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Welcome to Wild Wrestling Wednesdays. First up, it’s Ring of Honor.

Roll the Opening Montage.

We are in the hometown of my older brother, Robert, Baltimore, MD. Nigel McGuinness stepped in to replace Steve Corino at the announce desk. Steve is on paid leave, after his confrontation with B.J. Whitmer, last week.

“The Last Real Man” Silas Young vs “The Human Peacock” Dalton Castle

RoH looked at how Castle’s “Boys” got involved in Silas’ match at Death Before Dishonor. The fans popped huge for Castle. This kid looks for all the world like “Rock and Roll” Buck Zomhofe. The Boys helped Castle out of his jumpsuit. Castle tore into Young, before the bell. Castle hit a Knife Edge chop and hard punch. Deep Arm Drag by Castle. Castle pushed Young’s face into the canvas, over and over. Castle with a Knee Strike and Roll Up. Dead Lift German by Castle. Dang. Young rolled out to the floor and The Boys fanned him.

Young yelled at The Boys but Castle came out and attacked. They eventually got back in the ring and Silas unloaded with a Knife Edge Chop and a Whip. Low Bridge and Silas hit the floor. Castle came out and got blasted. The Boys fanned him as Ring of Honor went to commercial.

The men were back in the ring and they were cutting loose with Haymakers and chops. Silas worked over Castle’s lower back. The Boys got on the apron to Fan Up their leader. That seemed to help Castle, well…for a moment. Silas came off the ropes and dropped Castle. Belly to Belly by Castle. Go Behind by Castle but Silas broke free. Castle charged the corner and flew over the top and landed on the floor. Castle got fanned and rolled back in the ring. Knee Driver to Castle’s face. Silas talked serious trash to the flamboyant one. Silas pounded away. Castle lifted Silas and ran them both over the top rope. Fan Up!

Castle stomped Silas in the face and slapped the taste out of his mouth. Silas reversed a Whip but Castle turned it into a Rebound Hurancanrana. Corner Splash and Flying Knee by Castle. Wild Spinning Slam by Castle. Castle ran Silas into the corner. Silas hit a Corner DDT to gain a two count. Silas lifted up Castle for Misery but Castle fought free. Killer Combo by Silas. Silas attacked one of The Boys. That allowed Castle to hit his finisher, a Spinning variation of an Alabama Slam.

Your Winner: Dalton Castle
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

After the match, Silas cut a promo towards Castle. Silas didn’t like Castle’s lifestyle or Castle’s boys. Silas felt Castle couldn’t beat him without The Boys. Silas put in the stipulation that if/when he wins, he will convert them into Real Men. Castle didn’t immediately accept the match but you just know it is going to happen.

Mandy Leon was back for another installment of Inside R.O.H.. This week, she was showcasing the return of Future Shock (Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole). Adam knew The Addiction had messed with reDRagon and The Kingdom for far too long. Adam asked Kyle to reform Future Shock, for one night, to fight Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. Future Shock won the match. Chris Sabin jumped in and attacked. Next week, Future Shock will face The Addiction for the World tag team titles.

Kevin Kelly talked with Bobby Fish about his upcoming TV Title match. Fish felt he would be facing Hanson for the TV title, since he knew Hanson would take out Jay Lethal. Lethal rushed down and tried to interrupt. Fish dispatched him without a single blow being struck.

RoH discussed the return of the four great stars from New Japan .

Will Ferrara vs Moose

Prince Nana joined the announce team for the next match. Nana praised Moose’s manager, Stokely Hathaway. Code of Honor Handshake. The bell rang and Will tore into Moose. Moose with a Tilt-a-Whirl but Will fought out of the slam. Knee Strikes by Moose but Will Booted Moose. Awesome Dropkick by the 300 pounder Moose. They went to the floor and Moose swung Will into the barricade, numerous times. Back in the ring, Moose got a two count.

Will tried to fight back with punches and chops. Moose stopped Will with a European Uppercut. Moose scooped up Will but Ferrara turned it into t a DDT. Crash and Burn DDT out to the floor by Will. Will had a heck of a time getting Moose back in the ring. Moose ran the ropes to launch Will. Moose then set for the Spear and nailed it.

Your Winner: Moose
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.25

The two showed respect to each other, after the fall.

Adam Cole cut a promo about the rebirth of Future Shock and his extended time off, due to injury.

The Young Bucks vs Roppongi Vice
Non-Title Match

These two teams have fought against each other, literally, all around the world. Nick and Matt Jackson make up the Young Bucks. Rocky Romero and (Trent) Baretta. The Bucks are core members of The Bullet Club and the IWGP Junior Tag Team Champs.

Matt took a Side Headlock but Jackson dropped by Baretta. Baretta backed off from the Superkick. Romero tagged in and did the Eddie Shimmy. Hurancanrana by Romero. Corner Clotheslines by Romero but Jackson came out with one. Both Jacksons worked over Romero. Romero fought out of the Indietaker and sent the two brothers crashing into each other. Nick with the Swan Dive Senton to the floor. Break time.

The action returned with a fury. The Bucks double teamed Romero. Matt tried for the pin but Nick was the legal man. Baretta was down on the floor. Matt went for a Cartwheel but Baretta stopped him with a Dropkick. The brawl went out to the floor. Knee Strike to Nick’s face. Romero raked his foes back and danced around. Tag to Baretta. Double Whip into a series of moves by both members of R-Vice. Romero came back in and worked over Jackson. Romero with a hard Scoop Slam and tag out to Baretta. Baretta took way too time and paid for it when he caught a Superkick to the jaw. Nick nailed a 2nd Superkcik and tagged in. Nick went off with Corner Knees, a Running Punt and a Double Dive with his brother. 2 counts for the Bucks.

Double Hurancanrana to the Bucks by Romero. Sliced Bread #2 by the Bucks, off each other. Barretta prevented the pin and RoH took one more break.

Baretta blocked a Superkick and sent the Bucks into each other. .R-Vice worked over the Brothers Jackson. Baretta hit an Enziguri and then everyone went for one. Romero nailed a Jumping Knee. Things went fast as Baretta Threw one Jackson. The other Superkicked Baretta. Romero then hit a Clothesline that flipped Matt over. Doomsday Device Knee Strike to Matt, on the floor. Northern Lights by Baretta onto the ropes. Romero with a Knee Drop and Baretta connected with the Shining Wizard. Nick hit the Destroyer and tagged to Matt. Buckle Bomb Enziguri by the brothers. Cannonball Enziguri by the Bucks. 450 Draping Crossbody by the Bucks. Baretta ran the ropes but Jackson landed on his feet off the flip. Superkciks all around. More Bang for Your Buck! 1-2-3! (I’ve seen that move, up close, and it’s darn impressive).

Your Winners: The Young Bucks
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25

Daniels, Kazarian and Chris Sabin rushed the ring and attacked the Young Bucks and Roppongi Vice. The Addiction taped Matt Jackson to the top rope. Nick came in swinging but got laid out with the Double Chokeslam. Daniels then blasted Nick with the Superkick. Kaz then unloaded with one to Matt. Sabin Superkicked Matt, as well. Indietaker to Nick!


–Jay Shannon

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