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Night of Champions was so much better than expected. It had a couple of surprising returns and a few titles actually changed hands. I have to be honest, I almost completely missed the mark with my predictions. Now…the Fall Out!

Bray Wyatt opened the show with his family in tow. The Wyatt Family had a successful night against Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and the returning Chris Jericho. Jericho messed up and tagged in and got taken out. Bray called out to Roman. Bray guessed he didn’t speak loud enough to get the message across to Reigns. Bray bragged about grabbing “The Golden Idol” by the throat and took him to his knees. Bray was cut off by the arrival of Roman Reigns.

Roman came through the crowd, alone. Roman stared down the three members of the Wyatt Family. Roman said this wasn’t just about him…it was about Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt. Roman was ready to end this…now. He asked Bray to send “The Big Uns” to the back and see who walked out of Laredo (Texas) tonight. Bray didn’t want to fight and Roman accused Bray of being afraid. Roman wanted a fight with Bray. Bray whispered to Luke Harper and Braun Strowman and they stepped out.

Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns

Roman kicked Bray and tossed him aside. Wild Corner Clotheslines by Roman. Short Arm Clothesline by the big Samoan. Bray came back with wild punches. He screamed at Roman and started to rush Roman. A Superman Punch dropped Bray. Luke and Braun rushed in to help their leader. Dean Ambrose then rushed down to help his “Brother”. Dean ran past Braun and dropped Luke. Air Ambrose to Braun but Strowman threw Dean into the ring. Braun clocked Dean with a Clubbing Shot. Roman and then Dean jumped on Braun. Braun threw Dean aside and Luke began to maul the Lunatic Fringe. This fight was way out of control. The fans began to chant for Y2J. Braun tossd Dean into the ring steps. Luke tore into Roman. Luke locked up Roman and tried to choke him out. Suddenly, Randy Orton rushed down and went after Bray. Randy blasted Luke and hit a Snap Powerslam on Bray. Randy got pulled out to the floor by Luke but Orton with a Back Drop Suplex to put Luke on the announce table. Braun attacked Randy. Dean with a Missile Dropkick by Dean and a regular one by Randy. Braun stood firm until hit by the Superman Punch.

Your Winner: Not an official match
Raw Ranking: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Great Opening Segment.

Michael Cole talked about Seth Rollins’ Night(Mare) of Champions situation. First he had to battle John Cena for the US Title. He dropped the belt to John. He then had to immediately go up against Sting. While Seth managed to survive Sting, he was attacked by Sheamus and then the returning Kane. Kane took out both Seth and Sheamus.

Seth limped outside The Authority’s office. He rushed in to find out what was going on. Inside the office was Kane, in his corporate suit. Seth wondered what Kane was doing there. Kane explained that he (Kane) worked there. Kane explained that Seth would get his rematch for the U.S. title, against John Cena, later in the night.

Star Dust and The Ascension vs Neville and the Lucha Dragons
Six Man Rematch (from Night of Champions)

Neville did the Lucha dance with his partners. Konnor and Sin Cara opened the contest. Konnor worked over the arm but Konnor kicked the ribs. Sin was tossed onto the apron. Enziguri but Sin Cara slipped on the top rope. Tag to Star Dust. Star stomped Cara and tagged to Viktor. European Uppercut by Viktor. 2 count. Tag back to Konnor. Rear Chin Lock by the painted punisher. Sin Cara tried to get to his feet but a knee took him down. Star Dust tagged back in and kicked away. Cartwheel by the odd one. Alabama Slam failed but Star escaped the Sunset Flip. Neville got the tag and tore into all three foes with kicks. Star sent Neville to the corner but a Float Over led to the quick flips. Neville went up top but Viktor distracted him. Star kicked Neville off the top rope and to the floor. Break time.

Star slapped Neville as the show returned. Tag to Konnor. Star and Viktor whipped Konnor into Neville. Neville kicked out of the pin but immediately found himself in a Rear Chin Lock. Star wanted back in the match. Neville tore into the Ascension member but took a Big Boot to the face. Tag to Star Dust. Ax Bomber by the former Cody Rhodes. The “Cody” chants started. Star lifted Neville into a variation of the Gory Bomb set up move. Neville got free and tried to reach his corner. Viktor got the tag and prevented Neville from making it to his corner, at first. Kalisto became legal and Kalisto took down all his foes with wicked spinning moves. Sin Cara with a Tope Suicida. Neville laid out Star Dust. Viktor took out Viktor with his finisher.

Your Winners: Neville and the Lucha Dragons
Raw Ranking: 3.25

Seth hobbled backstage and finally found Stephanie and Triple H. Seth wanted to know what was going on with Kane being reinstated as Director of Operations. Seth was in no condition to face John Cena after what he went through, last night. Stephanie said they would worry about Kane so Seth could focus on John Cena.

The announcers discussed Kevin Owens winning the Intercontinental Title, last night. Ryback then came out to the ring. He was obviously unhappy about he outcome at Night of Champions.

Ryback vs Bo Dallas

Kevin Owens came down to taunt the former IC champ, Ryback. Kevin joined the announce team for this battle. Bo congratulated Kevin for winning the IC title. Bo then turned to Ryback and poked the angry dog with a HGUE stick. Kevin discussed liking Bo Dallas. Ryback ran Bo into the corner and threw massive Shoulder Thrusts. Whip by Ryback into a massive Biel. Bo punched away on Ryback but Big Hungry clubbed away. Scoop Slam by Ryback. Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex by Ryback. Ryback dropped Bo with a Shoulder Tackle. Suplex and pin attempt by Ryback. Bo crawled to the apron and clubbed away. Bo snapped the neck and hit a Clothesline. Knee Drops by Bo. Bo with a running Boot to the face brought a two. Rear Chin Lock by Bo.

Ryback got loose and dropped Bo, hard. Ryback snarled at Kevin and prepared and hit he Meat Hook Clothesline. Shell Shocked! 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Ryback
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Kevin Owens attacked but Ryback hit the Meat Hook Clothesline. Owens escaped Shell Shocked and tucked tail and ran. He stopped only long enough to grab the white title belt.

Ric Flair came out to the ring. It was time to honor his baby girl for her tremendous win over Nikki Bella, at Night of Champions. Flair was a proud and happy father. The fans started a “Thank You Ric” chant but he asked them to stop. He knew this night was about someone other than himself. Flair joked about his love life and the mistakes within. Flair said the proudest moment of his career was seeing his daughter win the Divas Championship. Flair wanted everyone to know that Charlotte got the title because she worked hard and earned it. Ric introduced his “little girl”, Charlotte.

The “Nature Girl” came out with Becky Lynch and Paige. I have to admit to being completely wrong when I expected Paige to turn on Charlotte. The two Flairs did a stereo Woo. Charlotte explained that she and her dad tend to cry when they are in the ring together. Charlotte told her dad that she always wanted to be like her father. She wanted to make him so proud of her. They hugged. Awww. Charlotte promised not to cry. Charlotte then turned to Paige and Becky and said working with them was a dream. Paige and Becky have become her best friends. Charlotte praised both women. Charlotte said she followed in Paige’s footsteps and Paige got her to where she is now.

Paige took over the stick and said this was all for Charlotte. Paige took credit for Charlotte’s success. Paige was sick of the patronizing. Guess I missed the heel turn by one day. Smile. Paige knew Nikki would retake the title and Charlotte would just be a place holder. Paige went off on Becky, saying that Becky would never hold the title. Paige also ripped into all the other Divas. Paige questioned if Natalya still worked for the company. Paige accused charlotte of getting her break only because her dad was Ric Flair. Paige stormed out of the ring. She plays the angry B*tch so well.

Team Bella walked out and Nikki talked trash about Paige. She then set her focus on the new champ. Nikki wondered if Charlotte could handle the pressure of being champ. Nikki said things were going to get tougher for Charlotte. First, Charlotte would have to battle Brie Bella and then face Nikki in a rematch, down the road.

Charlotte vs Brie Bella
Non-Title Match

Brie rocked Charlotte with a Forearm and then flipped the new champ over. Side Headlock by Brie. Charlotte sent Brie into the ropes but Brie hit a Shoulder Tackle. Kip Up by Charlotte and she rolled up Brie for two. Brie kicked Charlotte away and nailed a Missile Dropkick. 2 count. Brie ran Charlotte into the corner. Charlotte blocked a 2nd Corner Rush. The two went to the floor and Brie got a hard kick in. Charlotte crashed into the ring steps. The ref ordered Brie to get back and let Charlotte get into the ring. Corner Shoulders by Brie. Nikki and Alicia Fox clapped their approval. Brie worked over the bad leg of the champ.

Dragon Screw Leg Whip by Brie. Brie wanted Spinning Toe Hold but Charlotte countered. Brie stayed focused on the injured leg. Brie kicked at the hamstring to compromise it. Brie screamed for Brie Mode and hit the Knee Trembler. Brie twisted the leg in the ropes and hit a 2nd Trembler. 1-2-kick out. Brie escaped the Scoop Slam and Clipped the knee for two. Single Leg Crab by Brie. Charlotte rocked Brie with an Enziguri. Backslide by Charlotte but Brie rolled through. Charlotte hit numerous Knife Edge Chops. Spinning Neckbreaker into the Spear. Figure Eight!

Your Winner (By Submission): Charlotte
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Becky Lynch came in to talk with her bestie.

Sheamus’s music hit to herald the arrival of Mr. Money in the Bank. Sheamus was set to cash in on Seth Rollins, until Kane took him out.

Sheamus vs Mark Henry

The announcers praised all of Mark’s accomplishments, over the years. The fans stared the “You Look Stupid” chants. Mark grabbed Sheamus and pushed him away. He dropped Mark with one shot and began to tell the Celtic Warrior how stupid he looked. Sheamus came back in with hard kicks and punches. Scoop Slam and La Bandera Clothesline by Mark. Sheamus was fit to be tied. Sheamus snapped Mark’s neck over the top rope and unleashed the beginnings on the 10 Beats. Mark blocked it and flipped Sheamus back into the ring. Two Brogue Kicks ended Mark Henry’s night.

Your Winner: Sheamus
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Sheamus got on the microphone and claimed he was the WWE World Champion. It was only a matter of time before he gets the belt. Might it happen, later tonight?

Corporate Kane was in the office as Stephanie and HHH entered. Kane was almost giddy about being back to work. Kane wondered if HHH and Stephanie were mad at him for making the US title rematch. HHH was so surprised when Kane showed up, last night. Kane appeared not to remember anything about being at Night of Champions. Stephanie wanted everyone to get on the same page. Stephanie asked Kane to give the mask back to her. Kane acted all surprised to see that the mask wasn’t in its glass case. Kane promised to help find the missing mask.

Paige fumed backstage as Natalya walked up. Paige was ready for a lecture but Nattie didn’t have one for her. Nattie understood feeling left out and left behind. Nattie did accuse Paige of being unprofessional. Nattie was set to battle Naomi. Nattie told Paige that Paige was the only one standing in Paige’s way.

New Day came out to the ring. Xavier Woods was limping badly. He was put through a table at Night of Champions.

Big E, Kofi Kingston and Rusev vs BuhBuh Ray Dudley, D’Von Dudley and Dolph Ziggler
Six Man Tag Team Match

Woods whined about the medical team having to remove a piece of table from his butt, last night. New Day said the Dudleys must be stopped. Big E said it was time to build a strong and high wall around Dudleyville. Big E wanted people and furniture to be protected. Kofi took the stick and said the fans could help them make WWE great again. He began the “Save the Tables” chant, which fell flat. They were interrupted by the arrival of Rusev, their partner.

The Dudleys will get another shot at the tag belts at the special Madison Square Garden show, a week from Saturday. That will be the night Brock Lesnar takes on Big Show.

Kofi and Dolph opened the match. Kofi worked over the arm as Woods shrieked that he is not a baby. Dolph escaped the arm hold Collar and Elbow and Dolph took the Side Headlock. Kofi switched things around and had the arm. Dolph with a Shoulder Tackle. Universal but Dolph caught him. Standing Switch. Dolph flipped Kofi, who landed on his feet. Dolph flipped him again and Kofi hit face first. Tag to D’Von. Legdrop by D’Von. D’Von pounded on Kofi’s face. Whp by Kofi. Tag to Buh Buh Ray and Big E. Back Drop Suplex to Big E. Rusev rushed in but hit the floor as all three men came after him. Off to break.

Dolph rocked Big E with a huge Dropkick. Dolph got distracted by Woods and Big E dropped him. Tag to Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute stomped away on Dolph. Rusev clubbed away on Dolph. The Round Robin Stomp-a-thon got gong, accompanied by annoying trombone. Woods is actually quite talented on the trombone but, damn, it is so irritating. Rusev put down Dolph and then slapped on the Rear Chin Lock. Dolph punched loose but Rusev unleashed a High Back Elbow. Shut up, Woods! He is so irritating with his constant rambling. Tag to Big E. Abdominal Stretch by Big E. Summer Rae played around with Woods’ trombone. There are so many jokes right there but I will behave. Kofi came back in and bashed Dolph.

Kofi tried for a pin but only got a two. Side Headlock by Kofi. Kofi sent Dolph sailing with a wicked Dropkick. Tag to Big E., who immediately tagged out to Rusev. Triple Team to drop Dolph. Rusev stomped away on his arch-enemy. Rusev screamed at Dolph that Lana was his (Rusev’s). Wow!. Rusev missed a Corner Splash. Dolph hit the Jumping DDT. The WWE fans chanted for Dolph to make the tag.

Buh Buh Ray and Kofi tagged in. Huge Back Body Drop by Buh Buh. Side Slam to Kofi. Kofi jumped over the charging BBR. Uranage Slam. Big E made the save. Rusev took the tag and got dropped. Tag to D’Von. Double Team. Dolph was then tagged in. Super Wazzup!, which included Dolph. Dolph got nailed with the Thrust Kick from Rusev. This was just after Dolph had taken out Woods with the Superkick.

Your Winners: Big E, Kofi Kingston and Rusev
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Naomi vs Natalya

Nattie seems to have bulked up, a bit. It looks good on her. I can’t stand Barbie Dolls. Naomi pushed Nattie and the Canadian went to town. Naomi and Nattie went into a Universal and both threw Dropkick. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Nattie. Naomi went to the ropes. Naomi kicked Narrie in the face, twice. 2 count. Paige watched the match, from the back. Rear Chin Lock by Naomi. Nattie elbowed her way almost free. Naomi with a Bulldog into the corner. Natalya with a School Girl but Naomi came back with a Flying Clothesline. Nattie kicked out at two. Naomi dropped Nattie but couldn’t hold her down for the three. Naomi choked Nattie on the middle rope.

The fans changed for Natalya. Nattie sent Naomi into the ropes. Modified Slingshot Atomic Drop. Nattie took down Tamina. Sasha then distracted Nattie. Rear View!

Your Winner: Naomi
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Seth came in to talk with Stephanie and Triple H. Stephanie said Kane was done being the Monster and was ready to return to being the Corporate Entity. Seth freaked out and said Kane could slaughter them all. HHH advised Seth to worry about Cena and let them handle Kane.

Big Show vs Cesaro

Michael Cole sent it back to when Big Show blasted Cesaro, a couple weeks back. Show had been out there to go after Miz but Cesaro got in Show’s path. KO Punch! Raw showed off the “Cesaro Section”.

Cesaro ducked Show and hit a pair of European Uppercuts. Cesaro flew off the ropes and got a skillet-sized slap to the chest. Hammer Throw by the giant one. Cesaro boxed the ribs and jaw of Show. Show ran over Cesaro like a Mack Truck hitting a Mazda. Show boxed the ribs and unleashed another Skillet Slap. Show ran Cesaro into another corner and Bieled the Swiss Superman. Show choked Cesaro on the middle rope. Show stomped away on the reddening chest of Cesaro. Show took down Cesaro. Shinu Numaki Sleeper by Show. Show tossed Cesaro down with ease. Show missed the Running Elbow Drop. European Uppercuts by Cesaro. Show was so rocked by the flurry of moves. Cesaro hit a Dropkick that sent Show out to the floor. Cesaro hit the Running European Uppercut, on the floor> Cesaro flew off the announce desk but got caught. Show ran Cesaro into the ring post. Cesaro kept hitting European Uppercuts. Cesaro kept trying to Suplex Show into the ring. It took several tries but Cesaro finally brought Show over the ropes and into the ring! Cesaro hurt his back by doing that. Knockout Punch!

Your Winner: Big Show
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Big Show took the microphone. He urged the crowd to boo him. Show said this match was a message to Brock Lesnar for their upcoming battle at MSG. Show reminded everyone that he took the WWE title from Brock Lesnar. Show let it be known that he couldn’t stand Brock. “You Can’t Beat Him” rang out, which ticked off the big man. Show promised that he would not go to Suplex City. He called Brock the “Vanilla Gorilla”. I like that nickname. Show was ready to send Brock to Hell by way of the Knockout Punch.

Just wanted to spend a second to send out special birthday wishes to one of my favorite authors…Stephen King. He turns 68, this week. His books still give me the creeps. Smile.

Raw looked back at the return of Randy Orton, earlier in the night.

Luke Harper cut a spooky promo towards Randy Orton. Braun then took over and talked about killing a snake and skinning it. Bray warned Randy that Orton would soon fall down.

John Cena vs Seth Rollins
United States Title Rematch

John took the title from Seth at Night of Champions. The match would kick off, after a series of commercials.

Seth jumped John during the introductions. The ref pushed Seth back. John was rocked to his core. Seth blasted John and got a two count. Seth kept trying for pins but couldn’t get the three. Seth popped John in the face and pushed his throat into the middle rope. John collapsed but still kicked out at two. Seth dropped a knee to John’s head. He wanted the Pedigree but John escaped and grabbed the ankle. Seth nailed an Enziguri to get a two count. Seth rushed the corner and caught John. 1-2-not yet. John surprised Seth with a Clothesline. Seth escaped the Attitude Adjustment and hit the DDT. John rolled out to the floor as Raw cut to commercial.

Seth stalked the champ as Raw returned. Rear Chin Lock by Seth. John drove Seth into the corner. Sling Blade by Seth brought Seth a two. Seth popped John in the jaw but Cean would not surrender. John was wobbly but he would not go down. John went Vintage on the challenger. John hit he Five Knuckle Shuffle so Seth bailed out of the ring. Seth was done but John wasn’t. John came out and got Seth. He threw him back in the ring. Seth wanted the Superplex but John used Headbutts to get free. John and Seth kept trying to pin each other. Superkick to John’s temple but John wasn’t ready to go out, just yet.

Seth converted the AA into a Sunset Flip and then the STF! John would not give up so Seth went into the Crippler Crossface. John grabbed the ropes. Flying Knee Trembler brought Seth so close to the title but not quite close enough. Seth tried for the Pedigree but John launched Seth to the ropes. Reverse Electric Chair by John brought a two. The two men slugged it out. Seth blocked the AA but John countered the Pedigree. John hit a Back Body Drop . Seth came back with the Buckle Bomb and Michinoku Driver. 2 count. This is Wrestling!

Seth positioned John and went to the ropes. Seth took forever to climb. He went for and missed the 450 Splash. STF! Seth reached the ropes. Apron Enziguri and Seth headed up tp. Frog Splash! John rolled over and hit the AA!

Your Winner: John Cena
Raw Ranking: 4.75

Kane came on the Titan Tron and said Seth should be the best World titlist possible. Kane said people he might not expect were lining up to face Seth for the World Title. Kane came up through the rign to attack Seth. Seth tried his best to escape. Kane dragged Seth down through the hole in the mat. Sweet! The corner posts exploded and smoke erupted from the hole in the canvas. I love Halloween season!


–Jay Shannon

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