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Welcome to Wild Wrestling Wednesday!

Ring of Honor and New Japan worked together to present an incredible night of action.

Roll the opening montage.

Welcome back to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Steve “King” Corino, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness were at the announce table.

“Mr. RoH” Roderick Strong vs “King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura is possibly the greatest wrestler of the modern era of Japanese superstars. The ring was filled with streamers to show respect for Nakamura. Todd Sinclair was the Zebra in Charge. Code of Honor Handshake.

Collar and Elbow and neither wanted to five an inch. Strong worked over the arm. Cartwheel into a modified Crippler Crossface by Nakamura. Sit Out Switch into a Hammerlock by Strong. Arm Breaker, over the shoulder, by Strong. Nakamura got to the ropes o break the Arm Bar. Collar and Elbow, again, and they ended up in the ropes. Knife Edge Chops by Strong. Nakamura flipped out of a Snap Mare. Float Over into a Leg Lariat by Strong. 1 count, only. Bow and Arrow failed as Nakamura twisted out. Rear Chin Lock by Strong. Nakamura worked on the ribs but Strong came back with an Olympic Slam. 2 count. Nakamura rolled to the apron and then kicked Strong in the side of the head. Running Kneelift, on the floor, by Nakamura. Shinsuke then dropped a knee to Strong’s neck. Namura put Strong on the barricade and hit another Running Knee. RoH went to commercials.

The two men traded hard Forearms, as the show returned. Nakamura got in the defining blow in this exchange. Strong pulled Nakamura through the ropes and hit a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Strong went out and got Nakamura back in. Strong was busted open. Shotgun Knees, Running Knee and Double Knees Backbuster by Strong. Sinclair checked on the open wound on Strong. Nakamura fought to get out of the Stronghold. Nakamura cinched in the Sleeper and added a modified Code Breaker. Inside Out Throw by Nakamura. Strong dodged the knee. Jumping Knee, from Strong, to rock Nakamura on the ropes. Strong positioned Nakamura and hit a Side Slam Backbreaker on the top turnbuckle. 1-2-not quite yet.

Nakamura kneed out of a Suplex and hit a Flying Knee, from the ropes. Nakamura missed a Knee Strike and Strong hit the Double Knee Gutbuster. Stronghold! Nakamura got his fingertips on the ring ropes. The two went back and forth with the see-saw forearms. Strong showed his frustration as he tore into Nakamura. Sick Kick! Brainbuster onto the knees but somehow Nakamura still kicked out at two.

Strong picked up Nakamura and blasted him. Suplex Throw but Nakamura hit the Leg Lariat after landing. Strong kicked out at one. Jumping Knee by Strong but Nakamura returned the favor and took the win.

Your Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5 out of a possible 5

Gedo vs Michael Elgin

Elgin was in his hometown, this week. Code of Honor Handshake.

Collar and Elbow and Elgin shoved Gedo away. Elgin pitched Gedo into the corner but he grabbed a Side Headlock. Elgin smacked Gedo wil a Back Elbow. Gedo dodged punches and went to the eyes. Drop Toe Hold and boxing shots by Gedo. Samoan Drop by Elgin. Elgin missed the Elbow Drop. Shoulder by Gedo. Elgin with a Stall Suplex. Elgin did a quick push up before ending the Suplex. 2 count. Side Backbreaker by Elgin. Elgin climbed up top for a Twisting Moonsault. He missed, big time. Gedo kicked Elgin in the face, twice. Elgin missed the Corner Splash and Gedo boxed away. Jawbreaker by Gedo into a Superkick. 1-2-no.

Gedo wanted a Whip but Elgin reversed it. Okada Roll into a Double Stomp by Elgin. Buckle Bomb led to the Spinning Powerbomb.

Your Winner: Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.75

Time for another edition of Inside RoH with the lovely Mandy Leon. The focus was the cross-promotion between Ring of Honor and New Japan.

A.J. Styles, Nick and Matt Jackson (The Bullet Club) vs Rappongi Vice (Rocky Remero and (Trent) Barreta) and “Rainmaker” Okada
Six-Men Tag Team Match

Doc Gallows and Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson joined their Bullet Club partners for support. Ring of Honor ran a few more ads before the main event kicked in.

Styles and Okada started the match. Okada is set to fight Styles for the IWGP World Title on July 5th. Arm Drags by Styles. Okada smacked Styles and caught Styles in a Victory Roll. Styles then hit one. Okada blocked the Styles Clash. Styles escaped the Rainmaker Clothesline. Tag on both sides. Barreta and Nick Jackson were legal. Knife Edge by Trent. Jackson came back but got hit with a Rope Assisted Bridge Suplex. Romero taggedin and hit a Backsplash Senton to earn a two. Scoop Slam by Romero. Tag to Trent. Superkick by Matt, through the ropes on Trent.

The “Young Bucks” chant rose from the crowd. Trent went to the ropes to avoid more punishment. Triple Team by the Bullet Club. Red Shoes is the ref in this match. Matt Jackson spat at Okada. Snap Mare and the Jacksons switched. Tag to Styles. Trent ran Styles into the corner. Styles with a Suplex to send Trent into the corner. It was time for one more break.

The Jacksons with a double team on Barreta. Double Stomp to Nick’s chest. Trent crawled towards his corner but Styles and Matt pulled Romero and Okada off the apron. Running Knee Trembler got the Bullet Club a two. Nick went up top and went for the Swanton. Barreta got the knees up. Jackson held Barreta’s leg but Trent hit the Tornado DDT. Tag to Romero and Matt. Tilt-a-Whirl HeadScissors by Romero. Romero rocked both Jacksons. Corner Clotheslines by Romero. Superkick! But Romero shook it off and nailed an Inside out Clothesline. Tags to Okada and Styles. Okada rocked Styles with various shots. Flapjack by Okada. DDT by Okada. Morningstar Uppercut by Okada. Whip by Okada but Styles got the boots up. Okada escaped the Slop Drop. White Noise Neckbreaker by Okada. Superkick to Okada. Jumping Knees by Rappongi Vice. Nice combinations by RV. The Jacksons ended up on the floor. Doomsday Device, on the floor, by RV. Styles with the Baseball Slide Dropkick to Barreta. Sunday Bloody Sunday by Styles to Okada. Okada blocked the Styles Clash and hit a Tombstone Piledriver. Styles dodged the Rainmaker. Nick Jackson with the blind tag. He rocked Romero, who had also taggedin. Tag to Matt. Poetry in Motion. Buckle Bomb Enziguri by the Young Bucks. Swanton onto Romero but he still kicked out.

Trent tagged in as the Young Bucks went for More Bang for the Buck. Okada struck the Rainmaker pose and then went for his finisher. Styles hit he Flying Forearm. Trent went for the Vertebreaker but The Young Bucks hit the Superkicks. Okada with a Springboard Dropkick as Styles went for Styles Clash on Trent. All six men were laid out, at this point. All six men slugged it out. Trio of Superkicks from the Bullet Club. Okada took on all three men. Pele Kick and Superkicks combined on Okada. Indietakers on Trent, twice. Styles Clash position for a pair of Superkicks. Styles Clash.

Your Winners: The Bullet Club
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0


–Jay Shannon

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