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Welcome to Wild Wrestling Wednesdays. Let’s kick it off with Ring of Honor.

We have a new World Champion in Jay Lethal. Lethal not only won the title but ended Jay Briscoe’s 2-year undefeated streak.

Roll the opening montage.

Welcome back to the Big Apple, New York City. Kevin Kelly and “King” Corino were the announce team. They mentioned that Michael Elgin has had a change of heart and will tag with reDRagon in the main event.

Watanabe vs Dalton Castle

The fans really love “The Human Peacock”, Castle. He looks like Joey Ryan and Lanny Poffo had a child. Castle strutted around like his namesake, a peacock. Castle wanted the Code of Honor Handshake and got it.

Castle gyrated and posed before they locked up. Side Headlock by Watanabe. He dropped Castle, who retreated to the corner. His “Boys” fanned him. Go Behind by Castle into a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Castle and Watanabe went to the corner. The Boys fanned him, as well. Castle didn’t like it. Castle screamed “Those are MY Boys”. Running Neckbreaker by Watanabe into a Bow and Arrow. Time for a quick break.

Castle wanted a Suplex but it turned into Rolling Small Packages. Both men got one counts and were seriously dizzy. Double Clotheslines. Castle missed a Corner Slash and Watanabe connected with the Twisting Neckbrekaer. Backsplash Senton, after a little dance, by Watanabe. Castle punched away and flipped out of a German Suplex. Kick by Watanabe into an Exploder Suplex. Dead Lift German by Castle. Castle punched away but Watanabe hit a Headbutt to the chest. Watanabe hit a wicked variation of the Lung Blower. Castle fought out of a Suplex but failed. 2 count. Castle with an Inverted Airplane Spin Slam to take the win.

Your Winner: Dalton Castle
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.25 out of a possible 5

Both men showed great respect, after the match. Castle asked for the microphone. “Peacock” rang out from the crowd. Castle had his Boys form a couch for him. He taunted Silas Young, which brought Silas from the back. Nothing happened, other than Silas wanting to kick the feathers off the Peacock.

Nigel McGuinness was in the ring as the show returned. He introduced the Double Champion (World and TV), Jay Lethal. The entire House of Truth group walked form the back. Lethal, to me, is this generation’s 2 Cold Scorpio. Nigel offered Jay his hand to congratulate Lethal on his win. “You Deserve It” rang out to support Lethal. Truth Martini said the fans were not Jay’s people. Truth said Lethal was raised to Legend Level after besting Briscoe. Nigel wanted words from Jay Lethal. Jay said he was and is The Best in the World. Lethal didn’t have anything left to prove to anyone. Nigel asked Lethal which belt he was ready to vacate. Jay said he would not surrender EITHER title. Jay made it appear that he wanted to unify the title. Nigel announced that Roderick Strong would go after the World title at Death Before Dishonor and the TV title, next week, against Mark Briscoe. Lethal said he would defend both titles on the same night, in different matches.

Lethal was cut off by the arrival of Roderick Strong. Nigel asked Roddy for his thoughts. Roddy said Lethal would walk in champion but Strong would walk out with the top belt.

Matt Taven, Michael Bennett and Adam Cole (The Kingdom) w/Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish (reDRagon) and Michael Elgin
Six Man Tag Team Match

Maria talked with Adam about the loss at Best of the World. She bragged that Bennett and Taven won the IWGP Tag belts. Maria took responsibility for their loss. Maria hugged Adam to welcome him back into the fold. Michael Elgin will be in the 2015 G1 Climax tournament in New Japan. Cool.

Bennett and Elgin opened it up. Side Headlock by Bennett. Shoulder Tackle failed for Bennett. Elgin took a kick and reversed a Whip. Shoulder Tackle by Elgin. Stall Suplex by Elgin. The other two Kingdom members tried to stop the Suplex but Elgin would not be denied. Kyle and Bobby put Cole and Taven in submissions. Elgin laid out all the Kingdom men. Elgin was pulled out to the floor and Cole and Taven beat on him. Crash and Burn by Bennett. Tag to Cole. Triple Team on the Unbreakable One. 2 count before the break up.

Elgin was rocked by Dropkicks. Tag to Cole, who stomped away. RoH needed to pay the bills, so they took a quick break.

Elgin was so close to making a tag. reDRagon were pulled from the apron to prevent a tag. Double Whip to Elgin. Elgin attacked all three foes. O’Connor Roll into the Double Stomp. Code Breaker/Senton combo by Elgin. Tag to reDRagon. They unloaded with Double Team moves on Bennett. Dunning shots by reDRagon. Absolutely wicked double team by reDRagon that defies description. Kyle caught Taven, in the ropes, with the Cross Armbreaker. Cole made the save. Crash and Burn! Elgin took the tag and nailed Taven with a kick and Cartwheel Legdrop. Corner Splashes by Elgin. Elgin held Bennett and Taven on his shoulder, at the same time. Cole tried to interfere but Elgin just swung them into Cole. Enziguri by Elgin but got rocked by the same move. Proton Pack, followed by a Shining Wizard, but Elgin still kicked out.

Raven went for a dive but Elgin Buckle Bombed him, over the top rope. Chasing the Dragon into a Superbomb on Taven. The other members of The Kingdom made the save. Cole nailed the Destroyer to Elgin. Hail Mary to Elgin but Elgin still kicked out. Elgin blocked a second Destroyer and turned it into a Back Body Drop. Kyle got the tag and the two old tag partners opened up on each other. Kyle exploded on Cole but Adam came back with a Superkick. Flying Guillotine . Superkick but Kyle hit the Rebound Clothesline and then Chasing the Dragon!

Your Winners: Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish and Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

Adam Cole walked away from The Kingdom, following the match.


–Jay Shannon

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