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The show opened with a recap video from last week showing the diva tag match and then setting the women’s title match as the main event tonight. The commentary team checked in and we get ready for the first match.

Match 1: Chad Gable and Jason Jordan vs. Steve Cutler and Elias Sampson

Jordan starts match against Samson and rides him early with an amateur-wrestling ride. Jordan quickly tags in Gable who is equally impressive on the mat. Cutler eventually forces him back in his corner for some double-team offense. Gable was being beaten down pretty good but managed to hit a throw to create some space. He made the tag to Jordan. Jordan picked up Cutler as though he was going for a back-suplex. Instead, Jordan threw Cutler to Gable who caught him and hit the back-suplex for the win.

Winner: Jason Jordan and Chad Gable

A short recap video of Raw aired that showed the diva’s segment brawl including Sasha, Becky and Charlotte

Samoa Joe made his entrance for the next match. His opponent was already in the ring.

Match 2: Samoa Joe vs. Alex Tichler

Tichler came right out with some hard-hitting offense on Joe sending him into the corner. Joe quickly turned things around and took over on Tichler. Joe hit a kick to the back and a chop before Tichler tried to fight back.

Tichler came back running Joe’s eyes across the ropes. Joe fought back with a atomic drop, boot and senton combo set. Tichler tried to fight back against Joe in the corner but Joe picked him up with one-handed slam in the out of the corner. Joe then hits the muscle-buster and a rear naked choke-like submission hold for the tap out victory.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Next segment, a Baron Corbin video aired. Corbin touted his exploits in college where he won four rings for football. Shots aired of him as a golden gloves champion and playing in the NFL. Corbin made fun of fans who support “internet guys” and said that, while they were working for peanuts, he was making more money then any of them had ever seen. He said he will like destroying all the NXT heroes and calling himself the angel of fate.

Eva Marie was out next to a chorus of boos. She played up to it and said she was glad they were happy to see her. She was also excited to see them. She said she was fired up to watch Sasha and Charlotte, and she wanted to announce her first match next week. She said all red everything is coming. The commentators pushed that this would be her way to the top.

Match 3: Blake and Murphy vs. Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton

Dawkins started fast for his team, hitting a nice dropkick driving Murphy in the corner. Dawkins tried to follow up coming after Murphy in the corner. Murphy gets the foot up and takes over taking him to the corner of the champs for some double-teaming and a reverse chin lock. As Dawkins started to make his comeback, Blake pulled Fulton off the apron to stop a possible tag. He then ran back to his corner and hit the running suplex and frog splash finisher for the win.

Winner: Blake and Murphy

Post match: Blake and Murphy were celebrating in the ring when Alexa signaled for a beat down. As the champs commenced the beat down, Bliss hit the sparkle splash as she was launched onto Fulton.

Sasha Banks was shown getting ready for the match with Charlotte. A Sami Zayn health update was teased for after the break.

When the show returned, Zayne made his way to the ring with his arm in a sling. The crowd showed great respect for Zayne with Ole and Sami Zayne chants. He said he hasn’t forgotten about the NXT Universe and he believed they haven’t forgotten about him. A large Sami chant broke out. He admitted that his health update sucked.

He said that 2014 was his best year because he finished the year at his highest point winning the NXT Championship. He said that 2015 was his worst and that he wont be back by the end of the year. Zayne said he is not finished yet though. He said that revenge is the best motivation. Sami said that, even though Kevin Owens is on Raw now, he should not forget about him because when he comes back, he is coming for Owens.

Another recap was shown of Charlotte and Sasha from last week setting up the main event tonight. Charlotte was shown jumping rope getting ready. A recap video of the NXT Championship from Beast in the East was shown. A NXT press conference from Comic Con was shown where Regal announced that the main event for NXT Takover: Brooklyn is Balor vs. Owens part two for the NXT title.

Charlotte came out first for the main event. Sasha was next. Both wrestlers split the crowd reaction as they entered the ring for introductions.

Match 4: Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Championship

Charlotte took control early. Charlotte hit the headstand head scissors move. Charlotte rolled forward and banged Sasha’s head into the mat. Sasha was able to regain control with her double-knee drop in the corner as the show went to break.

Coming back from commercial, Sasha locked Charlotte up as a replay showed the double knees. Sasha hit a big boot in the corner and Charlotte flopped out of the corner as Sasha mocked her with the Flair strut. Sasha went to the mat again and locked up Charlotte and rolled it into a modified surfboard. Charlotte attempted to roll through but Charlotte caught her in a head scissors. She rolled it over into faceplants. Sasha tried to roll her up into a cradle but Charlotte powered up with Sasha on her shoulders. Sasha tried to counter but Charlotte hit a powerbomb as both ladies hit the mat.

Both ladies made it back to their feet and Charlotte hit a reverse neck breaker and a spear for a two count. Charlotte went for the move again but Sasha reversed connecting with a neckbreaker and a two count. Sasha next slapped Charlotte and said “I’m Better than You.” This proceeded to make Charlotte mad. She came back on Sasha and attempted the figure four but Sasha rolled through.

Saha took control briefly but Charlotte fought back and was able to lock in the figure four. Sasha reached the ropes for the break but Charlotte kept the move on as she pulled herself outside the ring to the floor.

When Charlotte made it back in the ring both wrestlers attempted roll up pins. Sasha eventually connected with the back stabber and a very painful looking Bank Statement. Charlotte tried to roll Sasha over and got a two count but Sasha was able to roll back over and keep the hold applied. Charlotte stayed in the hold a long time and eventually was forced to tap out.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Postmatch: As Sasha celebrated in the ring, Charlotte was shown crying in the corner. Sasha and Charlotte hugged in the center of the ring. Charlotte raised Sasha’s hand and the two hugged it out again to close the show.

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