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Show Opening: The Dusty tribute video shown during the week aired.
Match 1:  Enzo Amore, Big Cass, and Carmella vs. Blake, Murphy and Alexa Bliss

Enzo, Cass & Carmella make their entrance.  They begin their opening monologue in the ring and the crowd is way into them.  As they get to the sawft chant, the music for Blake, Murphy and Alexa cuts them off.
Enzo starts the match against Blake.  Enzo gets put into a headlock by Blake and gets dominated early.  Enzo mounts a comeback and hits a crossbody for a two count.  All six combatants hit the ring as it breaks down.  Everyone pairs off into a brawl.  Enzo and Cass eventually double-clothesline the champs out of the ring as the show goes to break.
Back from the break, Murphy has a rear chin lock on Enzo.   Enzo is forced into the champs’ corner where he is double-teamed in the corner with a back elbow from Murphy.  The champs make quick tags and work over Enzo.  Murphy tags back in and goes for another double team back elbow in the corner.  Enzo moves and makes the tag to Carmella.
Carmella hits the ring and dominates Alexa, knocking her down repeatedly.  Bliss runs quickly and makes the tag to Blake. Carmella tags Cass.
Cass comes in and hits a Stinger splash, a boot to the face  and a big sidewalk slam, which sets up the top rope frog splash from Enzo for the win.
Winners: Collin Cassady, Enzo Amore and Carmella.
After, the match, a Money in the Bank highlight video aired showcasing the match between Kevin Owens and John Cena.  The announce team hyped that, although Owens lost the match, he is all anyone is talking about because of his post-match attack on Cena.
Backstage in the arena, Devin Taylor conducted and interview with Somoa Joe.  She asked Joe if Kevin Owens was the reason he came to NXT?  Joe responded with he came to NXT to compete against the best.  He stated that he does not like Kevin Owens and his intimidation tactics. Joe said Kevin’s tactics were those of a man who was a coward and didn’t really want to fight.   Joe said he will beat down Kevin Owens. A Finn Balor video package was teased for after the break.
The Balor video began with his music and stills of his entrances, and then shifted to an interview.  Finn was asked who was Feral Devitt.  He discussed his family and the inspiration he took from them.  He also discussed how he was a fan from the first moment he saw WWE.  He knew he wanted to be a wrestler.  Footage was then shown of Feral in Insane Championship Wrestling.  He also talked about wrestling in the UK.
Becky Lynch was interviewed and praised Devitt for being the reason she is in the WWE.  She said if he hadn’t been one of the Irish wrestlers who helped open a school in Ireland she wouldn’t even be wrestling now.  Finn did admit that he was really too young to be training anyone.  Lynch was then quoted as saying that even though he is very down to earth and humble; he is born to be a wrestler.
Footage was then shown of Balor’s goodbye speech to the ICW roster prior to coming to WWE.  Part two was teased for next week’s show.
Match 2: Charlotte vs Cassie

Charlotte’s entrance was shown.  Her opponent used to be called KC Cassidy but now apparently goes by Cassie.
Charlotte dominated this match using more heelish tactics then she has in a while.  Charlotte kept Cassie off guard by putting her on the mat and keeping her there by distracting the ref and using her laces across the face.
Charlotte kept her controlled with a chinlock.  Cassie fought up and made a comeback hitting Charlotte with a cross body for a two count.  Charlotte then hit Cassie with a spinning neck breaker and followed that with a huge spear.  She locked in the Figure Eight to get the win.
Winner: Charlotte
Dana Brooke was backstage with Devin Taylor.  Before Devin could finish her question, Brooke cut her off and talked about being away competing in the Arnold Classic.  She stated that she is back and that’s good news for NXT fans but bad for Charlotte. Charlotte is about to be replaced by the “Total Diva.” She put down Charlotte by saying she used her family to get through the door in NXT while most had to work their way to the top.  She vowed to push Charlotte right out the door her family opened for her.
Match 3: Kevin Owens vs Samoa Joe- non-title match

Owens and Joe both were shown coming to the ring.  Owens was out first.  When the bell rang, Owens went to the floor but Joe followed him out and got right in his face.  Joe forced Owens into the corner.  Kevin yelled “I’m the Champ.”  This led Joe to fire off several lefts and rights to Owens.  Joe connected with a back elbow but Owens countered with a jawbreaker.  Owens followed that up with a clothesline in the corner but Joe responded with a back elbow of his own and an in enziguri in the opposite corner.
Joe planted his boot in Owens’ face in the corner and then a running knee into Ownens in the corner as the show went to commercial.  When the show got back from break, Owens had the upperhand on Joe back inside the ring.  Owens nailed the running cannonball on Joe and hit the senton but Joe kicked out almost immediately.  While both men were on the mat, Owens applied a chinlock to Joe.
After a long time in the hold, Joe finally fought out and connected with jabs to the face and a senton on Owens.  Joe then hit a huge running boot to the head with Owens slumped in the corner.  Joe set up for the muscle buster but Owens fought it off.  Owens charged across the ring at Joe but Joe picked him up with one arm and spiked him into the canvas.
Owens went to the outside and Joe followed him.  Owens slammed Joe into the ring post and set him up for the apron powerbomb. Joe fought off the move and the two continued to brawl.  The referee tried to get in between and took a minor shot from both men so he called for the bell.
Winner:  No contest
After the match, the brawl continued up the ramp and back into the ring.  They could not be separated so a whole slew of people were brought into the ring to keep them separated.  Owens eventually retreated up the ramp, clutching his title to close the show.

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