Posted July 19th, 2015 by jshannon


Owens decked John after a Universal. Hammer Throw by Owens. John tried to go into the Flying Shoulder Tackles but Owens caught him. John came back with the Dropkick. Guillotine Leg Drop by John to pull a two count. Owens nailed the DDT after escaping the AA. John went Vintage but Owens rolled out to the apron to avoid the Five Knuckle Shuffle. John got the knees up when Owens went for the Swanton. Owens did John’s Vintage moves, including the Five Knuckle Shuffle. STF by Cena. Cannonball by Owens. John hit the Canadian Destroyer for a two. Owens caught Cena on the fly and hit the Powerbomb. 2 count, yet again. Cena with the AA for a two. John seemed to hurt his arm on a bad landing. Owens kept yelling at Michael Cole. Cena countered the Pop Up Powerbomb. Owens hit the Attitude Adjustment and applied the STF! Cena got free and used what may have been his last vestiges of strength to fight back. Springboard Stunner but Owens came right back with a vicious Clothesline. Uranage Neckbreaker by Owens. AA by Cena. Inside Out Clothesline by Cena. Pop Up Powerbomb by Owens but Cena still kicked out. Super Attitude Adjustment but Owens kicked out! John had serious doubt in his eyes. John returned to the STF. Owens fought but had no choice but to tap out.

Your Winner (by Submission): John Cena
Battleground Scorecard: 4.75

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