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Summerslam is rapidly approaching and the card s coming together nicely. This week, John Cena was set to answer Seth Rollins’ challenge for a Title s title match, maybe. Plus, Stephen Amell (from Arrow) was the Celebrity Guest Star, this week. Wait ‘til you see what he does, tonight.

Roll the opening montage!

We were live in Seattle, WA, this week. Raw was ready to discuss Lesnar vs Undertaker. Before they got to that, Seth Rollins came out to chat with the fans. The announce team were still talking about how Seth broke John Cena’s nose, two weeks back. The fans were seriously hostile towards Seth. Seth sounded for all the world like “Big Johnny” Laurinaitis. Seth mocked John Cena. Seth reminded everyone that he challenged John to a “Winner Takes All” battle. So far, John hasn’t said a word about whether he would accept the match…or not. Seth said he destroyed John’s face and career with his knee strike. Seth found it interesting that John was avoiding answering the challenge. Seth gave John the option to come to Brooklyn (site of Summerslam) and forfeit the United States Title. Seth wanted to be the first man to hold both the World and US title, at the same time. Seth knew John was going to be at Tough Enough, Tuesday night. Seth questioned John’s courage. Seth was distracted when he was told John Cena was there…via satellite.

Seth called out to John. A stupid picture of John with Seth providing the voice and lips came on the Tron. This was just ignorant. Seth tried to make it look like John Cena was giving up. Seth crowed about beating Neville, last week. Seth was cut off by the arrival of Cesaro. Cesaro talked about how ridiculously long Seth’s promo was running. Cesaro wanted to take advantage of the WWE World Title Open Challenge, to night. Seth back peddled to say there was no challenge, this week. Seth asked Cesaro why he thought he deserved a title shot.

Before Cesaro could answer, Kevin Owens joined the party. Kevin felt Cesaro hasn’t done anything to deserve a title shot. Kevin explained that he has defeated John Cena, which neither Cesaro nor Rollins has done. Kevin threw his hat in the ring, figuratively, for a title shot.

Randy Orton was next to make his case for a title shot, right away. Randy made fun of Kevin’s blossoming weight. Randy rushed in and said he deserved a shot at the belt. Seth denied the three men their shot. Seth ordered the men to get out of “his” ring.

Seth screwed up when he mentioned not caring what The Authority had to say. Triple H strolled out to confirm what Seth had just said. HHH heard from the doctors that John Cena was only 50/50 about making it to Summerslam. HHH set up a Triple Threat Match: Cesaro vs Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton. The winner of that match will move on to the main event…against Seth Rollins for the WWE World Title! Awesome!

Team PCB joined the announce team. Last week, they were the Submission Sorority. No clue why the name was changed.

Nikki Bella, Brie Bella and Alicia Fox vs Tamina, Naomi and “The Boss” Sasha Banks
Six Divas Tag Team Match

Team B.a.D. cut an insert promo. Side Headlock takeover on Naomi. Naomi rocked Fox with wild Forearms. Universal into a Scoop Backbreaker by Fox. Nikki tagged in and got a two count on her foe. Naomi with the Hiney Hustle before kicking Nikki back. Tag to Sasha. Double Whip into Back Elbows on Nikki. 2 count. Boot Choke by Sasha. Naomi tagged back in. Nikki reversed a Whip and then hit a weak Spinebuster. Back Elbow by Nikki into a Flying Knee Strike. Break time.

Sasha had Nikki trapped in a modified Rear Chin Lock. Sasha dropped Nikki with a wild Clothesline. Charlotte mentioned she was going to be the one to end Nikki’s title reign. Sasha knocked Brie off the apron and went back to work over Nikki. Tamina kicked Nikki in the face. Rolling DDT by Sasha. Nikki kicked free and brought in Brie. Huge pop for Brie. Brie unloaded with Daniel Bryan kicks to Sasha’s chest. Dropkick by Brie. Back Elbow and Missile Dropkick by Brie. Tamina got the tag and dropped Brie, big time. Tamina missed the Superkick and Brie rolled her up.

Your Winners: Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox
Raw Ranking: 2.75 out of a possible 5

All 9 women got involved in the post-match war. Team Bellas bailed out as Team B.a.D. and Team P.C.B. stood ready to kick their tails.

Stephen Amell was sitting in the front row. The fans were happy to see him.

Los Matadores vs New Day

Diego grabbed the Side Headlock on Kofi. Universal into a Hip Toss by Diego. Kofi landed on his feet but got Dropkicked. Big E took the tag and Steam Rolled Diego. Kofi tagged back in and stomped away. Prime Time Players watched from the back. New Day kept switching back and forth to keep the pressure on. Knee Trenbler by Kofi brought a two count. Rear Chin Lock by Kofi. Kofi threw Diego down and tagged in Big E. huge Splash but it only brought a two count. Jawbreaker on Big E and Diego did his best to reach his corner. Big E ended up striking the ring post. Diego inched towards his corner and finally got it. Fernando went off on Kofi, who was also legal. Springboard Backsplash. Fernando went over and under Kofi. Fernando tripped Kofi and kicked Big E. El Torito jumped on Xavier and Diego Dropkicked him. Tag to Big E. Breaking Dawn finisher by Kofi and Big E.

Your Winners: New Day
Raw Ranking: 2.0

New Day celebrated, in the back. Renee Young came up to talk with them. Xavier Woods felt they were the Number One Contenders. Renee confirmed that New Day will face the Prime Time Players…and Los Matadores…and Lucha Dragons…for the World Tag Team Titles. That match will happen at SummerSlam.

Elsewhere, Seth Rollins tried to get out of the title match that HHH set up. Trip told Seth that Rollins was building a Legacy. HHH reminded Seth that his opponent will have already competed in a hellacious fight to get to Seth. HHH told Seth that Rollins would have to prove himself, every single night.

Raw looked at Roman Reigns challenging the Wyatt Family to a tag team match at SummerSlam. Dean Ambrose would be Roman’s partner in the wild match. Bray accepted for himself and Luke Harper. It will be Family vs Family. The Authority confirmed the match for S.S.. Later on, Dean and Luke will fight it out.

Kevin Owens vs Cesaro vs Randy Orton
Triple Threat Match

Kevin slapped Cesaro and almost got planted with an RKO, from Orton. Double Team on Kevin and Owens bailed out of the ring. School Boy by Orton. Cesaro escaped and slid out to the floor. Randy slid out and nailed a Clothesline. Cesaro then jumped Randy, from behind. Cesaro tried for the Swing but settled for the Double Jump Stomp to Kevin’s chest. Flying European Uppercuts by Cesaro to Owens but Randy hit Exploder Suplexes to both foes. Cesaro countered the Draping DDT. Kevin pulled Cesaro out and ran him into the post. Kevin snapped Randy’s neck on the top rope and hit the Backsplash Senton. “Fight Owens Fight” rang out. Kevin set Randy in the corner and did the “Big O” pose to mock Randy. Orton came back and blasted Owens and hit the official “Big O” pose.

Randy and Cesaro ended up on the floor> Randy dropped Cesaro’s back on the ring barrier. Owens then whipped Kevin into the barricade. Cesaro wanted to Suplex Owens into the barricade. Kevin with the Back Drop Spulex to put Cesaro on the barrier. Randy then did that to Kevin. Back in the ring, Randy got a two count on Kevin. Randy hit a nice Suplex on Owens. 1 count only.

All three men were back in the ring and they invited everyone to an Uppercut Party. Kevin tossed Cesaro out of the ring. Twisted Sister Backbreaker by Randy. Kevin slid out to the floor. Cesaro Shouldered Randy. Crossbody, from the top, by Cesaro for a two count. Cesaro and Randy went back and forth with European Uppercuts. Cesaro with a Whip but Randy came back with the Clothesline. Cesaro blocked he RKO into the Crippler Crossface. Cesaro really cranked on it but Randy inched towards the rope. That meant nothing so Randy had to slide out to the floor. Owens then nailed Cesaro. Crash and Burn by Owens! (Smile and nod to Steve “King” Corino). Raw cut to commercial.

Kevin rocked Cesaro and threw him into the ring post. Cannonball by Kevin. 1-2-not yet. Kevin headed out to the apron and up the ropes. Randy caught him up there and blasted him. Kevin tried to fight out of the Superplex. Cesaro stunned Kevin with a Dropkick. Randy and Cesaro hit a wicked Double Superplex on Kevin. Cesaro crawled into a cover but Randy wasn’t going to let it happen. Cesaro and Randy exchanged European Uppercuts and Cesaro went a Swingin’. Cesaro then put Randy in the Sharpshooter. Randy worked towards the ropes but let go when Kevin came in. School Boy by Kevin for a two. Randy took a shot to the eye. Kevin flipped Cesaro over the ropes. Randy Clotheslined Cesaro and then planted Kevin with the Snap Powerslam. Dual Draping DDTs! Kevin rolled out to the floor. Randy slithered into his Special Place. Cesaro countered the RKO. Kevin pulled Randy to the floor and used a Fallaway Slam to send Randy into the barricade. Cesaro with a Tope con Hilo to lay out Kevin. Cesaro went up top and hit the Crossbody. Kevin rolled through and almost pinned Kevin. Springboard Spinning Crossbody by Cesaro. Owens and Cesaro went hard at each other. The fans absolutely loved this match, as ddi I. Cesaro tried for the Gutwench Suplex off the ropes but Kevin tripped him. Kevin then flew into Cesaro’s knees. Owens with a Superkick. Randy slid in and hit RKOs on both men when Cesaro escaped the Pop Up Powerbomb.

Your Winner: Randy Orton
Raw Ranking: 4.75

Dean Ambrose cut a promo, from the back. Dean admitted he didn’t have friends, as a kid. Dean was talking about having a friend to bail him out. Roman stepped in and said he was the first real friend that Dean has had. Dean and Roman knew Bray didn’t care about Luke, even though Luke would do anything for Bray. Dean and Roman showed they knew each other, so well. Dean was ready to beat on Luke Harper. Believe Dat!

So, I want to take a moment to send out my best to my youngest niece, Sydney. She just gave birth to her daughter, Kensley Rae. Got a few pictures from my sis, Lucy, by way of Facebook. The baby is just beyond adorable.

Raw did a special look at Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar II. Various stars and Hall of Famers mentioned their thoughts. Most people felt that Undertaker was going to annihilate Lesnar. A few discussed the animal nature of Lesnar. Seth Rollins knew Brock just didn’t have any weaknesses. They showed how Brock defeated Taker and how Taker returned, 15 months later, to attack Lesnar at Battleground. While I’ve grown to respect and admire Lesnar’s abilities, I just want to see Undertaker bury The Beast. I’ve been putting together my Crystal Ball column for SummerSlam and, Dang It, I’m having a Hell of a time trying to pick this one. Undertaker and Brock Lesnar are set to be in the same arena, next Monday. Buckle Up, partners.

Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper

Roman Reigns came out to help watch his best buddy’s back. Bray Wyatt led his “family member”, Luke, to the ring. Luke got up in Byron’s face and stole his chair for Bray. The bell rang as Luke slid in the ring. Luke wailed on Dean but Ambrose came back with rapid fire punches. Flying Forearm and Runnign Kick by Dean. Corner Mount Punches by Dean into a Snap Mare. Slider Dropkick. JBL said this was like watch Frank “Bruiser” Brody vs Brian Pillman. Interesting. Side Slam by Harper brought a two count. Luke popped Dean and then Scoop Slammed him. Luke hit another Scoop Slam to weaken Dean. Dean got a Back Elbow in and then Low Bridged Luke. Dropkick, through the ropes, by Dean. Running Savage Elbow, off the apron, by Dean. Time for another round of commercials.

Luke used a Slingshot to send Dean up into the ropes. Gator Roll from Harper. Luke clamped on the Rear Chin Lock. The fans chanted “Sit Down Byron (Saxton)” but he didn’t have a chair. Dean nailed a Headbutt but Luke Lawn Darted Dean into the corner. Harper threw Dean down, backwards, onto the canvas. Luke Whipped Dean to the ropes and Dean threw Luke down in the same backwards manner. Tornado DDT by Dean. Bray came to attention.

Dean went wild on Luke with chops and punches. Luke escaped Dirty Deeds. Luke lifted Dean but couldn’t get it done. Scoop Slam by Dean. Corner Clothesline by Dean. Luke pushed out of the Bulldog but missed the Running Boot. The two went down to the floor. Dean tossed Bray over the announce table. Rebound Clothesline by Dean. Dean almost pinned Luke. Rebound Clothesline but Dean went to the floor. Bray went after Dean but Roman laid out Bray with the Superman Punch. Luke with a Superkick to Roman. Tope Suicida by Dean. Vicious Clothesline by Luke Harper to take the match.

Your Winner: Luke Harper
Raw Ranking: 2.75


Miz noticed Stephen Amell and introduced him. Miz brought up that Star Dust was ready to run through Amell and Miz was ready to re-brand and teach Amell how to act. Miz then introduced the hometown boy, Daniel Bryan. The crowd completely lost their collective minds. The fans chanted for the Aberdeenian lad. Miz welcomed Daniel Bryan back…to MizTV. Daniel was touched by the reception that he got. Miz told the fans to quiet down. The fans barely let the two men talk. Daniel mocked Miz by saying the fans should listen and shut up. Grin. Daniel said he wasn’t there to be on MizTV. Daniel wanted to appear in Washington State, his homeland. Daniel got a Seahawks chant going (just dropped numerous points with me). Daniel said Miz wanted to take credit for Daniel’s success. Daniel poked fun at Miz’s acting ability. Daniel also made fun of Miz’s bizarre wardrobe. Daniel said it was the fans and his hard work that made his career what it is.

Miz brought up Daniel’s medical status. Daniel was still not cleared to compete. Miz wondered how it felt to be on the shelf. Daniel said he was very busy, writing a book. He has also been a judge on Tough Enough. Miz reminded Daniel that Miz is also a judge on Tough Enough. Miz said he felt he taught Daniel how to be a champion. Miz suggested Ryback should follow Daniel’s lead and give up the Intercontinental Title to Miz.

Big Show decided to crash the party. Show was amazed at all the crap that Miz has been spouting and still had white teeth. Big Show win the IC Strap. The fans chanted that Big Show should retire. Show said find someone to retire him. Be careful what you ask for…

Ryback returned! Ryback joined the others in the ring. Miz bailed out and Ryback stood face-to-face with Big Show. Ryback and Show took out their aggression on Miz. Double Biel by Show and Ryback. Ryback then pushed Show into Miz and dropped Show like a bad habit. Daniel Bryan was confused. Daniel got a “Yes” chant going and Ryback nailed a Meathook that literally took Miz out of his shoes.

A promotional piece aired about Charlotte (Flair). Charlotte was determined to be at Wrestlemania. It is so nice to finally have a decent Divas/Women’s Division back.

It will be a 3-team Elimination Match at SummerSlam: Team Bellas vs Team PCB vs Team B.a.D. Cool.

Rusev (W/Lana Rae…err…Summer Rae) vs Mark Henry

Lana was at the announce table for this match. She mentioned Dolph Ziggler would return shortly after SummerSlam. Rusev came out with the Bulgarian flag and Mark brought out Old Glory. Rusev tried to jump Mark but Henry rocked his world.

Clotheslines by Mark and a Corner Splash. Summer Rae jumped on the apron. He ignored her. Whip by Mark. Rusev hit a Thrust Kick. Lana pulled down Summer Rae and Rusev yanked her into the ring. Summer then jumped Lana. The ref called for the bell. Mark and Rusev went to the floor and Mark ended up going into the ring post. Rusev pulled Summer Rae off Lana.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out.
Raw Ranking: N/A

Summer Rae put Lana in the Accolade. Rusev loved what he was seeing. The Bulgarian flag came down, with Rusev’s face emblazoned on it.

Michael Cole talked about Star Dust’s war with Neville and Stephen Amell. Highlights of the past week showed how Neville almost won the World title. Star Dust mocked Neville for not being his “Hero”. Neville was on deck to unleash the Altitude Era.

Zack Ryder vs Star Dust, from Smackdown, was highlighted. Star called out Stephen Amell aka the Emerald Archer (Green Arrow).

King Barrett vs Neville

Stephen Amell applauded Neville. The bell rang and they tied up. Barrett took Neville to the corner and stomped away. Springbard Slingshot Backbreaker by Barrett. Barrett ran Neville along the apron and into the ring post. The ref pulled King back. Neville with the Jumping Enziguri and he headed up top to nail…Red Arrow!

After the match, Star Dust attacked Neville. Star then turned to look at Amell. He left the ring to confront Amell..

Your Winner: Neville
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Star Face Pushed Amell. He jumped the barrier and tore into Star Dust. Security rushed in to stop the craziness. Amell was escorted out of the ring. Quick cut to commercial.

NXT Takeover was profiled. NXT is just amazing. Bailey finally gets her shot to try for the Number One Contender Shot. I remember that sweet girl when she was PWD’s Women’s Champion, as well as a female champion all around California.

Triple H went off on Stephen Amell for jumping in the ring. Neville said Star Dust started this one. Amell said he wanted to get his hands on Star Dust. HHH dismissed the desire to fight. Neville and Amell wanted to fight Star Dust and King Barrett at SummerSlam. HHH did not want to sanction the match but Amell got way up in HHH’s face. Amell agreed to sign off on any contracts that he needed to get in the ring. HHH agreed to draw up the proper papers. Wow! Amell is in fantastic shape. Just watch the opening of any given episode of Arrow and you can see him working the Salmon Ladder. Hopefully, Amell won’t be like so many other celebs and stink up the ring.

Sheamus was interviewed by JoJo. She asked him about Randy Or’on. When the heck are these silly people going to realize that there is a flipping “T” in that name? Sheamus mocked both Randy and Seth. Sheamus threw out weird comparisons for both men that almost no one got. Sheamus showed off his Money in the Bank briefcase. He could cash in at any time…including (maybe) tonight.

Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins
WWE World Title Match

Next week’s Raw will be in Minneapolis, MN. Have to wonder if Curtis Axel will get a return. I’d really be so happy if they allowed him to ditch his recent gimmicks and names and just go back to being “Beyond Perfection” Joe Hennig. I’m just saying…

Break time before the Main Event.

Lilian Garcia did the official introductions. The two men circled each other and Seth bailed out to the floor. Seth took his time getting back on the apron. Seth ordered the ref to keep Randy back. Seth finally got back inside and kicked and punched away. Seth choked Randy on the middle rope. Seth threw hard Shoulders in the corner. Randy reversed a Whip and went for the RKO. Seth barely bailed out to the floor. Raw sent to a commercial break.

Seth was in control, as Raw returned. He had Randy in a Rear Chin Lock. Randy twisted and turned to try and get to his feet. Randy cracked Seth’s ribs but fell to a Dropkick. Randy kicked out at two. Corner Splash into a Rolling Funk Neckbreaker by Seth. Seth came off the ropes but got popped in the jaw. Short Clotheslines by Randy. Seth dodged the Snap Powerslam but almost fell to the Twisted Sister Backbreaker. Draping DDT by Randy failed as Seth hit the floor. Seth decided to walk but Randy wasn’t letting him go. Randy bounced Seth off the announce table, two different ways. Randy got them both in the ring. Seth tried to run away but Randy was right there. Seth tried to throw Randy into the ref. School Boy for a two. Randy did the same move and almost got the title for the 13th time. Superkick by Seth. Seth headed up to the Penthouse but Randy wasn’t quite down. Randy tipped Seth, who crotched on the top rope. Randy made his daddy proud with the Superplex. Randy couldn’t follow up and when he finally did try for the pin, Seth kicked out.

Seth with a Spin Kick and went for the Pedigree. Draping DDT after escaping failed. Jumping Enziguri by Seth. Seth decided to go for the Draping DDT. Seth grinned at his insult to Randy by doing Randy’s own Signature Move on him. Seth then went into Randy’s Special Place. Seriously? Randy escaped the Pedigree but got tangled up in the ropes. Seth flew off the ropes and got RKO’d. Sheamus rushed in and took out Randy!

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Randy Orton
Raw Ranking: 3.75

Sheamus decided to Cash In. He nailed the Brogue Kick and told the ref he wanted to Cash In. Before he could, Randy nailed the RKO. The briefcase is still valid, since the bell never rang.


–Jay Shannon

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