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Ring of Honor presented an amazing six-man tag team match that had stars from both the US and Japan.

Roll the opening montage!

Steve “King” Corino and Kevin Kelly were in the 2300 Arena for this week’s great action.

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs “The Last Real Man” Silas Young

This was “Big Mike’s” return from a successful tour of Japan. Code of Honor Handshake and the ref called for the bell. The two locked up but Mike tossed Silas backwards. Go Behind by Silas led to a Standing Switch. Elgin Stone Walled Silas. Silas kicked Elgin in the ribs and came off the ropes. Shoulder Tackle by Mike. Elgin rocked Silas with hard Forearm Shots. Gorilla Press Slam by Elgin. Corner Clothesline led to the Stall Suplex. Impressive. 2 count.

Elgin came out onto the apron but Silas rocked him. The two went back and forth until Silas hit an Apron DDT. Silas stomped on Mike’s ribs. RoH took a break.

Silas rocked Mike with a Bulldog. 2 plus count. Elgin blocked a Suplex and tried for one of his own. He had to settle for running Silas into the corner. Elgin missed a Corner Splash. Elgin pushed out of the Tornado DDT. Side Slam Backbreaker by Silas brought a two count. Fireman’s Carry by Silas but he couldn’t do anything with it. German Suplex by Elgin. Flying Forearm and Discus Forearm by Elgin. Silas worked over the neck but got caught, on the fly. Spin Slam by Elgin for a two. Silas battled free from the Dead Lift Gut Wrench. Elgin threw wild Forearms. Silas hit one, as well, before falling to an Enziguri. Backslide Punt by Silas led to his Rolling Senton and Springboard Crossbody. 1-2-not yet.

Elgin nailed another Enziguri and a Big Boot. Silas blocked a Bicycle Kick but couldn’t stop the Lariat. Silas rolled out onto the apron. Elgin with a wicked Dead Lift Super Falcon Arrow! 2 plus. Silas fought out of the Powerbomb and went for the Jackknife Pin. Elgin kicked out. Silas connected with Misery but Elgin rolled out of the ring. Silas moved the safety padding but Elgin with a Buckle Bomb into the barricade. Back in the ring, Big Mike unleashed the Elgin Bomb. Done deal.

Your Winner: “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5
Next week, Adam Cole will fight Sninsuke Nakamura. Excellent! Cole has had numerous fantastic successes in Philly and was confident he was about to have another winning match.

Caprice Coleman vs ACH

RoH showed Prince Nana handing a note to Caprice, a few weeks back. No one knows what was in the note. ACH, according to Kelly, stands for “Attitude, Charisma and Heart”. Both men showed how much respect they have for each other as the match got ready to go. Code of Honor Handshake. Collar and Elbow into a Go Behind by Coleman. ACH took over the arm but Coleman rolled through and reversed the move. ACH tried to reverse back but Coleman kept ACH on the mat. Shoulder Tackle into a Cartwheel by Coleman. Universal but ACH missed the Dropkick. Coleman didn’t. ACH kicked Coleman out of the ring as Corino talked about their time in Omega (down in NC). Coleman tossed ACH back in the ring and got a two count. Scoop Slam by Coleman led to a Legdrop. 2 count. Elbow Drop by Coleman. ACH reversed a Whip but took a kick. Coleman bounced off the ropes but ate a Dropkick. They went back to the floor. Field Goal Kick by ACH.

Knife Edge Chop by ACH. Ach followed that up with a hard Whip to the barricade. ACH went in and out to restart the 20 count. ACH tossed Coleman back in and got a 2. Coleman blocked then escaped a Suplex attempt. ACH went to the apron and then Shouldered Coleman. Coleman blocked “Get Over Here”. Coleman wanted a Bridging German but Coleman turned it into the Trinity (Triple Rolling Northern Lights Suplexes). Coleman missed a Crescent Kick. 1 Inch Punch didn’t seem to affect ACH. ACH kicked Coleman out of the ring. The 1 Inch Punch suddenly kicked in. Coleman nailed the Sky Splitter but only got a two. Coleman put ACH up top and hit a Jumping Hurancanran. Ach landed on his feet. He then hit a Thrust Kick and Brainbuster, which led to…Midnight Star (450 Splash).

Your Winner: ACH
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5

Corino was ready to interview Coleman about he contents of the mystery envelope from Prince Nana. Code of Honor Handshake to end the match. Corino asked Coleman, directly, what was in the envelope. Inside, there was money and a letter. Coleman had to read the letter, several times, to understand. He now agreed with Nana. Huh?

Time for another edition of Inside RoH. Mandy Leon discussed the return of the New Japan stars. Ring of Honor will head to Japan in February. New Japan will also have representatives at next year’s 14th Anniversary Show (also in February). Next week, Ring of Honor will present RoH vs New Japan. Delirious rushed in and rambled in what was almost incomprehensible babble but I did pick up Ring of Honor and New Japan. Smile.

Roppongi Vice and Kazuchika“Rainmaker” Okada vs Hirooki Goto and The Briscoes

Roppongi Vice is Rocky Romero and (Trent) Barreta. Okada is the current IWGP Heavyweight Champ. I absolutely love Goto’s theme music. It sounds like something straight out of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. The Bricsoes are thinking about going for a 9th World Tag Title reign. Goto refused the Code of Honor Handshake but the others did shake hands. RoH took a quick break before this wild battle got going.

Jay and Okada were set to open the match. The two traded hard Forearms. Jay nailed a Headbutt but ate a Big Boot. Tag to Romero. He kicked away at Jay and sent him to the corner. Back Elbow by Jay, followed by a European Uppercut. Goto took the title and opened up on Romero. Goto is the current IWGP Intercontinental title. Goto wants to unify the IC and World title. Goto went off on Barreta but Goto dropped him. Barreta had recently tagged in. Mark tagged and Shoulder Tackled Barreta. Redneck Kung Fu and Mark donned Barrets’ headband. Dropkick by Mark. Barreta with the Shotgun Knees Driver. Double Team by Roppongi Vice for a two count. Okada tagged in and nailed the Springboard Senton for a two.

Barreta took the tag and spent forever playing before stomping Mark. Romero then tage din and stepped on Mark’s chest. Roppongi Vice and Okada partied in the ring. The Rainmaker got the tag and Fireman Carried Mark. Mark reversed it into the Death Valley Driver. Tag to Goto. Shoulder Tackle but Okada came back a strong. Shoulder Tackle and wild kicks by Goto. Rolling Leg Lariat into a Saito Suplex brought the deuce. Standing Switch by Okada. Flapjack by Okada led to a DDT. Slider European Uppercut to Goto. Romero got involved. Savage Elbow by Okada. He struck the Rainmaker Pose. Goto blocked Okada’s finisher and hit a Neckbreaker. Time for a final break.

Jay ripped into both members of Roppongit Vice. They double teamed the former World Champ and Okada got involved. Knee Strike by Romero for a two. Jawbreaker by Jay and tag to Mark. Mark flipped through a Back Body Drop. Romero with a Back Kick and Corner Clotheslines. Mark with a Thrust to the throat and a lot of shots. Triple Team by the Briscoes and Goto. Barreta made the save. Jay rocked Trent to his very soul. Superkick to Briscoe. Okada with an amazing Rolling Jackknife Neckbreaker combo. Mark launched Okada after blocking the Rainmaker Clothesline. Everyone was down. Mark charged the ropes and fell through. Goto dropped Romero. Doomsday Device, on the floor, to Barreta. Mark went up top for Froggie Bo! 2 count only.

Jay wanted his Jay Driller but Romero hit a Dropkick. Fisherman’s Buster by Mark. Tombstone by Okada to Mark. Goto tried for something but ate a massive Dropkick by Okada. Rainmaker blocked, again. A Headbutt dropped Okada. Jay and Barreta traded hard shots. Enziguri by Barreta. Corner Splash but Jay nailed a Discus Forearm and the Jay Driller!

Your Winners: Mark and Jay Briscoe and Hirooki Goto
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0


–Jay Shannon

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