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NXT/Original Air Date 8-5-15

This week’s NXT show opens with a Roddy Piper memorial graphic. The opening video plays. As we see a shot of the crowd, the announce team checks in and start right away with the entrances for the first match. Charlotte is out first, followed by Bayley.

Match 1: Bayley vs. Charlotte

The match begins with a handshake. Bayley grabs an early armbar but Charlotte throws her into the ropes but eats a shoulder block for her trouble. The two lock up again and Charlotte gets a headlock that its quickly reversed into a hammer lock. Charlotte fights out and grabs a headlock and takes Bayley to the mat. Bayley quickly gets a head scissors on Charlotte. Charlotte escapes and goes behind with a waistlock. Bayley reverses into an armbar but Charlotte tries a quick rollup and gets a quick two count. Charlotte applies a modified head scissors to Bayley, rolls over, performs three forward rolls then releases the hold.

Charlotte has Bayley dazed and goes to press the advantage but Bayley tosses Charlotte to the outside. Bayley goes to the outside and performs a baseball slide into Charlotte from around the ringpost. Bayley gets Charlotte back in the ring and connects with three straight axe-handle blows. Bayley sends her to the corner and connects with two running shoulders to the midsection. Charlotte comes right out of the corner and connects with a huge boot to the face. Charlotte gets a two count from the boot as the show goes to break.

After the break, Charlotte has control but Bayley shakes her off. Bayley attempts a sunset flip but Charlotte rolls through and attempts a figure four. Bayley catches Charlotte in a small package for a two count. Charlotte goes after Bayley in the corner but Bayley catches her with an elbow and connects with an elbow off the second rope.

Bayley attacks Charlotte in the corner and connects with shoulder blocks and back elbows staggering Charlotte. As Charlotte staggers from the corner, Bayley hits a suplex and sets her on the second rope where she hits a hurricanrana off the second rope for a near fall.

Bayley and Charlotte trade forearms in center ring. Charlotte hits a neckbreaker into a spear for a near fall. Charlotte tries to re-pin but Bayley again powers out at two. Charlotte applies the figure four but cant get the bridge as Bayley turns over and forces Charlotte to the ropes for a break.

Charlotte tries to gain an advantage with two Flair chops. She goes for a third but Bayley catches it and executes a backslide for two. Both women make it to their feet but the arms are still locked attempting an additional backslide. Nobody is able to gain an advantage until Bayley walks up the turnbucle goes over Charlotte and connects with a Bayley- to- belly for a near fall. Bayley next executes a release German suplex forcing Charlotte to regroup in the corner.

Bayley rushes Charlotte and catches a boot to the face. Charlotte climbs to the second rope with Bayley but Bayley fights her off and hits a Bayley-to-belly off the second rope for the win.

Winner: Bayley

Postmatch: Bayley celebrates with her fans at ringside. As she walks up the ramp, they exchange mutual respect glances.

The announce team checks in hyping the title match for NXT Takeover-Brooklyn. They throw to an interview that Michael Cole did with Kevin Owens.

Both men are sitting in the NXT ring. Cole recaps the attack on Regal from two weeks ago. Owens interrupts saying he apologized for that. Cole asks if the apology was heartfelt. Owens answers yes. Owens asks Cole if he is implying that it wasn’t. Cole responds that he has gotten to know Owens over the last few months.

Cole brings up that Regal was shown on camera saying he hoped Owens loses at Takeover. Owens says it takes a real man to make a comment like that after he had walked away. Owens says he has a problem with that. Owens says that for a man in his position to say that does not do much for his chances. Owens says he no longer just wants the title he needs it. Owens says the NXT title means more money, reminds him of injuring Sami Zayne, and means prestige, which he likes.

Owens says that, during his career, Regal was not a standup guy and would do anything to win. Owens says that, although he respects that, he believes that, since Regal is now in a position of power, he could put a crooked referee in the ring and there would be another Montreal screwjob. Owens says he is from Montreal so he believes it could happen. Owens believes his only fair shot is to have the title decided in a ladder match. That way, Regal cant screw Owens out of what is his. Cole says that’s interesting but all this can be solved if Owens just beats Balor. Cole then asks if he can beat the demon. Owens then glares at Cole, takes off his mic and walks away.

The announce team mentions the disrespect shown to Cole and hype the Joe, Rhyno main event for later in the show.

A Bull Dempsey video is shown next. Bull is shown watching last week’s video on his phone. Dempsey looks disappointed as he hears, “You’re an idiot! Lose weight!” Bull says he needs to get in shape. His career depends on it. Bull thinks to himself, Lets do it right this time. He is shown looking at pictures of Bruno Sammartino and Andre the Giant as he walks to the NXT gym. Developmental talent Gionna tweets Bull hitting the dummy torso. He is shown wanting to try various exercises but cant bench press the weight on the bar. A “To Be Continued” graphic is shown to end the video.
Back the arena, the announcers hype the Takeover-Brooklyn theme as Baron Corbin makes his entrance. His opponent is already in the ring.

Match 2: Baron Corbin vs. Steve Cutler

Cutler takes a shot at Corbin. It has no effect. Corbin answers with a clothesline and the End of Days for the win.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Bayley is shown entering William Regal’s office. Regal tells her congratulations on her hard-fought win. Bayley says that’s why she wanted to see him. She feels that shes been on a roll and wanted to ask for Women’s Championship match. Regal says she deserves it but she is not the only one. Regal tells her that, next week, she will be in a number one contender’s match against Becky Lynch. The winner of that match will face Sasha Banks at Takeover. Bayley says that’s awesome and goes to hug him but thinks better of it and they shake hands instead.

Back at the ring, Tyler Breeze makes his entrance. His challenger awaits.

Match 3: Tyler Breeze vs. Aaron Solow

Breeze locks up with Solow and forces him in the corner and stomps him to the mat. The ref backs off Breeze. Tyler screams “This is what I get?” Breeze eats a chop from Solow. This upsets Breeze who takes Solow to the canvas and hits him with repeated fists to the head. As Solow staggers to his feet, Breeze measures him and connects with the Beauty Shot for the three count.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Postmatch: Breeze is shown in the ring talking to someone on his phone. William Regal’s music plays and he comes out to the stage. He tells that for weeks Breeze has demanded some real competition. Regal says he has scoured the Earth and thinks he has found someone that will put Breeze on the map. Regal says the opponent on August 22nd will be, Jushin “Thunder” Liger. Breeze looks stunned as the crowd eats it up. A Liger highlight video, mostly from WCW, is shown.

The announce team is fired up that Liger is coming. They talk up Joe and Rhyno for later and tease a Finn Balor interview for next up.

During the commercial break, a video is shown next of Apollo Crews working out in an NXT ring. He says he cant wait to debut. He says NXT is where the competition is and that’s why he came. He says he wants to be the best and wants the NXT championship. He tells us he will land at NXT Takeover. A graphic is put up as he announces he will be at Takeover.

Back from break, they throw it to a video of Byron Saxton interviewing Finn Balor. Byron asks Finn how it feels to be champ. Balor says its been a crazy year. He believes the whole roster has worked so hard and they all are trying to achieve the same goal. He said he very proud to be the champion of the brand.

Saxton turns the interview two Owens striking Regal two weeks ago at the contract signing. Balor said hes known Owens for a year and they used to be friends but his actions over the past year have led Balor to not be surprised anything Owens does including striking Regal. Balor says Owens has routinely defied authority and shows no class. Balor says he is a man of few words, while Owens loves to talk. He wouldn’t trust anything Owens says.

Balor says Sami Zayne is his friend and hes aware of the Zayne and Owens history. Balor says Zayne has helped him prepare and stay focused. He is not surprised that Owens has asked for a ladder match. Saxton asks what Balor will do at Takeover. Balor said you have to always expect the unexpected. When asked if the demon will be there Balor says Owens will find out on the night. He said he would prove to Owens that Tokyo was not a fluke.

We go back to Full Sail for our next bout as The Mechanics and the Hype Bros make their way to the ring.

Match 4: Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder (The Mechanics) vs. Zach Ryder and Mojo Rawley (The Hype Bros)

Rawley and Dawson tie up to start and Rawley makes a quick tag to Ryder. Ryder nails Dawson with double-knees to the face and a flapjack. Ryder tries to mount the ropes for some right hands but Dawson knocks Ryder off the ropes gaining control for his team.

Wilder takes the tag and hits a backbreaker on Ryder then executes a quick tag. Dawson and Wilder execute a double-team legdrop and get a two. Dawson and Wilder continue to work over Ryder on their side of the ring.

Wilder makes the tag and the mechanics attempt a double-team whip to the ropes. Ryder kicks Dawson and ducks a clothesline from Wilder allowing him to make the tag. Rawley enters with the hot tag and knocks Dawson to the floor and hits Wilder with two Stinger splashes in the corner. The Hype Bros next hit the double-team Rough Rider for the victory.

Winners: The Hype Bros.

Postmatch: As Ryder an Rawley celebrate, the Mechanics attack and hit the Shatter Machine on Wilder and celebrate in the ring.

Regal is in his office with the Vaudevillans. He tells them he asked to see them because he saw what happened last week. Gotch and English bring up the fact that Alexa slapped them because she knows they would never hit a lady. Regal said he has given them a rematch for NXT Takeover. He recommends they find a way to handle Alexa. The Vaudevillans thank him and are talking to each other as they leave.

During the break, the second half of the Bull Dempsey video is shown. We pick it back up at the NXT gym where Bull is having trouble benching the weight. He gets some help and encouragement that he can do it and he completes several reps. He is then shown successfully performing all the workouts from the earlier video getting encouragement from the other athletes. Bull begins to celebrate then stops. On the floor was a truck tire. He attempts to flip but cant. The other NXT athletes see this and decide to encourage Bull. With everyone gathered around, Bull flips the tire. He stands on the tire and celebrates with the gym as the video ends.

We are now back in the arena as Joe and Rhyno come to the ring for the main event.

Match 5: Rhyno vs. Samoa Joe

Joe and Rhyno begin with a lockup to try to gain an advantage. Neither one moves. Rhyno gets a headlock and Joe shakes him into the ropes. Rhyno tries a shoulder block but Joe stands firm. Rhyno tries another shoulder tackle but Joe stands firm. Rhyno gets upset and shoves Joe. Joe attempts a shoulder tackle and is successful. Joe follows the tackle with jabs to the face driving Rhyno to the corner. Joe hits rapid- fire punches on Rhyno.

Rhyno fires back out of the corner and smashes Joe to the turnbuckle. Rhyno fires Joe into the ropes. Joe holds on and, as Rhyno charges, sends him to the floor. Joe then dives on Rhyno through the ropes. Rhyno eats a chop on the floor but slams Joe’s head into the apron and shoves him back into the ring. Rhyno works over Joe with right hands and whips him to the corner. Rhyno follows him in but Joe hits the enziguri. The two men trade blows then Rhyno nails a spinebuster and gets a two count as the show cuts to break.

Back from break, Rhyno is in control. Joe fights him off and hits the STO. As Rhyno staggers to his feet, Joe catches him with jabs. Joe connects with a boot to the face and a senton splash for two. Rhyno makes it to the corner. As Joe follows, he gets caught with an elbow. Rhyno then hoists him up and hits a Somoan drop for a near fall.

Joe recovers and connects with an elbow to Rhyno. Joe then goes to the second rope and catches Rhyno with a boot to the face for a near fall. Joe sets up Rhyno for the rear-naked choke but Rhyno throws him off and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Rhyno goes for the G-O-R-E but eats a boot from Joe. Joe goes for the chock again but Rhyno shoves him to the corner. Rhyno clotheslines Joe for a two count.

Rhyno is getting frustrated and climbs with Joe to the second rope. Joe fights back and hits Rhyno with an enziguri. Joe hits a stunned Rhyno with the muscle buster for the win.
Winner: Samoa Joe.

Joe celebrates in the ring to close the show.

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