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John Cena wasn’t kicking back with his new United States title. The US Open Challenge is back and wilder than ever. Plus, this Saturday’s huge MSG show was profiled.

The show opened with a look at the two sides of Kane. One is the demonic version, wearing the mask, and the other is the Corporate version, who seems almost giddy. Kane put Seth in a rematch for the US title, last week. Masked Kane came up through the ring, after the match, and pulled Seth down into the bowels of Hell. It appears that the Demon is wanting a shot at the World title.

Roll the opening montage!

John Cena came out to a VERY mixed reaction from the Buffalo crowd.

John Cena’s United States Open Challenge

John cut a typical promo amidst the rising boos. John felt the crowd was “a little salty tonight”. John called the US Title “A symbol of excellence”. John was ready to defend the title, right away. John threw out the challenge…

John Cena vs The New Day’s Xavier Woods
United States Title Match

Well, which one will face John? New Day went after John with ridiculous insults. Kofi got in a Scrooge McDuck reference in. Bonus points for anyone who actually got that one. John cut off the knuckleheads and said to pick one of them to face him. He was in no mood for their baloney and threatened to kick all their *sses. So, John gets…Woods. They are now calling him “The X-Man”. Sigh. Got I so HATE that damn trombone. It reminds me of growing up and having to hear my next door neighbor, Marty, practicing all the freaking time.

John nailed a Clothesline and Woods bailed out to the floor. He whined that he wasn’t ready. Kofi and Big E helped their partner. John with a Protobomb to Woods. Kofi grabbed John’s ankle as he bounced off the ropes. The ref ejected both Big E and Kofi. Raw went to break.

Protobomb by John as Raw returned. The fans were so hostile as he went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Woods escaped the AA and kicked John in the back of the head. 1-2-no! Woods went up the ropes but got caught. Woods barely avoided the Super-AA. John missed the Crossbody and Woods hit a wicked Springboard DDT. 2 count, yet again. John converted the Honor Roll into a Sit Out Powerbomb. 2 for Cena. Woods got out of the AA, again. Woods planted John but only got a two. Woods has been so underrated. John grabbed Woods off the ropes and Powerbombed him. Still, the ref couldn’t reach three. Woods surprised John with a variation of Eat da Feet. John somehow still kicked out. Woods showed some frustration after a couple of failed pin attempts. Woods climbed the ropes and got ready to fly. He missed John and Cena applied the STF. New Day rushed in and that brought out the Dudley Boys.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): John Cena
Raw Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Raw took a break as New Day and the Dudleys slugged it out.

The Dudley Boys and John Cena vs New Day

Kane put this together during the break. Kofi got beaten silly by all three opponents. D’Von stomped away on Kofi and tagged out to BuhBuh Ray. Flip, Flop and Fly and a tag to D’Von. Double team on Kofi. 2 count. John took the tag and nailed the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Big E took the tag. Collar and Elbow and Big E took a Side Headlock and grinded away to the beat of the “New Day Rocks” mantra. Shoulder Tackle by E. Corner Stomps by the New Day forces. Woods shrieked that he should be the US champion. Kofi was whipped into the chest of John. Oh, DAMN, someone gave Xavier the trombone back!

Kofi had John trapped in a Side Headlock. John broke free and charged. Kofi with a Slider Trip. Big E took the tag and hit the Big Splash. 2 count. Big E missed a 2nd Big Splash. D’von got the tag, as did Kofi. Amazing Grace Shoulder Tackle by D’Von. Neckbreaker by D’Von. Big E rushed in and got thrown out the opposite side. Kofi went for a Springboard move but D’Von dropped him. Tag to BuhBuh Ray. BuhBuh Bomb by Dudley. Woods made the save. Wazzup! Kofi just wasn’t having a good night, after that. Trouble in Paradise by Kofi to a distracted D’Von.

Your Winners: The New Day
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Raw looked at Paige turning on Charlotte and Becky Lynch, last week. The members of Team PCB will be on MizTV, a little later on, to try and iron things out.

Stephanie and HHH were talking with Ashley (from Human Resources). Kane came in and found out that a complaint has been filed against him. The complaint said a “hostile work environment” was set up by Kane. Seth came in and played up his outrage about someone sending an email about him. Ashley would be there to watch Kane. Kane got up in Seth’s face. Kane went back and forth between angel and demon. JBL wondered how did Seth know the complaint was sent by way of an e-mail.

Dean Am brose warned his buddy, Roman Reigns, that it wasn’t wise to go out there alone. Dean figured the Wyatt Family had sneaky plans. Roman didn’t care…he just wanted to finish it, one on one. Dean was cool with it. Dean said he would be on call if needed. Roman said Randy would also be available if needed. Dean was a bit skeptical, after the whole Chris Jericho debacle from Night of Champions. Randy took offense at Dean’s questioning of him but Roman calmed them all down.

Mark Henry vs Big Show

Big Show will battle Brock Lesnary, this Saturday, from Madison Square Garden. I’ll have to catch the replay, since I’m working during the broadcast. I so miss working from home. Mark hit a Headbutt but couldn’t lift Show for the Slam. Spear by Show. Show was in a bad move. Scoop Slam by Show. Show taunted the World’s Strongest Man and then Slammed Mark, again. Show screamed that it was HIS ring. Show lifted and Slammed Mark for the third time. The fans were seriously bored with this match. Running Stomp to Mark’s face. Yawn! Show brought this glorified Squash Match to an end with the Knockout Punch.

Your Winner: The Big Show
Raw Ranking: .5

My prediction is that there is just No Way that Show defeats Brock, on Saturday.


The Miz discussed how the Divas Revolution seemed to be falling apart, from the inside out. Paige was tired of the way others have taken advantage of her Revolution. A flashback video showed Paige go off on just about every Diva in the house, including Natalya. Miz brought out Becky Lynch and Charlotte. Miz reminded Becky and Charlotte that they were attacked by Team Bella, last time they were on MizTV. Miz wondered about the feud growing between Paige and Charlotte/Becky. Charlotte told Paige to either come out and talk to her, like a woman, or come out and “throw down”. Miz was offended that Charlotte would dare to invite guests to HIS show. Becky tossed Miz’s microphone out of the ring.

Team Bella showed up, instead of Paige. Nikki wanted to thank Team PCB for acting like a group of high school girls. Nikki knew Charlotte was dealing with so much drama that she would be in no shape for their rematch. Charlotte threatened to make Nikki Tap Out, like she did at Night of Champions. Nikki actually agreed with most of what Paige said, last week. Nikki did disagree with Paige’s claim of starting the Revolution. Nikki took credit for that. Charlotte said this was not about Nikki, Paige, Becky OR Charlotte. It was about the fans believing in the Divas. Alicia Fox took over the stick and said it was a 3-on-2 situation. Paige came out to stop the fight.

Paige said Charlotte and Becky are only on TV, because she put NXT on the map. Paige took shots at her former teammates. Paige took a shot at Nikki’s love life (see Total Divas). All six women went to town on each other. The Bella Twins bailed out of the ring. Team PCB worked together on that one. Time for another break.

Team PCB vs Team Bella

Another put-together match, during break. Becky dropped Alicia Fox and then Charlotte did a Flair Kneedrop. Fox with a Headbutt and tag to Brie Bella. Brie yanked on Charlotte’s arm. Charlotte almost pinned Brie. Tag to Becky. Double team on Bella. Double Elbow Drpo and Kip Up. Brie flipped Becky onto the apron and Fox pulled her down. Brie unloaded with hard kicks. Tag to Nikki, who hit a Snap Suplex. Trapped Arm Scoop Slam by Nikki. 2 count. Nikki rushed Becky to the corner. Fox came back in and Suplexed Becky. 1-kickout. Surfboard by Fox. Tag back to Brie.

BB hit a Snap Suplex for a one count. Brie ran Becky into the corner and kicked her into the middle of next week. Running Bulldog by Brie for a two. Brie pulled back on Becky’s neck but he Lasskicker fought free. Brie threw Becky down and tagged out o her sister. Leg Sweep brought Nikki a two cont. Becky and Nikki both hit Clotheslines. Paige begged for the tag but Charlotte got it. Paige was getting frustrated. Huge Knife Edge Chops by Charlotte. Rolling Neckbreaker and Big Boot but Brie made the save. All Hell broke loose. Charlotte accidentally knocked Paige off the ring. Paige just walked out on the match. Natalya stopped Paige’s exit and then put herself in as a replacement. Paige yanked Nattie off the apron and the third generation star hit hard. Nikki unleashed the Rack Attack on the distracted Charlotte.

Your Winners: Team Bella
Raw Ranking: 2.0

The announcers pushed WWE 2K16. I’m still trying to figure out WWE 2K14. Actually, the Lucha Libre game is just so much more fun. Smile.

It was time to profile Brock Lesnar vs Big Show. Raw ran a highlight video of their decade-long feud. Show was the first man to pin Brock Lesnar in the WWE. They showed the clip where Brock hit a Superplex and the ring collapsed. I so remember that night. Saturday’s match is just going to be brutal. I do think that Brock is going to dominate but Show will not go gently into that good night. The show kicks off at 8 PM EST.

Seth talked with Ashley about how dangerous Kane is. Kane came in, carrying a huge present. Kane was in positive mode. Kane gave Seth a present. Seth reluctantly opened the box to find…the head of his destroyed statue. That’s not creepy. Kane said he found it at a landfill. Seth was uncomfortable and refused the gift. Kane gave it to Ashley. I’m so hoping Ashley will turn out to be Kane’s new valet, coming out in some kind of flame-oriented body suit. (Smacking self and telling self to quit being a Dirty Old Man. Grin).

Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O’Neil) vs Luke Harper and Braun Strowman

The Wyatts came out to Luke’s music. Darren and Luke opened the contest. Side Headlock Takeover by Darren. Shoulder Tackle by Luke. Harper stomped away but Darren laid him out with a Clothesline. Luke kicked Darren in the face. Darren returned the favor. Dropkick by Luke and a tag to Braun.

Braun came out to get Darren, who had rolled out to the floor. Braun punched he ribs and threw Darren into the barricade. Braun pitched Darren up into the ring. Running Knee by Braun and tag out to Luke. Luke stood on Darren’s chest and stomped away. Scoop Slam failed and Darren connected with an Enziguri. Titus begged for the tag and he got it. Shoulder Tackle and Clothesline by Titus led to the Spin Slam. It didn’t connect and Luke hit a Side Kick> Scoop Slam and Running Boot by Titus. Braun stopped Titus. Thrust Kick by Luke. Darren made the save. Braun clocked Darren and locked in the mandible lock. Luke dropped Titus and tagged in Braun. Apocalypse!

Your Winners (by Submission): Luke Harper and Braun Strowman
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Star Dust vs Neville

Star worked over Neville’s arm as the bell rang. Neville flipped and twisted to reverse things. Stall Suplex by Star failed. Step Up Hurancanrana by Neville. Float Over into the Flips by Neville. Star tripped Neville and the Brit fell into the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Neville got free and hit a Dropkick as Star flew off the ropes. Neville headed up top but was stopped by the arrival of King Barrett. Huh? Bull Hammer to Neville. Star begged off from his former partner. Bull Hammer to Star Dust, as well.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Barrett wanted all to Hail the Return of the King.

Seth and Ashley were talking backstage. Ashley was ready to give her final verdict on Kane, next.

The announcers spent a bit of the Star Dust match talking about the finding of water on Mars. There is a company that is planning a colonization event in something like 20-25 years. I want to OFFICIALLY volunteer to go! I know I will be a seriously old man but what the Heck. I want to be the Store Manager of the first Interplanetary Wally’s World.

Kane and Ashley were in the ring. Ashley was ready to present her report. Before she could start, Seth Rollins came from the back. Seth felt the report was one-sided and biased. Seth showed Ashley a video package about The Monster Kane. Welcome to Halloween Season. Smile. I’ve found my copy of Rosemary’s Baby to re-read. The Romero Movies are off the shelf. Kane is back to being the Devil’s Favorite Demon. Seth screamed that Kane has a Demon’s soul. Seth demanded that Kane be released as the Director of Operations. Seth said he was not going to Hell, he was going to Heaven. Seth suggested that he had an audience with The Pope. I thought he was working for TNA?

Seth rambled on about kicking back in the clouds. Kane apologized to Ashley for Seth’s enthusiasm. Kane then showcased a video package of how Seth mistreated Kane, over the last few months. Kane asked Ashley to go ahead and read the report. She said Kane was sound of mind and capable of performing his duties. Ashley said Kane was the perfect WWE Employee. She also felt Seth needed to be reviewed. She really tore him a new one for being unprofessional and such. Seth stormed down to the ring and got up in Kane’s face. Kane just stood there and took it. Seth hit the Pedigree to Kane. Seth stood over the downed Kane. Seth hopped out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair. He attacked Kane’s knee with the chair. Seth then whacked Kane’s back, multiple times. This got seriously ridiculous. Seth placed the ankle inside the chair and yelled at Kane. Seth then Curb Stomped the ankle. Kane bellowed in sheer agony. Seth mocked the Big Red Monster as the medic called for help. They brought out a stretcher. Seth took the stick and continued to mock the former World champion, Kane. Seth was confident that he proved that Kane was human, not a demon. Seth let it b e known that Kane was a fraud. Seth promised that Kane would never get near him or the World title, ever again. Kane was placed in an ambulance and driven away. The ambulance stopped suddenly as Seth kept rambling. The inside of the ambulance began to glow red. Smoke billowed from inside and the Demon stepped out! Kane hobbled towards the entrance way as Seth kept saying he couldn’t’ believe it. Kane stomped his hurt foot and suddenly there was nothing wrong with him, at all. Run like Hell, Seth. Seth went after the leg with the chair but it had no effect. Kane stalked the champion as Seth begged off. Seth pitched Seth into the corner and punched away. Big Boot by Kane. Chokeslam! Tombstone attempt failed and Seth ran like a scared rabbit. Kane looked down at the abandoned World title belt. He picked it up and held it aloft. Corner Fireworks exploded to end the segment.

Bray Wyatt cut a promo about his upcoming match. Bray decided to grant Roman Reigns’ request for a 1-on-1 War. Bray discussed the Dragon’s Eyes burning Roman.

Bo Dallas introduced members of the Buffalo Bills football team. Bo felt the men were truly inspirational…almost. Bo knew they were missing one thing, A Superbowl Trophy. Bo wanted to help them to get it.

Bo Dallas vs Randy Orton

Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. Bo threw a punch, which was blocked. Bo headed to the floor and The Viper went after him. European Uppercuts by Randy. He then pitched Bo into the barricade by the Bills guys. Backdrop Suplex onto the barricade. Randy tossed Bo back in. Bo Kneed Orton but fell to the Twisted Sister Backbrekaer. That led to the Draping DDT. Randy played up to the crowd before heading to his Dark Space. RKO!

Your Winner: Randy Orton
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Michael Cole discussed Kevin Owens’ issue with Rusev. Owens walked out of a tag team match, on Smackdown. Rusev ended up losing to Ryback and Dolph ZIggler. Rusev gets his shot at Owens, next.

Rusev vs Kevin Owens
Non-Title Match

Ryback was at the announce desk for this match. Summer Rae was with Rusev. Ryback has a rematch, somewhere down the road. Ryback wanted a muzzle for Summer Rae. The two men threw Haymakers at each other. Fallaway Slam by Rusev. The two went out to the floor. Rusev whipped Owens towards the stpes. Owens put on the break. Ryback went off on Rusev. Owens joined in to beat down on Ryback.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Ranking: .5

Owens and Rusev stomped away and Dolph Ziggler ran down to attack Rusev. Owens demanded his IC title and headed towards the back.

Raw looked at Ellen’s new Dance thing to help fight Pediatric Cancer. While I personally can’t stand Ellen, I applaud her for wanting to help the boys and girls who are facing a struggle that they should never have to deal with…childhood cancer.

Paul Heyman is on his way to the ring to discuss the Go To Hell Tour for his client, Brock Lesnar.

Paul was in the ring and did his typical introduction. Paul pushed that all opponents of Brock, in October, would find themselves going to Hell. Paul first pushed the epic contest between Brock and Big Show that is just days away. Paul felt Big Show was just bored with the competition level, as of late. Paul warned that Brock would push Big Show to his limits. Paul was indeed worried about Show’s Knockout Punch but he knew Brock would be able to overcome it. Paul promised that Big Show would be heading to Suplex City…

Big Show came out to interrupt his former manager. Show took exception to some of the terms that Paul just threw out. Show mocked Paul’s way of announcing Brock’s name. Show agreed he was motivated to push Brock Lesnar to the extreme. Show knew Brock was unhappy about having to deal with Brock Lesnar. He knew that Brock was afraid of him. Show was set to make history, again. Paul stormed out of the ring when Show said he was going to destroy Lesnar. Show asked him to stop and think about his future. Show said Paul would be facing a future without Brock Lesnar. Paul shook his head and walked out.

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

This was the Main Event of the evening. Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper and Braun Strowman are supposedly going to stay in the back. Randy Orton was also asked to stay out of this one. Bray did come out with Braun and Luke. Figures. Roman took the stick and went off on Bray for breaking his initial word to come alone. Roman wondered if Luke and Braun respected the “little b*tch” that led them. Bray asked Luke and Braun to head to the back. Looks like Roman struck a nerve.

The two tore into each other. Roma n took the early advantage. He sent Bray to the outside and struck the Drive By Dropkick (aka Rising Son). That came after several different Suplexes, inside the ring. Raw took another commercial break.

Bray was in control with a Rear Chin Lock. He took control, during the break. Roman struggled up to his feet. Side Drop Suplex by Roman. Both men were down and stunned. Bray backed towards the corner. Uranage Slam brought Bray a two. Bray pounded Roman’s face and yelled that Roman didn’t want any part of him. Bray popped Roman in the face, several times. Wyatt then choked Roman on the middle rope. The two were throwing hard punches when Bray caught Roman with the DDT. Wyatt went back into the Rear Chin Lock.

Roman got up but Bray clubbed the neck. Bray charged and hit the ring post. Bray missed the Backsplash Senton. Roman kicked Bray in the chest, three times in a row. He then unleashed a Knee Lift. Suplex brought Roman a two. Roman rocked Bray with a series of Corner Clotheslines and a Flying version of the move. Roman cocked and went for the Superman Punch. Bray blocked it but got thrown across the ring. Vicious Running Clothesline from Bray that would rival JBL’s old Clothesline From Hell. Bray pushed Roman into the corner and then set him up on the turnbuckle. Bray climbed up top and tried for the Superplex. Roman blocked it and fought back. Roman with a Powerbomb after slipping under his foe. 1-2-not quite yet. Roman went all Ultimate Warrior with his psych up. Soperman Punch sent Bray out to the floor. Roman came around to charge Bray. Roman ran into the ring steps. Bray played with the ring steps as the ref tried to get both men back in the ring. Roman avoided the ring steps and sent Bray into the crowd with a Clothesline. They fight went back up over the barricade. The ref kept counting.

Your Winner: Double Count Out
Raw Ranking: 2.5

The fight just kept going. They went back into the crowd. The two traded wild punches, right up in the stands. The balance of power went back and forth as they toured the arena floor. Bray threw a tech guy into Roman. Bray then used a Rolling Crossbody to send Roman through the barricade, backwards. Bray picked up Roman but put him back down. Bray was laughing like a maniac. Bray climbed up on the announce table and struck a Raven Pose. Roman came out of nowhere to Spear Bray into the announce table! Damn! Fade to Black!


–Jay Shannon

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