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Impact looked to find the next contender to the World Championship, by way of a tournament that was similar to the Bound For Glory Series. Even the Knockouts could end up fighting for the World title.

TNA opened with a look back at Bound for Glory. Matt Hardy overcame all the odds to win the World Title. Matt used a Twist of Fate to secure the win. Jeff hardy did help his brother, a bit.

Josh and Pope were in an all-new studio for the show. TNA showed how Ethan exploded on his auntie, after the match. He told Dixie that she was dead to him. Ethan has set up an injunction against Dixie, Matt and Jeff Hardy and TNA. It all revolved around collusion. Ethan’s papers keep Matt Hardy off Impact, indefinitely. Matt sent a video message, showing off his World title. Matt mocked Ethan for not being man enough to stand up and accept the loss. Matt was upset that Ethan screwed over the fans with court crap. Matt explained that he called Dixie to tell her that he would give up the title for TNA and the fans. Matt swore he would win the title back.

Dixie Carter cut a promo about the injunction. Dixie said she was ready to fight Ethan’s injunctions but Matt solved her problem. Dixie praised Matt for being unselfish. Dixie then revealed the World Title Series. 32 incredible talents would compete in matches to earn points. The highest point earner would eventually become champion. Josh and Pope pushed how unique this was. It was done by WCW, 25 years ago (give or take), with Lex Luger, Sting, Ric Flair and Great Muta…as well as four teams. The World title wasn’t at stake. This is more like the March Madness basketball thing.

The first group introduced was The United Kingdom group consisted of: Bram, Grado, RockStar Spud and Drew Galloway. They are known as Group UK.

The group was made up of Aiden O’Shea, Crazzy Steve, Kenny King and Mahabali Shera. Their collective name is Group Wildcard.

The Ladies compose the third group. The members of Group Knockouts are: Gail Kim, Brooke, Awesome Kong and Madison Rayne.

The 4th group is made up of Lashley, Austin Aries, Mr. Anderson and Ethan Carter III. They are Group Champions. Wait, wasn’t Aries run out of town by Rock Star Spud?

Josh and Pope tried to determine who would win this. Pope picked Lashley. Josh, of course, took Ethan to win this one.

Drew Galloway was asked about the World Title Series. Drew knew this was his 2nd chance and he was going to make the most of it. Drew was ready to steam roll everyone in his way.

Bram vs Drew Galloway
Group UK—Opening Round

The two men talked trash before the match. We couldn’t really hear what they were saying. Collar and Elbow and they went to the ropes. The ref, Hall of Famer Earl Hebner, forced the break. Bram with a cheap shot but bailed out as Drew went after his foe. Drew came out and the fight went to new levels of madness and brutality. Bram ducked a Clothesline and bailed out of the ring. An insert video showed an interview with Drew and Bram.

Drew hit a Clothesline and Belly to Belly Throw. Bram bailed out, yet again. He teased Drew to get him to come out. When he didn’t Bram dragged Drew out and swung him into the ring steps. Bram popped Drew in the face and then slid in and out to reset the count. Bram took Drew back in and Faceplanted the Scottish superstar. Rear Chin Lock by Bram. Drew got up to his feet and battled free. Bram reversed a Whip but took a kick. Bram dropped Drew with a Running Clothesline. Bram went back to the Rear Chin Lock.

Hammer Throw by Bram. Drew Hulked Up and exploded on the Brit. The two traded vicious strikes. Drew got the upper hand and clubbed Bram down into the corner. Back Elbow by Bram but he fell to the Snap Powerslam. The two headed back out to the floor. Knife Edge Chops by Drew as fans held Bram. Drew bashed Bram’s face, over and over, into the ring steps. He then hit a Back Drop Suplex to put Bram down. The Thrust Boot by Drew Galloway brought the win.

Your Winner: Drew Galloway (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Gail Kim cut a promo about possibly getting a shot at the World title. Gail will battle Brooke, up next.

Drew showed massive respect to his opponent, Bram.

Josh and Pope discussed the importance of having a woman winning the World title.

Brooke vs Gail Kim
Group Knockouts—Opening Round

Gail took the Side Headlock and spun Brooke around to the canvas. Interviews aired from Gail, Brooke and Madison. Kong didn’t speak at the Round Table. Arm Flip by Brooke. Brooke hit an Arm Drag but Gail came right back. Monkey Flip by Gail. Brooke blocked a Tilt-a-Whirl and the two women took turns with Roll Ups. Springboard Clothesline by Brooke into the Hurancanrana. Dang. The two went back into the Collar and Elbow. In the corner, Gail with wild Forearms. Interesting Inverted Surfboard by Brooke. Gail got free when Brooke thought Kim had tapped out. Gail with a Single Crab. Brooke considered giving up but Gail let go. Why?

Brokke escaped Eat da Feet. She threw down Gail. The ref picked up a spare hair weave from the canvas. The two women threw Haymakers at eachother. Brooke got the better of it with a Flying Forearm. X Factor by Brooke aka Butterface Maker. Brooke went up top and flew. No water in the pool. Back Elbow by Gail. Brooke missed a Corner Charge. Corner Post Figure Four! Brooke got free from Eat da Feet. Gail tried for an Indian Death Lock but Brooke rolled through and got the pin.

Your Winner: Brooke (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 3.25

Ethan Carter III whined and b*tched about getting robbed of his World title. Ethan was confident that he would defeat Austin Aries in record time!

Grado vs Rockstar Spud
Group UK—Opening Round

Grado ripped into Spud. Grado and Spud talked about overcoming the odds. Sunset Flip by Spud failed as Grado just sat down. Grado called for the Cannonball but missed. Grado missed a Corner Splash but Spud connected with a series of Forearm Shots and a Hesitation Dropkick. Whip by Spud but Grado hit a Pedigree. 1-2-nope. Grado dropped the strap and tried for the Ankle Lock. Spud spun under to send Grado into the corner. Stinger Splash by Spud. Flying Bulldog by Spud. Spud with the Scotty 2 Hotty Elbow Drop. Talk about Way Back Wednesdays. Smile.

Grado with a Scoop Slam and the People’s Elbow. attempt. Grado kept running back and forth and just forgot to drop the elbow. This was just so silly. He did eventually hit the Elbow Drop. Pope laughed as Grado tried for the Styles Clash. Spud hit a Back Body Drop. Spud nailed a Chokeslam for 2. This is like playing the Attitude Era on WWE 13 (I just got that on my days off…grin).

Josh channeled Jim Ross when talking about a Slobberknocker. Stone Cold Stunner followed by the Underdog (Acid Drop).

Your Winner: Rock Star Spud (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

Pope and Josh discussed how Austin Aries returned from exile. Pope thought Ethan Carter III would get pinned by Aries, next.

Tyrus discussed sitting back and waiting to see who the World title holder would be. He was even ready to go up against Ethan Carter III, if necessary.

Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus) vs Austin Aries
Group Champions—Opening Round

Aries had a gorgeous blonde at his side. Aries used a loophole to get back in the ring. The girl used to be known as Rosita. Aries worked over Ethan’s arm to open the match. Ethan reversed tings. Head Flip Takeover by Aries. Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind by Ethan. Standing Switch and Shoulder Tackle by Ethan. The Round Table discussion was showcased. Ethan bragged about being better than Aries. Aries knew Tyrus would be a huge hurdle to clear. Japanese Arm Drag by Aries.

Ethan bailed out to the floor to regroup. Ethan kicked and clubbed Aries. Aries reversed a Whip and sent Aries to the apron. Springboard Senton. Ethan bailed out to the floor. Aries came out and attacked with Bionic Elbows. Aries rammed Ethan’s face into the ring apron. Aries went up top and waited. Aries leaped down to take out Tyrus. Ethan knocked Aries off the apron. TNA took a quick break.

Ethan with a Reverse STO to get a two count. Ethan with Elbow Drops 9and a Crotch Chop). Ethan went back to the Rear Chin Lock. These matches have a 15 minute time limit. Aries rocked Ethan by running him to different corners. In Rope Neckbreaker by Aries that led to the Suicide Dive. Aries climbed up top and hit the Missile Dropkick. Aries blocked the 1%er and hit a Discus Elbow. Aries went back up top but got distracted. TKO by Ethan for the two plus. Ethan missed the Stinger Splash but Aries connected with the Running Dropkick. Brainbuster attempt failed Aries. Ethan was weakened but still had some fight left in him. 450 Slash by Aries but he only got a two.

The two slugged it out and Aries took the advantage. Tyrus tripped Aries and Ethan went for the School Boy. When that failed, Ethan hit a Sit Out Powerbomb. 2 count? Really? Aries and Ethan both kept trying for their finishers as time ran out.

Your Winner: Time Limit Draw (+1 Point, Each)
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

Ethan nailed a Cheap Shot, after the match. Roaring Elbow into the Brainbuster by Aries. Ethan rolled out to the floor.

Mr. Anderson cut a great promo about being in the toughest group of the tournament. Anderson was ready to take down Lashley, shortly.

Spike did a sneak peak of Ghost Asylum. YAWN!

Austin Aries did a brief promo about his match. Aries was ready to end Ethan’s Streak. Aries was amused that Ethan couldn’t beat him. Aries was certain that he could defeat Ethan, if they had a rematch.

Madison Rayne vs Awesome Kong
Group Knockouts – Opening Round

Kong tried for the Implant Buster, immediately, but Madison escaped it. Madison flew into Kong but it had no effect. Corner Slash by Kong and Forearm Smashes. The ref moved her back but Kong was ready to destroy her for. Hair Toss by Kong. Madison bashed Kong but got Stone Walled by Kong. Madison knew she was an underdog in this one but she was determined to go forward. Kong spoke. She said she would beat any man or woman in front of her. Madison hopped on Kong’s back and put on a Sleeper.

Kong broke free and worked over the neck of her smaller opponent. Torture Rack by Kong. Kong just dumped Madison over the top and then went for the Big Splash. She missed and Madison with the Oklahoma Roll aka La Magistral Cradle. Step Up Enziguri and Big Boot by Madison. Missile Dropkick by Maddie. 2 count, only. Front Face Lock by Madison. Rayne wanted a Suplex but it wasn’t happening. Spinning Back Fist into the Implant Buster!

Your Winner: Awesome Kong (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

Bobby Lashley was asked about the World Title Series. Lashley was excited to get involved in the tournament. Lashley liked being in a group of champions. Lashley admitted he liked and respected Mr. Anderson but Ken would still be Victim #1.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Matt Hardy. Matt was thrilled to have finally won the World Title in his home town. Matt surrendered the World title to keep Ethan from handcuffing the company. Matt will be in the World title series. Matt was ready to prove that he truly is worthy of being the champion.

Josh and Pope examined the standings, so far, in the World Title Series.

Mr. (Ken) Anderson vs (Bobby) Lashley
Group Champions—Opening Round

My wife, Dianna, likes Lashley in this one. They are both Coloradoans (I think that is the proper term). Smile. Lashley and Ken went for amateur takedowns. Bobby got the advantage and went into a Gator Roll. TNA took a final break.

Go Behind by Ken but Bobby spin into a Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex. Ken came off the ropes. Universal as Ken and Bobby did the Round Table. Stall Suplex by Bobby. Ken got the boots up and then moved. Bobby struck the ring post but Ken still couldn’t pin him. Ken pounded on the injured shoulder. Ken worked over the hurt shoulder. Arm Bar by Ken but they ended up in the ropes. Shoulder Tackle. Dropkick by Ken for a two. Ken with a Shinu Numaki. He turned it into a Keylock. Lashley flipped Ken off him. Ken kicked away at Bobby but Lashley cracked Ken. Ken snapped the arm over the ropes.

Single Arm DDT by Ken for a two count. Lashley hit a Samoan Drop to stun Ken. Bobby dropped Ken with Clotheslines. Corner Splash into the Torture Rack> Ken fought free but landed badly. Spinebuster by Lashley. Pope called it a Powerbuster. Ken avoided the Spear and punched away. Rolling Neckbreaker by Ken. Bobby escaped the Green Bay Plunge, the first time. Ken was determined to hit it and he did. Time was starting to run out.

Ken hit his own Samoan Drop for a two. Bobby battled free of the Mic Check. Ken kicked Bobby in the face. Spear!

Your Winner: (Bobby) Lashley (+3 points)
Impact Scorecard: 3.0


–Jay Shannon

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