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Welcome back to Wild Wrestling Wednesday,

It was a night filled with surprise returns and the last few pieces to Slammiversary were placed. You will just NEVER believe who will show up.

Jeremy Borash talked with EC3 about who Kurt would fight. Ethan said he had a Legacy in mind for Kurt to deal with.

After a quick promo about the night’s show, Kurt Angle walked out to the ring. Josh Mathews and “Pope” D’Angelo Dinero were your announce team. Next week, Kurt Angle defends the World title against Ethan Carter III. The crowd really loved Kurt. Kurt let it be known that Ethan’s campaign for the World title was coming to an end. Kurt was confident that he would end The Streak of EC3. Kurt asked Ethan to bring out his opponent, right now.

Ethan came out with Tyrus. Ethan really bragged about how great he is. Ethan wanted to prove that Kurt was only the best…for now. Kurt told Ethan to shut up and send out the man he was to face. Kurt was ready to make the person Tap Out. Ethan swore he would never submit to Kurt…or anyone else. Ethan screamed that he has beaten everyone in the company. Kurt accused Ethan of being obsessed…with himself. Kurt warned Ethan that Carter’s ego was about to bite him in his *ss. Kurt promised to make Ethan tap out, next week.

Ethan lost his cool and challenged to make Ethan tap out, right now. He stopped before getting into the ring. Ethan then introduced Kurt’s opponent…Matt Hardy.

Low Ki vs Grado vs Tigre Uno
Three Way Elimination Match to determine the new X-Division Champion

The fans yelled for Low Ki. Ki slapped Grado. Tigre blocked the Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker but got sent to the floor. Ki blasted Grado. The X-belt has been changed. Bionic Elbow by Grado. Tigre with a Baseball Slide Dropkick to Low Ki. Tigre tried to lift Grado but couldn’t get it down. Grado, on the other hand, easily slammed Tigre. Dropkick by Tigre but he missed a Corner Splash. Backsplash Senton by Grado. Grado headed up top as Low Ki stirred on the floor. Ki pushed Grado off the top and scaled the ropes. Warrior’s Way to Grado. 1-2-3.

Grado – Eliminated

Tigre with a Body Scissors Victory Roll. Tigre kicked out but almost got pinned by a Roll Up. Knife Edge Chops by Tigre. Tigre kicked Low Ki in the face. Tigre went for the Victory Roll but Low Ki slammed him, face first. Low Ki grounded Tigre and went back to the ropes. Tigre tripped Low Ki and went up to try for a Hurancanrana. He didn’t get it, at first. Tigre did manage to plant Ki with the move and got a two count. Tigre missed a Springboard Corkscrew. Low Ki missed a Corner Dropkick. Tigre with the Flecha Rojo (Red Arrow) to become the new X-Division Champion.

Your Winner (and New X-Division Champion): Tigre Uno
Impact Scorecard: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Tigre told Christy Hemme both in Spanish and English that this was the greatest night of his life.

JB was trying to cut a promo but Bram stopped him. Bram wanted to fight another past TNA Roster member. Bram didn’t care who he was put in the ring with. A gloved hand was on JB’s shoulder. “It’s Time” was JB’s response. Could it possibly be…HIM?

Taryn was ticked off at Marti Belle and Jade for putting her in a Triple Threat Match against Kong and Brooke. Taryn was ready to eliminate Gail Kim, for good. Taryn also said the Dollhouse would work together at Slammiversary to deal with Kong and Brooke.

Velvet Sky vs Angelina Love
Sky’s contract on the line match

If Velvet wins, she returns as a full-time Roster member. Love came out and taunted Sky by saying Velvet would never beat her. Sky charged at Love but Brian Stiffler held her back. Love talked serious trash and pushed Sky. Love slapped Sky in the face and Sky dropped Love with a Spear and ran her face into the canvas. Sky ran Love into several corners. Clothesline by Sky led to a kick to the back. Sky pitched Love out of the ring. Sky came out and slammed Love’s face into the ring apron. She then whipped Love into the ring post. Sky talked trash and smacked Love. Love ended up getting sent into the ring steps. Sky tossed Love back in the ring. Dropkick, by Love, as Sky started to come back in the ring.

Love rammed Sky into the ring apron and got her back in the ring for a two count. Love kicked and punched away. Knee Strike by Love. Love with a hard Whip and Corner Splash. Side Drop Slam by Love brought a two count. Sky came back with hard Forearms but a Short Arm Clothesline dropped her in her tracks. Sky caught Love on the ropes and pulled her down. Running Clotheslines by Sky. Sky then kicked the daylights out of Love with a trio of hard kicks. Jawbreaker by Love into an Implant DDT. 2 count. Love was losing it as the pin attempt failed. Love missed the Botox Injection. Stunner by Velvet Sky to regain her position on the TNA Roster.

Your Winner: Velvet Sky
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

The Dirty Heels were asked about Full Metal Mayhem. Austin Aries said there was nothing in their training about tables, ladders or chairs. Aries suggested that the Wolves played into their hands by setting up this wild match. Bobby wanted to break the Wolves in half with all the weapons.

A “Playtime is Over” video package aired. I have to think this has to do with Taryn Terrell.

MVP was asked about what was going on with the Beat Down Clan. MVP bragged about how many have fallen before them. MVP said he was a master strategist. MVP said he was regrouping and had a great new battle plan. He warned that he BDC was stronger than ever.

The Dirty Heels (Bobby Roode and Austin Aries) vs The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards)
Best of Five Series, Match #4, for the World Tag Team Titles…Full Metal Mayhem Rules

The two teams locked up and the Heels took the early advantage. The Wolves pushed Bobby and Austin into each other. Double Team on Bobby. Eddie with an Elbow Drop to Bobby’s neck. Aries found the first steel chair of the night. All four men ended up with chairs and it looked like a modern Arthurian battle as the chairs clashed like swords. The Dirty Heels went to the floor and called for a Time Out. Seriously?

The Wolves both went for Suicide Dives and took chair shots to the face. Aries climbed a ladder to show off. TNA took a quick break.

The fans were screaming for tables as the show returned. Aries tipped over a ladder to show that the fans would not get what they wanted. Bobby clocked Eddie with a hard punch. Bobby then stood on Eddie’s neck to choke him on the rope. Aries raked Davey’s back. Two chairs were set up. The Dirty Heels took a seat and wrenched away with Rear Chin Locks. The Wolves got free but dual Drop Toe Holds sent Davey and Eddie into the chairs. Aries went out to get a can lid. Slingshot into the lid and then Aries did his own Slingshot to crash into the Wolves. Aries bashed both Wolves with the lid as Bobby got a ladder. The Dirty Heels sent Davey into a propped ladder and then whipped Eddie into Davey. Hesitation Dropkick by Aries into both Wolves. Eddie hit a Leg Lariat to Bobby. Davey Hip Tossed Aries into the ladder. Ouch!

The toys came out to destroy the Dirty Heels. The fans still screamed for tables. The Heels bailed out of the ring but The Wolves flew through the ropes, three times. Wow! Davey got a chair and smacked the one in Aries’ hand. Davey cracked a chair across Bobby’s back and Eddie with the Warrior’s Way to the chair. Modified Brainbuster with can lid assist. Could be…might be…Denied.

Eddie handed Davey a steel chain. Davey wrapped it around his ankle. Aries with the Last Chancellory. Eddie made the save, by way of a trash can shot. Bobby yanked Eddie to the outside and Aries hit a Suicide Dive. A table was finally put in place. Doomsday Missile Dropkick to put Eddie through the table! Davey made the last second save. The Dirty Heels cleared away the broken table. Aries put a ladder against Eddie. Eddie used the ladder as a weapon on Aries. Wolves Kick but Aries made the save. When Eddie kicked Bobby, he used the steel chain for more impact (pun fully intended). The trash can was placed on Aries and the Wolves used a chair to bash the can. Dang. Stereo Coast to Coasts byh the Wolves. They had a Hell of a time getting the can loose from Aries. Eddie held up Aries. Bobby came in and crashed Eddie with a chair and Low Blowed Davey.

Your Winners: The Dirty Heels
Impact Scorecard: 4.75

We go to Match #5, sometime down the road.

Matt Hardy cut a promo about being a new dad and wanting to take care of his family. Matt did think Ethan was a piece of…Ethan walked in. Ethan said he would beat Kurt, next week, and then Matt would have to “Kiss the Ring” to get a title shot. Matt felt Kurt would make Ethan tap out, next week.

The announcers were completely stunned as Jeff Jarrett made his return to TNA, along with Karen Jarrett. “Welcome Back” rang out, big time. Jeff got in a plug for Global Force Wrestling. Jeff said TNA texted him about doing a conference call to talk about something. Jeff called them back, after a break. Jeff was asked to return for a match. Jeff almost hung up when he was asked to fight, one more time. They upped the ante by saying it would be a “King of the Mountain” match. So, Jeff will do that at Slammiversary. Jeff mentioned a few great people from the past (Samoa Joe and A.J. Styles). Jeff was concerned about how people were going to react, especially his wife, Karen.

Karen took over and discussed the offer. Karen thought they were done with TNA. Karen initially didn’t want Jeff to get involved with TNA, anymore. It was hard for Karen to understand but she was willing to accept her hubby’s decision and support him. Karen mentioned Sonjay Dutt being there to help them make the decision. Dutt explained that Jeff needed to go out on His terms, not someone else’s. Karen was in tears but she wanted her man to go out the right way…the Jeff Jarrett way.

Jeff said The King of the Mountain put himself in the match for one final walk down the TNA aisle. Jeff mentioned Toby Keith and butchered his song lyrics about As Good as I Once Was. The old Jeff Jarrett them music rang out as the fans sat stunned.

Bram vs Vader
Former Roster Challenge Match

Are you freaking kidding me?

Vader looked in great shape. Collar and Elbow and Bram pushed Vader. Vader just smiled and went back to the Collar and Elbow. Vader dropped Bram and threw the Vader punches to the face and ribs. Headbutt and Clothesline by Vader. Bram ducked a Clothesline and punched away. Bram ran Vader into a corner and knocked off the mask. Bram just punched away to the face and slapped him in the face. Bad move. Stone Wall by Vader for a two count.

Vader planted Bram and headed up the ropes. Vader had to adjust his pants before nailing the Vader Bomb. 1-2-foot on the bottom rope. Vader hurt his ribs on the landing. Bram got the turnbuckle. He hid it so Vader didn’t see it. Bram cracked Vader, over and over. The ref called for the bell.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Vader
Impact Scorecard: 1.75

Matt Morgan made his return to take the fight to Bram. Fallaway Slam and La Bandera Clothesline by Morgan. Cool.

Eric Young vs Sgt. Chris Melendez
Special Challenge Match

Melendez demanded this battle, after Eric ripped off Sarge’s artificial leg at Hard Core War. Collar and Elbow and the two went to the corner. Eric clubbed and kicked away at Sarge. Eric screamed this foe as the “USA” chant started. Cravat by Eric and he slammed Sarge into the corner. It was announced that Bram will face Matt Morgan at Slammiversary. Sarge came back with wild punches. DDT by Eric for a 2 count. Sarge rolled out to the floor.

Eric stomped Chris and hit the Funk Neckbreaker. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock with an Arm Bar by Eric. Sarge got up and punched away. Eric went to the eyes and tried to rip off the leg, again. Sarge kept kicking free. Sarge threw wild Forearms to Young’s jaw. Eric caught Sarge with a Piledriver, out of nowhere.

Your Winner: Eric Young
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

The Rising and BDC went off on each other. Eli Drake took out Kenny King. Drew Galloway was working over MVP. Hernandez, recently seen on Lucha Underground, rushed down to the ring. Hernandez took out The Rising forces. He took out all members of The Rising, by himself. Border Toss to Drew. MVP made it official that Hernandez was the newest member of the BDC. Interesting.

Next week, the finals of the Best of Five Series will happen. Taryn will defend against Awesome Kong and Brooke. Plus, Ethan Carter III will challenge Kurt Angle for the World Title. Should be an amazing show.

Matt Hardy vs Kurt Angle
Non-Title Match

Matt took the fight right to Kurt. A Knee lift and Elbows to Kurt’s neck. Running Neckbreaker by Matt. Slider Leg drop by Hardy. Whip by Hardy into a Rope Assisted Elbow Drop. Kurt reversed a Whip but ate a boot. Overhead Belly to Belly by Kurt. Kurt nailed Marr and hit the Scoop Slam. Rear Chin Lock by Kurt. Matt got free and hit a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Both men were down.

The men threw wild Haymakers at each other. German Suplexes by Kurt. He nailed the Hat Trick. Angle Slam blocked. Side Effect by Hardy for a two count. Matt called for the Twist of Fate. Angle Slam. 2 count. Davey Richards will face Austin Aries, at Slammiversary. The winner will get to choose the stipulation for the final match in the Best of Five Series.

Angle Lock but Matt got free. Sleeper into a partial Slop Drop to get a two for Matt. Matt went up top but missed the Moonsault. Germans, again, for Kurt. Matt blocked the third one and hit another Side Effect. 2 count. Matt came right back to hit a third Side Effect and then a fourth. Kurt kicked out just before three. Kurt blocked the Twist of Fate but Matt would not be denied. 1-2-kick out. Kurt blocked a second Twist of Fate and locked Matt in the Grapevined AngleLcok. Tap Out.

Your Winner (By Submission): Kurt Angle
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus rushed the ring. Matt aided Kurt in fighting off Ethan and Tyrus. Drop Toe Hold and Kurt put Ethan in the AngleLock. Tap Out!


–Jay Shannon

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