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Paragon Pro Wrestling Episode 2 aired on 7/11/15.

1. Opening match: Gangrel defeated Darin Corbin by Impaler DDT

2. Video package featuring the Whirlwind Gentlemen

3. Nick Price vs. The Gentleman Brawler, Eric Right; Nick Price attacked the referee and was disqualified

4. Joey Ryan spectacularly fails in impressive one of the housekeepers with his “movie star good looks”

5. Riea von Slasher v. La Rosa Negra- Lisa Marie distracts La Rosa Negra allowing Riea to roll up La Rosa

6. Gangrel interview. Cuban Assassin and Tyshaun Prince jumped Gangrel in the ring.

7. Jessy Soresen video package.

8. Jessy Sorensen defeated the former PPW champion, Caleb Konley, with the “Dead Level” superkick.

Paragon Pro Wrestling returns to Pop TV next Saturday, check listings for the time and channels in your area.

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