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Welcome to Wild Wrestling Wednesday!

It was time for the Contract Signing between Jay Briscoe and Jay Lethal. Has one of these things EVER gone off without a major fight?

Roll the opening montage.

We are still in Toronto, this week. Kevin Kelly and Steve “King” Corino were your announce team.

The Decade (B.J. Whitmer and Adam Page) vs War Machine (Hanson and Rowe)

Colby Corino was with Whitmer and Page. I like the new War Machine t-shirts. Colby is Page’s “Yong Boy” and it irked Steve to no end. Whitmer wanted the microphone. Oh, let me guess. Yep, Whitmer stepped out of the match and let Colby take his place. Whitmer took a shot at Steve by putting Colby in the match. Steve got up and started to kick Whitmer’s behind.

Colby taped up as Page started against Rowe. Colby slapped Rowe. Rowe tagged in Hanson. Spin Side Slam by Hanson. Tag to Rowe. Colby threw Forearms that had no effect. Rowe with the Backbreaker and Gutbuster combo. Page refused to take the tag. Really? Whitmer screamed at Colby to fight and be a man. Fallout.

Your Winners: War Machine
Honor Roll Ranking: out of a possible

Steve Corino got up and prepared to whip Whitmer’s butt, big time. RoH took a break to calm things down.

Cedric Alexander cut a promo about needing to pick up wins to prove his dream wasn’t a waste of time. Cedric threw out an open challenge to…MOOSE!

Cedric Alexander vs Moose
Special Challenge Match

Go Behind by Cedric. Dropkick slightly rocked Moose. Moose missed his own Dropkick. Scoop Slam by the undefeated Moose. Moose missed the Big Splash. Running Kick by Cedric. Back Elbow by Moose. Low Bridge sent Moose to the floor. Cedric hopped over the ropes and sent Moose into the ring post. Cedric threw Moose back in the ring. Springboard move failed. Cedric climbed the ropes but Moose hit a Dropkick that sent Cedric tumbling out to the floor. Time for a break.

Moose sent Cedric into the corner. Springboard Clothesline and Crash and Burn by Cedric. Cedric kept the pressure on Moose with hard shots. Springboard Tornado DDT by Cedric for the two. Cedric tried for a Fireman’s Carry but couldn’t lift Moose. Lift Clothesline by Moose. Holy Cow. How was that NOT a three count? Cedric popped Moose and Moose returned the favor. European Uppercut by Moose but Cedric hit Forearms. The two went back and forth with punches and kicks. Moose clocked Cedric and hit a Headbutt. Moose started up the ropes but Cedric tripped Moose and rocked him with Dropkicks, in the corner. Moose took Dropkicks before falling. Cedric just kept hitting Dropkicks. The ref checked on Moose. SPEAR! By Moose. The ref started counting both men down as Veda Scott pulled out a wrench from under the ring. Veda ordered Moose to bash Cedric. He wouldn’t do it but Cedric grabbed the wrench and bashed him. 1-2-3! The Streak is done!

Your Winner: Cedric Alexander
Honor Roll Ranking:

Cedric kept saying “Whatever I gotta do”.

It was time for another issue of Inside ROH. Mandy Leon talked about the tag team war brewing between The Addiction and reDRagon. Kaz and Daniels pulled underhanded means to take the RoH tag belts from Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. They will square off, for the belts, at Best in the World. Adam Cole strolled in and dismissed Mandy. Cole cut a promo about rejoining The Kingdom to battle The Bullet Club. This will settle which group is the best faction in wrestling.

ACH and “ReBourne” Matt Sydal vs Hiroshi Tanahashi and T. Naito

ACH was rocking some seriously wild colors in his jacket and hat. This was another NJPW vs ROH war. If you happen to have the channel, AXSTV, Friday nights, they show New Japan. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Code of Honor Handshakes didn’t happen. Matt started against Tanahashi. Collar and Elbow into a Standing Switch flurry. Matt with the Drop Top Hold and Leg Snap. Side Headlock by Tanahashi. Shoulder Tackle by the Japanese Legend. Matt flipped around and hit a pair of Deep Arm Drags. Tanahashi missed the Dropkick but Matt connected with the Standing Moonsault.. Tag to Naito and ACH.

Collar and Elbow into an Arm Bar by ACH. Naito turned the tables and worked ACH’s right arm. ACH reversed it back, as did Naito. Forearm by ACH. The two threw Forearms, back and forth. Knife Edge Chop by ACH. Dropkick by Naito. Naito bashed ACH in the chest and Whipped him across the ring. Universal into flips and a Dropkick by ACH. Elbow Smash by ACH into another Knife Edge Chop. Tanahashi kicked ACH in the back but he recovered, almost. Tanahashi tripped him and pulled him to the floor. Tanahashi whipped ACH into the barricade as RoH went to break.

ACH was down and Tanahashi missed a Somersault. ACH crawled towards his corner but didn’t’ make it. Tag to Naito. ACH tried to fight back but Naito clubbed him and Side Slammed him. Rear Chin Lock by Naito. ACH bashed Naito but took an Enziguri. Running Dropkick, Trip and Over the Top Dropkick, all in one fluid movement. Cool. A “New Japan” chant broke out. Naito put ACH up top and tried for the Superplex. ACH pushed Naito off the ropes. Warrior’s Way Double Stomp to Naito’s neck. Matt begged for a tag and got it. Matt with an Air Bourne variation. Pop Up Hurancanrana to Naito. Tanahashi tried to get involved but a Spin Kick took him down. Matt with a Hurancanrana off the ropes brought a two plus. Tanahashi caught Matt as he went for a Standing Moonsault and turned it into a German Suplex. That was just so cool. Tanahashi took the tag. Leg Cutter by Matt. Tag to ACH. ACH with wild kicks to the chest and legs that seemed to go on forever. Running Lariat by Ach. 1-2-Not quite yet. Standing Switches and Tanahashi got Germaned. 2 count.

ACH ducked several swipes and did a little Air Guitar. Dragon Screw Leg Whip led to a Walls of Jericho. Matt hit a Jumping Knee to help his partner escape. Matt sent both foes to the floor. Matt went up the ropes but was tripped. Jordan by ACH. ACH clocked Tanahashi. Flying Face Plant by ACH. Matt with the Shooting Star Press. Ach covered Tanahashi but Naito made the save. Naito with a wicked Tornado DDT. Paradise Kick by ACH to Naito. Ach headed up to the top and nailed the Splash on Tanahashi. SLingblade by Tanahashi. Tanahashi went up top and connected with the Frog Splash.

Your Winners: Naito and Tanahashi
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.0

The Contract Signing

Jay Lethal and Truth Martini came out first. They were both dressed to the nines. They looked like extras from an old Gangster film of the 40s. Smile. Jay and Mark Briscoe then came out, dressed a lot less formally. Nigel McGuinness was taking care of business for this. Nigel made it clear that BOTH the World and the TV titles were on the line. The match will have a 60 minute time limit. Lethal signed it first. Briscoe then stepped up and made it official. Nigel wanted to make it clear that this would be the biggest match in RoH History. He asked the men if they had anything to say. Lethal started. He said he would not flip the table and take out Briscoe. He wanted Jay Briscoe at his very best. Lethal did not want any excuses when he defeated the World title for both belts. Lethal got the family involved. Mark had to hold his brother, Jay, back. Briscoe then took the stick. Briscoe said he would turned Lethal back into the “Black Machismo”. The table got flipped over. Shirts came off and…the show ended. Dang.


–Jay Shannon

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