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The show opened with Seth Rollins whining about his statue. This was all from last week. Sting taunted Seth during Raw, only to drop the statue into a trash truck and crush the statue. Seth nearly blew a gasket at the site.

Raw was in Memphis, TN, home of Jerry “The King” Lawler. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon walked out to the ring. WWE is working with Connor’s Cure to help defeat Pediatric Cancer. Tonight was the Season Premiere of Monday Night Raw (when did wrestling have seasons?). Stephanie ran down a huge list of fantastic talents that have made a mark on the WWE, over the past year. HHH said Seth Rollins would lead the new talent into the next stage of wrestling’s evolution. HHH pushed Night of Champions, which is this week-end. I’ll have my predictions, a little later this week.

The Power Couple talked about both Night of Champions and the Divas Title Match to either crown a new champion or push Nikki Bella over the top to become the longest reigning champion in the Divas division (she’s got a LONG way to go if she were to try and catch Fabulous Moolah). HHH said Sting would wrestle on Raw…for the very first time! SWEEEEET! Sting has to face Big Show. HHH wanted to know “Are You Ready?”!

New Day vs Prime Time Players
WWE World Tag Team Title Match

Trip and Steph danced with Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. And the Devil just strapped on the ice skates. Raw took a quick break.

So the winner of this match will face the Dudley Boyz, at Night of Champions. Kofi and Darren opened up the match. Side Headlock Takeover by Darren. Kofi with the Push Off but he got laid out with a Shoulder Tackle. Darren rolled up Kofi but only got a two. Tag to Titus. Big E also got legal in the match. Big E with a Hard Whip but Titus with a Float Over and Scoop Slam. Hogan-esque Leg Drop by Titus. Darren took the tag and blasted he champ. The Dudleys watched from the back. Belly to Belly by Big E to Titus. Woods started playing that darn trombone again. Sigh. Kofi tagged back in and blasted the back. He sounded like a Chihuahua with his mocking bark.

Darren got the tag and sent Kofi flying. Woods was surprised. Darren blocked the SOS but Kofi escaped the Gut Check. Darren rocked Big E with the Roaring Elbow. Kofi threw Darren into the ring post. Woods wondered what happened. New Day kept switching around to stomp the chest of the challenger. Woods played a trombone soundtrack for this match. Raw took a break and gave our ears a much needed rest.

Raw returned and Darren blasted Kofi’s ribs to try and get free. Kofi pitched Darren to the outside. Big E stalked Darren as Woods played the Pink Panther theme. New Day double teamed Darren. Woods yelled at Darren for touching his trombone. Big E kicked and clubbed away on Darren. He then ran Darren into the barricade, back first.

Kofi tagged back in and stomped away on Darren. Arm Bar/Chin Lock combo on Daren. Young got free and popped Big E. Kofi stopped the tag. Slider Trip by Kofi. Kofi flew off the top but Darren got the feet up. Titus got the tag and Shoulder Tackled Big E, twice. Titus pitched Kofi out of the ring and hit the Big Boot on Big E. Kofi flew off the top and got massacred by multiple Backbreakers and a Throw. Corner Splash to both New Day members. Powerslam brought a two to Titus. This match is so much better than I expected. Spinebuster by Titus. Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise on Darren. Titus snatched the trombone and BIG E hit the clubbing blow to the back of the head. Dawn Breaking on Titus to retain.

Your Winners: The New Day
Raw Ranking: 4.0 out of a possible 5

Buh Buh Ray and D’Von came out to make sure that New Day didn’t forget they would have to face the 9 Time WWE Tag Champs.

Raw looked at Sting and Dusty Rhodes vs The Road Warriors from 1988. Now we are talking MY Generation of wrestling.

HHH and Stephanie chatted about dancing with New Day. Seth Rollins came in and praised The Authority for what they have set up for tonight’s show. Seth accidentally made the match of Sheamus vs John Cena. Seth was given the night off.

Michael Cole sent it back to last week’s Raw, when Nikki Bella talked about the upcoming Bella-bration. Charlotte came out and let it be known that she would get a shot at the title, this week. If Charlotte wins, Nikki will come out short…by only a few hours…of being the longest reigning champion.

Renee Young interviewed Charlotte and Ric Flair. Charlotte was asked about how she has been training for this match. Charlotte wanted to carry on her father’s legacy. She was thrilled her dad was there. Ric took over and cut a promo that seemed lifted right out of 1984. Smile. Renee asked Charlotte if she was feeling extra pressure to stop Bella’s march towards the record books. The two Flairs Woo’d!

Paige (w/Becky Lynch) vs Sasha Banks (w/Tamina and Naomi)

Paige dropped Sasha at the bell. Sasha and Paige took turns bashing the other. They ended up in the ropes nad Charles Robinson had a heck of a time breaking them apart. Paige with a couple of Hair Tosses. Sasha snapped Paige in the ropes. 2 count. Sasha focused on the left arm of Paige. Sasha looked set to apply a Cero Miedo (Pentagon Jr.) Arm Snap but didn’t. Sasha twisted Paige’s arm in the ropes. Sasha put Paige on the middle ropes and did the Double Stomp to the hurt arm. 2 count, once more.

Becky cheered on her stablemate. Paige finally flipped Sasha free but got rocked, almost immediately. Sasha ran Paige into the corner. Sasha missed a Corner Splash and ate a Knee Trembler and a pair of Thrust Kicks. Paige with an attempt and an inverted Chaos Theorty but failed. Paige hit a wicked German and Sasha landed on the back of her head. That’s a possible concussion situation. The ref began the count but Paige went out. Paige Cannonballed off the apron but Tamina moved Sasha. BankStatement! Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Sasha Banks
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Team B.a.D. Triple Teamed Becky and Paige.

Raw showed how The Wyatt Family assaulted both Randy Orton and Jimmy Uso, last week.

Raw discussed Connor’s Cure. That segment literally made me cry. It reminded me of my little (almost) adopted daughter, Raven. She passed away before the adoption was final but she was still my and Linda’s little princess.


Miz wanted to grab the ratings, which is why he chose the men to interview on this Season Premiere. He brought out The Wyatt Family. Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Braun Strowman came out to a sea of Fireflies. The sea did seem a little less full than before. The announcers questioned Miz’s sanity for trying to talk with this wild trio. Bray sat down and told Miz not to take a seat. Bray warned Miz that he was not safe. Miz fouled up and called this Sunday’s PPV, Hell in a Cell. Miz wanted to know who Braun Strowman is. Miz asked Braun who is is. Braun just remained silent as Bray cackled. Bray said no one thinks about the consequences of their actions. Miz cut him off and asked what Bray wanted. Bray wanted Miz, Roman, Dean and everyone else to suffer. Bray said all that show up at Night of Champions would “all fall down”.

The music for Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns rocked the arena. They didn’t appear to have a third partner with them. Miz tried to continue his talk show but Dean Ambrose kicked him and tossed him out to the floor. Roman took the stick and said Bray made him sick. Roman swore that the Wyatts would pay for taking out his blood, his cousin. Roman knew Bray couldn’t beat him, one on one. He knew Bray and Luke couldn’t beat Dean and Roman, in a tag match. Roman said he had a third partner. Roman didn’t immediately reveal who the partner was. Roman was confident that his team would win the six man match, on Sunday. The lights went out and it cut to the announce desk. I have a darn good idea who the new partner will be.

Raw looked at Sting vs Ric Flair from 1990. Sting used a Small Package to defeat Ric Flair for the NWA World Title. That match was beyond epic.

John Cena vs Sheamus

The odd thing about the intros is that John’s current color choice made it look like the Irish flag was under the wording. Strange to see that and know it wasn’t the guy from Ireland’s logo. Smile.

Sheamus looked ready to clock a fan who tapped him on the arm as he passed. Collar and Elbow and John took the Side Headlock Takeover. Sheamus took control until John dropped him. Sheamus came back with a High Elbow and European Uppercut. Sheamus tossed Cena out to the floor. Raw went to break.

Sheamus almost pinned John as the show returned. Sheamus shook out a sore arm before heading up top. Flying Knee Drop, form the top. 1-2not yet. Sheamus stalked John and then tried to blast him. John fought back and Sheamus put John in a Sleeper. Sheamus switched to a Chin Lock. He pushed his weight on John to wear down the 15-time champ. John got free and pounded on the Celtic Warrior. He went Vintage on the ‘Hawked Hellraiser. Five Knuckle Shuffle but Sheamus blocked the AA. John with a wicked Tornado DDT to get a two.

Sheamus rolled through the AA and applied the Cloverleaf. John refused to submit. John crawled towards the ropes. John reached the bottom rope and the ref forced the break. John rolled out onto the apron. Sheamus unleashed the 10 Beats and John collapsed. John escaped the Rolling Senton and locked in the STF. Sheamus reached the bottom rope and Mike Chioda made John release the hold. John surprised Sheamus with his own version of the 10 Beats. John lifted Sheamus but Sheamus held the ropes. Running High Knee by Sheamus and John was down.

Sheamus called for the Brogue Kick. Sheamus hurt his own chest when he slapped it. John caught Sheamus with a Running Clothesline. The two went back and forth with hard shots. Suplex Throw by Sheamus. 1-2-Kick Out. Sheamus drew close to the boiling point at the ref. Sheamus climbed up top and flew. He missed John and had to fight out of the SRF. Inverted Electric Chair into the STF. John adjusted Sheamus to mid ring. Sheamus powered out and hit the Rolling Senton. Attitude Adjustment!

Your Winner: John Cena
Raw Ranking: 4.25

The WWE Slam of the Week revolved around Seth Rollins vs Ryback, in a Lumberjack Match, on Smackdown. It was a Lumberjack Match and Kevin Owens got involved, which helped Seth win.

Ryback was in the ring. He was proud to be the Intercontinental Champion. Ryback did a horrible Elvis impression to talk about being “All Shook Up”. Ryback knew Kevin Owens had no respect for him, the ring or what it means to be a champion…

Ryback was cut off by the arrival of Kevin Owens. Owens had something to share with Ryback and the fans. Owens knew the book that Ryback talked about that helped him overcome things. Owens got a copy of it for himself. Ryback wondered if Owens could actually read. Owens called Ryback a “Delusional Idiot” for believing in the crap in the book. Owens called Ryback weak. Ryback threw Owens off his game with his verbal taunts. Ryback wanted to tell Owens who and what he is. Ryback got a “Feed Me More” chant going. Ryback was inspired by Owens and respected the Canadian.

Kevin promised to take the IC title from Ryback. He thought Ryback was a “Weak, Little Boy”. Ryback went to The Authority to request a title match against Kevin Owens. Cool. The two men stood face to face but Owens backed down. Man, Night of Champions is going to be off the charts. Glad I have the evening off on Sunday.

Another Sting Memory. 1997: Sting vs Hollywood Hogan. Big Show, then known as The Giant, was there to hoist Sting high after the painted one won the World title from Hogan.

Star Dust (w/The Ascension) vs Neville (w/Lucha Dragons)

All Hell broke loose as the Dragons flew out of the ring and dropped The Ascension. Neville with a La Bandera Clothesline. The Ascension dragged Star Dust out of the flight path of Neville.

Your Winner: Match Didn’t Happen
Raw Ranking: N/A

A promo piece aired about Nikki Bella’s reign as Divas Champion.

Nikki Bella vs Charlotte
Divas Title Match

Charlotte was flanked by Becky Lynch and Paige. Nikki had Alicia Fox and Brie Bella at her side. Nikki has tied A.J. Lee at 295 Days to be the longest reigning Diavs Champ. The Bella-Tron was showing the countdown clock to breaking the record.

The two locked up and went to the ropes. The ref forced the break and Charlotte was confident. Go Behind by Charlotte and a Spinning Takedown. Front Face Lock by the challenger for a 1 count. Charlotte made her daddy proud with the Knee Drop. Wicked Rolling Head Scissors Slams. She finished it off with a Kip Up. Woooo!

Nikki kneed Charlotte and hit a Tornado Arm Bar Drop. Nikki dropped her weight on the outstretched arm. Nikki twisted the arm in the ropes and then kicked the ropes. Nikki then snapped the arm over the top rope, several times. The two ended up fighting on the apron. Charlotte’s shoulder just might be dislocated. Raw went to break.

Nikki was still working over the injured arm of Charlotte. Cross Armbreaker by Nikki but she didn’t have it fully locked in. Charlotte used massive strength to One Arm up Nikki and Powerbomb her. Becky and Paige slapped the apron to motivate Charlotte. Charlotte with wild Knife Edge Chops. Big Boot by Charlotte. She fell onto Nikki but only got a two.

Nikki went right back after the bad shoulder. Neckbreaker by Charlotte but Nikki hit a Dropkick to the injured area. Facebuster brought the champ a two count. Charlotte fought against the Alabama Slam. Charlotte hit a Spear but didn’t get all of it. Alicia Fox got involved. Twin Magic but it backfired! Charlotte rolled up Brie to become the new Divas Champion!

Your Winner: Charlotte
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Ric Flair got in the ring to party with his daughter. The Bellas tried to explain to the ref what just happened to get the ruling nullified. Stephanie McMahon came out and said the win wasn’t legal. Charlotte wont he match, by disqualification, so she did NOT get the title. That is such Baloney.


Your Winner (by Disqualification): Charlotte
Raw Ranking: 1.5 (Drop due to crappy ending)

Stephanie said Charlotte will get a rematch on Sunday. Stephanie made it clear that any loss by Nikki (pin, submission, disqualification) will result in a title switch. I think the belt should have been held up and the countdown broken. This is just beyond wrong.

Rusev (w/Summer Rae) vs Cesaro

The crowd held up dozens of “Cesaro Section” signs. Collar and Elbow and Rusev went into a Go Behind. Sanding Switch. Rusev tried to take the arm but Cesaro hit numerous Kip Ups to reverse things. Shoulder Tackle by the Bulgarian Brute. 2 count. Side Headlock but Cesaro pushed out. Universal into a Hip Toss by Cesaro. Flying Head Scissors Takeover by Cesaro. Back Body Drop brought a 1 count to Cesaro. Rusev clubbed the neck and back of the Swiss Superman. Incredible Vertical Suplex by Cesaro. 1 count, once again.

Double Thrust to Cesaro’s throat. Rusev dropped Cesaro over the ropes and hit a Rolling Heel Kick. Rusev went back to slaps and hard shots to the neck and back. Rusev bordered on a choke. Dolph Ziggler came out to ringside. Back Drop by Cesaro. Dolph had something for Sumemr Rae. She tried to refuse it. Rusev freaked out and fell to a Roll Up!

Your Winner: Cesaro
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Superkick by Dolph put Rusev out to the floor. Summer Rae palmed the present from Dolph. Hmmm….

Speaking of presents, I had the honor to give my step-daughter, Teresa, a birthday present as she celebrated turning 42, Monday. She is a wonderful Mom who has been such a great part of my clockwork family. Smile. Happy Birthday, my dear.

Raw looked at a visit to a children’s hospital. A special young lady was in the crowd with her dad. She found out she has beaten cancer. God loves her, obviously.

Seth Rollins chatted with Big Show. The huge match between Show and Sting was coming up, soon.

Backstage, Rusev and Summer Rae had a major meltdown. She opened the present and smiled. It looked like some kind of jewelry. Rusev shrieked at Summer Rae to join her in the locker room.

Stephanie and HHH invited Big Show to come in to the office. The Authority wanted Big Show to solved the problem…Sting.

Big Show vs Sting

The Authority was at ringside for this classic battle. Sting got a decent reaction from the crowd. Yep, wrestling’s motto rings so true…”Never Say Never, Brudda”. Charles Robinson was the Zebra in Charge. Sting opened up on Show with hard punches. Sting blocked the Skillet Slap and kept bashing away. Whip by Show but Big Show missed he Corner Butt Rush. Sting stomped away at the Giant and then went into Full Corner Mount Punches. Show wanted a Chokeslam but Sting turned it into a DDT. The announcers mentioned that Sting’s early career took place in Memphis. Stinger Splash! Seth Rollins rushed down and attacked.

Your Winner (By Disqualification): Sting
Raw Ranking: 1.0

John Cena joined the party and the fight went hard and heavy. Sting and John worked over Big Show. Seth and Show stayed out of the ring. There is still plenty of time left so HHH decided to make a tag team match…

Sting and John Cena vs Big Show and Seth Rollins

Big Show and Seth were ticked off at the announcement. They weren’t ready for this. They would have another commercial break to get their stuff together.

John threw himself at Show but just bounced off. Show punished John’s ribs. Massive Headbutt by Show. Seth asked Show to let him work over John. Scoop Slam by Show. John escaped a 2nd Scoop Slam and tried to lift the 450-pounder. He couldn’t get Show up. Seth tagged in and stomped John’s chest, after bouncing off the ropes. Seth taunted Sting. Charles Robison had to order Sting back. John flipped Seth over the ropes and to the floor.

Big Show got back in and continued to work over John’s ribs. Skillet Slap to John’s chest. John fought back with hard punches. He lifted Show for the AA but fell forward. Seth tagged back in and bashed John’s chest. Running Kick to John’s head. Seth held John to mock Sting and John. Seth talked trash to Sting. Sting wanted to take out Seth> Back Body Drop by John. Tag to Big Show. Show blocked John from making the tag. Show yelled at Sting that Sting should have never come to the WWE. John applied a Claw to John’s stomach. The ref forced the break.

Headbutt by Show. Show wanted the Avalanche Splash and he got it. Could be…might be…Denied. Show argued with the ref and then went back to work on John’s mid-section. Seth took the tag and stomped the upper back of the former US and World champ. Seth talked enough trash to make Fred Sanford rich beyond avarice. John dropped Seth with an Inside Out Clothesline. Show came back in and went up the ropes, again. He missed the 2nd Splash. Sting begged for the tag. John dove for the corner and Sting exploded on Seth, who had tagged in. Stinger Splashes! Running Bulldog by Sting. Show got involved and hit he AA on Show. Scorpion Deathdrop into the Scorpion Deathlock! Seth tapped out, big time!

Your Winners (by Submission): Sting and John Cena
Raw Ranking: 2.75


–Jay Shannon

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