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Welcome back to Wild Wrestling Wednesday.

Kurt Angle and Ethan Carter III are on a collision course. Tonight, they set the ground rules for the next few weeks of action. Plus, Bobby Roode had a special challenge for The Wolves.

Impact opened with a really nice tribute to Virgil Runnels aka Dusty Rhodes.

TNA looked at how Ethan came out, last week, to grumble about not being in a World title match at Destination X. Kurt survived Rock Star Spud and Austin Aries in two title challenges. Both men tapped out to the AngleLock. After the Aries match, Ethan jumped Kurt and then took the World title belt. Ethan and Kurt will square off at the upcoming Bell to Bell.

Josh Mathews and The Pope (D’Angelo Dinero) were your announce team.

Mike Tenay was in the ring for the contract signing. Good to see “The Professor” back on the show. He was looking great. Mike brought out Ethan Carter III for the Contract Signing for his match with Kurt Angle. Tyrus followed behind EC3. Once they got in the ring, Kurt Angle was introduced. Mike wanted to get comments from Kurt but Ethan took the stick. Ethan praised Kurt for all the men he has beaten, in the past. While Ethan didn’t use actual names, it was obvious that he meant everyone from Ric Flair (“Nature Boys”) through Undertaker (Dead Man) to John Cena (People you can’t even see—with Cena hand wave). Ethan stated that the timeline of Kurt as champion ended with him. Ethan demanded that Kurt “Pass the Torch” to him.

Kurt looked at the cocky Carter and asked Mike how many of these signings has he been to…Hundreds? Kurt admitted Ethan was talented. He also felt EC3 was a spoiled brat. Kurt reminded Ethan that he was now healthy and the Greatest Wrestler Alive. Kurt wondered how Ethan would react when he lost…which he WAS going to do. Kurt signed off on the match. Ethan had already signed. Mike then let everyone know that each man would pick the other’s opponent. Kurt got to go first and he put Ethan against Bobby Lashley, a former World Champion.

Next week, Grado, Tigre Uno and Low Ki will battle to determine the new X-Division Champion.

A profile of the Best of Five Series aired. The Wovles are up 2-1, right now. The Wolves took the first two matches but the Dirty Heels came back to take the third contest.

The Wolves then came out to the ring. Davey and Eddie wanted to have Match Four, tonight. Bobby Roode arrived to explain that Austin Aries was not cleared to compete, after the huge match he had with Kurt Angle, last week. Bobby was asked to take on one of the Wolves. To up the stakes, the winner of the match would get to pick the stipulation of Match Four. Davey wanted to kick Bobby’s butt but Eddie wanted revenge for getting bashed with a chair, during Match Three.

Bobby Roode vs Eddie Edwards
Stipulation Choice Match

The two circled each other and Bobby kicked away. Eddie came back with punches and Chops. Eddie held the ropes on a Whip. Suicide Dive to Bobby, who had flown out to the floor. Knife Edge Chops to Bobby’s chest, twice. Eddie rammed Bobby into the apron edge and tossed him back in the ring. Bobby stomped away on Eddie as Edwards tried to get back in the ring. Whip by Roode but Eddie kicked the shin and hit a Shining Wizard to get a two.

Knife Edge Chop by Eddie. Eddie with a Hard Whip to the corner but Bobby got both boots up. Bobby drove his knee into Eddie’s back and then dropped the knee. Bobby kicked away at Eddie. Bobby used his own Knife Edge Chop on Eddie. Snap Mare into the Perfect Neck Snap. ‘Davey Richards cheere don his partner, which seemed to help fire up Eddie. High Back Elbow, by Bobby, into a Rear Chin Lock. Eddie worked his way to his feet. Headbutts by Eddie but Bobby kicked away. Front Drop Suplex by Roode. Running Clothesline, to the corner, by Bobby. Bobby with a Whip but Eddie came out of the corner with a Leg Lariat. Eddie and Bobby traded hard Forearms and Knife Edge Chops. Eddie escaped the Roode Bomb and hit an Elbow to the jaw. Running Clutch Jawbreaker brought Eddie a two. Eddie took a trip to the penthouse as Roode began to stir. He missed the Warrior’s Way and Bobby nailed the Spinebuster to get a two plus count. Bobby spat at Davey. Bobby called for Austin Aries. Bobby missed a chair that Aries threw in. Eddie rolled up Bobby.

Your Winner: Eddie Edwards
Impact Scorecard: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Eddie screamed that the Fourth Match would be Full Metal Mayhem (TLC). Bobby and Austin were not happy to hear that.

A video package aired about Bobby Lashley.

Joseph Park showed up to talk with Jeremy Borash. Park said he lost everything and is “in between jobs”. Park wanted a shot to fight Bram. Elsewhere, Bram attacked a cameraman who was secretly filming him. Park vs Bram is on deck.

Drew Galloway cut a promo about negativity in wrestling. He has now started a “Show Your Impact” campaign.

Bram vs Joseph Park

For those who may be a newer reader/viewer, Park is the alter-ego of Abyss. Park started to talk but Bram bashed him. He wouldn’t let Park get to his feet. Bram slapped the taste out of Park’s mouth. Bram missed a Corner Splash. Park boxed the ribs but fell to a Running Clothesline. Bram punched the skull of Park. Don’t make Park bleed. Bram took a chair and cracked the ring post. Bram missed the chair shot and Park tore into Bram. Bram cracked Park in the back of the neck. Bram went under the ring to find a table and kendo stick. Bram set the table in the corner. Low Blow by Park. Park got he kendo stick and took it to the ribs and back of the Brit. Chokeslam by Park. 1-2-no. Park adjusted the table, since Bram didn’t set it up right. Bram stopped in mid-Whip to avoid the table. Bram Speared Park into the table and pinned him.

Your Winner: Bram
Impact Scorecard: 1.5

Taryn cut a promo about the tag match against the Doll House. If Kong or Brooke were to lose, they will NEVER get a chance to fight Taryn for the Knockout Title. If Kong and Brooke win, both women will get a title shot. That match is up next…

Pope and Josh discussed the Ethan vs Lashley match. Pope told Josh to calm down and just let it happen. Pope was ready to see the Dollhouse girls.

Marti Belle and Jade (The Dollhouse) vs Brooke and Awesome Kong

The Dollhouse jumped Brooke before Kong came out. They stopped cold when the drum beats began to introduce Kong. Kong dropped Jade with a Shoulder and lifted Marti. Taryn jumped Kong and then retreated, big time. Brooke was down and somewhat hurt. Kong took the fight to Jade. Clothesline by Kong to Jade and then Stone Walled Marti. Tag to Brooke. Running Shoulder to Marti and Flapjack to Jade. Brooke grabbed Taryn but Jade jumped her. Hair Whip by Jade and tag to Marti. Brooke slung Brooke by the hair. Marti choked Brooke on the middle rope. Skidmark by Marti. Marti tied Brooke up in the ropes and the Dollhouse members pulled Brooke backwards.

Jade tossed Brooke in the corner and Boot Choked her. Kong was itching to get in the ring. Cannonball by Jade into Brooke. Jade then choked her foe. Brooke woke up and started throwing wild shots. Jade reversed a Whip but missed a Dropkick. Marti kicked Brooke in the back. Tag to Marti. She threw down Brooke and bashed her in the face, over and over. Marti threw Brooke into the corner and tagged Jade. Snap Suplex by Jade. 1-kickout.

Brooke threw wild Haymakers but took a knee. Scoop Slam by Jade. She missed the Springboard Moonsault. Kong and Marti tagged in. Kong just annihilated Marti with a Scoop Slam. Kong wanted the Implant Buster but Jade Dropkicked her. Double SUplex sent the Dollhouse over. Brooke rushed in and Speared Jade. Marti kicked Kong in the face. Chokeslam by Kong. Tag to Brooke. Brooke with a Savage Elbow off Kong’s shoulder.

Your Winners: Awesome Kong and Brooke
Impact Scorecard: 2.25

TNA looked back at Hard Core War between Team Angle and Team (Eric) Young. Young dropped Chris Melendez on his head and then ripped off the artificial leg of the Sarge.

Christy Hemme introduced Sgt. Chris Melendez. Josh talked quickly about Sarge’s background. Christy asked Sarge what was running through his mind. “Thank You Chris” rang out. Sarge said Eric young disrespected the USA, the Army and so much more when he ripped his leg off. Chris demanded that Young come out and face him, right now.

Eric knew Sarge made a huge sacrifice when he lost his leg. Eric called Chris “ a living, breathing hero”. Eric said he didn’t care about Chris, the fans or anyone. Eric was about Eric, period. Eric claimed he was a God and Sarge was nobody or nothing. Eric warned that evil things might happen if he had time to think up things to do to Melendez. Eric really wanted to know if Chris wanted to face him, next week. Chris said he understood his place in the pecking order. He told Eric he wanted to kick Eric’s *ss, next week.

Jessie Godderz vs DJZ

Zema jumped Jessie and tore into him. Dropkick by DJZ. Shoulder Thrust and Jawbreaker by the former X-Division Champion. DJZ with a Back Elbow. Jessie slapped DJZ. Jessie blocked a Hurancanrana and hit a Powerbomb. Buckle Bomb by Jessie. Walls of Nelson aka Adonis Crab by Jessie. DJZ tapped out.

Your Winner: “Modern Day Adonis” Jessie Godderz
Impact Scorecard: .75

Jessie took the stick and asked DJZ if what just happened was a mistake. Jessie stomped DJZ and called him a loser. Jessie took credit for all the success of the BroMans. Jessie mocked DJZ for his character. Jessie said he would never be like the fans and DJZ. Robbie E rushed in and took the fight to Jessie. He stomped a mudhole in Jessie until the ref pulled him back. Jessie tried to jump Robbie but Robbie gave better than he got.

TNA looked back at James Storm’s ruse to get Mickie James to come to Nashville. It was supposedly to get her foot in the door with the music business. In fact, Storm was just trying to get her to join The Revolution. When Mickie declined, Storm pushed Mickie onto the train tracks as a choo choo was coming into the station. Mickie was safe, at least physically.

Magnus returned to the Impact Zone to address the situation with his fiancé. Magnus said he would crack skulls until James Storm brought his “Rat B*stard Face” in the ring. Magnus warned security that he would destroy anyone that tried to move him. He even called out the execs of the company to give him his revenge.

James Storm’s music hit and The Cowboy strolled from the back. Storm laughed that Magnus tried to enlighten everyone that Storm was the bad guy. Magnus made himself look like the bad guy, not Storm. Storm suggested Mickie was up to no good when the cameras were turned off. Storm then rolled out a baby carriage, supposedly containing Magnus’ son, Donovan Aldis. Storm talked trash about Mickie James, to further irritate Storm. Magnus broke free and bashed Storm in the face. Magnus kept trying to get to Storm but security restrained him. Storm kicked over the carriage and it turned out a baby doll was in the stroller, not Donovan. That was serious B.S..

A video package aired about Ethan Carter III and his desire to become the next World Champion.

Ethan Carter III (w/Tyrus) vs Bobby Lashley

The bell sounded and Lashley backed Ethan into the ropes. Earl Hevner asked Bobby to back up. Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. Clean break. They went back to the Collar and Elbow. Ethan tried for the cheap shot but Bobby ducked. Universal into a Clothesline from Bobby. Lashley lifted Ethan for he Dominator but Ethan slipped free. Bobby with a Running Shoulder. He then ran Ethan into the corner and punched away. Lashley added a few stomps, as well. Huge Biel by Lashley. Tyrus grabbed Bobby’s leg and Ethan took advantage. Bobby blocked a Suplex and hit one of his own.

Bobby got up in Tyrus’ face and Ethan hit a Running Dropkick, through the ropes. Ethan hit a Missile Dropkick, off the apron. Ethan hit a Snap Suplex on the floor. Ethan rolled Bobby back in the ring and got a two count. Rear Chin Lock by Ethan. Bobby punched away but Ethan came back with a Flying Knee. 1-2-not yet. Ethan got a chair but Earl took it away. Ethan unloaded on Bobby with hard punches. Tyrus held the chair in the corner. Bobby hit the brakes and then hit Back Elbows. Running Clothesline to the corner. Tortue Rack on Ethan but Carter slipped free. Bulldog Bounce Powerslam got a 2 count for Bobby. Bobby charged but Ethan got the boot up. Spinebuster by Bobby. Tyrus put the chair in place. Bobby went for the Spear and hit he chair. DDT for Ethan. Could be…might be…Denied!

Bobby blocked the 1 %er. Spear but Earl had been taken out. Tyrus got involved and placed Ethan on top of Bobby. Brian Hebner rushed in but Bobby kicked out at two. Tyrus got in the ring and assaulted Brian Hebner. Tyrus then hit the Big Ending on Bobby. Stiffler ran down and started to count. When Bobby kicked out, Tyrus dropped the third ref. Spear to Tyrus. Steel chair and 1%er. Earl Hebner inched up and made the count.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Ethan screamed into the camera that Kurt Angle needed to take notice of what just happened.


–Jay Shannon

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