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Welcome back to Wild Wrestling Wednesdays. Up next, TNA’s No Surrender.

Before I get started, I wish to send out my most heart-felt Thank Yous to the men and women of Lucha Underground. Over the last two weeks, they have presented “Ultima Lucha”. That was one of the best 3 hour shows that I’ve seen in a month of Sundays. Mil Muertes, Alberto El Patron, Johnny Mundo, Vampiro and numerous others put on a top notch event. If you get the El Rey Network, be darn sure you check out this quirky little show. It blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, so darn well.

TNA opened with a wonderful tribute to Roddy Piper.

Welcome to NO SURRENDER!

Bram vs Mr. (Ken) Anderson

Bram walked out carrying Anderson’s Drop Mic. Bram used it, several weeks back, with that microphone. Josh Mathews and the Pope were your announce team, again this week. Anderson rushed down to the ring and the fists flew like crazy. Shoulder Tackle by Bram but Ken came back with Haymakers and Chops. Bram Booted Ken but Anderson sent Bram over the top rope with a La Bandera Clothesline.

The two went to the floor and Ken rammed Bram into the barricade. Ken followed that up with a few punches and then he ran Bram’s back into the apron edge. Bram grabbed Ken and slammed his face into the apron. Ken and Bram got back in the ring but didn’t stay there long. Ken with another La Bandera. Bram pushed Ken’s face into the ring post. Bram also slammed Ken’s face into the ring steps. Ken dropped Bram with a Short Arm Clothesline. Ken pitched Bram back in the ring. Bram blocked the Green Bay Plunge. Bram tossed Ken onto the apron and then swept the leg.

Bram ran Ken into the barricade and then slid in and out of the ring to break the count. Bram rushed Ken’s back into the edge of the apron (hardest part of the ring…I should know…I’ve set up more than my fair share of rings. Smile). Bram trapped Ken’s head in the ring skirt and clubbed the back. Bram drove his elbow into Ken’s throat, off a Whip. 2 count.

Rear Chin Lock by Bram but Ken quickly worked up to his feet. Bram kneed Ken’s ribs. Ken unloaded with a wild series of Haymaker. Bram gave as good as he got. Ken brought up the boots and dodged a Corner Splash. Green Bay Plunge for a two count. Ken went up top but got caught. Bram slugged away and climbed the ropes. Bram connected with the Superplex. 2 plus on the count. Bram with the Slop Drop variation to score another 2. Ken kicked Bram but Bram came back with a Spinning Heel Kick. 2, yet again.

Short Clotheslines by Bram but he didn’t let go of the Wrist Lock. Ken tried for his Rolling Neckbreaker but Bram turned it into another Short Arm Clothesline. Bram picked up the Drop Mic and got ready to use it. Bram had to fight out of the Mic Check. Ken Small Packaged Bram to take the win.

Your Winner: Mr. Anderson
No Surrender Scorecard: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Bram jumped Ken, on the ramp, and mocked Ken’s normal intro…calling him “Mr. Pathetic”.

Jeremy Borash discussed Full Metal Mayhem with the Hardy Brothers. Matt was confident about this being “The Night”. Matt talked about how great he and Jeff have been. Jeff praised his brother and told him to take the top spot. Matt then discussed doing this for his wife and new baby.

James Storm came out to discuss his feud with Mickie James and Magnus. TNA looked back at how Khoya accidentally cost Storm and Serena the mixed tag team match, last week. Storm mentioned giving guidance to Khoya, who continues to fail him. Storm said it was time for those who fail to pay for their mistakes. He ordered Khoya to come out to the ring. Khoya walked out with his head bowed. Storm ripped the walking stick out of Khoya’s hand. He then slapped the big man from India. Storm said he made Khoya a star. Khoya was ready to explode. Khoya held his cool, for a while. Sky High Powerbomb by Khoya. He told Storm that he is no longer “Khoya”. He mentioned his real name and demanded that Storm should never touch him again. Shera got huge cheers from the crowd. Storm bashed the ring with the walking stick as Shera walked to the back.

The Dollhouse cut a promo about facing Gail Kim, later tonight. It will be a 3-on-1 match. A highlight reel aired about Gail’s feud with the Dollhouse.

James Storm rambled, backstage. Storm demanded a fight with “Khoya”.

Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell, Marti Belle and Jade
3-on-1 Handicap Match

Gail new video and music is great. Brian Stiffler said only one Dollhouse member at a time could face Gail. Marti started and Gail ripped her a new one with a hard kick. Gail flipped over Marti’s back and almost pinned her. Gail tripped Marti. Jade rushed in and Gail side stepped her. Taryn tried to sneak it but Gail felt her coming. Marti ran back in and Clotheslined Gail in the back of the head.

Marti stayed on the attack until Taryn rushed in, took a shot and tagged out to Jade. Side Headlock by Gail. Deep Arm Drag by Gail. Gail got a two count. Gail missed a swing and Jade hit a great German Suplex. Jade kicked Gail in the butt and went to her corner. Cannonball into Gail. Taryn took the tag and tried to get the pin. When it failed, she stomped on Gail and tagged out. Taryn bashed Marti, by accident. Gail ran Marti into the ring post. Tornado DDT to Jade. Gail pointed at Taryn, who took off into the crowd. Seriously? Double Clotheslines to Jade and Marti. Gail ripped into both women. Gail got a Crossbody but the pin failed. Gail tried to pin Jade but she wasn’t legal. Gail escaped a Double Suplex and nailed Eat da Feet.

Your Winner: Gail Kim
No Surrender Scorecard: 2.0

A promo aired about Drew Galloway’s “Stand Up” campaign. He has switched from battling the Beat Down Clan to focus on his former partner, Eli Drake. Drake cost Drew the World title and Galloway wanted revenge.

Drew Galloway vs Eli Drake

Eli is now wearing a #SitDown shirt. It is a slap in the face to Drew’s #StandUp movement. Drew tore into the yellow clad turncoat. Eli tried to get away from Drew. Drew dropped Eli on the ring apron and then moved the protective mat. Eli wanted a Piledriver but Drew reversed it into a Back Body Drop. Drew asked the fans to hold Eli so Drew could nail a Knife Edge Chop. Drew flew off the steps to hit a Clothesline.

Drew nailed a Spinebuster on the ring apron. Drew tossed Drew back in and the match officially started. Eli slipped down to avoid the Future Shock DDT. Eli tried to walk away but Drew wasn’t done. Drew beat on the cocky youngster, on the floor. Drew ran Eli down and bounced him off the apron. Eli kicked the middle rope up into Drew’s nethers. Eli then ran Drew into the ring post. The shoulder was hurt. Eli pounded on his former friend. Eli smacked Drew with Palm Strikes and punches. Eli threw Drew down, by the hair. The fans were very hostile towards Drake. Eli missed an Elbow Drop.

Drew reversed a Whip. Drew hit several Clotheslines and a wild Suplex Throw. Drew used a German to send Eli crashing into the turnbuckles. Eli tried to escape but Drew wasn’t done yet. Eli rolled up Drew and pulled the tights with one hand and held the ropes with the other.

Your Winner: Eli Drake
No Surrender Scorecard: 2.0

The Austin Aries vs Rock Star Spud match was profiled. It was Austin’s career vs Spud’s identity.

Bully Ray was talking with Brian Hebner. He let him know that when Earl Hebner (Brian’s dad) retires, Brian would become the Senior Ref. Bobby Roode then came in to talk with Bully about the Aries/Spud match. Ray said he gave Aries what Austin asked for. Bobby was concerned about possibly losing his tag team partner. Bully said it was up to Austin to stay. Bobby swore he would make sure that Aries didn’t lose the match.

Austin Aries vs Rock Star Spud
Career vs Name Match

Aries swaggered around the ring, after the bell rang. Collar and Elbow and Aries with an amateur takedown and Ride. Last Chancellory but Spud was too close to the ropes. Collar and Elbow and Austin took a Side Headlock. He then worked over the arm. Spud reversed it. Aries rolled over and took back control. Deep Arm Drag by Aries. Spud has a Head Scissors but Aries kicked out, by way of the Handstand. Slingshot Senton got Aries a two count. Aries swung wildly at the diminutive Brit. Aries with a Gutbuster Uranage combo. Aries spent a ton of time working the crowd. Muta Power Spin Elbow to Spud’s chest. Spud flipped Aries onto the apron but Aries connected with a Neckbreaker, through the ropes. Aries kneed Spud and clubbed the neck. Low Dropkick to Aries’ knee. Spud with his Running Forearms. Spud missed a kick and Aries went for the Kneebrekaer. Spud Floated Over and almost pinned Aries. Step Up Enziguri by Spud. Aries blocked the Underdog (Acid Drop) and raked the back. Kneebrekaer/Back Drop Suplexx to get a two. Aries went back to the Last Chancellory. Spud made it to the ropes.

Aries stomped away on Spud and hit the Hesitation Dropkick, in the corner. Aries called for the Brainbuster but Spud turned it into a Cradle. 2 count. Discus Elbows by Aries. Aries nailed another Hesitation Dropkick. Brainbuster but Spud still kicked out! Aries pushed around Spud, which fired up Spud. The two men threw hard punches. Spud ripped off his bow tie and rocked Aries with punches. Short Arm Clothesline by Aries. Aries ran Spud into the corner and then went for the Whip. Float Over and Spud decked Aries. Flip Dive to the floor by Spud. Spud pitched Aries back in the ring and hit the Frog Splash. Could be…might be…Denied!

Aries blocked the Underdog. Aries blasted Spud, who was on the top turnbuckle. Bell Ringer by Aries to set up the German Superplex. Spud fought out and hit a Super Underdog!

Your Winner: Rock Star Spud
No Surrender Scorecard: 4.0

Aries showed great respect by handing back the bow tie and hugging his opponent. They talked for a few moments. I hate that Aries is leaving but hopefully he will show up in Ring of Honor…or WWE!

Bobby Roode came up to talk with Austin Aries. Neither expected what just happened. Bobby said he wasn’t sure where they would go from here. Aries said he and Bobby always land on their feet. They said their good-byes.

James Storm vs Mahabali Shera

Storm jumped Shera before the bell. Storm slapped the chest, over and over. Storm screamed at his former follower. Storm kept the pressure on the Indian. Storm kept slapping Shera in the face. Storm turned to go off on the apron. Shera lost his cool and nail several hard Clotheslines. Corner Shoulders by Shera. Storm blasted Shera in the face with his cow bell.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Mahabali Shera
No Surrender Scorecard: 1.25

Storm screamed at Shera.

In the back, Bully Ray was down and injured. Who did it?

Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter discussed the attack on Bully Ray. Jarrett wanted to have Global Force Wrestling help the situation. Jeff wanted to run the show for one week. Hmmm…what is Jarrett up to? Jarrett will be running the show, next week.

Josh and Pope discussed the various storylines that are running. They sent it to an interview with Ethan Carter III about Full Metal Mayhem. Ethan was way too confident for his own good. He kept talking about where the “Money Lies”. Interesting.

Ethan Carter III vs Matt Hardy
Full Metal Mayhem for the World Title

No one will be allowed to second their fighter. Tyrus and Jeff Hardy had to head to the back. Ethan kicked over a can full of “toys” as he came to the ring. Ethan struck his pose before the match got started. Impact took a quick break before things got rolling.

Jeremy Borash did the Michael Buffer intros. Speaking of Buffer, I just picked up UFC 2009 and he does the ring work. It’s a fun little game.

Collar and Elbow and they went to the ropes. Ethan missed a punch but Matt didn’t. Bulldog by Matt. Ethan fought out of the Side Effect and nailed a Clothesline. Ethan slid out of the ring and went to get a steel chair. Ethan drove the chair into Matt’s ribs and then cracked it across Matt’s back. Ethan then bounced Matt’s face off the chair seat. Matt punched away and nailed a Side Effect, which drove Ethan through the chair.

Matt slid out and got a ladder. Matt slammed the ladder into Ethan’s face. Jeff watched the match, from the back. Ethan dropped Matt but Hardy came back to Hip Toss Ethan into the ladder. It was propped up in the corner. Matt then bounced Ethan’s face, over and over, off the ladder. Matt was already limping but he still whipped Ethan into the ladder. Suplex by Matt and then Hardy put the ladder in position. Matt headed up the steps but Ethan took out the kneecap of Matt with a chair shot. Impact took a quick break.

Ethan stomped away on Matt and then dropped him on the ring steps. Ethan put the ladder under the hanging title belt. Ethan headed up the ladder. Matt still made it back in and sent the ladder crashing. Matt drove the ladder between Ethan’s legs. Dang! Matt then used a chair to drive the ladder even further home. Matt made his way up the ladder. Ethan pulled Matt off the ladder. Neckbreaker by Matt. Matt headed back up the ladder. He got his fingers on the belt but couldn’t remove it. Twist of Fate! Matt didn’t go after the belt. He picked up Ethan and put him on top of a table. Matt then climbed up the ropes to go for the Moonsault. Ethan got off the table and clipped the knee. Ethan Powerbombed Matt through the table.

Ethan reset the ladder and screamed at Matt that Hardy gave it a good shot. Matt grabbed Ethan’s ankle and pulled EC3 down. Carter punched and stomped away. Ethan dropped his weight onto Matt’s injured knee. Ethan put the ladder where he wanted it and headed up. Matt barely managed to catch Ethan. When he did, Matt Powerbombed Ethan off the ladder.

Both men ended up on the floor. Matt attacked the ribs with a chair. Matt cracked Ethan across the back and then threw Ethan into the barricade. Matt went looking for something else, under the ring. He found another ladder. He set it up between the ring apron and the ring steps. Matt wanted the Twist of Fate, through the ropes, but Ethan with the Low Blow. Ethan stared up at the title but decided to further beat down the challenger. Side Effect…on the apron!

Matt put Ethan on a table (on the floor). Matt did a Legdrop, off the top turnbuckle, which drove Ethan through the table. Jeff applauded his brother, from the back. Matt pulled himself up and tried to get back in the ring. Ethan began to stir but Matt was way ahead of him. Medics came down to check on Ethan. Matt was heading up but Ethan whacked him with a steel chair. Matt’s knee buckled and he slid off the ladder.

Both men began to climb the ladder. They both struggled with the rungs of the ladder. The two traded hard punches. Matt almost got the title but Ethan blasted Matt. Matt fell off the ladder and Ethan took down the belt.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
No Surrender Scorecard: 3.75


–Jay Shannon

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