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Battleground is this Sunday but the big news, this week, is the return of Star Dust (following his father’s passing, a month ago).

I want to start with sending out Birthday Wishes to two very wonderful ladies that I work with. Renee and Misty both have birthdays this week and they were very kind to me on mine (last Monday). I’d send hugs to both of you but Upper Management just might frown on that. Grin.

Welcome to Atlanta, GA. The show opened with a look back at how Brock Lesanr got his revenge on Seth Rollins and The Authority for their recent mugging. Brock totally demolished the $56K Cadillac. He then broke Jamie Noble’s arm and Suplexed Joey Mercury into oblivion. HHH had urged Seth to poke the stick at the angry dog (Brock). Seth ran like a scared rabbit when Brock charged him.

The destroyed car was on display for all to see. I used to work at Car Impound yard, back in the Dallas suburbs and I haven’t seen a wreck like that since those days. Jeez.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out to a monster pop form the Hotlanta crowd. The fireworks went off as Brock hopped on the ring apron. Joey and Jamie are out for an unknown amount of time, due to their injuries. “Suplex City” rang out from the rowdy crowd. Paul did his typical intro (one of the best in the business). Paul made it clear that brock would make Seth pay for his sins, on Sunday. Paul couldn’t wait for Sunday, when he knew Brock would dominate Seth and regain the World title. Paul did a quick history lesson about Brock’s past victories in wrestling and MMA. Paul said Brock would still be champion if not for the thief Seth Rollins. Paul begged the fans to watch the title match on Sunday. I will be there, covering the show for 1Wrestling.com. Paul talked about the destruction that Brock was going to bring to Seth Rollins. Paul was cut off by the arrival of Seth Rollins and Kane.

Seth and Kane stared at the destroyed auto. Seth asked Brock if he was happy for what he did. Seth was ready to wipe the smile off Brock’s “stupid face”. Seth considered Brock to be a coward for taking out his rage on the car and J and J Security> Seth flubbed his lines and the crowd gave him grief about it. Seth covered himself well by saying he was so upset by what Brock did. Seth didn’t like that Brock was parading the car like a trophy. Seth then showed off his title belt and said the belt was HIS symbol. Seth claimed to be a real champion, while Brock was a criminal and a vandal. Seth explained he was going to burn Suplex city to the ground. Brock offered to take Seth to Suplex City…B*tch…tonight. Kane asked all parties to be calm. There will be a contract signing at the end of the show (these things just NEVER go off without a major fight). Kane swore he would keep order. Kane warned Paul that if Brock did anything to upset the contract signing…Paul mocked “The Undertaker’s Baby Brother”. “Baby Brother” then rose from the crowd and Kane looked seriously ticked off. Paul twisted the knife by mentioning how Brock ended The Undertaker’s Streak. Paul clarified that Brock was to be in a contract signing. Paul warned that Seth better not break the 1th Commandment…or Atlanta would become Suplex City!

The announcers ran down the night’s card. Should be awesome. Glad I got an ice cold glass of water and a fresh bowl of popcorn.

Randy Orton and Ryback vs Sheamus and Big Show

Miz was at the announce desk to watch the two men he will face at Battleground (Ryback and Big Show). Raw looked back at how the feud between Randy Orton and Sheamus got rolling. Last week, Orton returned and beat the stuffing out of the Celtic Warrior. Sheamus and Orton will square off at Battleground. That will be a “Katey, Bar the Door” type contest.

Michael Cole talked about how Miz was Double Teamed, last week. Sheamus grabbed a Side Headlock but Ryback with the Back Drop Suplex. Sheamus went into the 10 Beats but Ryback stopped him cold. Ryback flew over the top rope. Wow! Raw went to break.

Randy rocked Sheamus with a European Uppercut. They traded fists and Sheamus got sent crashing into the corner with an Irish Whip. Sheamus tried to beg off but The Viper would not be denied. Corner Mount Punches by Randy. Inverted Atomic Drop by Sheamus but Orton came back with a Clothesline and Orton Stomps. Tag to Ryback. Sheamus wanted a Whip but Ryback reversed it. Stomps by the IC Champ to the Irish Man. Sheamus kicked away at the champ and brought in Show. Show punched the ribs and then stomped Ryback’s spine, over and over. Show popped the ribs and tagged out. Ryback took Sheamus to the corner and tagged in Randy. Sheamus went out to the floor and Back Drop Suplexed the Pale Destroyer onto the ring barricade. Sheamus and Randy both tried to ram each other into the ring steps but both moves were blocked. Kitchen Sink and Running Shoulder by Sheamus. High Knee and Double Sledge by Sheamus. Raw presented us with another round of commercials.

Sheamus had Randy trapped in a Side Headlock. Randy punched his way free. Irish Curse Backbreaker by Sheamus. Sheamus dragged Randy to the corner and tagged in Big Show. Show stepped over Randy’s chest. Show just beat the bejesus out of Orton. Show screamed and showed off his desire to Chokeslam Orton. He got the Goozle but Randy countered into a seriously weak DDT. Sheamus and Ryback took tags and Ryback hit the Thesz Press and Frog Splash. Corner Splash and Whip by Ryback but Sheamus got the boot up. Spinebuster by Ryback. He went all Ultimate Warrior and prepped for the Meat Hook. Miz tried to distract but Big Hungry would not be denied. Big Show hit the Knockout Punch on Ryback and then chased Miz to the back. Randy slid in and hit the RKO. Ryback went up top and nailed the Frog Splash.

Your Winners: Ryback and Randy Orton
Raw Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Seth explained to Kane that Kane was supposed to protect the champion. Kane went all Lincoln Stearns with “I’ve Got an Angle” mindset. Kane warned Seth to trust him or things will get bad for Rollins.

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt

Raw looked back at how Bray Wyatt got involved, last week, in the match between Sheamus and Roman Reigns. Bray sent out an imposter to mess with Roman.

Bray came out but Roman Reigns was right behind him. Roman ripped into the New Face of Fear. Roman nailed a vicious Clothesline, on the floor. Rising Sun Dropkick to Bray. Roman mounted Bray and pounded on his skull. Roman tossed Bray into the ring. Bray tried to fight back but he gained no kind of advantage. Superman Punch! Bray cracked Roman in the face with his lantern. Raw cut the feed.

Your Winner: Match Never Started
Raw Ranking: N/A

The Bellas and Alicia Fox were in the ring. Nikki had the stick. She bragged about bearing A.J. Lee to become the Divas champion, last November. As Nikki boasted about her unbeaten streak, Stephanie McMahon made her way from the back. The Bellas looked surprised to see the Boss Lady. Stephanie wanted to correct Nikki that Stephanie owns and runs the WWE. Stephanie wanted a change in the Divas division and she brought out Paige. Stephanie said she knew someone who would stand beside Paige. She brought in Becky Lynch from NXT. She then brought out Charlotte (Flair). Naomi and Tamina came out to finish business with the Bellas and Paige. Stephanie had one more person to introduce…”The Boss” Sasha Banks. This is beyond amazing. I just wish that Bailey would have been invited to the party. I’ve know that young lady for about six years and she is super-talented.

Nine women stood in the ring. The Bellas and Alicia Fox were surrounded. Sasha tore into Nikki, after Nikki bumped the NXt champ. Charlotte hit a Dropkick and Kip Up on Nikki. Knife Edge Chop to Brie. Naomi blasted Charlotte but Paige put her in the PTO. Tamina hit a Superkick to Paige. Brie with a Thesz Press to Naomi. Shotgun Knees all around. Becky Lynch and Charlotte went to town. Charlotte with a Figure Four to Alicia. Becky with a Cross Armbreaker. Sasha with a Lung Blower to Brie. The NXT Women have arrived!

Stephanie looked pleased at what she had just created. Way to go, Dr. Frankenstein.

New Day were in the ring. Xavier Woods tried to get a Foley Pop from his hometown. Woods laughed at how Atlanta shut down due to one inch of snow, last winter. Woods then insulted the Atlanta basketball team. Kofi took over and said he was sure New Day would defeat the Prime Time Players for the tag belts, on Sunday. Big E said Prime Time was Out of Time. They tried to get the New Day Rocks chant started but they were cut off by the arrival of Darren Young and Titus O’Neil.

Mark Henry, Titus O’Neil and Darren Young vs Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods
Six Man Tag Team Match

Titus took down woods but Big E got the tag. Leg Drop by Titus as Darren made the tag. Front Drop Suplex put Darren on top of Big E. La Bandera Clothesline to Big E. Mark tagged in and lifted Woods and threw him out to the floor. The New Day were all down as Raw took time out to run a few ads.

Woods Dropkicked Titus’ knee and took him to the enemy corner. New Day took turns assaulting Titus. Kofi caught Titus with an amazing Dropkick but only got a one count. Triple Team by new Day. Big E hit a massive Splash but Titus still kicked out. Big E mocked Titus’ bark and tagged in Woods. Woods locked in the Shinu Numaki but Titus got to his feet and walked towards his corner. Woods bashed the neck of the big man and bounced off the ropes. Clothesline by Titus. Tag to Mark Henry. He laid out Woods with had shots. Mark then knocked both of Woods’ partners off the apron. Darren had to made a save. Trouble in Paradise by Kofi. Big Boot by Titus. Belly to Belly by Big E. Mark sent Woods into the corner. Titus pulled Big E off the apron and Mark finished off Woods with the World’s Strongest Slam.

Your Winners: Prime Time Players and Mark Henry
Raw Ranking: 2.0

The trio did the Millions of Dollars dance.

King Barrett vs R-Truth

Barrett defeated Truth, last week. Truth wasn’t ready to walk away from this feud. Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock by Truth. Truth with a Shoulder Tackle. Truth held the ropes to stop the Universal. Flying Roll Up by Truth. King with a hard Whip and Side Backbreaker. 1-2-no. Short Arm Clothesline by King. Hard Stomp by Barrett. King nailed the Savage Elbow for a two. King choked Truth on the middle rope. Knee Strikes and a Big Boot by Barrett. 2 count, again. Rear Chin Lock by Barrett.

Truth worked up to his feet and popped Barrett like a pimple on prom night. Barrett reversed a Whip. Head Scissors sent Truth into the corner. Lie Detector by Truth.

Your Winner: R-Truth
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Truth went under the ring to retrieve his Royal Clothing. Too funny.

The announcers discussed the whole Rusev/Lana/Dolph Ziggler Love Triangle. Rusev brutalized Dolph, last week. Dolph has a severly bruised trachea, after he took a crutch to the throat.

John Cena came out to a very mixed reaction. Time for the Open Challenge.

John Cena vs ?
US Title Match, Open Challenge

Summer Rae was at the Bulgarian’s side. Rusev crowed that he was the greatest US champion, ever. Rusev blamed Lana for the loss of the US title. The “U.S.A.” chant rose to a crescendo. Rusev said he was going to break Cena, just like he broke Dolph Ziggler.

Rusev was cut off by the arrival of Kevin Owens. Kevin didn’t want to wait until Battleground to face John Cena. Rusev made fun of Kevin’s name. Owens told Rusev to take his Lana-Wannabe and take the Bulgarian flag and stick up his Chernobyl. Before Rusev could react, Cesaro came out to be part of this little pow-wow. Cesaro got in John’s face and then the three potential challengers went to blows. Owens Clotheslined both Cesaro and Rusev. Cesaro sent Owens to the floor. Raw went to break as all this was sorted out.

Cesaro vs Kevin Owens vs Rusev
Triple Threat Match

The winner gets John Cena. Rusev and Owens double teamed Cesaro. Cesaro fought out of the corner. Rusev whipped Cesaro to the corner. Rusev and Owens went off on each other. Huge HEadbutts by Rus. Cesaro Dropkicked Owens. Cesaro blocked a Rusev Suplex and hit one of his own. Dang. Owens flipped Cesaro onto the corner. Cannonball to Rusev. Cesaro with a Splash, Whip and Running European Uppercut. Cannonball by Rusev to Owens. Flying European Uppercut to Rusev. Owens with a Code Breaker to Cesaro and tried to pin Rusev. He then tried to pin Cesaro. Owens with a Swanton but Cesaro got the knees up. Superkick by Rusev. Both men tried to pin Owens, but failed.

Spinning Saito Suplex by Rusev to Cesaro. Rusev stomped away at both foes. Scoop Slam by the Bulgarian to Cesaro. Rusefv climbed the ropes but Owens caught him. Owens clocked the Brute. Rusev blocked the Superplex. Cesaro with a wicked Sunset Bomb to both men. Cesaro tried to pin both men but couldn’t get the three. Ceasaro hit a Running Dropkick to Owens and Flying European Uppercut to Rusev. Cesaro went up top for a Gut Wrench. Owens tried to put him in the Electric Chair but he slipped free. Tornado DDT by Owens but Rusev flew off the ropes to prevent the pin. Rusev wanted to pin anyone and everyone. Owens made the save.

Owens blasted Rusev but Rusev came back. Owens with the Standing Switch. Cesaro Germaned BOTH men…at the same time! Holy Crap! 2 count. Cesaro flew out to the floor to take down both opponents. It was a wild Corkscrew to the floor. Cesaro came off the top with a Crossbody to Rusev. Owens caught Cesaro with a Superkick as Cesaro went for the Cesaro Swing. Moonsautl by Owens to Rusev. Low Bridge out Owens on the floor. Fallaway Slam by Rusev to Cesaro. Accolade but that made him open to another Superkick (from Owens). Owens screamed that he saw John. Owens tried for his Package Piledriver. Alabama Slam by Rusev to Owens. He stomped the lower back and applied the Accolade. Cesaro kicked Rusev and lifted him for the Stall Suplex. Jeez! Everyone was down and stunned.

Owens unloaded on both men in the ring. Owens screamed “He’s Mine” Cesaro and Rusev punched and stomped the Canadian. Owens was sent over the top rope with a La Bandera. Rusev shrieked in pure anger. Owens walked out of the match. Huh? Raw headed to commercial.

Rusev held Cesaro in a Rear Chin Lock. Cesrao hit a Springboard Twisting Uppercut. Cesaro kept hitting European Uppercuts. Rusev crumbled in the corner. Hesitation Dropkick by Cesaro. Rusev lifted Cesaro for a Suplex and dropped him on the ring apron. Rusev seemed to slip while doing the move. The official did not count down the two men. Rusev threw Cesaro back in the ring. Rusev then yelled at Cena before getting back in the ring. Rusev got distracted, which allowed Cesaro to hit numerous European Uppercuts. Ruev fought out of the Superplex. Cesraro hit a Dropkick and then went back for the Superplex. Rusev thew off Cesaro. Rusev missed the Benoit Diving Headbutt. Crippler Crossface by Cesaro. Rusev slipped free and lifted Cesaro for the Spinning Side Slam. 1-2-not yet.

Cesaro caught Rusev’s legs and went for the Sharpshooter. Rusev escaped and nailed a Heel Kick by Rusev after he escaped. Rollign Senton to Cesaro and Rusev stumbled. Rusev stomped the back and went for the Accolade. Cesaro fought around and Headbutted the daylights out of Rusev. Cesaro Swing into the Sharpshooter! JBL mentioned that Tyson Kidd was recovering from injury. Rusev made it to the ropes but that does not automatically force the break in a Triple Threat Match. Rusev managed to slide out of the ring. Crash and Burn by Cesaro (nod to Steve Corino). Cesaro sent Rusev into the barricade and then back into the ring. Rusev threw Cesaro off the top and kicked him in the face.

Your Winner: Rusev
Raw Ranking: 4.25 (would have been higher if Kevin Owens hadn’t quit the match)

John Cena vs Rusev
US Title Match

Rusev was exhausted before the match. John was fresh and ready to go. The fans didn’t really appreciate the fact that John had such an advantage going in. John took Rusev down with a Side Headlock Takeover. Rusev fought up to his feet but John took him right back down. Scoop Slam by John that brought a two. John Suplexed Rusev over and got a two count. John went back to the Side Headlock. Spinebuster by John for a two count. Rusev crawled to the apron. The ref asked Rusev if he needed to quit but Rusev waived him off. Corner Splash by John. Flying Elbow by John. SHoudler Tackle brought a two for the champ. John bounced aorudn to insult his challenger. Protobomb by the champion. The fans booed the Hell out of John for this match. Five Knuckle Shuffle. Rusev struggled to get to his feet. Attitude Adjustment failed as Rusev put John in the Accolade, out of nowhere. Incredible! John got to his feet and Back Rushed John to the corner. Rusev reapplied the Accolade. Kevi Owens rushed back in the ring and kicked Rusev in the face. Pop Up Powerbomb to Rusev!

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Rusev
Raw Ranking: 1.25

Owens screamed that no one would take the US title…except him. Owens then bailed out of the ring, leaving massive carnage in his wake.

Seth asked Kane if he had everything set. Seth warned Kane that if this fell apart…it was on Kane.

The Tough Enough contestants were on the stage. They were joined by Coach Lita. Still as beautiful as ever. Lita worked the crowd and got them revved up. She introduced the cast of Tough Enough: Amanda, Josh, Chelsea, Mada, Gabi, Patrick (big pop), Giorgia, Tanner, Saralee and ZZ. He got he biggest pop of the night. I agree with JBL that ZZ could pass as Michael Hayes’ son.

The Bray Wyatt/Roman Reigns feud was examined.

Star Dust returned with a typical bizarre promo. Star knew the world needed more heroes but they were obsolete. Star set up his next feud with Neville. “Embrace the Strange”.

King Barrett will fight R-Truth aka King Wazzup! for final control of the Crown as part of the Kick Off Show at Battleground.

Star Dust vs Neville

Michael Cole reminded us that Star Dust hasn’t performed since his father, Dusty Rhodes, died. The fans started with the “Cody” chants. Neville offered his hand and Star shook it. He then kicked and stomped at the young Brit. Scoop Slam by Star. Arm Wringer by Star but Neville punched away. Star hissed at the crowd. Star stomped away at Neville and threw him over the ropes and onto the apron. Neville caught Star with a punch and Enziguri. Neville headed up top for the Red Arrow but aborted the plan. Side Effect by Star. Star locked in the Rear Chin Lock. Neville kicked out of a pin attempt. Running Stomp by Star. Star bowed to the crowd. Star stumbled around the ring, a bit. Star just didn’t seem to be on his game. Kicks by Neville. Corner Clothesline by Neville. Float Over and Somersault by Neville. Sunset Flip by Neville and a Magistral Cradle by the former NXT champ. Star Dust rolled through a Roll Up to pin Neville. Star Dust did have a handful of tights, but…of course…the ref didn’t see a thing.

Your Winner: Star Dust
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Seth Rollins came out for the Contract Signing. Kane was at his side. Kane went all George Lopez with the “I got this”. JBL said he never knew a contract signing that went well. I have to agree. Seth whined and complained about Brock’s assault on the Caddy and his security team Seth sent it back to the assault footage on Brock form 3 weeks back. Seth claimed he was not afraid of Brock Lesnar. Kind of like whistling in the graveyard to prove you aren’t really scared. I call Baloney. Seth yelled that he was going to burn Suplex City to the ground.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out to finish this segment. JBL felt Brock was “Stalking his Prey”. Paul picked up the microphone but didn’t say a word, at first. Brock sat down and waited for Seth to join him. Seth sat uneasily in his chair. Paul had something to say. Paul wanted to see someone get ahold of Seth, ever since he turned on The Shield. Paul knew the fans also wanted to see someone get ahold of Rollins. Paul said that Brock wanted to get his hands on the man that “Stole” the World Title form him. Paul realized that Seth had tons of pressure on him. Paul stated the fans were paying their money to watch Seth get his *ss kicked. Paul ran down all the evil things that were going to happen to Seth, on Sunday. Paul let Seth know he had a one way ticket to Suplex City. Paul ordered Seth to sign the match contract. “Suplex City” Rose from the Georgians. Seth signed it and pushed it towards Brock. Brock grabbed the pen and made it official. Paul told Seth to keep his hands on the table. Brock flipped the table and brought out an Ax Handle, which Seth had hidden under the table. Paul screamed that Seth had just “Screwed Up”. Brock slammed the Ax Handle down on the table and retook his seat. Seth wasn’t sure how to react. Seth grabbed the Ax Handle and brandished it. Brock drove the table into Seth and then Shouldered Kane. Seth jumped Brock and Got Germaned out of his boots. Kane pulled Brock to the floor. Seth flew over the ropes and Brock went for an F5. Kane kicked away at Brock. He was joined by Seth in the mugging. Seth sent Brock into the ring post and cracked him with the Ax Handle. Kane and Seth kept beating on The Beast. Kane got the ring steps and got ready. Seth whipped Brock into the steps. Kane continued to crack Brock with the steps. Kane lifted Brock and took him over to the steps. Seth went for he Pedigree but Brock fought out. Brock hit the F5 to Kane, on the floor! Seth took off running as Brock came after him. Brock turned his attention back to Kane. He put Kane’s leg on the bottom section of ring steps and drove the upper section down onto Kane’s leg. That pretty much takes him out of the picture for Sunday. Brock got in the ring and held high the World title.

Seth eventually returned and screamed at Brock. Seth said Brock has never run through him, like he did all the rest. Seth claimed to be better than Brock. Seth swore he would do what no other man could do…prove Brock is not a machine or monster…but simply a man that can be beaten. Seth knew he would be the man who Slayed the Beast. The announcers wondered if Seth believed what he said or was just trying to convince himself. Seth then went out and mocked Kane for his “Big Plan”. Seth made fun of Kane for being one big disappointment. Seth claimed Kane was nothing, now. Seth really ripped into Kane for being a failure. Seth said this was all on Kane. Seth went back and stomped the injured leg of Kane.

–Jay Shannon

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