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Welcome to Wild Wrestling Wednesdays. Tonight is a very special night for Ring of Honor. They have reached 200 episodes. Star Trek (Original Series) never had 200 episodes. The Three Stooges never made 200 short films (they did come close, as I have them all). Gilligan’s Island never did 200 episodes. It was a night to celebrate and look back at years of fantastic action.

The Honor-Tron said it loud and proud…200 Episodes. Steve “King” Corino and Kevin Kelly ran down the night’s show.

Flashback Moment #1

The Addiction vs reDRagon
World Tag Team Title Match

Joined in Progress:

Kyle O’Reilly attacked Christopher Daniels with kicks and strikes. Frankie Kazarian got involved and The Addiction seemed ready to fall. Cross Armbreaker on Daniels and Ankle Lock on Kaz. Double Team on Daniels. Kaz accidentally struck his own partner. Bobby Fish and Kyle went all sleazy with the Rick Rude Gyrations. Awesome double team but Kaz made the save. It looked like time for Chasing the Dragon but it failed. Kaz with a Diamond Cutter on Kyle but O’Reilly kicked out. Powerbomb by Daniels but Fish made the save. Flyign Forearm by Bobby Fish. Kaz with a Springboard DDT to Bobby> Ax and Smash to Kaz. Kyle then got dropped by Daniels.

Fish escaped the Buzzkiller . The man with the red mask was on the outside. Uranage Slam by Daniels. BME missed. The guy from KRD Superkicked Kyle. Celebrity Rehab!

Your Winners (and New Tag Team Champions): Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25

The masked man turned out to be an ally to The Addiction. When he was unmasked, it turned out to be…Chris Sabin! The Addiction attacked reDRagon, after the match, with the tag team belts. Kyle was seriously busted open.

The stars of New Japan are coming back to Ring of Honor in August. The Japanese stars are absolutely exceptional. If you get AXSTV, you can see New Japan on Friday Nights.

Various members of the RoH Roster talked about the 200th episode of one of the best wrestling shows on television, these days.

Flashback Moment #2

Steel Cage Warfare (Team RoH vs Team Scum)

Steve Corino threw a fireball into Kevin Steen’s (Kevin Owens) face. Steen came back to defeat all of Corino’s forces to hold up the honor of Ring of Honor.

Next up, the announcers highlighted this year’s Top Prospect Tournament. Donovan Dijak overcame the odds and won the thing. It really looked like Will Ferrara would win it all but he just fell a bit short. Dijak uses a variation of the Go To Sleep that he calls Feast Your Eyes. Dijak was scouted by several managers but ended up signing on with the House of Truth.

Flashback Moment #3

Tag Wars 2014 (23/27/14)

Matt Sydal and ACH vs reDRagon

Sydal flipped Fish to the floor. ACH went Jordon but missed the 450 Splash. Double team on ACH for a two count. Matt fought both Fish and O’Reilly but fell. Ax and Smash to Matt. Saito Suplex by Bobby. High Low by reDRagon. Chasing the Dragon.

Your Winners: reDRagon
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25

Flashback Moment #4

Hanson vs A.J. Styles

Styles nailed an Enziguri. Hanson flipped Styles onto the apron. Springboard Forearm by Styles. Styles lifted Hanson but Hanson got free. Styles dodged the Spin Kick o Doom. Hanson blocked Styles Clash. Hasnon wanted the Butterfly Bomb but Styles fought back. Hanson with a Dead Lift Suplex Driver off a blocked Sunset Flip. 2 count. Hanson wanted a Moonsault, from the top, but A.J. tripped him. Hanson Elbowed Styles in the side of the head. Pele! Styles Clash.

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Mandy Leon was here to run down the Death Before Dishonor card.

Dalton Castle vs Adam Cole
The Briscoes vs Roppongi Vice
Moose vs Cedric Alexander
ACH vs Adam Page (No Disqualification Match)
The Addiction vs War Machine vs reDRagon vs The Kingdom (Four Corners Survival Match for the RoH Tag Team Titles)
Roderick Strong vs Jay Lethal (RoH World Title Match)

There were several interviews from the highlighted players in the iPPV.

Flashback Moment #5

Lance Storm vs Michael Bennett

Storm lifted Michael but Bennett went for the Photo Finish. Storm applied the Single Crab but Bennett made it to the ropes. Brutal Bob Evans distracted Storm, so Bennett could hit the Neckbrekaer. Maria distracted the ref. Bob slid in a chair and Bennett put down Storm with the Photo Finish on the chair.

Your Winner: Michael Bennett
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5

Jay Lethal, Truth Martini, J. Diesel and Donovan Dijak vs Mark Briscoe, Jay Briscoe, Roderick Strong and ODB
8 Person Tag Team Match

This one was live. Todd Sinclair wanted the Code of Honor Handshake but it didn’t happen. Truth opened up against ODB. Seriously? Truth-a-Roomi. Tag to Lethal. Strong then tagged in for his side. Dijak tagged in before Strong and Lethal could tie up. Collar and Elbow nad Dijak shoved Strong into the corner. Strong punched away. Strong tried to Leg Suplex Dijak but had to settle for a Leg Lariat.

Jay Briscoe took the tag and tore into Dijak. Mark took the tag. Suplex by Jay and then Mark hit a Springboard Elbow Drop. Time for a break.

Dijak tossed Mark clear across the ring. Lethal stomped away on Mark’s chest. Tag to Diesel. He ripped into Mark and then brought in Dijak. Dijak clubbed the back and almost pinned Mark. Wicked Kneelifts to Mark’s chest. 1-2-no.Jay Lethal came back in and stomped away. 2 count, again. Dijak came back for another pin attempt. Dijak kicked Mark in the face. Knife Edge Chop and Open Hand Slap by Dijak. Mark with a Springboard Elbow and a tag to his brother, Jay. Briscoe tore Dijak apart with a flurry of moves, including a Neckbreaker. Jay Driller was blocked by Dijak rushing towards the corner. Lethal took the tag and got blasted for his troubles. Diesel tagged back in and hit a Snap Spulex for a two count. Scoop into a Fallaway Slam by Diesel. Truth wanted the tag. Are you kidding me? Scoop by Diesel. Jay B. popped Truth and Martini quickly took a powder. Lethal cinched in a modified Cobra Clutch, which led to a Short Arm Clothesline. RoH needed to get in one final commercial break.

Jay B Back Elbowed Diesel and hit a Death Valley Driver. Jay tagged in Roddy. Lethal also took the tag. Knife Edge Chops by Strong. Strong with a wicked Dropkick. Shotgun Knees and a Running Clothesline. Double Knee Butbuster into the Sick Kick by Roddy. All 8 people got involved. ODB took the tag but Lethal didn’t notice it. Truth yanked ODB off Lethal’s back. ODB dropped her flask. The entire House of Truth surrounded ODB. ODB got her flask, took a swig, and tore into everyone in sight. Lethal and Truth kicked ODB. The Briscoes rushed back in, as did Strong. Mark with a Flip Dive to the floor. Jay B did the same. Truth rolled up ODB but only got a two. 100 Proof Roll Up by ODB!

Your Winners: The Briscoes, ODB and Roderick Strong
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5


–Jay Shannon

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