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NXT September 9, 2015
We open the show with no fanfare tonight as the NXT title video begins to open the show.  A shot of the crowd chanting NXT is shown.  The announce team hypes the continuation of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.  They tease the main event, which is Joe and Balor vs. The Lucha Dragons.  Carmella and Peyton Royce make their ring entrances.

Match 1: Carmella vs. Peyton Royce

The two start the match with a hand slap as a sign of respect.  They lock up and Carmella grabs a side headlock takeover that Peyton quickly turns into a head scissors.  Carmella frees herself and the ladies perform the exact the same series of moves again with Carmella applying the head scissors at the end of the sequence.  Carmella tries for a rollup pin but Peyton is able to escape.
Peyton goes for a backslide but Carmella is out at two.  Carmella returns the favor but Peyton is also out before three.  Peyton goes for a clothesline but Carmella ducks the move and celebrates with a moonwalk. Peyton tries again but Carmella ducks the move again, hits an atomic drop and dropkick.  A pin attempt proves futile and Peyton kicks at two.
Carmella sets for a suplex but its blocked and reversed by Peyton.  Peyton hits a bridge suplex for a pin but only gets two.  She grabs a reverse chinlock that she slips to around the neck.  Carmella throws her off but Peyton beats her to her feet and plants a big boot to the gut.  Peyton whips to the buckle and charges Carmella but gets an elbow to the face.  Carmella performs a flying head scissors and a shoulder block in the corner.  She throws Peyton to the mat and goes for a cover but only gets two.  Carmella grabs a chin lock and gets on Peyton’s back.  Peyton escapes the hold by driving Carmella back first into the buckle and following up with a nice series of kicks and a cross body for a pin attempt but she only gets two.  Carmella ends the contest by getting up, hitting Royce with a modified DDT-like move and transitioning to her submission hold for the tap out victory.
Winner: Carmella
In the locker room, Balor is seen getting ready for his match when Samoa Joe walks in.  Joe asks Balor if he’s ready.  Finn replies that he better be because the Lucha Dragons are “no joke.”  He says he wants to win the tournament for Dusty.  Joe responds that he sounds ready and they get ready to leave.  Joe reminds Finn not leave without the title and drapes it over his shoulder.  Joe says he will see him at the ring.  Joe leaves and Balor stares him off.
The next video package shows highlights from Dusty Rhodes Classic matches that did not air on television. The first highlight showed Enzo and Cass against Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton. The match was taped during a NXT live event.   Enzo and Cass get the win to advance.  The next match highlight was Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson against Tucker Knight and Elias Sampson.  Wilder and Dawson advance.  The announce tease the Gargano and Ciampa match for next as the show goes to break.  During the break, a Nia Jax video is shown.
As we return from break, the ring entrances for our next match occur.  Breeze and Dempsey enter separately.  The announce team puts over Bull Fit.  The ring announcer announces Bull’s weight at 304 pounds.  The announce team is quick to point out that is wrong; Bull is down to 301.  Gargano and Ciampa go to the ring together.
Match 2: Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Match:
Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano vs. Bull Dempsey and Tyler Breeze
Ciampa will lock it up against Breeze to start us off.  Breeze executes an arm drag then lounges across the top rope.  Ciampa answers by slapping Breeze pretty stiff.  Breeze decides to make a tag.  As bull enters, the NXT Universe chants, “Bull looks Gorgeous.”
As Bull and Ciampa lock up, Tommaso grabs a headlock and Bull shoots him to the ropes.  Ciampa tries a shoulder block off the ropes but he can’t budge Dempsey.  Breeze wants the tag and comes back in.  Breeze forces Ciampa into the ropes with a waist lock go behind.  Gargano makes the tag and as Breeze releases Ciampa, Gargano flying through the ropes spears him.  Gargano nails Breeze with a roll-through roundhouse kick and a slingblade like maneuver.  Breeze cowers to his corner and makes the tag to Dempsey.
Gargano tries to grab Dempsey and can’t budge him.  He tries a running crossbody off the ropes and bounces off Bull.  Bull walks over to check on his partner.  When Bull turns around, Gargano hits an enziguri and tags Ciampa.  Ciampa nails a running knee and goes for a pin but Bull kicks out. Ciampa grabs a reverse chinlock as the show heads to a break.
As we return, Bull ducks a clothesline from Ciampa but Tommaso grabs a sleeper hold and hops on Bull’s back.  Bull breaks the hold by simply falling backward.  Gargano takes a tag from Ciampa.  He runs through a clothesline attempt from Bull and dropkicks Breeze off the apron.  Dempsey knocks Gargano down and looks for the tag.  Breeze is adjusting his teeth on the outside.  Gargano grabs Dempsey but Dempsey connects with jabs and a bionic elbow.  Breeze climbs back up on the apron.
Bull wants to follow up with a running move bouncing off the ropes but he accidentally knocks Breeze to the floor.  Gargano uses the distraction to make a tag.  Gargano and Ciampa use a double team sunset flip to get the win.
Post-match:  Breeze beats down Dempsey for losing the match then, for good measure, hits the super model kick before leaving.
Winner: Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano
Backstage, the Lucha Dragons cut a bi-lingual promo.  They say they are ready to compete in the Classic in honor of their good friend, Dusty Rhodes.  They also say its an honor to compete against Somoa Joe and Finn Balor.  They warn Finn and Joe that they shouldn’t underestimate them because they will breath firetonight.  They also cautioned Finn and Joe to be careful or they will get burned.  They closed dedicating a “Lucha” chant to Dusty.
The camera cuts immediately to Devin and Dana Brooke talking in the backstage area of Full Sail.  Devin tells Dana that even though she is competing in the next match, she looks bothered.  Dana confirms she is bothered.  She is bothered because she watched Bayley become Women’s champion. Dana said she wanted to be taken seriously and known as the best female wrestler NXT has.  She supposes that in order to reach that goal, she will have to become Women’s champion.  Dana is upset that people believe she is not serious about wrestling and that she will reach the top because of her looks.  She said that disgusts her. Dana points out that she turned down an invitation to compete in the Arnold Classic: Spain fitness show.  Dana says everyone better watch out because the “Total Diva” is “ready to roll.”  She closes by saying, “playtime is over!”  Dana leaves but returns to pat Devin on the head.  The show goes to break.
During the break, a Tye Dillenger hype video aired.  The “Perfect Ten” gimmick is featured.  Dillenger is shown holding ring cards with the number ten.  A “Perfect Ten” graphic closes the video.
Meanwhile, back at NXT arena, Billie Kay and Dana Brooke make their entrances for the next match.

Match 3 : Dana Brooke vs. Billie Kay

Brooke starts by pushing Kay to the buckle.  The referee calls for the break and Dana pats Kay’s head and backs away.  Billie grabs a headlock and takes Brooke to the mat.  Brooke makes several attempts to escape the headlock but fails.  She finally escapes by throwing Kay to the mat by her hair.  Kay grabs another headlock.  Brooke whips her into the ropes and throws her to the mat by her hair.
Brook drives Billie Kay into the turnbuckle and does a headstand planting one of her feet in Kay’s throat. Brooke follows up with a clothesline and double knees to the ribs before settling for a reverse chin lock then a head scissors.
Billie Kay fights out of the head scissors and connects with some running clotheslines and a standing huricanrana.  Billie connects with a kick to the mouth and goes for the pin.  Dana kicks out at two.  Dana goes for a kick bouncing off the ropes but Kay grabs her leg to block.  Brooke hits the enziguri and her finisher to score the three count.
Winner: Dana Brooke
Backstage Devin is talking to Apollo Crews.  Dana tells him that with his fan reaction at Brooklyn and last week at the NXT arena, he appears to taking NXT by storm.  She asks him how it feels.  Crews says he cant put it into words except to say that it wasn’t just the NXT Universe, it was the “Apollo Nation” and the Nation is about to take over NXT.
The main event is teased for next as the show heads to break.
As we return from break, still video footage is shown of Bayley defeating Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Championship.  Footage is also shown of Bayley fan Izzy reacting to the win on Youtube.  The rest of the video is Izzy and Bayley spending the day together at the NXT Performance Center.  Bayley will make her return to NXT next week.
The announce team throws commentary duties to Jimmy Uso and Tom Phillips who will call the main event. We are in Providence as the teams enter the arena.  Joe and Balor get their regular entrances.  Balor is sans demon for this match.
Match 4: Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round Match (from Providence, R. I.):
Samoa Joe and Finn Balor vs. The Lucha Dragons
Balor and Sin Cara start things off with a handshake.  They do some hold and counter-hold chain wrestling before Balor grabs an armbar.  Sin Cara breaks the hold and gets a side headlock takedown of his own. Balor throws Sin Cara to the ropes and catches him with a big dropkick.  Kalisto comes in and tries to surprise Balor but Finn dumps him to the outside then catches Sin Cara with a slingblade.
Balor rushes Sin Cara in the corner but Sin Cara gets the boots up.  Cara mounts the second rope to come off on Balor but Balor hits an enziguri first and knocks Sin Cara to the floor.  Balor performs a plancha dive on both Dragons on the outside.  The show cuts to its final break.
When we return from break, Joe is in the roughing up the high-flying Sin Cara.  Balor tags back in and goes for a quick pin but Cara kicks out at two.  Sin Cara eats a few chops from Finn before he stops momentum with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker.  Kalisto takes the tag and pins Balor for a two count.  Sin Cara takes the tag and does an over-the-top-rope senton for a two count.
A Sin Cara waist locks Balor and throws him to the mat.  Kalisto takes the tag and perform a double team monkey flip dive on Balor for a near fall.  Sin Cara takes the tag and waist locks Balor and rides him to the mat.  Balor fights to get free and finally connects with a Pele kick to create space. With both men down, Balor makes the tag to Samoa Joe.
Joe comes in and jabs Sin Cara.  Joe throws Sin Cara to the corner and nails a back splash and an enziguri. Kalisto enters and eats a huge boot and a senton for his trouble.  Joe goes back after Sin Cara but gets nailed by a tornado DDT.  Cara goes for the pin but Balor makes the save for his team.
Sin Cara hits Balor with a springboard moonsault to drive him from the ring.  Joe tries to hit the muscle buster but Sin Cara counters into a sunset flip but Joe rolls through.  Joe whips Cara into the ropes when Kalisto executes a blind tag as Sin Cara ducks Joe and dives at Balor on the floor. While Joe is watching the action on the floor, Kalisto tries to roll him up.  Joe blocks the move but gets caught with a hurricanrana into a pin for a near fall.  Kalisto sidesteps Joe’s next charge sending him through the ropes but Joe lands on his feet.  Joe catches Kalisto and sets him up for the muscle buster.  Joe and Balor connect on a muscle buster Coups Des Grace finish as Balor pins Kalisto to close the show.
Winner: Samoa Joe and Finn Balor

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