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Raw started with Seth Rollins’ apologies to the members of The Authority from last week. They accepted and then destroyed Brock Lesnar. They psyched out Brock by appearing to leave before jumping The Beast.

Seth and his gang came out to crow about the attack on Lesnar. Seth welcomed everyone to Monday Night Rollins. Seth started talking about power and how to gain it. Seth suggested he was superior to so many: Undertaker, John Cena and Roman Reigns. Seth claimed he went to “Suplex City” and burned it to the ground. Seth was confident that Brock Lesnar was on his way to Japan, not in the arena in Washington, D.C.. Seth mentioned that Jamie Noble has three broken ribs, thanks to Brock. Seth demanded respect for Jamie. Seth ordered everyone to stand and show respect to The Authority. Seth bragged about how fantastic Jamie, Joey Mercury and Kane were. Seth had something for his “friends”…brand new Apple Watches. Seth said the Broken Beast video was now on YouTube. Seth had something extra special for Kane. Seth said Kane was the glue that has held the WWE together for 17 years. Seth got Kane a vacation to Hawaii. Seth brought out some hula girls and a guy with a ukulele. Seth asked Kane to join him to fight Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in a no-DQ match…for the ages.

Seth decided to make things better for J and J Security. He saw the crappy rental car that they had to use, in the past. He gave them a Cadillac CTS 2015! It was a great color (Red).The car was worth $55K. Seriously? Just give me the money and I’ll get a nice place to live and a quad to ride.

Big Show vs Mark Henry

MIz was watching the match. Raw looked back at the issue between Mark and Show. Show got laid out by Mark. Henry kicked away and nailed a Headbutt. Big Splash by Mark brought a two count. Mark punched away at Show but Big Show nailed the KO Punch. Show hit a second one to take out Mark.

Your Winner: Big Show
Raw Ranking: 1.5 out of a possible 5

After the match, Ryback came running from the back. The two tore into each other. Miz was screaming about it. Ryback clipped he knee. Miz slid in and clipped Ryback. Ryback demanded to fight Miz…now…but Miz wanted to wait. Break time.

Ryback vs The Miz
Non-Title Match

The Finish:

Miz seemed to be in control with a Rear Chin Lock. Reality Check by Miz but he only got a two. Running Kicks by Miz. Miz yelled at the Intercontinental Champ and went for another Running Kick. Ryback caught he foot and then unloaded on Miz. Spinebuster by Ryback. Miz ran away from the Meat Hook Clothesline and took the count out.

Your Winner (by Count Out): Ryback
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Alicia Fox vs Paige

The Finish:

High Elbow by Alicia into a Side Headlock. Nikki and Brie Bella watched from ringside. Paige flipped Fox over and hit a series of Knee Strikes. Short Arm Clotheslines by Paige led to a wild Dropkick and Thrust Kick. 2 count. Paige screamed it was her house. Fox rolled up Paige but the Brit continued to roll and pinned Alicia..

Your Winner: Paige
Raw Ranking: 2.25

John Cena came out for the US Championship Open Challenge. After the break, Kevin Owens came out to the ring. Was it him?

John Cena vs Kevin Owens
US Title Match

Owens went out and grabbed the microphone. He decided that he didn’t want to fight, tonight, and would prefer to wait til Battleground. He introduced John’s actual opponent…

John Cena vs Cesaro
US Title Match

Owens took a seat at the announce desk for this match.

The Finish:

John went for the Attitude Adjustmentbut Cesaro landed on his feet. Pop Up European Uppercut brought Cesaro a two count. Cesaro was going for the Neutralizer but Cena converted it into the STF. Cesaro escaped and put John in the Sharpshooter. John inched his way over and grabbed the bottom rope. Cesaro bounced John’s face off the turnbuckle. Cesaro with an amazing Dead Lift Superplex. John was on the apron, at the time. Running European Uppercut by Cesaro. John got the boots up and then hit a Tornado DDT. Both men were down. John punched Cesaro in the face, several times. That led to a back and forth slug fest. John sent Cesaro to the ropes and he flipped over. Crossbody, from the top, by Cesaro but John rolled through. Spinning Face Plant/Neckbreaker by John to gain a two. Kevin Owens got up and got closer to the announce table. Cesaro Dropkicked John off the ropes. Owens went back to the table and said he felt disrespected. Whiney, just a bit?

The fight went to the floor. Cesaro sent John into the barricade and then went back in the ring for a pin attempt. When he didn’t get it, he went for the Neutralizer. John reversed it into a Canadian Destroyer! John has really impressed me with how he has expanded as a wrestler. Neutralizer but John kicked out at two. Cesaro went wild with European Uppercuts. Spinebuster led to the Cesaro Swing. Cesaro went back to the Sharpshooter. John would not submit. Kevin Owens rushed the ring and attacked Cesaro. Pop Up Powerbomb to Cesaro. What the heck? Owens then hit the same move on John.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Ranking: 3.5

Kevin made it clear that no one would take the US title from John….except him. He then promised to take the strap at Battleground.

Bray Wyatt did another of his bizarre promos towards Roman Reigns. He grumbled about not being his father’s favorite. He cackled about having his wings back. Huh? Bray was confident that Roman belonged to him, now. Bray didn’t care about the fans, he just wanted to make sure that Roman never succeeded.

Lucha Dragons and Prime Time Players vs New Day and Bo Dallas
8 Man Tag Team Match

The Finish:

It all broke down into total chaos. Titus whipped both Dragons into Suicide Dragons. Titus was almost rolled up by Kofi. Kofi flew off the roes and got planted with a Sit Out Powerbomb.

Your Winners: Kalisto, Sin Cara, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Raw showed how Summer Rae came to Rusev when he lost it over the Lana/Dolph Ziggler situation.

Dolph and Lana came out to the ring to pronounce their romantic status. Lana got a lot of positive attention from the crowd. Lana’s new hairstyle works. Dolph admitted he and Lana didn’t enjoy “love at first sight”. Lana used Dolph to make Rusev jealous. Dolph stated that their situation has changed. Lana stated that Dolph taught her what a “real man” is. Lana blamed Rusev for her anti-American feelings. Lana said she was her own person, now. Lana made it official that they were More than friends. She kept giggling as she talked about Dolph being passionate.

That brought out Rusev. He was still dealing with the badly broken heel. Summer Rae came out with Rusev. Lana looked ticked off. Rusev told Lana that he never cared about her. He called her a “Cold Fish”. He said kissing Lana was like kissing the ring post. Dolph cut him off and asked what kind of S-Bag was Rusev. Dolph claimed Lana as his girlfriend. Dolph told Rusev to walk away before he went after Rusev’s other leg (the non-injured one). Rusev looked ready to fight but backed down. The “U.S.A.” chants rose in intensity. Summer Rae stopped and decided to go off on Lana. She called Lana a “Gold Digger”. She accused Lana of “Jumping Ship”. Summer admitted that Rusev did care about Lana, a lot. Summer called Lana a two-face phony. Lana lost her cool and went into a…CATFIGHT! Rusev had to drag Summer out of the ring.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns talked backstage. Dean psyched up his old running buddy. Roman knew Dean was the only “family” he had in the WWE. Roman was ready to explode. Dean turned to some Terminator robots and said “Told you he was ready”.

Raw ran a behind-the-scenes Sneak Peak at the new Terminator movie.

Neville vs Sheamus

The Finish:

Neville hit a Back Elbow and hard kick to the face. Neville kicked away at the Pale Destroyer. Sheamus blocked a Monkey Flip but Neville escaped the corner. Low Bridge sent Sheamus to the floor. Springboard Moonsault to the floor, from the apron, by Neville. Neville kicked Sheamus and almost pinned him. Sheamus pushed Neville away but Neville with the RV D Back Roll to get back in the ring. Jumping Enziguri by Neville. Neville went to the penthouse and drew back the bow. Sheamus kicked the ropes to prevent the Red Arrow. Neville landed badly. Sheamus stood in wait for Neville but the Brit ducked it and almost pinned Sheamus. Sheamus kicked out and then kicked Neville’s head off with the Brogue Kick.

Your Winner: Sheamus
Raw Ranking: 3.0

King Barrett vs Jack Swagger

The King made a Royal Decree. He said all opponents will now bow down to his feet to show respect. Jack refused to bow down and tore into the King. Amateur Lift by Jack brought a two count. Corner Clothesline by Jack that ld to a Biel. Whip by Jack but King held the ropes. Jack went for the Patriot Lock but Barrett fled to the outside. Jack ran King into the barricade, several times. Knee Strike by King. Royal Bull Hammer by King Barrett.

Your Winner: King Barrett
Raw Ranking: 2.25

Roman reigns and Dean Ambrose vs Kane and Seth Rollins
No Disqualifications Match

The Finish:

Dean pulled a table from under the ring. Jamie and Joey pulled the table out of the ring. Seth dropped Dean but Roman made the save. Wild Powerbomb by Roman to Seth. Flying Clothesline to Kane by Roman. Joey smacked Roman with a kendo stick bit it got used on him…and Kane. Roman wore out Joey, especially. Roman. Roman then unloaded Superman Punches to Kane, Joey and Seth (who was flying off the top rope).

Suddenly, Bray Wyatt came out of nowhere to attack Roman. Bray hit the Uranage on the announce table. The refs tried to force Bray to leave the arena. Roman was laid out, big time.

Kane tried for the Chokeslam but Dean fought free. Rebound Clothesline. Dean tired for Dirty Deeds on both foes but failed. Chokeslam by Kane and Pedigree by Seth.

Your Winners: Kane and Seth Rollins
Raw Ranking: 2.75

Seth ordered Joey and Jamie to go get the table and bring it in the ring. Seth set it up in the corner. Shield 2.0 Triple Powerbomb Plus failed when Roman re-entered the ring. Roman got Chokeslammed by Kane. Kane yelled at Roman to “Stay Down”. Seth screamed at Roman that Reigns couldn’t hang with him. Roman tripped Seth and beat on the champ. Roman cleared the ring. Gang Attack on Roman. Roman still did his best to fight off all five men. Roman broke the Goozle. Kane came back to hit the Chokeslam. All four men stomped on Roman’s ribs. Running Buckle Bomb…through the table. Seth added insult to injury by planting Roman with the Pedigree.

Bray Wyatt slid back in the ring and connected with Sister Abigail.


–Jay Shannon

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