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Welcome back to Wild Wrestling Wednesdays. It is time for Jeff Jarrett to finally take his rightful place in TNA’s Hall of Fame. Plus, Mickie James joined her man, Magnus, for a wild and wicked mixed tag team match. Jeff Hardy also made his much-anticipated return.

A review of last week’s show opened this week.

Austin Aries strolled down to the ring, dressed to the nines. Aries wasn’t in a good mood. Aries said no one had more pride or a stronger work ethic than he does. Aries felt there was no one in the universe better than him. Aries was disappointed that Bully Ray didn’t put him in the Number One Contender’s Match, last week.

Bully Ray came out to answer “The Greatest Man who ever Lived”. Bully said the crowd always makes him feel good and only their opinion matters. Bully reminded everyone that Austin beat him, in the past. Bully warned Austin that he ran off at the mouth, too often. Bully said Austin would need to work his way back up the ladder of contention. Austin wanted to know what Bully could do for him. Bully offered him a shot at the X-Division title. Aries said he didn’t need the X-Championship, anymore. Aries insulted Rock Star Spud which brought out the wild-dressed Brit.

Spud said he was not there to get in Aries’ face. Spud was hurt by Aries’ comments. Spud praised Aries for blazing the trail for men like him. Aries corrected Spud by saying Option C was for him, not for guys like Spud. Aries gave Spud a match against him, to see if Spud could hang with Austin. Spud accepted. Austin said if he couldn’t beat Spud, maybe he doesn’t believe he should be in TNA. Bully Ray stepped him and suggested that Aries should put his career on the line. If Spud beats Aries, Austin leaves TNA. If Aries wins, he gets to be called “Rock Star” Austin Aries. Aries then popped Spud in the face. Interesting stipulation. Hmmm…Another jumper to Ring of Honor? That match will happen, next week.

Backstage, Chris Melendez and Kurt Angle talked. Kurt thanked Chris for coming to his aid, recently. Melendez needed to finish this with Eric Young. Kurt told Chris to go after Eric, not to wait for him to come to the Sarge.

Sgt. Chris Melendez (w/Kurt Angle) vs Eric Young

Melendez took the stick and admitted that Eric has beaten him, so far. Chris refused to quit. Chris demanded his rematch, right now. Eric thought Chris might be confused, after being dropped on his head (by Eric). Chris begged Eric to come down and get his *ss beaten.

Go Behind by Eric and Eric slapped the back of Chris’ head., several times. Chris took down Eric and it surprised Young. Eric talked serious trash and then slapped Chris. Melendez slapped back and dropped E.Y.. Eric punched away after laying out Chris. Mudhole Stomp by Eric. Eric bashed Chris’ neck. Eric choked Chris on the middle rope. Eric stomped on the neck and Elbow Dropped it. Chris tried to fight back but Eric kept the pressure on…at least for a moment. Chris punched away. Piledriver!

Your Winner: Eric Young
Impact Scorecard: 2.0 out of a possible 5

A Hall of Fame profile ran about Sting.

Jeremy Borash found Matt hardy and wanted to talk to him. He wondered if there were any hints to the match stipulation. Matt avoided the answer and kept saying “We” are thinking it over.

TNA looked back at how Brooke won the Knockout Title.

Brooke vs Marti Belle
Knockout Title Match

Brooke attacked Jade to try and neutralize the Dollhouse compatriot. Double Clothesline to the Dollhouse. Brooke then attacked Taryn Terrell. Marti waited for the bell to ring and jumped the champ. Marti talked serious trash and then slammed Brooke’s face into the mat. Cartwheel Neckbreaker by Marti. Rolling Neckbreaker by Brooke. Marti popped Brooke and slammed her face, multiple times, into the canvas. Marti stood on Brooke’s neck to push it into the middle rope. Marti put Brooke up on the top turnbuckle. Marti smacked away and set for the Superplex. She didn’t get it. Flying Clothesline by Brooke. Jade and Taryn shrieked for Marti to get up. Clotheslines and a Back Elbow by the champ. Flying Forearm by Brooke. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Brooke. 2 count. Brooke whipped Marti across the ring but ate a big boot. Spear by Brooke. Jade tried to distract. Taryn pulled down Brooke. The ref was completely not watching. Gail Kim’s music played and Brooke hit her finisher, the Butter Face Maker (X-Factor).

Your Winner: Brooke
Impact Scorecard: 1.5

The Hall of Fame promo video for Kurt Angle was next to air.

Tigre Uno talked, in Spanish, about being a father. He also discussed his feelings about TNA. He then talked about the whole Lucha Libre mindset. He mentioned it took him 17 years to win the X-Division Championship. Christy Hemme then discussed how Donald Trump did not show up to answer Tigre Uno’s challenge. He called Trump a “coward”.

Ethan was then asked about the match stipulation that Matt Hardy was going to get to choose. Ethan asked Matt to take his best shot.

Ethan Carter III (and Tyrus) came out for the Hour Turner segment. Josh tried to praise Ethan as a worthy champion. Pope disagreed about the worthiness. Ethan knew he had to defend at next week’s No Surrender PPV. Ethan accused Bully Ray of tricking him into the whole match stipulation thing. Ethan then went off on the “Hillbillies for North Carolina” (The Hardys). Ethan wasn’t sweating Matt Hardy. Ethan mocked Jeff Hardy for breaking his leg in a motorbike crash.

Jeff Hardy walked out from the back. He took forever to get in the ring. Ethan joked “Look what he cat dragged in”. The fans welcomed Jeff back. Jeff admitted that he cried when his leg was reset and when he had to learn to walk, again. Ethan just made him sick. Jeff knew he might never wrestle the same. Jeff still had a way to go before he was ready to return to action. Jeff asked the fans if they thought Ethan was a good champion. It was almost unanimously a “No”. Jeff was confident that Matt Hardy would win, next week.

Matt Hardy then strolled out to join his brother. Matt said fans have always said he and Jeff couldn’t do it. Matt stated there was no animosity or competitive between the two brothers. Matt wasn’t going to issue the stipulation but Jeff decided to go ahead and show the stip. Matt found…Tables, Ladders and Chairs under the ring. Yep, Full Metal Mayhem returns! Matt also added that nobody would be at ringside when Matt faces Ethan. That should be a great match.

Team 3D were the next men profiled in the Hall of Fame video packages.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Mickie James and Magnus. This was the first time the Happy Couple have worked a match together. Magnus said this was not a match, it was a fight. Magnus said it was time to close the door on this feud.

James Storm and Serena vs Magnus and Mickie James
Mixed Tag Team Match

Mickie rushed at Storm and then Magnus tore into The Cowboy. Knife Edge Chop, on the floor, by the ticked off Brit. Magnus punched away and threw Storm back in the ring. Serena took a swipe at Magnus, which allowed Storm to Uppercut magnus. Storm with a huge Whip but Magnus exploded with a Clothesline. Serena kneed Magnus’ kidneys. Storm then hit the Jumping Enziguri. Knee Drop and Storm refused to take the pin. Rear Chin Lock by Storm as TNA took a break.

Storm blew kisses at Mickie and then choked Storm over the ropes. Before that, Storm had nailed the Back Stabber. Serena kept getting involved. Storm bashed Magnus and claimed he was a “real man”. Running Back Elbow by Storm. 2 count. Storm stomped on Magnus’ hand. Storm threw his sweat in Mickie’s face and went back to work on Magnus. Snap Mare into a Legdrop. Rear Chin Lock by the Cowboy. Storm dropped Magnus with another Clothesline. Storm then threw Magnus out to the floor. Whip to the barricade and Magnus crumbled. Storm rolled Magnus back in the ring and the Brit finally started to put up some offense. A Code Breaker stopped that cold. Double Crossbodies.

Mickie begged for the tag. The girls both got involved. Mickie dropped Seenta with a Dropkick and Flapjack. Kip Up and Mickie went up top. Super Thesz Press but Storm grabbed Mickie by the hair to stop the count. Magnus was not able to help. Mickie slapped the daylights out of Storm. Gutbuster by Serena. Magnus hit the Spear on Storm. Serena screamed for Khoya to come down to the ring. Mickie and Serena traded hard blows on the floor. Mickie was sent into the ring steps. Khoya accidentally took out Storm with the walking stick. Powerbomb by Magnus. Serena jumped on Magnus’ back. He flipped her off. Mickie got back in the ring. MickieDT!

Your Winners: Mickie James and Magnus
Impact Scorecard: 3.25

Mickei attacked James Storm, after the match.

TNA reshowed the Mike Tenay interview with Ken Anderson. Ken wasn’t sure what his future would be, thanks to Bram. Bram demanded a match against Mr. Anderson, next week. The video and audio kept distorting in and out. Bram said Ken would not be going home, after their match.

Josh and Pope ran down the No Surrender card. It will be rocking pillar to post.

An extended promotional video ran about Jeff Jarrett.

Mike Tenay was in the ring. He was hosting the Hall of Fame ceremony. He invited Dixie Carter to join him in the ring. She got a mixed reaction from the crowd, mostly positive. Dixie was the one to induct Jeff Jarrett into the Hall of Fame. Dixie talked about meeting Jeff, right out of college, in Dallas. She compared TNA’s growth to the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Dixie said she and the fans were all so proud of Jarrett. She then brought out the true “King of the Mountain”.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett strolled form the back. The Jarretts hugged Dixie. Jeff would speak, after a few commercials.

Dixie inducted Jeff into the Hall of Fame. “Thank You Jeff” rang out. He took the microphone and said they just might be there a long time. He thanked anyone who has been a “TNA Consumer”. He also wanted to thank everyone who has ever received a paycheck from TNA. He discussed all the hard work that everyone has put in. He thanked Bob and Janice Carter for believing in a young businessman. He thanked all the Dallas people and then moved on to the Nashville crew. He brought up Keith Mitchell, the Harris Brothers and quite a few others. Jeff broke down, a bit, as he talked about Mike Tenay. Jeff thanked Don West, as well. He thanked all the X-Division stars, over the years. He also brought up the Knockouts, especially mentioning Kong and Gail Kim. The tag team division was his next focus. He threw out several team names, showing the biggest respect to Team 3D. Jeff discussed the Heavyweights. Jeff thanked Dixie Carter for the highs and lows. He knew Dixie was responsible for him being in the Hall of Fame. Jeff really broke down when talking about family. He mentioned getting back in touch with his dad, Jerry Jarrett. Jeff said Jerry should be in the Hall of Fame before him. He then mentioned his five kids. He loved them for supporting him, despite all the craziness. H then turned to talk to his wonderful wife, Karen. He called her his “Rock”. Jeff said he couldn’t be more proud to be getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. “Thank You, Jeff”. I echo the chant and sentiment. The locker room emptied to show their love and support for the King of the Mountain.


–Jay Shannon

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