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Welcome to Wild Wrestling Wednesdays. We’re kicking off, this week, with Ring of Honor.

Roll the opening montage.

The show originated from NYC. Jay Lethal defended the TV title against Mark Briscoe. Next week, Ring of Honor will celebrate their 200th episode.

Adam Page (w/B.J. Whitmer and Colby Corino) vs “Rebourne” Matt Sydal

RoH showed highlights of Best of the World, where Sydal was defeated by The Decade (in a tag team match). No Code of Honor Handshake.

Whitmer shouted at Colby as the match began. Snap Mare by Matt but Adam reversed it into a Hammerlock. Sydal got free and worked over the arm. Legdrop across Adam’s arm. Sydal reversed a Whip and hit multiple Arm Drags and a Hurancanrana. Back Elbow by Page but Matt connected with a Spinning Leg Lariat. Whitmer instructed Adam what he should do next.

Corner Clothesline by Sydal. Inverted Cannonball by Matt. Page went to the floor and Matt nailed Colby with a baseball Slide Dropkick. Page hit a Shooting Star Shoulder Block. Whitmer tossed Sydal into the barricade, as the ref was distracted. RoH went to break.

Matt kicked and punched away. School Boy got Matt at two count. Page escaped and kicked Matt in the face. Page with a Bridge Pumphandle Fallaway Slam. Nice. Matt tried to punch away but Page hit a Knee Lift. Sydal rolled through a Pumphandle and Page was stunned. Leg Sweep and Leg Lariat by Matt. Knee Strike into the Sui-Sydal Double Knee Driver. Standing Switch and Adam hit the Back Elbow. Final Cut into the Standing Moonsault by Sydal. 1-2-Not Yet.

Matt missed a kick but came back with a reversed kick. Adam tripped Matt on the top rope. Nice Flip Forward Backbreaker by Matt. Could be…might be…Denied. Page put Matt up top and tried for the Superplex. Matt punched free and sent Adam tumbling to the canvas. Adam rolled out to the apron to avoid the 450 Splash. Inside Out Clothesline by Page for another two. Page wanted his Vertebreaker finisher but Matt nailed a Jumping Knee Strike. 450 Splash by Matt to take the win.

Your Winner: “Rebourne” Matt Sydal
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Whitmer slid in the ring and attacked Matt. Whitmer called for a chair. ACH rushed in and attacked Page. Whitmer struck Ach with the chair. Whitmer ordered Colby to get in the ring to help The Decade. Page nailed the Vertebreaker to Matt, atop a stack of steel chairs. Damn, that was just seriously nasty.

Matches were announced for Death Before Dishonor:

Roderick Strong vs Jay Lethal for the World Title.

The Addiction vs War Machine vs reDRagon vs The Kingdom in a 4 Corners Survival Match for the Tag Team Titles.

Adam Page vs ACH

Cedric Alexander vs Moose

The gorgeous Veda Scott came out to talk to the crowd. Veda went off on Moose for failing at both football and wrestling. Veda said Moose would be defeated by Cedric, at Death Before Dishonor. Veda made it clear that Cedric was now her man. Veda said Cedric would take it all away from Moose.

“The Last Real Man” Silas Young vs Will Ferrara

Will’s family was in the crowd, this week. Code of Honor Handshake. Silas yelled at the ref, before the bell sounded. Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock by Silas. Will tried to push out of the move but Silas turned it into a Front Drop Suplex. Will punched away but Silas kicked the ribs. Will rolled up Silas and almost pinned him. Arm Drag by Will into an Arm Wringer. Underhook Arm Drag into a Short Arm Scissors by Will. Silas rolled up to try and pin the younger Will. Silas lifted Will up and hit a Full Rotation Lift Slam. Excellent.

Elbow Drop to the head of Will. Silas then choked the kid on the ropes. Will tried to kick out at Silas but the more experience young Snap Mared him and put on the Rear Chin Lock. Jawbreaker by Will. Silas caught the boot but couldn’t block the Haymakers. Back Elbow and Running Dropkick by Will. Wicked Tornado DDT by Will for the two count. Will with a modified Canadian Destroyer to get a two. Silas blocked the Fireman’s Carry and pounded the back. Sharp DDT, against the turnbuckles, by Silas. Dalton Castle’s Boys strolled out to watch the match. They distracted Silas. School Boy by Will!

Your Winner: Will Ferrara
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

After the match, Silas completely lost it. He attacked “The Boys”. He took out one with the Rope Assisted DDT and Misery Loves Company (Airplane Spin into a Diamond Cutter).

The Briscoes cut a promo about the 200th episode of Ring of Honor, next week.

Mandy Leon was back for another Inside ROH segment. It was about Veda Scott taking in Cedric Alexander and dropping Moose from her guidance. Veda gave Cedric a wrench to help him defeat Moose on RoHTV. Cedric destroyed Moose’s unbeaten streak. Caprice Coleman tried to have Cedric rejoin him in their old tag team. Cedric, instead, joined forces with Veda Scott.

Mark Briscoe vs Jay Lethal
World TV Title Match

Roderick Strong was out to watch this match. Strong will get his shot at Lethal’s World Title in just a few weeks. Truth Martini was out to second his lead charge. The streamers flew to show respect for “The Greatest First Generation Wrestler”. Strong wanted to scout Lethal to see how Jay dealt with being on the ropes. Strong was confident that he would finish Lethal at Death Before Dishonor.

Code of Honor Handshake. Jay jumped Mark and punched away. He added a flurry of kicks to the mix. Mark was flipped over the ropes. Mark hopped down to go after Martini. Jay with a Baseball Slide. Truth started to get involved but ODB came out to counter Truth. Jay tried to strike her but Mark opened up with Redneck Kung Fu. ODB ran off Truth. Mark threw Jay into the barricade, several times. He then rolled him back in the ring. Mark went up top and hit a modified Ax Bomber. Kick out at one. Time for a break.

Mark was in control as the show returned. Mark stomped away and threw a Knife Edge Chop. Jay kicked Mark and hit his own Knife Edge Chop. Mark returned the favor. Wild Suplex by Mark for a two. Bell Ringer by Mark but Jay punched away and choked with the boot. ODB kept Truth at bay (he did return). Jay with a Whip but Mark with a Float Over and Double Underhook Throw. J. Diesel rushed in and got sent out by Mark. Enziguri by Lethal, led to a Backbreaker. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock by the Double Champ.

Mark got free but was decked by a Clothesline. 2 count. Seated Front Face Lock by Lethal. Mark worked up to his feet. Mark pushed free and Knife Edged Jay. Lethal immediately went back to the Front Face Lock. Jay kept Mark grounded. Mark lifted Jay but couldn’t really do anything with him. Jay with a Whip but Mark landed on his feet. Exploded Suplex by the challenger. Jay got the boot up but Mark Clotheslined him 360. Fisherman’s Buster for a two to the challenger. Superkick by Lethal as Corino talked about Bobby Cruise’s crush on ODB. Lethal wanted Lethal Injection but Mark turned it into a German Suplex. Cactus Jack Elbow Drop by Mark. RoH needed one more break.

ODB took down Truth when he got on the apron. Truth struck the ring apron as he was pulled down. Donovan Dijak tried to get involved but Jay Briscoe neutralized him. Froggie Bo by Mark for the two. Jay Lethal flew out of the rign to take out ODB. Low Blow by Lethal. The ref didn’t see a thing. Lethal Injection. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.75

Jay Briscoe tore into the man that took the World title from him. The entire House of Truth attacked Jay Briscoe. Roderick Strong got involved and cleared the ring. Strong tore Lethal a new one wide enough to dive a Mack Truck through. Strong wanted a Six Man Match: Strong and The Briscoes vs the House of Truth…next week! ODB grabbed the mic and had something to say. ODB reminded everyone that there was four on the Briscoe team. She challenged Truth Martini to get in the match and make it an Atomicos (8 Person Mixed Tag Match)! Oh, Hell Yes!


–Jay Shannon

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