Posted July 19th, 2015 by jshannon


Brock circled the ring to freak out Seth and it seemed to be working. Lilian did the official announcements. Brock rushed Seth to the corner and threw massive Shoulders. Seth slipped free and hit the floor. Brock chased Seth, who attacked Brock as he slid back in the ring. German!! German! German! Welcome to Pluto, Seth. German! German! Seth slid out to the floor. Seth decided to take a powder but Brock hurdled the barricade to catch the champ. Brock tossed Seth back in the ring. German! German but Seth lande don his feet. Superkick. Seth dropped Brock by kicking the back of the knee. Brock blocked the Pedrigree but Seth sent him to the floor with a huge kick. Suicide Dive by Seth. Exploder Suplex was Suplex number 7. Hat Trick to make the count 10 trips to Suplex City. Brock slapped Seth in the face. 2 more Suplexes. Seth slapped Brock hard. Suplex #13 led to an F5.

The UNDERTAKER’s music hit!

Are you freaking kidding me? Taker wa sin the ring. Taker kicked Brock low. Chokeslam to Brock by Taker! Tombstone Piledriver! Taker has let his hair grow back out and looks in incredible shape! A 2nd Tombstone! The announcers were dead silent.

I can only guess what the Main Event of Summerslam will be?

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out, I guess
Battleground Scorecard:3.0

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