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Welcome to this week’s Wild Wrestling Wednesday. First up…Ring of Honor.

Watanabe vs ACH

I’ve so grown to admire the amazing talents of the young men from Japan. As my good friend (and occasional contributor here), Lee Roggenburg., the women in Japan are also incredibly talented.

Code of Honor Handshake. Both men threw Clotheslines at each other. Knife Edge Chops, back and forth. Watanabe told AHC to hit him. ACH licked his hand and hit the Knife Edge. ACH then asked for the same shot from Watanabe. This was so cool to see. Reminds me of the old school. Side Headlock by Watanabe. Shoulder Tackle by Watanabe. ACH with the Cartwheel Dropkick. Knuckle Lock by both men and Watanabe kicked away. Superkicks by ACH sent Watanabe to the floor. Watanabe blocked the Running Punt, at first. Ach seemed to hurt his ankle on the 2nd kick. RoH took a quick break.

The program returned and ACH was in control. ACH focused on the bandaged ribs of Watanabe. Gourdbuster by the Japanese superstar. Backsplash Senton brought Watanabe a two. Watanabe clamped on the Rear Chin Lock. ACH fought free and ducked a kick. He nailed the Enziguri. ACH with the Twisting Tope Con Hilo ala the old Fosberry Flop (as Corino called it). Watanabe nailed a Stan Hansen-like Lariat. ACH converted a Fisherman’s Buster into a Small Package. 2 count. Thrust Kick to Watanabe’s face. 1-2-no. ACH slid out to the floor. ACH ran the ring post and celebrated. Watanabe sent him flying with a German Suplex. Watanabe pitched ACH back in the ring. Fisherman’s Buster by Watanabe but he only got a two count. ACH fought out of various high impact moves by Watanabe. Superkick by ACH into a wicked Brainbuster. ACH headed up top and nailed the Midnight Star (630 Splash)

Your Winner: ACH
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5 out of a possible 5

Nigel McGuinness was in the ring, earlier. He welcomed the fans to the show. He also wished to thank all those who attended Death Before Dishonor. Nigel understood that the fans wanted to see a clear winner between Roderick Strong and Jay Lethal. Nigel agreed with Strong, when he requested an immediate rematch. Strong will get the rematch in late August. September 18th will see Kyle O’Reilly get the title shot against the World Title. Bobby Fish will get a TV Title shot at the reigning title holder, at that show. Nigel reminded everyone that Ring of Honor IS Pro Wrestling.

War Machine (Hanson and Raymond Rowe) vs The House of Truth (J. Diesel and Donovan Dijak)

Jay Lethal and Truth Martini were with their stablemates. Lethal was there to do commentary. Both Rowe and Hanson are now wearing Gladiator-like kilts. The streamers absolutely filled the ring. Hanson will get a shot at Lethal’s TV Title, in just 3 short weeks. Code of Honor—Failed.

Dijak and Diesel tore into War Machine and sent them to the floor. Rowe came back and got blasted by both members of the H.o.T.. Hanson got the tag and hit a wicked Side Slam on Diesel. Dijak sent Hanson to the ropes but the bearded brute Cartwheeled past Dijak and hit a hard Clothesline. Hanson put both H.o.T. members on the top turnbuckle and pounded away. Cannonball by Hanson as Dijak and Diesel tumbled down into the corner. Lethal distracted Hanson. Double Team on Hanson and Dijak got a two count. Dijak threw Haymakers but Hanson fought out of the enemy corner. Dijak seemed to hurt his wrist on one strike. Diesel took the tag and an Exploder Suplex from Rowe. Snap Powerslam to Dijak. Shotgun Knees to Dijak and Superman Punch to Diesel.

The fight tumbled out to the floor. Back in the ring, Dijak with a Suplex Throw to Hanson. Spear by Diesel. Path of Resistance to Dijak. Damn. Twisting Frog Splash by Hanson. Spin Kick of Doom by Hanson. Fallout!

Your Winners: War Machine
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.75

Jay Lethal shrieked at Hanson. Lethal went all Muhammed Ali by screaming that he was the Greatest. Lethal swore that Hanson was going to choke in their TV Title Match.

Adam Page vs Tim Hughes

B.J. Whitmer was on crutches, due to a surgically repaired ACL. Steve Corino compared Page to the late, great Buzz Sawyer. Page stomped on Hughes and finished him off, lightning-quick, with Rite of Passage (Vertebreaker).

Your Winner: Adam Page
Honor Roll Ranking: 1.0 (way too lop-sided)

Whitmer was thrilled to see Page’s mean streak. Whitmer felt insulted that Page had to deal with such a jobber. Page called out Jay Briscoe. Are you kidding me? Jay Briscoe wasn’t even at the event.. Adam suggested Jay was a scared, little tool. This was ridiculous. Jay Briscoe is just going to whup that boy’s butt. Whitmer got up in Steve Corino’s face about Whitmer putting his hands on him, recently. Nigel McGuinness came out and forced Corino to go to the back. Kevin Kelly called for a commercial break. Nigel ordered Whitmer to get to the back or he would not have a job. Way to go, Nigel.

Matt Taven and Michael Bennett (The Kingdom) vs Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly (reDRagon)

Maria was with her hubby, Bennett, and his partner, Taven. Code of Honor Handshakes, all around. The Kingdom used Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who would start. Before Taven could start, Adam Cole walked out to do commentary. Kyle worked over the arm but Taven reversed things. Kyle took the Side Headlock and grinded away. Shoulder Tackle by Kyle. Double Trip and Back Jog by Kyle. Taven with the Sunset Flip but Kyle turned into the Cross Armbreaker..

Bobby Fish got the tag and so did Bennett. Collar and Elbow into a Bennett Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Bennett. Fish with a set of kicks to drop Bennett. Double Suplex by reDRagon. Kyle was now legal. Kyle kicked Bennett and brought back Fish. Outside In Senton by Fish. 2 count. Kyle came back in and got blasted. Taven returned to action…just as RoH went to break.

Kyle was making Taven’s life Hell as the show returned. He had the Cross Armbreaker, over the ropes. Fish swept the leg and Taven crashed into the apron. Kyle nailed a Leaping Knee Strike, off the apron, onto Bennett. reDRagon did a little Sleazy Dance to give the fans a treat. Maria got on the apron to distract Kyle. Bennett hit a Springboard Dropkick to Kyle. Bennett tossed Kyle into the barricade. Snap Mare into the Rear Chin Lock by Bennett. Cole kept talking his dissatisfaction about being left out of Kingdom decisions.

Taven tagged in and choked Kyle with the boot. Kyle dropped down and applied a Grapevine Ankle Lock. Bennett went to the eyes. Double Dropkick to Kyle. Tag to Bennett. Double Whip but Kyle escaped the attack. The Kingdom members crashed into each other. Kyle with a wild flurry of strikes. Fish then tagged in and laid out Taven with a strong kick. Taven blocked the Corner Exploder, the first time. Fish came back and hit it. He also nailed a Samoan Drop to Bennett. Wild double Team on Taven. 1-2-not quite yet. Taven escaped Chasing the Dragon but Kyle was able to come back with a Sleeper. Proton Pack by the Kingdom. Twist of Fate by Taven. Swanton by Taven. Fish still managed to kick out. Fish blocked the Spike Piledriver. reDRagon pulled out a Future Shock finisher but The Kingdom wasn’t done, just yet. Bennett and Kyle exchanged hard shots. Kyle got laid out with a Superkick. Enziguri by Taven. Kyle blasted Ax and Smash. Paradiso Kick and Superkick from the floor. Hail Mary (Spike Piledriver) on the floor. Adam Cole was so torn to see that move to his former partner.

Fish went off on both members of the Kingdom. Superkick to Fish. Spear by Bennett. Hail Mary to Bobby Fish, inside the ring.

Your Winners: Matt Taven and Michael Bennett…The Kingdom
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75

Adam Cole was not happy to see what just happened. The Kingdom continued to beat on Bobby Fish. Adam Cole prevented a 2nd Hail Mary to Fish. Maria screamed at her men to back down. I just feel the Shocking Dragon (or Dragon Shock) is just a matter of weeks from being born


–Jay Shannon

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