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It was a night of change in TNA. A new number one contender was crowned. Plus, the World, X-Division and Knockout titles were all defended. Buckle up, campers, this is going to live up to the nickname of “Wild Wrestling Wednesday!”

The show kicked off by reliving how Team TNA defended their turf against the invasion by Global Force Wrestling. Drew Galloway, Bram, Lashley, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards stood tall against Sonjay Dutt, Eric Young, Chris Mordetzky, Brian Myers and Jeff Jarrett.

Dixie Carter was in the ring with her warriors. Dixie had something special for the five men who stepped up to protect her from Jarrett and his forces. Dixie thanked the team, especially Drew. Drew explained the men in the ring love professional wrestling and TNA. Drew didn’t want to be a leader…he wanted everyone to be equals. Dixie set up a Five Man Elimination Match that would pit the men in the ring against each other. The winner gets the World Champion at Bound For Glory.

Dixie then called out Eric young, the man who turned on TNA. Eric came out with Sgt. Chris Melendez’s artificial leg. “You Sold Out” rang out from the crowd. Eric couldn’t believe that Dixie was thinking about punishing him. Eric reminded Dixie that he had an Iron Clad Contract that protects him. Dixie was ready to unleash the entire TNA roster on Eric. Dixie asked Chris Melendez to come out and join the party. The men and women of TNA parted for Chris. Chris made his way into the ring. Dixie gave Chris a shot at Eric, tonight. She set up a Lumberjack Match which was to go…NOW!

Chris Melendez vs Eric Young
Lumberjack Match

Chris had to hop around, since he was working on one leg. Eric jumped Chris and threw Melendez to the outside. Chris didn’t want help getting back in the rign. Shoulder into a Sunset Flip brought a two. Clothesline and Choke by Eric. Eric clubbed the back and stomped the head. Scoop Slam by Eric as the fans booed him. Eric kept up the pressure but Sarge would not surrender. Back Drop Suplex by Eric. 1-2-No.

Eric was hot that this wasn’t done. Chris kept punching the ribs. Eric stomped the skull of the military hero. Step Over Rear Chin Lock by the hated Canadian. Faces and Heels joined together to cheer for Sarge. Eric dropped Sarge into the middle rope. Eric stomped the back and neck of Chris. Eric Boot Choked his despised enemy. Sarge tried to fight back but Eric dropped him. Eric pulled Sarge out of the corner and Sarge amazed everyone with a Samoan Drop and Bubba Bomb.

Eric cracked Chris in the face with the artificial leg. Eric set for the Piledriver. He let him go and just dumped Chris onto the top rope. Eric climbed up top and Chris punched Eric off the ropes. Chris stood and hit a Missile Dropkick! 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Chris Melendez
Impact Scroecard: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Sarge now has his leg back and the entire roster surrounded Chris and celebrated with the hero.

The Dollhouse vs Gail Kim rivalry was showcased. Tonight, Jade gets a shot at Gail Kim. Taryn Terrell wanted Jade to hurt Gail in the title match. Taryn gave Marti and Rebel why they should be her “favorites”. That wasn’t creepy (yeah, right).

Ethan Carter III talked with Jeff Hardy about being on his side against Rock Star Spud during the World Title Match. Ethan warned Jeff that if Hardy didn’t do what he wanted, he would be fired.

TNA reshowed Dixie’s announcement of the Elimination Match from the opening segment. Lashley was asked about defending TNA. He thought it was huge to defend people’s jobs. Now, he was all about getting that title shot.

Josh Mathews and Pope (D’Angelo Dinero) discussed the TNA vs GFW war and tonight’s main event. They also discussed the other matches on the card.

Gail Kim vs Jade
Knockout Title Match

If Gail survives this match, she will face Awesome Kong at Bound For Glory. Jade jumped Gail before the bell. She choked Gail with the boot. Gail tried for a Roll Up but had to switch gears. Hurancanrana by Gail but Jade came back with a Bridging German. 2 count. Jade kicked Gail in the face but Kim was still able to kick out. Gail tore into Jade with wild Haymakers. Knife Edge Chops by Jade. Damn! Gail avoided the Cannonball. Gail rocked Jade with Forearms and Clotheslines. Ring Post Figure Four by the Champion. Sling Around Enziguri by Gail. 1-2-not quite. Jade escaped Eat Da Feet. Jade with a Sit Out Powerbomb. Could be…might be…Denied.

Jade went for a Missile Dropkick but missed. Jade countered the Tilt-a-Whirl but couldn’t deflect Eat Da Feet!

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Rebel and Marti attacked Gail, after the match. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne rushed down to get revenge on the Dollhouse. The Dollhouse eliminated Angelina Love, last week, with a steel chair. The Beautiful People just annihilated the Dollhouse. Suddenly, Awesome Kong entered the arena to face off with Gail Kim. It looked like they were going to go but TNA cut to commercial. Dang it!

Rock Star Spud talked about his and Ethan’s careers. Spud didn’t like what Ethan is doing to Jeff Hardy. Spud made it clear that he was above that and totally focused on the World Title.

I want to say my goodbyes to one of the greatest talkers in Sports. The mighty Yogi Berra passed away, this week. Those who have read my stuff, over the years, know how much I love quotes in my work and Yogi had some of the absolute best. Some of my favorites:

“You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I’m not hungry enough to ear six.”

“Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours.”

“You can observe a lot by just watching.”

“It ain’t over…til it’s over.”

And my most favorite of them all…

“I never said most of the things I said”.

Rest in Peace, Yogi.

Tigre Uno vs Kenny King
X-Division Title Match

King shoved out of the Collar and Elbow. They locked up again and King threw Uno down. Shoulder Tackle by King. Uno called for one more. King lifted and dropped the charging Uno. King with a Whip but Uno with a Lift Dropkick. Slider Dropkick to King’s face. Springboard Corkscrew Plancha to the outside. Nice. King nailed the Paradise Kick as Uno came off the ropes. 1-2-Hand on the ropes. King bashed Uno’s neck and kicked away. King with a Tilt-a-Whirl Gut Buster off a Whip. Rear Chin Lock by the King of the Night. Uno fought out but ended up on the top turnbuckle. Uno blocked the Superplex and shoved King off. Crossbody by the champ.

Uno ducked under and hit the Tilt-a-Whirl Head Scissors. Dropkick and Enziguri to rock King. King reversed a Whip and caught the champ. Spin Backbreaker into the T-Bone Suplex. 2 count, once more. Uno slipped free but got put down with the Spinebuster. This one’s….not quite done. King clocked Uno and dropped the kneepad. King missed the Knee Strike. Tilt-a-Whirl DDT by the champ. Springboard Frog Splash to retain!

Your Winner: Tigre Uno
Impact Scorecard: 4.0

The situation revolving around Ethan Carter III and Jeff Hardy was highlighted.

Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus and Jeff Hardy) vs Rock Star Spud
TNA World Title Match

Spud has so toned down his ring gear. Earl Hebner was in charge of this match. Congrats to Earl, who is about to go into the TNA Hall of Fame. Spud charged the champ and took a Knife Edge Chop. The fans were totally behind Spud. Spud tore into his former boss and buddy with wild punches. Ethan missed another Knife Edge Chop but Spud sure didn’t. Spud punched the skull of the champ. Ethan came out of the corner with a vicious Clothesline and Haymakers to the face. Ethan ran Spud into the corner and Mudhole Stomped him. Cravat by Ethan but Spud nailed the Jawbreaker. Spud scooted under Ethan and punched and kicked away. Ethan missed a Stinger Splash. Running Forearms by Spud. Slider Dropkick to Ethan’s jaw. Low Bridge and Ethan tumbled ot he floor> Tope con Hilo by the challenger. Spud rolled Ethan back in the ring.

Spud scaled the corner and flew. Ethan was rocked to his core. Spud wanted the Underdog (Acid Drop) but didn’t get it. Powerbomb by Ethan but he couldn’t hold down Spud. Ethan was ready to finish off Spud with the 1%er but couldn’t hit it…due to Spud biting the hand. Step Up Enziguri by Spud. Running Step Up Enziguri by Spud. Spud tried for the Underdog but Ethan caught Spud with a TKO into the 1%er.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

After the match, Ethan ordered Tyrus to hit the Heart Punch on Spud. Ethan then told Tyrus to pick up Spud. Ethan demanded that Jeff end Spud’s career with a Twist of Fate. Jeff absolutely refused to do it. Ethan was ready to end Jeff Hardy’s career. Jeff got aid from his brother, Matt. Tyrus jumped Matt and held Matt. Ethan gave Jeff an alternative…Strike his brother, Matt. There was no way in Hell that Jeff would hit Matt. Back Kick to the crotch of Tyrus, by Matt. Jeff then blasted Ethan in the face. Ethan shrieked in pure fury.

Impact looked back at the previous segment. Backstage, Ethan screamed at Jeff Hardy. He said he was going to call out Jeff and fire him.

The Revolution was in the ring…or what is left of it. James Storm had lost faith in humanity. Storm said a lot of people would still be lost…without him. Storm screamed for Khoya (Mahabali Shera). Storm said Khoya would face the men of The Revolution. Abyss got tired of listening to Storm’s blathering about the losers around him. Abyss yelled he would no longer be a mindless sheep standing in someone else’s shadow. Storm said Abyss would be worthless without him. Abyss reminded Storm that The Monster was a true TNA Original…coming to the company on Day One. Abyss explained that he made The Monster…not Storm. Abyss let it be known that he worked alone, from this point forward. He then quit the Revolution.

Storm ordered Abyss to get back in the ring but Abyss ignored him and walked towards the back. Manik took exception to Storm calling Shera “Khoya”. Storm claimed that he made him Manik. I seem to remember that it was Hulk Hogan to christened the former Suicide with the Manik name. Manik then remove his match to reveal T.J. Perkins. The fans began a “T.J.P.” chant. Storm shrieked at Perkins to get back in the ring.

Mahabali Shera came out to face Storm. Shera told Storm the Revolution was over. Shera was ready to fight Storm…right now. Storm looked ready to fight but backed down and said they would fight on his time.

The Wolves and Drew Galloway chatted, backstage. The Wolves made it clear that, while it was an honor to fight for TNA, there were now opponents.

Tigre Uno will defend the X-Championship in an Ultimate X match at Bound for Glory.

Matt and Jeff Hardy discussed Jeff’s situation with Ethan Carter III. Matt was worried but Jeff said Ethan would have to call him out and fire him. More on that, later.

Drew Galloway vs Bram vs Lashley vs Davey Richards vs Eddie Edwards
Elimination Match to determine the Number One Contender

Josh picked Drew to win it but changed to Lashley after Pope praised the Destroyer. The Wolves worked over Bram as Drew and Lashley fought outside the ring. Double Clothesline by Bram. Drew came in to blast the Brit. Bram gave as good as he got. Rolling Leg Lariat by Bram. Lashley then bashed Bram. Running Corner Shoulder by Lashley to Bram. Stall Suplex by Lashley. Bram fought out of a Torture Rack and sent Lashley to the ropes. Michinoku Driver by Bram to Lashley (That’s pretty darn impressive). The Wolves wanted to Suplex Bram but Bram Double Suplexed the tag champs. Double Boots to Bram. Suicide Dives in stereo by the Wolves to drop Drew and Lashley. Eddie and Davey worked over Bram. Rolling German Suplex almost eliminated Bram. Double Crescent Kicks but Bram would not give up. The Wolves went up top for the Wolves Double Stomps..


Lashley lifted Eddie and hit a Shoulder Gutbuster. Eddie and Drew fought on the floor. Stall Suplex by Lashley. Both Eddie and Drew tried to drop Lashley but Lashley would not be denied. Lashley let go but then ended up on the floor. The Wolves worked together to take down Lashley. It looked like the Wolves were going back to their Double Team Stomp but it didn’t happen. Davey locked in a Texas Cloverleaf on Drew, while Eddie had a Single Leg Crab on Lashley. Neither man tapped out. Eddie and Davey finally faced off. They exchanged chops and kicks. Lashley nailed a Spear and Drew hit the Future Shock.

Eddie Edwards – Eliminated
Davey Richards—Eliminated

It was down to Drew Galloway and (Bobby) Lashley. The two stood face to face and then exploded on each other. Drew with Knife Edge Chops but Lashley rushed the corner. He missed and Drew hit an Ax Bomber. Lashley came right back with a Running Clothesline. 2 count. Lashley unloaded on Drew with violent Forearms. Snap Suplex by Lashley for the 2. Lashley clamped on the Rear Chin Lock. Drew turned under to get to his feet. Knee Lift and Whip by Lashley. He caught the Float over and hit the Running Powerslam. Lashley worked over the neck of the Scotsman. Drew kicked Bobby in the face but fell to a German Suplex and then an Overhead Belly to Belly. Lashley set for the Spear but ended up hitting the corner. Drew caught Lashley with the Kill Shot Kick.

Your Winner: Drew Galloway
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

The two men shook hands to show respect to each other.

Backstage, Ethan Carter III yelled he was on the way to the ring to fire Jeff Hardy.

Drew Galloway cut a promo about “bring real”. He was ready to win the World title for all those who have a dream.

The final segment of the night saw Ethan and Tyrus return to the ring. Ethan claimed he was not a villain, only the TNA World Champion. Ethan explained how Jeff became Ethan’s Personal Assistant. The whole “What?” thing has gotten SO old. Ethan gave Jeff the chance to come out and beg for his job. Jeff came out and Ethan got grumpy that Jeff’s video and music was played. Once Jeff got in the ring, Ethan told Jeff to get down on one knee and beg for his job…and then kiss the World title belt as if it were the King’s ring. Yeah, that wasn’t about to happen. Jeff did get down on one knee but refused to submit to the ridiculous request. Ethan threatened to fire Jeff but Jeff beat him to the punch and quit. Ethan tried to say Jeff was already fired but Hardy had the final say.


–Jay Shannon

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