drive By. Braun surprised Roman with a Clothesline, on the fly. Wow! Braun came out to get his foe but all he got was a Superman Punch. Roman bounced Braun off the announce table, multiple times. Luke Harper came down to help but it didn’t matter. Roman used a Superman Punch to send Braun over the announce table. Roman slid in the ring and the ref called for the bell.

Your Winner (by Count Out): Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 2.5

The Wyatt Family circled the ring to go after Roman. Roman slid between the trio and went to the floor. The announcers tried to recover after having to run for the hills. Bray struck the Buzzards pose but got popped in the face by Roman. Roman then left ringside.

HHH called back and tried to hear who Seth was facing in the main event. Kane explained he was the opponent and it almost turned into an Abbott and Costello routine. The phone dropped in mid-conversation.

Ryback vs Rusev

Raw looked at Summer Rae’s proposal. Rusev will marry her, after he wins gold. Jeez. In reality, Rusev and Lana are engaged. Congrats to the happy couple…whichever the couple may be. Grin.

Rusev threw his weight on Ryback and sent Big Hungry into the ring post. Rusev yanked on Ryback’s arm. Rusev kept the pressure on the arm of the former IC champ. Ryback bashed the Bulgarian but took a hard shot to the chest. Ryback ran over Rusev and hit a Flying Shoulder Tackle. Back Drop Suplex by Ryback. Ryback set up for the Meat Hook Clothesline and nailed it. Ryback was ready to finish things off. He lifted Rysev for the Shell Shocked. Rusev got free and hit a Thrust Kick. The ref caught Rusev’s feet on the ropes and called off he pin. Rusev crashed into the corner and Ryback connected with Shell Shocked.

Your Winner: Ryback
Raw Ranking: 1.75

Summer Rae got in the ring and discussed their pending engagement. Summer wanted everyone to see the real man that Rusev is. She sent it to a piece from TMZ about Rusev and Lana getting engaged. Summer Rae was ticked off! Summer read Rusev the riot act about lying to hear. She called Rusev “A Whipped Little Boy”. Summer Rae said she would never waste another minute of her time with a lying, cheating b*stard. She then slapped him in the face and walked off. Way to go, Summer!

Kalisto vs Kevin Owens
Non-Title Match

Raw showed how Kevin Owens tried to destroy Kalisto, last week. Ryback saved the Luchador. Kalisto kicked away but Kevin nailed a Clothesline. Kevin dropped Kalisto over the top rope. Kevin popped the Mexican in the face and connected with the Backsplash Senton. Kevin yelled at Michael Cole and went back to work on Kalisto. Kalisto tried to kick away but Kevin popped Kalisto. Kalisto used his Educated Feet to smack Kevin. Owens sent Kalisto over the top. Kevin faked out the crowd with a Suicide Dive aborted into a Under the Botttom Rope Slide. Kevin slid Kalisto back in the ring but Kalisto went to dive. Kevin stepped back and Kalisto crashed hard.

Back in the ring, Kalisto blocked the Pop Up Powerbomb. Sprringboard Crossbody and Cartwheel Dropkick. Two different variations of the DDT brought Kalisto a two. Kalisto flew off the ropes and got Powerbombed into the middle of next week.

Your Winner: Kevin Owens
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Charlotte and Becky Lynch vs Brie Bella and Alicia Fox

Paige was at ringside for this match. Michael asked Paige if Team PCB was dead. She felt she was a part of the team, not Natalya. Go Behind and Standing Switch by Becky and Brie. Deep Arm Drags by Becky. Paige grumbled about Natalya getting in her business. Becky kicked Brie and Hip Tossed her over. 2 count. Becky and Charlotte double teamed Brie. Charlotte had tagged in. 2 count.

Charlotte rocked Brie with Flair Knife Edge Chops. Rolling Neckbrekaer by Charlotte. Spear! Figure Eight blocked. Paige got up and went after Nattie. They two got into a shove fest. Brie smacked Natalya. Charlotte with a Big Boot. Paige screamed that Nattie was getting involved. Missile Dropkick by Brie.

Your Winners: Brie Bella and Alicia Fox
Raw Ranking: 1.75

HHH was back on the phone. Stephanie and HHH were having trouble getting to the arena. Stephanie was ticked that Kane put himself in a match. HHH ordered Kane to put someone else in the main event. Who would it be? The fans chanted for “C.M. Punk”. That would be beyond awesome!

Seth talked with Big Show, backstage. Seth whined that no one was on his side…except Show. Seth was sure Show had his back. Show chuckled at the idea of protecting Seth. Kane walked up and let Seth know Corporate Kane will not be facing Seth. Kane said he would find a suitable replacement. Hmm… Brock! Brock! Brock! (Smile and nod to my best buddy, Kahuna).

Raw looked back at the Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar feud. Hell in a Cell is set to be “The Final Chapter”. Of course, they did that with Friday the 13th and then made like 7 or 8 more movies.

Seth Rollins vs ?
Lumberjack Match, Non-Title

Raw headed to a final break before the main event.

Seth Rollins vs Demon Kane!
Lumberjack Match, Non-Title

Seth tried to run away but he Lumberjacks threw Seth back in. Kane with a Big Boot and then he threw Seth into the corner. Whip and Corner Clothesline by Demon Kane. Flair Flip in the corner. Kane popped Seth in the jaw. Seth bailed out but he got thrown back in. Kane pitched eth out but he got no rest. Kane just kept having fun throwing Seth to the floor. Headbutt by Kane. Whip but Seth got a kick in. That had almost no effect on Kane. Low Bridge and Kane hit the floor. The Lumberjacks backed off. Seth flew out of the ring and got punched. Cesaro prevented Seth from running away. Spinning Enziguri and La Bandera Clotheslien. The Lumberjacks wouldn’t go near Kane. Kane took out New Day and then stood face to face with Big Show. Big Show clocked Kane with the Knockout Punch. Show then walked away from ringside.

Kane was rolled back in the ring. Kane kicked out at two. Superkick by Seth but he couldn’t get the 3. Seth Boot Choked Kane. Running Forearm, in the corner, by Seth. Kane flipped Seth onto the apron. Enziguri by the champ. Seth went up top and flew off with a knee. 2 count. The fans chanted for Demon Kane. Seth went to the Penthouse and prepared to fly. Frog Splash. 1-2-kick out.

Seth headed back up top, yet again. He got caught by Kane. Seth bashed Kane in the skull but Kane nailed the Uppercut. Kane climbed up the ropes and hit the Superplex. Kane couldn’t follow up. Kane was dragged out of the ring and started to pound on him. The other Lumberjacks got involved. Nearly a dozen guys jumped Kane. Bi E went for his Splash but Kane did the Undertaker Rise. All Hell broke loose as the ring filled and cleared. Chokeslam to Star Dust. Then one to Woods. Seth tried for eh Pedigree but didn’t get it. Tombstone!

Your Winner: (Demon) Kane
Raw Ranking: 2.5


–Jay Shannon

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