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Ring of Honor presented highlights of their recent Field of Honor show.

Roll the opening montage!

This show happened back in August.

Time Splitters (Alex Shelley and Kushida) vs Mark and Jay Briscoe

Code of Honor Handshakes. Kushida and Jay opened the contest. The two circled around each other and then Jay unloaded with a kick, Headbutt and European Uppercut. Tag to Mark. Side Russian Leg Sweep. Front Face Lock led to a hard punch and kicks by Mark. Jay came back in and kicked away. Mark was holding the Japanese superstar during this time. 2 count. Alex was knocked off the apron. Wheelbarrow Bulldog by Kushida. Alex tagged in and the Time Splitters double teamed Mark. Nice series of moves by both sides sent RoH to their first break.

Mark and Jay worked over Alex with a Clothesline. Wicked variation of the Razor’s Edge brought a two. Jay took the tag and pulled in Alex for the Jay Driller. He didn’t get it. Kushida with a Step Up Enziguri. He then blocked a Uranage but fell to a T-Bone Suplex from Mark. Jay Driller!

Your Winners: Mark and Jay Briscoe
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

They showed highlights of the Field of Honor Gauntlet Match. The winner would get a TV Title Shot. Watanabe eventually took the win and will face Jay Lethal, next week.
Inside ROH, this week, discussed the growing feud between Adam Page and Jay Briscoe. Page has insulted Jay, over and over. B.J. Whitmer orchestrated this whole situation. Jay acted as if he had no idea who Adam Page was but he was ready to kick Adam’s teeth down his throat. Whitmer refused to let it happen on Jay’s terms. They then showed Page slap Jay in the face. Colby Corino got involved in the first match and got Jay’s attention. Page then threw a chair into Jay’s face. Page tore into Jay with steel chairs. Vertebreaker by Page. Mark Briscoe came out to help his brother. Next week, Jay and Adam will face off in a No-DQ Match.

Roderick Strong vs Kazuchika “Rainmaker” Okada

Nigel McGuinness had replaced Prince Nana at the announce desk for this battle. The crowd was deafening with their love and respect for Okada. Okada and Shinsuke Nakamura are probably my favorite Japanese wrestlers of the current era.

Code of Honor Handshake and the bell sounded. Collar and Elbow into a Wristlock by Okada. Strong lipped Okada over and locked up the arm. Strong worked the wrist but took a knee to the ribs. Dropkick by Okada into the Inverted Abdominal Stretch. Okada with the Whip but Storng Floated Over and a nice Dropkick. 1 count only. Knife Edge Chops led to a Back Drop Suplex by Roddy. RoH went to a quick series of commercials.

Snap Suplex by Strong. He then went for the Rear Chin Lock. Okada Elbowed free but ate a wicked Dropkick. Storng with a Corner Shoulder and Knife Edge Chop. Strong put Okada up top and chopped away. Okada used Forearms to try and fight off Strong but Roddy hit a Powerslam, off the ropes. Modified Camel Clutch by Strong. Okada managed to reach the ropes. Strong dumped Okada out of the ring and followed him out. Knife Edge Chop by Strong but Okada with a hard Forearm. Stron and Okada went back and forth with strikes. Strong with the Back Drop Suplex onto the ring barricade. Todd Sinclair, the Zebra in Charge, checked on Okada and said the match could keep going. Strong dropped Okada onto the guard rail. Strogn slid back in the rign and Okada tried to get back. He finally made it but Strong was right there to stomp and kick the IWGP Heavyweight champ. Strong clamped on a Rear Chin Lock but Okada got free. Knee Strike by Strong but he couldn’t’ follow up. Okada with the Slip Behind Neckbreaker.

Both men hit hard strikes and a DDT by Okada. Strong with a Hard Chop but Okada nailed the Flapjack. 1-2-not quite yet. Scoop Slam by the Rain Maker and then he went up top. Whatever he had planned didn’t happen. Spinning Flapjack by Strong for a two. Strong with a Suplex Front Throw. Okada dodged the Sick Kick and then kicked Strong off the ropes and to the floor. This will conclude, after a few more messages.

Okada came out to get Strong. Roddy pulled Okada off the apron and slammed him back into it. 2 count as Roddy tossed Okada back in the ring. The fans were now behind Roddy. Okada kneed out of a Suplex. White Noise-like Neckbreaker by Okada. The ref began to count down both men. The two went back and forth with strikes, chops and Forearms. Olympic Slam by Roddy. Strong with a wild corner assault but Okada blocked the Superplex. Step Up Enziguri by Strong. Superplex! Could be…might be…Denied. Stronghold! Okada barely reached the ropes.

Okada flipped over the Suplex and tried for the Rainmaker. Roddy exploded on Okada but Okada hit the Dropkick. Roddy with Jumping Knees and the Double Knee Gutbusre and Sick Kick. How the Hell was that not a three?

Tombstone by Okada. Strong tried for the Jumping Knee but Okada hit another Tombstone. . German Suplex and Rainmaker!

Your Winner: Kazuchika “Rainmaker” Okada
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.75


–Jay Shannon

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