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Dixie Carter came out to announce the 2015 Hall of Fame inductee…JEFF JARRETT! It’s about darn time! A promotional video aired about Jeff’s abilities both inside and outside the ring. Honestly, Jeff should have gone in first, but that’s just my thought. Next week, Jarrett will be inducted. I thought they held that until Bound for Glory?

The announcers ran down the night’s card.

Bram vs Magnus
Street Fight Rules

Magnus sent Bram into the ring post. In the ring, Magnus hit a Clothesline and Knife Edge Chop. Magnus sent Bram to the ropes but Bram kicked the chest. A hard Clothesline sent Bram out to the floor. Magnus popped Bram and then rolled him back in the ring. Magnus kicked away at the lower mid-section. Magnus Suplexed Bram up onto the top turnbuckle. Bram held the ropes to try and block the Superplex but it failed. Elbow by Bram but Magnus answered with a Big Boot.

Bram slid out of the ring and ended up trapped in the ring skirt. Magnus pounded away. Bram clocked Magnus and looked for “Toys”. Bram slapped away at his former best mate. Bram got a trash can and drove it into Magnus’ back. Bram then got a can lid and stalked Magnus. Bram popped Magnus between the eyes and tossed him back in the ring. Bram missed an Elbow Drop. Magnus hit the Missile Dropkick. Magnus found the trash can and stuffed it over Bram’s head. Magnus picked up a steel chair and bashed the can. Magnus put Bram back inside the can and blasted the top of the can with the chair. Magnus headed up top and nailed the Savage Elbow to get a two. Earl Hebnuer got knocked silly and couldn’t make the 3 count. Low Blow by Bram. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Bram
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

James Storm walked out from the back with his bullrope and cow bell. Storm drove the cow bell into Magnus’ neck. Storm asked Magnus if he thought James had forgotten about him. Storm promised to reveal his partner, later on tonight.

Eli Drake came out to explain his recent actions towards his former mentor, Drew Galloway. TNA looked at how Eli turned on Drew by cracking a crutch across Drew’s back, during the World title match. Eli knew everyone was upset at him. Eli appreciated Drew getting him in the door but he was tired of having to follow Drew. Eli stated he used Drew and “The Rising” to further his own career. Eli said everyone uses others. Drake swore he would never let Drew hold the World Title.

That brought out Drew Galloway. Drew looked ready to explode as he slowly walked towards the ring. Drew realized that Eli had the Killer Instinct that he was looking for. Drew accused Eli of killing the Rising for his own personal wants and needs. Drew couldn’t believe his own “Brother” would turn on him. Drew decided to ask the fans what they wanted. “Kick his *ss” broke out. Drew said he would do just that. Drew was ready to make Eli “Famous”. Eli didn’t back down, though he was brandishing the crutch.

Drew Galloway vs Eli Drake

Drew dropped serious Elbows to Drew. Eli went low and then worked over the neck. Eli grabbed his crutch but didn’t get to use it. Drew set for the Future Shock DDT but Eli bailed out of the ring.

Your Winner: Drew Galloway (though match was never official)
Impact Scorecard: 1.5

TNA looked back at how Brooke became the new Knockout Champion. Christy Hemme started to do a promo but Taryn cut her off. Taryn wanted what was hers. Taryn blamed everyone in sight for her loss.

Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim
Six Sides of Steel Match

Taryn was so annoying with her grumbling about not being champ, anymore. Brooke came out to give her grief about acting like a baby. Brooke called Marti and Jade the “DollHo’s”. Taryn shrieked at everyone to shut up. Taryn said she was the champion, since she was untouchable to men and Knockouts. Brooke said she outwrestled, outsmarted and beat Taryn. Brooke told Taryn to come get the title. Before she could get to Taryn, Gail Kim’s music and video hit. Gail locked herself in the cage with Marti and Jade.

Gail ran the girls’ heads together. Marti and Jade were bounced against the cage walls. Brooke stalked the former champ, Taryn. Taryn had a massive meltdown as Gail and Brooke drove the knife deeper.

Your Winner: Match Never Happened
Impact Scorecard: N/A

King of the Mountain Title Match (From Slammiversary)

Jeff Jarrett vs Eric Young vs Matt Hardy vs Drew Galloway vsBobby Roode

To win this match, a person first had to pin an opponent and then attached the title belt to the holding area. It was basically a Reverse Ladder Match. “Thank You Jarrett” rang out from the crowd. All 5 men started throwing bombs at each other. Drew hit a La Bandera Clothesline to send Eric to the floor. Bobby took the fight to Eric. Jarrett just waited in the ring for someone to face. Eric grabbed a ladder. Bobby went to work on Matt. Bobby shoved Jeff and that fired up Jarrett. Back Body Drop by Double J. JJ hit one on Eric, as well. “You Still Got IT” rang out. Skid Mark and Strut by Jarrett. Bobby Roode pinned Jarrett. That put Jeff in the Penalty Box for 2 minutes. Roode can now try to put up the title belt. Break time.

Matt set up the ladder but he was not yet eligible to go up. Matt smacked Bobby and sent him into the ladder. Side Effect by Matt. 2 count. Drew hit a Dropkick to Matt. Spinebuster to Drew. Matt whipped Bobby and both men Clotheslined each other. Jeff finally got out of the cage. Eric ran Jeff into the cage and then nailed a DDT. 1-2-3. Eric is now worthy of going up the ladder…and Jeff is back in the Penalty Box. Matt pushed Eric off the ladder. Matt cracked several people with a ladder. Drew nailed the Future Shock DDT onto the ladder. Matt Hardy was his victim. Bobby Roode prevented the pin. Bobby stomped away on Matt and nailed the Front Drop Suplex. Karen comforted her hubby, Jeff, who had just a few more seconds left inside the cage.

Jeff rushed in the ring and unloaded on everyone he could reach. Eric kicked Jeff between the legs and tossed Jeff out to the floor. Matt hit a Twist of Fate on Bobby to become eligible. Drew Galloway with the Jackknife on Eric. Everyone is now eligible, except Jarrett. Bobby and Eric were in the Penalty Box. Eric didn’t know if they could beat the three others. Bobby said they should go Old School> Jarrett hit The Stroke but Matt prevented the pin. Matt kicked Jeff in the face. Matt went for The Twist of Fate but Jeff turned it into the Stroke. Drew blocked the pin. Eric and Bobby got released. Double team on Matt Hardy and then on Drew. Savage Elbow by Eric. Jarrett was down and seriously out. Eric and Bobby began to sign the Canadian National Anthem. Eric tried to turn on Bobby and hit a Piledriver. Bobby came back with a La Bandera. Drew pushed out of the Twist of Fate. Karen urged her man to get up. Tower of Doom by Jarrett. Eric and Bobby sent Drew and Matt into the Penalty Box for 2 minutes. Bobby, Jeff and Eric threw Haymakers as TNA went to another break.

Jeff got double teamed by Team Canada Reborn. Jeff dropped Bobby but Eric laid him out. Karen got up in Eric’s face and slapped him. Eric picked up Jeff’s silver guitar. Jeff kicked low on Eric. Jeff picked up the guitar and played a concerto on Bobby’s face to finally become eligible. Matt and Drew got free. Bobby went into the Box. Drew and Matt fought on the ladder. Jeff pushed over the ladder, just seconds after Matt and Drew fell. Jeff called for the title belt. Eric stopped Jeff and dumped him, backwards, over the topes. Eric hit a Piledriver, to Jeff, on a ladder.

Matt slammed Eric’s face on the ramp. Bobby stumbled out of the Penalty Box. Drew climbed on top of the Penalty Box and flew off to take out Matt, Drew and Eric….and himself. Drew slid in the ring and started up the ladder. Matt did his best to reach the ladder and stop Drew. Matt knocked the title out of Drew’s hand. Twist of Fate, off the ladder, by Matt. Matt grabbed the belt and started up. Bobby Roode stopped him and the title belt fell. Spinning Powerbomb by Bobby. Bobby retrieved the title belt and adjusted the ladder. Eric smacked Bobby with a 2nd ladder. Eric climbed that alternate ladder and hit a vicious Palm Strike and grabbed the title belt.

Jarrett finally got back in the match and rammed Eric into the ladder. Stroke, off the ladder, by Jarrett. Jeff took the strap and headed up the ladder. No one seemed able to stop him. He did it!

Your Winner: Jeff Jarrett
Impact Scorecard: 3.75

Tigre Uno did an interview, in Spanish, discussing how not all Mexicans in the United States are bad people. He was asked about Donald Trump’s ridiculous comments about Mexicans. Tigre invited Trump to come to the Impact Zone, next week, and face him (for a discussion). I doubt seriously that Trump will show up.

The Revolution walked out, in unison. James Storm said there was always room for One More. The newest member of his group was Mickie James’ former protégé, Serena. Serena purred and cooed at her new leader. She blathered about how Mickie broke her heart when Mickie became famous. Yawn. Storm took back over and said he was going to beat and embarrass Magnus and Mickie. Storm even sent out a not to infant, Donovan.

Eric Young vs Rock Star Spud
Steel Chain Match

This seemed like a glorified Squash Match. Josh Mathews felt Spud didn’t have a chance. Eric jumped Spud before the bell. Eric choked Spud with the chain. Hip Toss by Eric. Eric used the chain to Biel Spud across the ropes. Eric stomped the back and ribs of Spud. Spud did his best to fight back but Eric ripped at his face. Spud slid out onto the apron but Eric ripped the chain into Spud’s mouth. Eric bounced Spud off the ring steps. Eric wanted to whip Spud but missed, twice. Spud slid back in the ring and out the other side of the ring post. Spud pulled Eric into the post. Eric yanked Spud out of the ring. Eric dragged Spud with the chain around Spud’s neck.

Eric stomped Spud in the face as the Brit screamed in pain. Eric tossed Spud back in the ring. Running Clothesline with the chain by Eric. Spud kicked out and Eric couldn’t believe it. Eric tried to Choke Pin Spud with the chain. Spud ducked a chain Whip. Spud slid between Eric’s legs and flipped off the Canadian. He then flipped Young over. Running Clotheslines by Spuds. He then whipped Eric’s back, over and over. Pope talked about Greg Valentine and Roddy Piper. Young threw Spud off the turnbuckles. Piledriver onto the chain.

Your Winner: Eric Young
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Bobby Roode vs Matt Hardy
Number One Contender’s Match, Tables Match Rules

Matt whipped Bobby across and dropped him with a Back Elbow. Double Boots by Roode. Side Effect by Matt. Hardy called for a table. He was already limping as he gathered up the table. Bobby bashed Matt and Hardy almost fell onto the table. Shoulder by Matt but Bobby came back with a Clothesline. Matt bounced Bobby’s face off the tables on the outside. Matt tried to Suplex Bobby through a table but Bobby Suplexed Matt onto the ring steps. Bobby dropped Matt on top of Matt. Bobby stood on the table, driving it into Matt’s chest. Matt tumbled down the steps.

Bobby tossed Matt in the ring and joined him there. Bobby choked Matt with the boot. Matt bashed Bobby and then Booted Rodoe. Elbow Drop off the middle ropes. Corner Clothesline by Matt. Matt wanted to Bulldog Bobby through the table but Roode turned it into a Spinebuster. Bobby moved the table over and tried to choke Matt with one of the legs. Matt kicked away at Bobby as Bobby drove the bar across the throat. Matt pushed the table into Bobby’s face. Twist of Fate! Matt bashed Roode in the face, over and over. Matt went up top for the Moonsault. Roode slipped off the table and tripped Matt. Hardy tumbled down into the ring. Matt countered the Roode Bomb. Bobby blocked the Twist of Fate. Matt used a Shoulder Flip to send Bobby over the ropes…and through the table on the floor.

Your W inner: Matt Hardy
Impact Scorecard: 2.75


–Jay Shannon

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