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The stars of New Japan returned to Ring of Honor for a series of incredible matches.

Welcome back to the 2300 Arena (aka Viking Hall or ECW Arena). Steve “King” Corino and Kevin Kelly were, as usual, the voices behind the action. The action kicked off, right away.

Matt Sydal vs Kushida
Non-Title Match (IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title)

The fans showed massive respect for the Japanese superstar. Code of Honor Handshake. “This is Awesome” rang out before the first move happened. They went into the Collar and Elbow but ended up in the ropes. Standing Switches into a Kushida Back Ride. Gator Roll by Kushiaa. Shoulder Tackle by Kishida into the Universal. Deep Arm Drags by both men. Kushida Cartwheeled out of a Head Scissors. Dropkick to Matt’s knee into a Cartwheel Dropkick. Kushida punched away but Matt Matrixed out of the way. Enziguri by Matt and Kushida went down hard. Step Over Toe Hold by Matt. Matt with a wicked variation of the STF. RoH went to break.

We’re back and Matt was still in control. Enziguri by Kushida that rocked Matt. Kuchida with a Flip Kick to the face. He then snapped the arm over the top rope. Round Kick as Kushida flew off the ropes. Kushida escaped the Fisherman’s Buster. Handspring Heel Kick to send Matt out of the ring. Kushida with a wicked Flip Dive off the top turnbuckle. The crowd loved this. Matt beat the count when Kushida Dropkicked Matt through the ropes and Sydal fell into the ring. Matt went for the Standing Moonsault but Kushida got the knees up. Hoverlock! Matt reached the ropes to force the break. Kushida went for aTajiri Kick but missed. Had to settle for the Pele. Both men fought up from their knees with Chops and Punches. Kushida with repeated kicks to Matt’s arm. Reverse Hurancanrana by Matt for a two. WWE sure dropped the ball with Sydal. Matt headed up to the Penthouse but missed the Shooting Star Press. Kushida caught Matt with the Hoverlock (modified Kimura Lock). Matt tried to escape but Kushida kicked the arm. Matt with a wicked Crescent Kick. Vicious Strike by Kushida but Matt nailed a Jumping Knee. Matt went up top, once again. Shooting Star Press by Matt.

Your Winner: Matt Sydal
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5 out of a possible 5

B.J. Whitmer was screaming on the microphone about lack of opportunities. He was shut up as people began to arrive for the Four Corners Survival Match…

Will Ferrara vs Adam Page vs Takaaki Watanabe vs Moose (w/Stokely Hathaway)
Four Corners Survival Match

Page charged Watanabe and hit a wild Knee Strike. Watanabe reversed a Whip but didn’t get to complete it. He did hit a Spinning Side Slam. Will took the tag and went after Adam. Page reversed a Whip. Will escaped a German Suplex and hit a Hurancanrana off the ropes. Moose tagged in to face Will. Wicked Pop-Up Clothesline by Moose. Adam tagged himself in as Moose prepped for the Spear. Adam insulted the big Moose. Will rocked Adam with Forearms. Snap Powerslam by Page for a two. Bridging Fallaway Slam for 2.

Small Package but Will kicked out. Tag to Watanabe. Rolling Neckbreaker by the Japanese star, which led to the Backsplash Senton. Go Behind by Watanabe. Page stomped the foot but the Fisherman’s Buster rocked Page. Moose rushed in and tossed out Watanabe. Will became legal and went after Moose. Boots Up by Will but Moose flipped Will over and onto Watanabe. Colby Corino jumped up on the apron to talk trash. Bicycle Kick by Moose. Page went for his finisher but got Speared! Page fell out of the ring. Dropkick and Enziguri by Will. Will lifted Moose but couldn’t do anything with him. Tornado DDT but watanabe came in and hit a brutal German. He tried to do the same to Moose but couldn’t’ do it, at first. He bounced Moose off the ropes and hit the German. Will almost School Boy’d Watanabe. Roaring Elbow and STO brought Watanabe the win!

Your Winner: Takaaki Watanabe
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Buchwacker Luke Williams walked around the ring. He is one of the best. I still love the photo I have of us together from New Orleans. Luke came out to help Cheeseburger, earlier, as Brutal Bob Evans and an associate attacked. Cheesy and Luke did the Bushwacker stroll. Luke cut a quick promo. Luke licked Corino as the fans got so excited.

Next week, Ring of Honor will showcase the recent Field of Honor show.

Adam Cole vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura was recently named #5 in the PWI 500. The “King of Strong Style” got an incredible ovation from the Philly crowd. The ring was showed out by the dozens of streamers for Nakamura. Code of Honor Handshake and Nakamura grinned at his foe.

Nakamura danced to throw Cole off his game. Cole went after Nakamura’s bad arm. Hammerlock and Nakamura was in trouble. Roll Through and Cartwheel to reverse things. Side Headlock Takedown by Nakamura but Cole quickly escaped. Cole got the “Adam Cole…Baby” chant going.

Collar and Elbow to the ropes. Nakamura did a variation of the old Michael Hayes Moonwalk to back up. Nakamura kicked at Cole. Cole twisted the leg of his foe in the ropes. He kicked the ropes and Shinsuke fell out to the floor. Time for another break.

The two were on the floor and Nakamura kneed Cole (who was over the barricade). Back Kick by Cole and the head snapped back. Cole tossed Nakamura back in the ring and stomped the arm. Cole then kicked the ribs and Boot Choked the superstar from the Land of the Rising Sun. Snap Mare by Cole into a Rear Chin Lock after looking like he was going for a High Impact move.Nakamura reached the ropes. Whip by Cole and Nakamura collapsed. Cole sent Nakamura across the ring and got the fans to clap along with him. Nakamura hit a Spin Kick off the reversed Whip.

Nakamura used a Straight Kick to send Col into the corner. He did his famous shimmy and then unleashed several knee Strikes. Gourdbuster by Nakamura. 1-2-not yet. Cole blocked a Back Drop Suplex and fought out. Superkicks to the knee and face. 2 count. Cole ran Nakamura into the corner. Nakamura reversed a Whip but Cole worked the leg. Nakamura tried to escape but Cole kept the pressure on the legs. Time for a final break.

Nakamura went for a knee but Cole blocked it. Figure Four by Cole. Nakamura tried to unlock the legs but couldn’t. Cole grabbed the ankle to increase the pain. Nakamura inched over and got the bottom rope. Nigel McGuinness yelled at Cole to keep on the pressure. Dragon Screw Leg Whip by Cole. Cole wasted a lot of Time going for the Figure Four. Nakamura reversed it into a Cross Armbreaker. Cole rolled over and almost got the pin. Enziguri by Nakamura. The two exchanged hard Forearms. Nakamura put Cole up top and then hit a Running Knee. Lung Blower by KNakamura led to a Inverted German.

Nakamura got laid out by a Leg Lariat. Both men were down and Todd Sinclair began the count. Cole dropped the Knee Pad and nailed a Shining Wizard. Could be…might be…Denied! Nakamura avoided the Florida Keys. Cole would not be denied and hit Florida Keys. When he didn’t get a 3, Cole went to blast Sinclair. He thought better of it at the last second. Cole did the Throat Slice to signal that this was done. Nakamura Kneed out of a Suplex. Nakamura came off the ropes with a Shotgun Leg Lariat. The two went back to the Forearm War. Superkick by Cole. Knee Strike and Ax and Smash by Nakamura. Driving Knee by Nakamura brought a two. Nakamura caught the leg and hit the Boo Mi Yeh (Attitude Adjustment Neckbreaker). Landslide by Cole but Nakamura took out Cole with the Shotgun Leg Lariat.

Your Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.95


–Jay Shannon

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