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NXT recap June 24th 2015

The show opens with the NXT roster together on the stage with Triple H. The arena is set to pay tribute to Dusty Rhodes. His picture is shown on the video screen. Triple H noted very emotionally how NXT lost a member of family and one of the driving forces behind NXT. The entire roster and arena stood for a 10-bell salute.

The opening video played

Hideo Itami made his way to the ring as the show opened wearing a suit with his arm in a sling. Hideo was welcomed back by an off-camera interviewer. Hideo said it would be 3-4 months before he would be able to get back in the ring. He said he couldn’t wait to come back. The interviewer asked about his recent trip home to Japan promoting the July 4th show. Itami said it didnt matter who won the match on July 4th because he would beat the champion and become the new NXT champion.

Kevin Owens’ music hit and he made his way out. Owens said he is happy Itami will be in Japan with his his with his wife kids but its too bad he wont be able to wrestle. He said at least Itami would be able to see him destroy Balor. Owens said that he had nothing to do with Itami’s injury and wants an apology for being called a bad person a few weeks ago.

Itami said that Owens is a great champion but a terrible person. Owens countered by saying that if hes going to be blamed for Hideo’s injury he might as well cause one and teased going after Itami’s good arm. Owens was heading towards the ring when he was attacked by Balor. Balor drove Owens back to the stage where he tried to set up for the Coups des Gras but Rhyno made the save with a Gore to Balor. He then kicked him off the stage to close the segment.

The next segment began with a replay of the fight between Owens and Balor. The announcers teased that the main event for tonight would be Rhyno vs Balor. Enzo, Cass & Carmella made their way to the ring. Enzo performed his usual promo bit on the way to the ring.

Match 1: Enzo Amore & Colin Casaday vs Jason Jordan & Sylvester Laporte

Enzo started against Laporte and dominated him early. Enzo and Cass were rolling on Laporte until Jordan tagged himself in and started working over Enzo. Jordan and Laporte stayed in control until Enzo rolled up Jordan out of the blue for the win.

Winner: Enzo & Cass

A video was shown of last week’s fight between Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens. Backstage Joe said Let Them Fight!!!! several times. He said he didnt get the fight he wanted against Owens because Kevin was still standing up. He said he wants Kevin Owens and again to Let them Fight!! before leaving the set. Dana Brooke will be out next.

Dana Brooke and Emma come to the ring.

Match 2: Dana Brook vs Cassie

Cassie started the offense early scoring a rollup and a flying head-scissors to take control. Brooke slides out to the floor and as Cassie reaches for her Brooke snaps Cassie’s neck between the top and middle ropes. Brooke hits a body slam and goes in to bow and arrow type maneuver on the mat. Cassie was able to fight out of the hold and score some hot offense. Cassie nailed her with several clotheslines and a reverse spin-kick in the corner.
Cassie tried to mount offense from the ropes but Dana caught her and hit a Samoan Driver type move for the win.

Winner: Dana Brooke

As we go to the back, Charlotte is being interviewed regarding Dana Brook’s comments from last week. Charlotte said she has no idea what Dana’s problem is with her. She said she didnt have any doors opened for her, instead she took advantage of her opportunities. She censored herself from saying something else and said she would give Dana the message herself.

The announce team put over the July 4th show and introduced part two of Finn Balor’s career retrospective.

The video opened with Sami Zayn and Finn at Finn’s apartment. The video showed that Finn likes to relax by building Lego models in his spare time. Matt Bloom (formerly Tensai/Albert) was interviewed regarding his friendship with Balor. Balor detailed their friendship from New Japan Pro Wrestling as still photos and videos of the two were being shown over the talking.

Bloom described how the wrestling school is structured in NJPW. Balor said how much he loved his time in Japan and that it was his second home. Bloom described that the Prince Devitt was a superstar in Japan and that he had a true passion to be the very best. He told about sending feelers out to the WWE. Becky Lynch was interviewed saying how huge it was that Balor signed with WWE.

Balor recapped his career to this point. The video closed with Balor saying that he was just getting started. Part three was teased for next week.

After the video, the announcers sold the Beast in the East July 4th card. Corey Graves announced that William Regal had ordered Bull Dempsey to get into shape. Pictures were shown of Bull and his current progress. As we return to the arena, the Hype Bros make their entrance.

Match 3: Zach Ryder & Mojo Rawley vs. Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton

Mojo started the match with the get hype chant and pushed around Dawkins before doing his hammer time drop. Dawkins and Sawyer would take control with a leapfrog move that landed across Mojo’s back. Mojo recovered and was able to tag in Ryder. Ryder was able to hit a corner splash then a Broski Boot in the corner. Ryder made the tag and the double-team spine buster/rough rider connected for the win.

Winners: The Hype Bros.

In the next segment, Eva Marie went to William Regal’s office to say she has been training hard and to ask him for match against any Diva in NXT. Regal told her that she couldnt just use her charm to get what she wanted. He said the diva’s division is on fire and that Eva needs to show him something. Whenever she’s ready to show what she’s got, he’s ready to see.

Back in the arena, Balor made his entrance. The video of Rhyno’s attack on Balor from three weeks ago and earlier tonight was shown. Kevin Owens joined the announce team for commentary. Rhyno made his entrance last.

Match 4: Finn Balor vs Rhyno

The two men began the match brawling with each other. Byron focused on the Hideo Itami attack and feud with Owens. This frustrated Owens. Balor hit Rhyno with his flip suicide dive over the rope to take an early advantage. It did not last long however, as Rhyno took back control with a spine buster once both men were back in the ring.

Owens and Saxton continued to argue on commentary while in the ring, Balor hit several forearms off the ropes and a couple of missile dropkicks. Balor tried to set up for reverse Bloody Sunday but it was blocked by Rhyno who reversed it into a Northern Lights throw. Owens had to continue to tell Byron Saxton to call the match and leave him alone.

Rhyno repeatedly drove shoulders into Balor in the corner. Balor took the shoulders and fought out hitting a pele kick. Balor dazed Rhyno with another and went to the top rope. Owens left commentary and went to the ring.Owens climbed up on the apron and Balor met hi m with a dropkick sending Kevin to the floor.

Rhyno used the Owens distraction to connect with a belly-to-belly on Balor and set him up for the Gore. Balor was able to avoid the Gore and connect with a Slingblade of his own. Balor then went to the top rope and hit the Coup de Grace for the three count.

Winner: Finn Balor

Post-match: Owens hit the ring and he and Rhyno began an assault on Balor. Samoa Joe runs out to make the save sending the heels up the ramp to closr the show.

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