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Global Force Wrestling is now at war with TNA. Karen Jarrett took things to the next level when she admitted she orchestrated the attacks on Bully Ray and Drew Galloway. Things are getting more and more heated, by the week. Buckle Up as this is about to get seriously ugly.

Matt and Jeff hardy walked in backstage, as did Ethan Carter III. Matt Hardy will face Ethan and if he loses, Jeff has to become Ethan’s Personal Assistant.

The show flashed back to Drew Galloway stopping Dixie from announcing Jeff Jarrett as the man in power in TNA. Karen Jarrett said she put things in motion to make sure Jeff was back in charge of his company. Jeff kicked Drew low and the GFW forces rushed down to attack. The TNA guys came out to try and even the score.

On to live action. Jeff and Karen Jarrett walked out with the entire GFW roster. Pope wanted an explanation about what the Hell was going on. Jeff discussed walking back into TNA. Jeff did return humble to the ring. Jeff appreciated going into the TNA Hall of Fame. Jeff reminded Dixie that he and GFW tried to help TNA when he was in charge.

Karen took over and said she saw all of Jeff’s hard work. Karen admitted that she had Bully Ray taken out. Karen told the fans that they would want to hear what she had to say. Karen said Chris “Adonis” Mordetzky was asked to take out Bully Ray. He thanked Karen for setting the wheels in motion for Jeff to take back over TNA. Jeff announced he was doing a Corporate Hostile Takeover. Jeff said there wasn’t a thing anyone could do to stop him or GFW.

Chris took the microphone and said GFW was not impressed with the TNA talent. He issued an Open Challenge to anyone in the back to come out and face him. He got…Bobby Lashley!

“Adonis” Chris Mordetzky vs Bobby Lashley
Open Challenge Match

Collar and Elbow and Lashley took Chris down hard. Another Collar and Elbow and both men stood their ground. Bobby took Chris to the ropes but he ref demanded a clean break. Chris kicked Bobby and grabbed a Side Headlock. Push Off into a Shoulder Tackle. Lashley didn’t back down a step. Go Behind by Bobby. They went to the ropes and Chris unloaded with Back Elbows. Universal into a Clothesline by Bobby.

Chris pushed out of a Slam. Lashley broke the Adonis Lock and hit a Full Nelson Slam. Chris hit a Double Sledge. Chris stomped away on Lashley and dropped his weight on Bobby’s back. Rear Chin Lock by Chris. Bobby punched away but Chris went to the eyes. Bobby flipped Chris over the ropes. Mordetzky landed on the apron but Bobby popped him and he fell off and into the barricade.

The fight went to the floor. Chris reversed a Whip and sent Bobby into the ring steps. Chris got back in the ring. Butterfly Suplex by Chris brought a two count. Bobby blasted Chris and went for a Whip. Chris reversed it but Bobby came out with a vicious Clothesline. Lashley launched Chris with a German Suplex. Running Corner Clothesline and Shoulder Thrust. Stall Suplex by Bobby. Lashley called for the Spear. Chris side Stepped it and nailed the Spinebuster. Chris called for the Adonis Lock. Lashley fought the move and Chris couldn’t lock It in. Bobby flipped Chris over and then hit a Running Powerslam. Spear! The GFW crew rushed the ring and attacked Lashley.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Bobby Lashley
Impact Scorecard: 3.0 out of a possible 5

The Wolves came down to help Lashley but the GFW forces were too strong. Jeff Jarrett told Karen to bring out the “special surprise”. TNA went to break before we learned who or what it was.

Karen walked out with a Feast or Fired Briefcase. She said Magnus gave it to her. Huh? Jeff said they were cashing in the tag title. Earl Hebner refused to allow the case to be cashed in. Earl got into a shoving match with Jeff. Brian Stiffler was forced down to the ring.

The Wolves vs Brian Myers and Trevor Lee
World Tag Team Title Match

Eddie was jumped, before the bell. He barely kicked out of a pin by Trevor. Dropkick by Lee for a two count. Myers tagged in and went off on both Wolves. Brian hit a Suplex but only got a two. Rear Chin Lock by Brian. Brian with a Scoop Slam but Eddie still kicked out. Trevor came back in but Eddie took out both men. Single Leg Crab by Eddie. Davey put the Texas Cloverleaf on Brian. Sonjay Dutt got on the apron but he got laid out. Trevor Lee drove the briefcase into Eddie’s head. New Champs!

Your Winners (and NEW tag team champions): Trevor Lee and Brian Myers
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Bobby Roode said he was tired of being mistreated and disrespected. He was ready to take the King of the Mountain title off P.J. Black.

Josh and Pope talked about the chaos in TNA. The re-ran the opening segment highlights.

Jeremy Borash discussed Matt Hardy vs Ethan Carter III. JB interviewed Ethan about the match. Ethan discussed the Hardy Boys Mysteries, which he never liked. Ethan was certain he would defeat Matt and make Jeff his Personal Assistant. Ethan warned Jeff to be ready “To Do The Work”.

Dixie Carter walked in. She would have things to say, later on.

P.J. Black vs Bobby Roode
King of the Mountain Title Match

Black, once known as Justin Gabriel, looked so confident as he entered the ring. Roode came out and told Black to look around. This was TNA and he was a TNA Original. Bobby let it be known that he helped build this company. Bobby worked hard to earn the respect of the fans. Bobby told Black that “This is MY/OUR House”. Bobby said he was going to come down, kick Black’s *ss and become the new King of the Mountain champion.

The bell rang and Bobby exploded with hard punches. Whip into a Back Body Drop by Bobby. La Bandera Clothesline sent Black backwards over the top rope. Bobby punched away on Black, on the floor. Bobby ran Black into the barricade. This match was done under “normal Rules’. Bobby stayed on Black with the hard punches.

Back in the ring, Black stomped away on Bobby. Kicks and Chops from both sides. Black reversed the Whip but ate an Inside Out Clothesline. 2 count. Bobby stomped away on Black’s neck. Black blocked he Fisherman’s Suplex and hit a Superkick. Suicide Dives by Black. Springboard Savage Elbow by Black. Impact took a quick break.

Bobby bashed the champ but got sent to the corner. Blockbuster by Bobby. Both men were down. Black and Bobby threw wild Forearms at each other. The momentum went back and forth. Bobby flipped Black on the apron. When Black returned, he got planted with a Spinebuster. Bobby threw Black in the corner and hit a pair of Running Corner Clotheslines. Michinoku Driver by Bobby brought a two. Bobby wanted the Roode Bomb but failed. Reverse DDT by Black. 2 count.

Black missed a Corner Knee Strike. Tornado DDT by Black. 2 count for the champ. The fans chanted “TNA” Springboard Moonsault gave Black a 2. Roode brought up the knees when Black went for the move again. Crippler Crossface by Roode but Sonjay Dutt distracted Bobby. Black tried for the pin but Bobby reapplied the Crippler Crossface. Drew Galloway came out to neutralize Dutt. Black went for a Springboard but fell to the Roode Bomb!

Your Winner (and NEW King of the Mountain Champion): Bobby Roode
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

The GFW forces rushed down to attack Roode but he got free. Jeff Jarrett screamed at Drew Galloway for getting involved. Jeff said they were not leaving until they took back over the company.

Dixie Carter then came out. Dixie was offended that Jeff accused her of “Stealing” the company from him. Dixie wondered if Jeff ever accepted his mistakes. Dixie wanted Jeff and her to be a team. The fans drowned out Jeff with “TNA” chants. Jeff suggested that Dixie stole his power to give it to so many failed regimes. Dixie said she would not allow Jeff to take over. She reminded Jarrett that it was Jeff who walked out of TNA. Dixie said Jeff removed himself from power, not her. Dixie learned a lot about Jeff, including wrestling and ego. Jeff said there was nothing Dixie could do to remove Jeff from the ring. Dixie wanted to make Jeff an offer he absolutely could not refuse. Dixie was ready to put up her shares in the company versus Jeff’s shares, one match…winner takes all. Jeff said Dixie didn’t know him at all. Jeff said his forces were solidly behind him, because they knew he would get down in the trenches with them. Jeff said Dixie didn’t have anyone to stand behind her.

Drew Galloway walked out to stand by Dixie. Drew knew Jeff thought the TNA guys were just going to lie down. Drew told Jeff and GFW to go “Straight to Hell”. The Wolves came out to stand with Drew. Lashley also joined the fight. Drew announced the four of them as Team TNA. Drew ordered Jeff to form his own group. That match should be great.

Jeff talked with his forces, backstage. They were united behind their leader. Josh came back on the screen and stood firm from TAN. Pope was seriously ticked off at Jarrett’s actions.

Josh gave Pope a copy of the Knockout Calendar.

Kenny King had something to say. He reintroduced himself to the crowd. King stated he was now on his own. King wanted to be his own man and an honest, straight-forward kind of guy. King issued an Open Fight Night Challenge. He didn’t care if it was a TNA Guy or GFW dude.

Kenny King vs Bram
Open Fight Night Challenge

King jumped Bram on the ramp. Bram bashed and battered King. Short Arm Clothesline by Bram. Bram charged and ended up on the floor. Bram popped Kign but Kenny hit an Enziguri. Corkscrew Plancha by King. King ran and flew off the steps…into a Clothesline by Bram. Bram dropped King, once they got back in the ring. Bram stomped King’s mid-section. European Uppercut by Bram. Float Over Sunset Flip by King for two. Bram partially hit a Clothesline on King. 2 count.

Kneelift by Bram. Bram tossed King into the ropes. Pope called Bram “the reincarnation of Bruiser Brody” (I don’t freaking think so). King took down Bram but only got a two. King escaped Bram’s finisher and hit a Slingshot over the top. King flew off the top rope but missed. Brighter Side of Suffering!

Your Winner: Bram
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

JB interviewed The Hardys. Jeff explained that he and Matt are family and Ethan no longer has a family. Matt knew they made a deal with the Devil to get this title shot. Matt was fueled by the chance to get the World title as well as keeping his brother from becoming Ethan’s P.A..

Velvet Sky asked for an Open Mic. That could be dangerous.

Velvet walked down to the ring. While she did, TNA looked back at the attack from The Dollhouse and its newest member…Rebel. Sky said the Knockout division was evolving…and so was she. Sky accused Taryn Terrell of creating a “Cult of Monsters”. Sky warned Taryn that she would wish she had never met her. Sky demanded that Taryn get down to the ring. Taryn came on the Tron and said she was now “scarred for life”. Taryn told Sky that they have often been compared to each other. Taryn knew she would destroy Sky. Taryn called out the Dollhouse Forces. Rebel, Marti Bell and Jade came out to try and intimidate Sky. Revel’s new outfit was just goofy.

The three women circled the ring. Sky wondered if the women really wanted to “go”. Sky knew that the Dollhouse didn’t have enough women. It turned into a Triple Team on Sky. They stomped away until Angelina Love and Madison Rayne walked down. It was a reunion of the Beautiful People! Love took the stick and warned that “Playtime’s Over”. She made it official…there is a New And Improved Beautiful People! Sweet! Sky told Taryn to “Bring It”. Pope was ready to pass out with excitement!

Impact looked back at the first Ethan vs Matt World Title Match, held under Full Metal Mayhem Rules. Both men looked incredible in this one but Ethan came out on top.

Dixie talked with her Team TNA. Drew didn’t want Dixie to risk everything. Dixie said it was an Investment…not a Risk. She knew her forces would not let her down. All four men swore they would stand behind Dixie. That huge fight will happen in two weeks…in a Lethal Lockdown Match!

Matt Hardy vs Ethan Carter III
World Title Match…if Matt loses, Jeff must become Ethan’s Personal Assistant, indefinitely.

JB did the official introductions. Tyrus and Jeff Hardy served as seconds in this title match. The Impact Zone was solidly behind the challenger, Hardy. Matt worked the crowd before the action began. Collar and Elbow and they danced around the ropes. The ref forced a break when they got in the ropes. Ethan took a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Ethan. Universal into a Matt Hip Toss. Ethan worked Matt’s ribs. Shoulder Tackle and Elbow Drop by Matt. Matt worked over the neck and ribs of the champ. Elbow Drop by Matt brought only a one count. Running Neckbreaker by Matt. Matt cinched in a Cravat. Matt hit a La Bandera as Impact took a final break.

Ethan had Matt down and choked him with the boot. Scoop Slam by Ethan. Ethan took his time climbing the ropes. He mocked Matt but missed an Elbow Drop. Jeff rallied he crowd. Matt punched away at Ethan. Ethan caught Matt in a Sleeper. Matt dropped to one knee. Jawbreaker by Matt to break the hold. Matt hit another Jawbreaker and punched away. Running Clotheslines by Matt led to the Bulldog. Matt with the Elbow Drop from the 2nd rope that immediately led to the Side Effect. 1-2-no.

Ethan ran Matt into the ref. Twist of Fate but here was no ref to count. Tyrus reached through and popped Matt. Ethan used the title belt to crack Matt in the face The ref almost made the count but Matt wasn’t quite done yet.

Ethan got the title belt but Jeff took it from him. Jeff smacked Ethan. Matt almost pinned Ethan. Matt countered the 1%er. The two men cracked heads and Ethan fell onto Matt for the two. The two exchanged hard punches. Tyrus was taken out by Matt and Jeff. Ethan hit a TKO but it only brought a two. Ethan couldn’t believe it. Ethan missed the Stigner Splash. Matt nailed the Tornado DDT. Could be…might be…Denied! Ethan escaped a 2nd Twist of Fate and laid out the challenger. Ethan tried for his own Twist of Fate. Low Blow Back Kick by Ethan. Sunset Flip for the 3.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Ethan ordered Jeff to get in the ring and raise Ethan’s hand in victory. Jeff reluctantly did as ordered.


–Jay Shannon

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