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SummerSlam is this coming Sunday. A few final touches were placed and the main players got a chance to shine, tonight.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H walked form the back to open the show. Michael Cole let everyone know things were about to get explosive. Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton were the announce team. Cole seriously pushed SummerSlam. I’ll so be here to watch all the great action. Stephanie welcomed everyone to the show. Stephanie had a lot of good news to share. HHH chimed in about how epic the show will be. They then ran down the card, starting with Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar. HHH confirmed that John Cena would face Seth Rollins in a Title vs Title Match. There will be a contract signing, later tonight, between John and Seth. HHH then pushed Ambrose and Reigns vs The Wyatt Family. Luke Harper will face Roman Reigns, tonight. Stephanie then mentioned the three team elimination match for the Divas. Nikki Bella will fight Sasha Banks, on tonight’s show. HHH said there will be 9 matches. Stephanie said she had one more surprise…an incredible host…Jon Stewart. Sigh. Leave the celebrities at home, will you?

Randy Orton and Cesaro vs Kevin Owens and Sheamus

ESPN’s Sports Center will be broadcasting from the Barclay Center on Sunday. Raw showed how Sheamus cost Randy the World title, last week. Sheamus then tried to cash in Money in the Bank but Randy came back with an RKO to stop Sheamus from taking the title from Seth Rollins.

The bell sounded and Cesaro and Owens opened the match. Owens tagged out to Sheamus before a single move was made. Randy took the tag and the fight was on. Sheamus headed to the floor as the fans chanted “You Look Stupid” at the Irishman. Side Headlock by Sheamus but Randy pushed out. Shoulder Tackle by Sheamus. Collar and Elbow and Randy grabbed the Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackles by Randy. Sheamus bailed out and then came back to tag in Owens. Owens jumped Randy and bashed away. Randy exploded out of the corner to hit the Clothesline. Tag to Cesaro. Stall Suplex by the Swiss Superman. Owens Kneed the ribs and punched away. Springboard Morningstar Uppercut. Break Time.

Randy punched Sheamus’ ribs but Sheamus with the Rolling Senton. Owens tagged in and hit the Backsplash Senton. He also knocked Cesaro off the apron. Full Mount Punches by Owens. Owens threw Randy into Sheamus’ boot and then tagged in the Irishman. Sheamus choked Randy with the knee. Sheamus with a Hard Whip and Kneelift and Clothesline. 2 count. Owens tagged back in and stomped away on The Viper. Rear Chin Lock by Owens. Randy fought to his feet to try and relieve the pressure. Owens increased the pressure and then threw Randy out to the floor. Randy ran Owens’ back into the barricade and then slid back in the ring. Tag to Sheamus. Randy kicked Sheamus away and tagged Cesaro. European Uppercuts by Cesaro led Whips and Flying European Uppercuts. Cesaro iced the cake with a Short Arm Clothesline. Flying Crossbody by Cesaro brought a two. Sheamus got to the ropes to avoid the Cesaro Swing. Back Elbow by Sheamus into a Scoop Powerslam. Sheamus headed up the ropes and flew…into a European Uppercut. Could be—Might Be—Denied!

Cesaro wanted the Neutralizer but Shemaus fought free. Cesaro kicked Sheamus and Randy got the tag. Cesaro kicked Owens. Draping DDT by Randy. Owens blocked an RKO but Sheamus wasn’t so lucky.

Your Winners: Randy Orton and Cesaro
Raw Ranking: 2.75 out of a possible 5

Brock Lesnar and Undertaker were both set to be in the building. Raw looked back at Undertaker’s return at Battleground. I just have to think this match will end up as a Double Disqualification. That should lead, maybe at Survivor Series, to some kind of specialty match…maybe Buried Alice?

The Druids began their chanting. Undertaker discussed about The Reaper calling your name. Taker warned Lesnar that Hell was calling for Brock. Taker made it clear that Lesnar would NEVER Rest in Peace. Taker will be live, a little later on.

Michael Cole then sent it to a preview about John Cena vs Seth Rollins. They showed the nose breaking of John Cena. I’ve had some of my regular customers at work talking about John’s nose. In the back, Seth discussed with Stephanie and HHH about the contract. Seth had one more request. Seth wanted his likeness to be cast in statue form, once he defeats John Cena. Seth considered himself to be on the brink of being a true Legend. Stephanie agreed that if Seth can defeat John, he would get his statue.

Dean Ambrose strolled out to support his best friend, Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns vs Luke Harper

I still think Bray Wyatt has the coolest theme music of the modern era. Dean yanked Byron’s chair and slid it over for Bray to sit down in. Dena threatened to attack Bray. Collar and Elbow, in the ring. Luke moved Roman to the corner and punched him. Roman came right back with wild Haymakers of his own. Like unleashed some European Uppercuts and then cinched in the Rear chin Lock.

Roman fought up to his feet but Luke locked in a different Rear Chin Lock. Roman blasted away on Luke. Roman kicked and punched away. La Bandera Clothesline sent Luke to the floor. Luke seemed hurt. Drive By Dropkick, on the floor. Raw headed back to commercial land.

Luke had Roman down on the match, in the Side Headlock. Roman struggled to get to his feet. Roman punched the ribs and went for a Suplex. Luke blocked it and hit a Scoop Michinoku Driver for a two. Luke drove the elbows into the back of Roman’s neck. Side Drop Suplex by Roman. Running Big Boot by Luke brought a two count.

Roman and Luke slugged it out. Clotheslines by Roman. Roman punched away but Luke kicked back. Back Drop Suplex by Roman. Corner Clotheslines by Roman. Luke flipped Roman onto the apron. Low Bridge helped Luke tumbled to the floor. Roman flew off the apron to Clothesline Luke. The ref began his count but they both got back in the ring in plenty of time. Sunset Flip by Roman. La Bandera sent Luke out of the ring. Roman pitched Luke back in and dropped him like a bad habit. Roman lifted Luke for a Samoan Drop but Luke fought free. Roman would not be denied and came back to nail the Samoan Drop Roman loaded the fist up but Luke went to the floor. When Roman exited the ring, Luke Superkicked him in the mouth. Roman seemed badly hurt. Luke slid back in and let the ref count. Luke went for a Suicide Dive but took the Superman Punch. Running Side Slam. 2 count. Luke wanted the Powerbomb but Roman blocked it. Superkick by Luke led to the Sit-Out Powerbomb. 1-2-No. The fans began to chant for Roman. Luke went for the Discus Punch but Roman hit the Superman Punch and Spear!

Your Winner: Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Bray checked on Luke, after the match. He demanded that we all “Follow the Buzzards”.

I so hate that new creepy Col. Sanders on the KFC commercials. He looks like he should be the main character in a 1960s horror film. I’m just saying…

The announcers talked about the female revolutions in sports.

Tamina vs Becky Lynch

The “Lass Kicker” made her way down to the ring. Monday was Paige’s birthday. I’m wondering why Paige, Charlotte and Bucky’s team name was switched from Submission Sorority. TMZ stated that it was changed due to ties to “adult Entertainment”. Tamina pushed Becky away. Becky with the Go Behind but Tamina tossed her aside. Scoop Slam failed Tamina. Tamina blocked a Whip and sent Becky into the ropes. Tamina caught Becky and hit the Spin Slam. 2 count.

Tamina kept trying to pin Becky but the Irish Lass would not give up. Tamina cinched in the Rear Chin Lock but Becky fought free. Tamina dropped Becky, hard. Whip by Tamina but Becky dodged the Corner Rush. Tamina pushed Becky into the corner. Becky with a Springboard Kick. Becky flew off the top with a Missile Dropkick. Becky was the youngest female wrestler to ever compete in Japan. Tamina went for another Spin Slam but Becky turned it into the Dis-Armer. Tamina tapped out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Becky Lynch
Raw Ranking: 2.25

Raw looked back at Summer Rae putting Lana in the Accolade.

Rusev and Summer Rae stared down at Lana, who was at the announce table. Lana wanted to show that she had courage…and a plan.

Rusev vs Mark Henry

Mark walked out carrying the US flag. Mark opened on Rusev with Headbutts and punches. Rusev slid out of the ring. Lana mentioned how her neck hurt after being in the Accolade. Mark came out to beat down on Rusev. He sent Rusev into the barricade and then rolled him back into the ring. Scoop Powerlsam by Mark.2 count. Mark again slammed Rusev but couldn’t get the three. Back on the floor, Rusev drove Mark into the ring post. Rusev drove Mark into the post, once more, before sending the former Olympian back into the ring. Rusev screamed at Lana and then got back in the ring. Thrust Kick by Rusev. Accolade but Mark fought out of the move. Rusev drove his weight into Mark’s lower back and reset the Accolade. Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Rusev
Raw Ranking: 1.25

JBL suggested that Lana should leave. She did…she went into the ring. Lana got ready to kick butt. She called out Summer Rae. As Rusev and Summer Rae made their way back to the ring, Lana revealed her surprise…Dolph Ziggler! That happened after Lana dropped Summer Rae. Dolph opened a serious can of Whup *ss on the big Bulgarian. Rusev hid behind Summer Rae. Lana dropped Sumer with a huge kick. Dolph then Superkicked Rusev. Rusev and Summer Rae headed for higher ground. Lana smooched the daylights out of Dolph.

An old name is returning to SummerSlam…Johnathan Coachman will be broadcasting for ESPN! Welcome back, Coach!

Lana was interviewed, along with Dolph Ziggler. Dolph told JoJo that this was the greatest job in the world. Dolph asked to be added to the card…facing Rusev.

Michael Cole sent it to another video package about Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar.

Ryback vs The Miz
Non-Title Match

Big Show was at ringside to commentate on this battle. Miz insulted Big Show before the match. Show was almost amused. Ryback rushed the corner and threw shoulders. Miz came back and clipped the knee. Miz kicked the hamstring and tried for the Figure Four. Miz stomped away on the Intercontinental Champ. Miz tried for the Bgi Boot but Ryback caught the leg. Shoulder Tackles by Ryback led to a Powerslam. Big Show appreciated the danger that Ryback presents. Meat Hook Clothesline and Stall Suplex that lead to ShellShocked.

Your Winner: Ryback
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Ryback yelled at Big Show to get his “Big *ss” in the ring. Show stood up and headed towards the ring. He walked past Ryback and started up the ramp.

The Authority returned to the ring for the Contract Signing between Seth Rollins and John Cena. Stephanie let it be known it was time to make it official. HHH then introduced Seth Rollins. Rollins walked out with a major level of confidence. Seth thanked Stephanie and HHH for the warm introductions. Seth congratulated Stephanie and HHH for putting together the greatest SummerSlam event, ever. He also thanked himself for being worthy of having a statue made for him. He then thanked the fans. Huh? Seth insulted the local baseball team. You have to love Cheap Heat. Seth knew the fans would witness something special on Sunday, his holding both the World and US titles. Seth eagerly signed the contract. Seth heard the chant for and against John Cena and then compared it to Bob Dylan’s “Times They Are A Changin’”. Seth knew so many people tried to knock John Cena off his perch but failed. Seth told John that Cena was not Superman, he was the villain. Seth called John Cena a “Disease”. Seth crowed about shattering John’s face. Seth explained that he did that to cure the fans of the infection that is John Cena. Seth was offended that John considered Seth “a Joke”. Seth noticed that John didn’t have the guts to face him and answer the challenge…

John’s music hit and Cena emerged to a mixed reaction. John had a new shirt in ugly green and orange. It has a “15” on the back, to symbolize Cena’s World title reigns. John wasn’t in the mood to sit down. John listened to the fans sing song chant. John explained that no one in the building was chanting for Seth. John told Seth that Rollins didn’t believe his own hype. John felt Seth was a cheap imitation of Cena. Ouch. John told Seth to make the World title mean something. John showed respect to HHH for choosing Seth Rollins. John made it crystal clear that he would not step out of the way of Seth Rollins. John hinted he just might break a knee…an arm…or a nose. John thought about it and those would only be injuries. John had a moment of clarity. He was going to end Seth’s career. John was ready to make his orange shirt obsolete, when he won his 16th World title. John said Seth was only going to be a Footnote in wrestling history. John said that only Sunday he was going to make Seth his “B*tch”. Seth was livid as John left the ring. HHH looked concerned.

New Day and Los Matadoes vs Prime Time Players and Lucha Dragons
Eight Man Tag Team Match

JBL talked about Paul Ellering being backstage. Diego got planted hard by one of the Dragons. Titus took the tag and hit several Backbrekaers. He did the Sling Throw to Fernando. Eel Torito got involved and took out New Day. Kalisto rolled up Diego in all the confusion.

Your Winners: Kalisto, Sin Cara, Titus O’Neil and Darren Young
Raw Ranking: .5 (it was awful and so short)

Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev has officially been added to SummerSlam.

The announce team then discussed Stephen Amell and Neville fighting King Barrett and Star Dust. Cole flashed it back to last week’s appearance of the “Arrow” star on Raw. Star Dust got up in Amell’s face and pushed him. Amell demanded to get to fight the psychotic space traveler. Amell moved, like a pro, to kick Star Dust’s butt. HHH went off on Amell for jumping the railing. HHH gave Neville and “Green Arrow” what they wanted. That led to a promo from the King and the “Prince of Dark Matter”. Barrett warned Amell that Stephen would bow before the King. Star Dust rambled on with his psycho-babble. Star had a gift for The King, a cool metallic robe. Barrett now considers himself the Cosmic King. Weird.

Nikki Bella vs Sasha Banks
Non-Titles Match

The two women shoved each other and then locked up. Nikki shoved Sasha back. Sasha ducked under and grabbed a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Sasha. Sasha mocked Nikki and then Nikki held the Side Headlock, yet again. Shoulder Tackle by Nikki. 2 count. Slingshot Suplex brought a two. Nikki with the Bow and Arrow on Sasha. Snap Suplex by Nikki. She is so improving, each and every week. Team PCB watched from the back.

Sasha threw Nikki down and stomped away. JBL discussed seeing Black Jack Lanza backstage. So cool. Sasha drove Nikki into the canvas, by way of the knees. Sasha did Push Ups as Raw cut to commercial.

Sasha was in command of the match as the show returned. Sasha pulled back with the Cross Tie Arm Lock. Brie and Alicia cheered on Nikki. Naomi and Tamina were there to support Sasha. Dropkicks by Nikki. Alabama Slam by Nikki for a two. Sasha dropped Nikki, seriously. 2 counts for the NXT Women’s Champ. Sasha slapped Nikki in the face. Roll Up but Nikki converted it into the Electric Chair Drop. Nikki nailed a vicious Forearm and went for the Rack Attack. Naomi distracted and Sasha hit the Back Stabber. BankStatement!

Your Winner (By Submission): Sasha Banks
Raw Ranking: 2.25

Renee interviewed Team PCB. Paige, Sasha and Charlotte were confident that they would win the Elimination Team Match on Sunday.

Again, Michael Cole discussed “The Match TOO Big For Wrestlemania”, Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker II. A different video package aired about Lesnar ending the Streak aired. I remember where I was when that happened. I was on the Greyhound, heading home from Wrestlecon and the Mid-South Reunion shows. I believe I was just this side of El Paso when my phone exploded with the news. My tablet was struggling with getting a steady video stream at the time. I love my little tablet but it sucks for the WWE Network. The laptop works so much better.

Brock Lesnar’s Homecoming

Yeas, we were in Minneapolis (home of Mr. Perfect, Rick Rude, ODB, and dozens of other fantastic performers).

Lilian Garcia introduced Paul Heyman, who then introduced himself to the crowd. Paul read the resume of his client, Brock Lesnar. The fans were very much behind their home town hero. Brock got a monster pop when he arrived on the scene. JBL mentioned several more of Brock’s accomplishments. Confetti drifted down from the ceiling. The “Suplex City” chant rose to a deafening crescendo. Paul began to sing about what a conqueror Brock is to “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory”. The crowd really dug it. I thought it was a bit silly, myself. Lesnar was grinning from ear to ear.

Paul was cut off by the Undertaker’s bell. Taker didn’t show up, at first. Brock thought it was just another mind game. Paul mocked Undertaker’s “Jedi Mind Tricks”. Paul said his client would take Undertaker, God and the Devil to Suplex City on Sunday. Paul talked trash about how Undertaker had to stoop to using the Low Blow. Paul was certain Undertaker understood that he (Taker) could not go from Conquered to Conqueror. Paul knew that Undertaker would never beat Brock, because Taker was afraid of Brock. Paul wanted to make sure that Undertaker knew he was facing “THE Beast” at SummerSlam. Paul said Brock would offer no recognition, no retribution and no resurrection. The bell sounded again and the lights went out. Undertaker was in the ring and he kicked Lesnar low, once more. Goozle led to a vicious Chokeslam. Brock struggled to get to his feet. Undertaker was actually getting booed. Tombstone! Taker turned and stared down at Heyman. The lights turned purple and the music rose for The Dead Man.


–Jay Shannon

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