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SummerSlam was filled with twists, turns, debuts and returns. They didn’t stop on Monday Night Raw.

Triple H started the show by praising Seth Rollins for his victory over John Cena. Seth DID have some help…from Jon Stewart, of all people. HHH christened the nickname “The Man” on Seth. HHH stated it was time to put Seth Rollins next to the Legends like Bruno Sammartino, Ultimate Warrior and Andre the Giant. Seth’s statue was waiting for him. Seth thanked HHH for all he has done for him and hugged him.

Roll the opening montage.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out to the ring. They were both ticked off that Undertaker was declared the winner. Undertaker DID Tap Out to the Kimura Lock but he ref didn’t see it. Paul and Brock didn’t blame the ref or the time keeper, who rang the bell when he saw Taker Tap. Paul demanded that Undertaker get his Dead *ss out to the ring and fight Brock.

Instead, he got…Bo Dallas. Did this doofus have a Death Wish, or what? Bo tried to cheer up Brock and let him know that he could do it, if he would just Bo-Lieve. Brock exploded on Bo. He tossed him all around with Four German Suplexes. Brock left and started towards the back. Paul asked Brock to return to the ring. He did and hit another German. Brock then headed towards the back. Paul caught up with Brock and asked for something a little special…an F5. We may never see Bo Dallas again.

Raw showed how New Day won the World Tag Team titles in the Fatal Four Way, at SummerSlam.

New Day vs Lucha Dragons

Darren Young and Titus O’Neil were at the announce desk for this one. Xavier Woods came out with a trombone. They did a serious butchering of New York, New York. It made my poor Pitbull, Princess, howl in pain. She actually barked at the trombone. Smile. The fans were finally chanting “New Day Rocks”.

The bell rang and Kofi went after Sin Cara. Sin rolled up Kofi and then tagged in Kalisto. Kofi threw Kofi to the ropes but Kalisto flipped him over. Kalisto then sent Big E to the floor. New Day caught Kalisto but didn’t fare as well when Sin Cara flew out of the ring. Time for a break.

As we returned, Big E beat down on Sin Cara. Woods tooted on the silly trombone in sync with every strike. H then did it for the “New Day Rocks” chant. Kalisto got the tag, as did Kofi. Kalisto went off on Kofi. Mexican Destroyer (Inverted Canadian Destroyer). Big E made the save. Reverse Suplex by Kofi. Woods played Taps as New Day connected with Breaking Dawn.

Your Winners: New Day
Raw Ranking: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Suddenly…THE DUDLEY BOYS RETURNED! This time, it wasn’t just Buh Buh Ray…D’Von joined the party. Hot Damn! The Dudleys whipped the daylights out of New Day. Buh Buh with the Fli Flop and Fly on Big E. He then threw E into the ring post. Woods got in the ring and fell victim to Wazzup! Buh Buh then called for the table D’Ven went and got one. Woods felt the 3D, just before going out. Now the tag team division will be awesome. I have had many heated debates with Kahuna and several of my wrestling buddies as to which was/is the better team: Dudley Boys or Road Warriors. For so many years, I was in the Warriors camp but after having the honor of meeting The Dudleys, last year, I think Buh Buh and D’Von are better. There, I said it. Shoot me, if your will, but they’ve won so many more titles, in so many more organizations.

Raw presented a video piece about John Cena delivering his 500th Make A Wish. Love John or hate him, but everyone, I think, would agree with me that Cena is an outstanding human being for all his has done for so many special kids. If I ever get the pleasure to meet John, I will shake his hand and explain that I respect the Hell out of him for caring enough to be there for young people that are facing so much in their lives. God Bless You, John.

Backstage, Stephanie and HHH were checking out the statue. It wasn’t a bad statue. Seth almost came in and saw the statue but Steph and HHH covered it up. Seth wanted to thank Stephanie and HHH for all they have done for the fans and the company. Seth crossed the line when he said the place was so much better with them in charge. Oh, you just KNOW Vince is coming! Stephanie shooed Seth out so they could move the surprise to the ring.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt.

Luke tore into Dean but Dean came back with a nice Missile Dropkick. He then launched himself onto Bray Wyatt. Luke then dove through the ropes. Rebound Clothesline, on the floor, by Dean. Rising Son/Drive By by Roman, to Bray, on the floor. Break.

As Raw returned, The Wyats wer in charge. Bray took a Back Elbow but came right back with a hard Clothesline. Tag to Luke. He stomped away on Dean and then mocked Roman. Scoop Slam by Luke. Luke then used a Slingshot to send Dean up into the middle rope. Bray tagged back in and slugged Dean. Hard Crossface by Bray. Dean fought back with straight fists. DDT by Bray brought a two count. Bray lifted Dean for a Spinning Gutbuster.

Luke tagged back in and stomped Dean. Gator Roll to Ambrose. JBL compared Luke to Bruiser Brody. I see it. Luke wanted a Scoop Slam but fell to one, instead. Back Elbow by Dean into a Tornado DDT. Both men were down and hurt. Tags on both sides.

Huge Samoan Drop by Roman. Exploder Suplex by the big man. Roman hit another Samoan Drop. Bray popped Roman in the jaw. Side Dro Suplex by Roman. Roman got ready to go all Kryptonian on Bray but Wyatt blocked it. Judo Throw by Roman. Wicked Uranage Slam by Bray. Dean took out Luke with the Rebound Clothesline. Low Bridge sent Bray to the floor. Dean flew out of the ring to nail Bray. Bray got planted but Luke prevented the pin. Superkicks by Luke to both foes. The Wyatts tried for the Assisted Powerbomb but Roman kicked out. Superman Punch! Dean headed up top and flew down to the floor to take out Luke. Roman got ready to attack but the lights went out.

A huge guy was on the apron. He wore a black sheep mask. It was NOT Erick Rowan. This guy looks familiar but I can’t place him. Roman still went for the Superman Punch but he huge guy caught him and Bieled him across the ring. Dena got dropped. Roman was swatted away. The big man applied a Claw hold and then slapped on Samuel Shaw’s old finisher. He choked out Roman…and then Dean. The mystery guy lifted Roman like he was a Light Heavyweight and hit a Dominator like move. Dean kicked the guy in the face and it had no effect. I ran through my various sources and I just couldn’t find anything on the guy. I swear I’ve seen the guy before.


Miz was ready to share some Divas with the crowd. Decent pop for Team PCB (Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch). The ladies joined Obi-Miz in the ring (my favorite new name for him). Smile. Paige corrected MIz that Team PCB, not Paige, won the match. Charlotte brought up her dad and the Four Horsemen. Miz mentioned that he was a protégé of Flair. Charlotte mocked Miz for his career, which did not live up to Flair’s legacy. Miz tried to stir the pot and place the women against each other. It failed. Miz joked that women can’t get along. Paige and Charlotte said they will take on any man, woman, etc… that wanted to face them. Paige made it clear that women’s wrestling was now all about athletes.

She was cut off by Team Bella. Nikki came out with jokes about Donald Trump and the girls in the ring. Brie took over and said Team Bella is about more than talent. Brie felt they empowered women all around the world. The crowd was starting to build in wildness. Alicia mocked Becky Lynch. She said so many women have come and gone, in the last 9 years. Nikki said they didn’t need to prove anything to anyone. Nikki is just slightly over 3 weeks away from becoming the longest reigning DIVAS champion. She’s got about 27 years to go to catch Fabulous Moolah.

Miz told the women to shut up. Miz wanted to give the Newbies some advice. He told the guy to imitate him. Miz said the ones in from of him “wrestle like a bunch of girls”. The “Kick his *ss” chant rose. Team Bella jumped Team PCB.

Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox vs Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch
Six Divas Tag Team Match

(Editor’s Note: Jay gets the West Coast feed so he did not see the incident that forced USA to adjust the show)

The match was already going when the show returned. Brie got nailed by Becky and then flipped over. Muta Legdrops by Becky. She even threw in a twisting version. Charlotte came in and caught Brie’s leg. Back Heel Trip. Charlotte wanted the Figure Eight but Brie tagged out to Nikki. Face Wash by Charlotte. Charlotte pushed the champ and hit the Charlotte’s Web for a two count. Paige tore into Nikki with wicked knees. 2 count. Becky came back in and tore into Nikki. Becky yanked on Nikki’s arm. Arm Flip by Nikki. The fans were getting bored with the match and their vocalizations rose. La Magistral Cradle by Becky. The crowd went almost silent. Becky tagged out to Charlotte. Charlotte twisted Nikki’s arm as the crowd Woo’d her. Nikki tried to escape but failed. Tag to Paige.

Paige took Nikki down and the Divas champ called for her sister. Nikki hit the Spinebuster off the reversed Whip. Paige rushed Nikki to the Team PCB corner. The fans started to chant something and suddenly Raw went to commercial. From all I’ve read, the Brooklyn fans were seriously out of line and disrespectful. While I’m not the biggest fan of female wrestling, I do have the utmost respect for what they do. I’ve made several friends, over the years, including Vikki Vanity, ODB, Andrea the Giant, and a few others. I’m glad I wasn’t there as I would have lost my considerable temper at the disrespect. Shame on you, Brooklyn fans. I’m just saying…

After a huge commercial break, the action continued. Nikki had Charlotte in a Half Crab. Charlotte refused to tap out. Charlotte with a Knife Edge Cop and then she threw Nikki out to the floor. Nikki ran Charlotte’s leg into the ring apron. Nikki tossed Charlotte back in the ring. Nikki kicked Charlotte in the ribs. Alicia tagged in and worked over Charlotte’s leg. She wanted to neutralize the Figure Eight. Alicia twisted Charlotte’s leg around Alicia’s neck. The fans did the Wave. Tag to Paige. Paige laid out Alicia with several Clotheslines. Running Knee Strikes by Paige. The fans started chanting “We are Awesome” as Brie dropped Paige.

Brie headed up the ropes but Paige tripped her. Paige blasted the back and then hit a Reverse Hot Shot. Cannonball to the floor by Paige. Paige dropped both Bellas. She then applied he PTO (Paige Tap Out). Brie made the save. Nikki laid out Paige with a Forearm. Alicia drove Paige’s face into the mat and got the pin.

Your Winners: Team Bellas
Raw Ranking: 3.0

King Barrett and Star Dust came out for their next tag team match. They showed highlights of the tag match that included Stephen “Arrow” Amell. Amell was awesome in his debut match. Star Dust attacked King Barrett and laid him out with the Queen’s Crossbow (CrossRhodes). Neville then came from the back. Neville rushed down and attacked Star Dust. Neville tore Star Dust a new one with hard Kicks. Neville went for the Red Arrow but Star Dust headed to the back.

Michael Cole brought up how Jon Stewart attacked John Cena. I love CBS This Morning who said John “Slapped John Cena with a chair”. That attack allowed Seth to retain his title. Jon Stewart was ready to explain his actions…next.

Jon Stewart came out to talk to the crowd. He said his motivation was that he did not want John Cena to tie the record of Ric Flair. That brought out…The Nature Boy. Flair said he appreciated Stewart’s desire to protect his record but he was cool with Cena winning. In fact, Flair had been cheering for Cena. John Cena then joined the party. Flair had just told Stewart that Jon messed up. John was ready to handle business. Jon stumbled over his words as he asked John what they needed to talk. “Please Shut Up” rang out. John understood some people agreed with what Jon did, Sunday night. John was more ticked off that Seth Rollins now has the US title. Stewart admitted that he didn’t think it through. Cena had to hold himself back from saying what he wanted. Stewart started making jokes, which further p*ssed off Cena. Cena threatened to punch Stewart. Stewart claimed he respected John for being a fighting champion. He just didn’t want Cena to tie the record. John couldn’t stand that The Authority had both titles. Stewart tried to suggest that Cena could win it back. John then laid out John Stewart with the Attitude Adjustment (which the cute girl on the CBS morning show called a Body Slam). Stewart had to be helped to the back.

Raw looked at the Andre the Giant statue. Seth was set to have his own statue, later tonight.

John Cena was interviewed by Renee Young. Cena did what he thought was right. (Sarcasm dripping). John said he was ready to talk…to Seth Rollins.

Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Cesaro and Ryback vs Rusev, Sheamus, Kevin Owens and Big Show
8-man Tag Team Match

Rusev was ready to tear Ryback a new one. Collar and Elbow and they stood their ground. Rusev worked over Ryback’s back but Ryback came back with the Thesz Press and Head Slams. Tag to Cesaro. The fans loved seeing him. Side Headlock by Cesaro. Cesaro caught a jumping Rusev and slammed him. Tag to Dolph. Dropkick by Dolph. Rusev blocked a Jumping DDT and avoided the Superkick. Rusev bailed out to the floor. Ryback came out and dropped Rusev. All 8 men squared off as Raw took a break.

Big how and DOlph were face to face. Dolph punched away but Show tossed Dolph into the corner. Knockout Punch to the chest as Dolph flew off the ropes. Show slammed Dolph into the corner. Skillet Slap to Dolph’s chest. Scoop by Show. He held Dolph for some time before Slamming Dolph. Show was getting sick of hearing the crowd. DOlph punched away and then bounced off the ropes. Shoulder Tackle by Show laid out Dolph. Tag to Owens. Kevin stomped and punched away on Dolph. The fans really liked Owens. Suplex onto the top Rope led to an Owens Back Splash Senton. Kevin mocked Dolph.

Tag to Sheamus. The Irish Man kicked away and hit a Suplex Drop. Show chanted for the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus twisted Dolph’s knee around Sheamus’ neck and then lifted up Dolph. Amazing. Dolph fought up and punched free. Sheamus hithte Irish Curse Backbreaker as Dolph bolted for the corner. Commercial break out of nowhere. Guess the crowd must have gotten mouthy, again. Sigh.

Rusev stomped away at Dolph. Summer Rae smacked Dolph, which brought Lana running. Rusev got distracted and Dolph hit the Famouser. Dolph tried to make it to his corner but Rusev tagged out. Kevin became legal and tried to stop Dolph. He didn’t prevent the tag and Cesaro unloaded with the Uppercut Train. Cesaro then wanted the Cesaro Swing. Instead of Owens, Rusev went a Swingin’. The Cesaro Section woke up. Ryback tagged in and went full tilt into Owens. Drop Toe Hold seemed to set up the Cannonball but Ryback hit he Spinebuster. He followed up with the Meat Hook Clothesline. Owens escaped Shell Shocked. Double Clothesline. Laid out both men. Randy and Sheamus took the tags. Randy with the Snap Powerslam. Draping DDT rocked the Celtic Warrior. Randy slipped into his dark place. Randy attacked Show. Show accidentally KO Punched SHeamus. RKO.

Your Winners: Ryback, Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Rusev, Big Show and Kevin Owens got into it, after the match. Rusev screamed at Show, as did Owens. Show shoved both Owens and Rusev down. Thrust Kick by Rusev. Cannonball by Owens. Sheamus, Rusev and Owens bailed on Show. The opposing team got back in the ring. Superkick by Dolph. Triple Team RKO. That ending sucked.

Raw looked back at the ending of the Brock Lesnar/Undertaker match.

Raw showed the Bruno Sammartino statue.

Bray Wyatt cut a weird promo about his new “Brother”. Bray was still determined to destroy Roman Reigns. Bray said Dean Ambrose was just another pawn in their game. Bray introduced “Abigail’s Black Sheep”, Braun Strowman.

Stephanie and HHH stopped John Cena and chided him for attacking Jon Stewart. John didn’t care what social media had to say. Stephanie made sure John Cena was not going to be there to ruin Seth’s celebration. John was escorted out of the building, after Stephanie mocked the “You Can’t See Me” hand wave.

Presentation of the Seth Rollins Statue.

Before the celebration, the statue of the Ultimate Warrior was shown. Hulk Hogan should have a statue but he got crucified by an overly sensitive public. I miss the good old days…

The statue was placed in mid-ring. Lilian Garcia introduced Stephanie and HHH. HHH and Stephanie took microphones. Stephanie knew she might get in trouble but she wanted to wish her dad, Vince, a Happy 70th. She had everyone sing Happy Birthday to Vince…badly. The crowd applauded Vinny Mac. The fans really wanted to see Vince…but they didn’t get it. HHH laughed because he knew Vince was going to be “so p*ssed off” at what they did.

HHH began to discuss why Seth deserved the recognition that was about to come to him. HHH mentioned that Seth had…Hustle, Loyalty and Respect (jab at John Cena). HHH mentioned that Seth was also a Winner. HHH brought out Seth Rollins.

Seth rambled on about how incredible this honor was. Seth this was even above the Hall of Fame. Seth took shots at the Brooklyn people. Seth crowed about holding both the World and the US titles, at the same time. Seth considered himself a Legend. Puh-lease. Maybe someday but not yet. Seth seemed to break down. Yawn. Seth was ready to take the name “Immortal”. Another shot at Hogan? Seth did praise John for his work ethic. Seth knew John “was” The Man. Seth brought out “To be the Man, you have to Beat the Man”. Seth made it clear that he defeated John Cena, last night. Get on with it! Seth bragged about headlining so many future Wrestlemanias.

It was time to reveal what was under the tarp. Seth did the HHH “Are You Ready” yell. They lifted the black tarp to reveal…STING! Seth looked like he had seen a ghost. Sting put a major whuppin’ on Seth. Stinger Splash! La Bandera Clothesline sent Seth to the floor. Sting grabbed the WWE World title belt and made it clear that he wanted it! The crowd totally exploded. Stephanie screamed “Never!”


–Jay Shannon

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