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July 22 NXT recap:

The show begins with a recap video of Balor defeating Owens in Japan. Finn Balor makes his way to the ring to be interviewed by Greg Hamilton. When he made his way in the ring, the fans chanted, “You deserve it.” Balor spoke about his history including his time in Japan. He says he has had to make a lot of sacrifices but they have been worth it because now, he is the NXT champion. Hamilton announces a contract signing between Balor and Owens for the NXT Takeover-Brooklyn rematch for later in the show. Balor said Owens has done many great things in this business but winning in Tokyo wasn’t one of them. Balor said, at NXT Takeover, he would leave the ring still NXT champion. The announcers talked up the matches for tonight’s show

Backstage, Devin was set to interview Eva Marie. Eva said she wanted to thank William Regal for the chance. She said the fans better watch because they were going to like what they saw.

Match 1: Eva Marie vs. Cassie

Eva made her entrance dressed in a bright red robe. She started quickly on Cassie and dominated early. She hit a big boot and a running senton for a two count. She then worked on Cassie’s arm.

Cassie fought back forcing Eva’s jaw into her head and hit her with several high roundhouse kicks for a two count. Eva pushed her off into the ropes. The rope catches Cassie’s throat stunning her. Eva set her up for her finisher, a reverse ddt while walking up the turnbuckle (Sliced Break 2), for the win.

Winner: Eva Marie

We see Regal walking in his office while on the phone. Tyler Breeze is waiting for him laying across a desk. Breeze said Owens vs. Balor is not that interesting and demanded to know his opponent for Takeover. Regal said he was working on it. Breeze replied that it better be somebody good.

Match 2: Baron Corbin vs. Un-named opponent

Total squash match. Corbin pushes him and hits the End of Days for the win in about ten seconds.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Match 3: Samoa Joe vs. Mike Rawlis

Joe makes his entrance and dominates early. Rawlis tries to start fast attacking Joe. Joe quickly turns things around and punches Rawlis repeatedly knocking him to the mat.

Rawlis continued to punch but it had little affect. Joe continued to dominate with a running backsplash and an enziguri in the corner. Joe went for the running boot to the face but Rawlis stopped it and fought back briefly. He tried to catch Joe in the corner but Joe caught him with the one-armed slam out of the corner and the muscle buster for the three count.

Winner Samoa Joe

Backstage Devin interviewed Emma and Dana Brooke. Devin said that Bayley has said next time she sees her, she will do more than hug her. Emma said that sounded a little creepy. She said Bayley is probably upset because she broke her hand and maybe now its time to break her spirit.

Dana tried to calm her down and they hugged. Emma said a hug makes everything better and left. Dana patted Devin on the head as she walked off.

Match 4: Bayley vs. Emma

Emma wore a Bayley bracelet to the ring and made fun of it. Bayley took it from her, goes to set it in the corner and Emma attacked her targeting her head early. Emma ran Bayley’s head in the mat and into the turnbuckles. Bayley fought back and ran Emma’s head into the turnbuckle and hitting a running bulldog for a pin attempt.

Dana helped pull Emma from the ring. As she was sliding under, Emma smashed her hand into the ring post. Emma took over concentrating on the hand. Bayley fights back and hits two double axe handles and a flying back elbow off the ropes for a two count.

Both women attempt a clothesline and hit the mat. Dana tries to interfere but gets caught by the ref and gets sent to the back. Bayley tries to use the distraction to roll up Emma but Emma rolled through and got a two count. Bayley kicked out and hit the Bayley to belly suplex for the win.

Winner Bayley

Postmatch: Bayley cuts a promo in the ring. As the fans chant “Welcome Back,” Bayley said the win felt great and she’s happy to be back. She says the reason she came back was to be the NXT Women’s champion and to do that she has to beat the best. She wants a match with Charlotte.

In the backstage area, Devin was set to interview Charlotte about Bayley’s challenge. Charlotte said that what is happening at Raw is a statement that the NXT women have finally been given the chance to show what they can do. She said if Bailey wants a match, no one is more deserving.

Dana Brooke appears and says Charlotte has been given too many chances already because of her last name and has not lived up to them. She says Charlotte also has the chance at Raw but she will probly mess that up too. Dana says that she wants to make her chance and that starts by beating Charlotte next week.

Charlotte said she guessed Bayley could wait one more week. She told Dana, I’ll make a statement next week you won’t forget.

Match 5: The Vaudevillians (Aiden English and Simon Gotch) vs. Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton

Gotch starts out on Dawkins. Gotch is hitting some whips and kicks early but is caught from behind by Fulton after a blind tag. Sawyer and Fulton work over Gotch and hit him with a double-team move for a two-count.

Gotch fights out and makes the tag to English. English comes in fast with offense, hits a neck breaker then makes the tag to set up the Whirling Dirvish for the win.

Winner The Vaudevillians

Backstage, Blake and Murphy gave the Vaudevillians cheap credit for the win. Alexa Bliss then says her team will walk in as champions and will walk out as champions when they meet.

The contract signing was the final segment of the show. A table was set up in the ring. Regal was standing in the ring as well. Owens was introduced first and made his entrance. After Balor made his way to the ring, Owens asked him how it feels to be champion.

Owens asked how it will feel to defend the NXT championship on a big stage, Brooklyn. It was an insult to the Universe and they booed the comment. Owens then touted all his highlights since hes been in WWE/NXT.

Owens said how he is looking forward to showing Balor and the NXT Universe Japan was a fluke win. Balor said it was nothing he hadn’t already heard and would make Owens choke on his words.

Balor signed, then Owens signed. Regal also signed and announced the match as official for Takeover. Owens threw the table into Balor and smashed his face in it. Owns attacked Regal and took him down. He went to Balor but Finn fought back and hit Owens with a forearm and kick. Owens bailed and left the area. Balor was left standing in the ring with the title to close the show.

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