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Welcome back to Wild Wrestling Wednesdays. Time to head over to TNA. This week, we enjoyed Destination X. Kurt Angle was set to defend his World title, twice.

Kurt Angle and Rock Star Spud warned up for their World title match. Spud cashed in his X-Division title by way of Option C to get this title shot.

Ethan Carter III came out as Christy Hemme was about to bring out Spud and Kurt for the World Title. Josh Mathews pushed EC3 as the person who should be going after Kurt. Ethan was ticked off that he wasn’t getting the title shot he felt he deserved. Ethan called for a chair to have a “Sit In” to protest the World title match. Ethan dared anyone to come make him leave the ring.

Out came Kurt Angle. Kurt told Ethan to shut his damn mouth. Kurt said no whining b*tch was going to cancel Impact. Ethan threatened to end Kurt’s career. Kurt retorted he would snap Ethan’s freaking ankle in two. Ethan backed down, seriously. Ethan and Tyrus exited the ring and left as Spud arrived on the scene. Tyrus whispered in Ethan’s ear. Ethan and Tyrus went to the back.

Rock Star Spud vs Kurt Angle
World Title Match

Jeremy Borash did the introductions. Kurt had nearly a C-Note weight advantage. TNA went to break before the match got going.

Collar and Elbow into an amateur takedown by Kurt. Front Face Lock by Kurt. Kurt rode Spud as The Pope and Josh Mathews discussed the action. Side Headlock Takeover by Kurt. Pope didn’t want anyone to count out Spud. Kurt missed a Corner Splash. Drop Toe Hold by Spud into a Missile Dropkick. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors by the Brit. Kurt went to the floor. Spud flew off the apron and get Belly to Belly Suplexed. Kurt threw Spud back into the ring. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Kurt. European Uppercut by Angle. Snap Suplex by the champ. Kurt slowed things down with a Rear Chin Lock. Spud punched Kurt’s ribs and nailed the Jawbreaker. Kurt hit another Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker. Spud countered the Angle Sla and caught Kurt with the Enziguri. Spud avoided a Clothesline and punched away. The fans were loving it. Spud took a side step and Kurt flew out of the ring. Dropkick by Spud as Kurt got up on the apron. Spud climbed up top and flew down to land on Kurt’s neck with a Leg Drop. This takes me back to Bret Hart and Lex Luger vs Yokozuna from years ago.

Kurt ran the ropes to throw Spud off the top. Spud tried to power up but Kurt was ready. Spud slid out of the Angle Slam. Spud with a Dropkick to the knee and a series of Running Forearms. Angle Lock, out of nowhere. Spud rolled through to send Kur tot the corner. Kurt blocked the Underdog. Kurt charged and hit the post. Underdog! 1-2-Kick Out.

Spud clutched his leg and limped badly. Kurt saw it and put on the Angle Lock, with the Grapevine. Spud tried his best but he just couldn’t escape.

Your Winner (by Submission): Kurt Angle
Impact Scorecard: 3.25 out of a possible 5

Both Josh and Pope congratulated Spud for his try at the title. Austin Aries came out and showed off the Feast or Fired Briefcase. He is planning to Cash In, later on.

Taryn Terrell and the Dollhouse came out to explain the Knockout Title match, coming up. Taryn decided it should be a Lingerie Pillow Fight. That is just so Stupid. This is what nearly killed women’s wrestling, back in the 90s. Taryn had Marti show off the Lingerie that Kong would be forced to wear if she wanted to fight for the title.

9 men would battle in 3 Triple Threat Matches, tonight. The three winners would advance to a future match to set the new X-Division champ.

Kenny King vs Manik vs Crazzy Steve
X-Division Triple Threat Qualifying Match #1

Manik went after Low Ki. Manik Up Kicked Ki. Steve threw Manik into the ropes. Steve got tangled up in the ropes and got Dropkicked to the floor. All 3 went to the floor. Uppercut by Ki to Steve. Ki and Manik got back in the ring. European Uppercut by Low Ki. Manik with the Flying Octopus into the Abdominal Stretch Front Roll to almost get the pin. Dropkick to Steve by Manik. After Ki kicked out. Low Ki used a Springboard to Leg Lariat Steve. Manik reversed a Whip but ate a pair of boot. Low Ki kicked Steve. Manik Depression by Manik to Low Ki. Steve made the save. Manik with a Boot Twist to Low Ki’s face. Steve pushed Manik off the top rope. Steve flew off the top and missed. Low Ki used a Dropkick to take out both foes. Warrior’s Way to Manik helped Low Ki advance to the finals.

Your Winner: Low Ki
Impact Scorecard: 3.25

Grado, who we haven’t seen in some time, talked about getting his chance Grado knew he needed to work out to drop some weight. He is SO this generation’s Crash Holly (RIP).

The James Storm/Mickie James situation was examined. Storm pushed Mickie in front of a train, last week. Mickie wasn’t physically harmed but she is a mental mess.

Mandrews (Mark Andrews) vs Tigre Uno vs DJZ (Zema Ion)
X-Division Triple Threat Qualifying Match #2

Mandrewxs went after b oth men. DJZ with the Side Headlock. Tiger then took a Side Headlock on DJZ. Tigre with a Dropkick to Mandrews. DJZ School Boy’d Tigre for a two. Arm Drag by Tigre. Universal into a Dropkick by DJZ. Mandrews flipped in nad sent Tigre sailing. Mandrews hit a Standing Moonsault on DJZ. Inverted Atomic Drop and a wild Upwards One-Legged Dropkick by DJZ. Tigre hit a Missile Dropkick that downed both foes. Hesitation Dropkick to DJZ, in the corner. Tigre put DJZ on the top and then threw MAndrews at him. DJZ Speared the sailing Mandrews. Knife Edge Chop by Tigre to DJZ> Tigre went up top and hit a Legdrop. Mandrews made the save. Mandrews seemed to have an injured arm. Tigre threw Mandrews into the corner but the Brit came back with Hurancanranas both inside and outside the ring. DJZ with the Flip Dive Plancha.

DJZ threw Mandrews in and then nailed the Rope Sailing Tornado DDT. DJZ went up top but Tigre pushed him off. Corkscrew 450 by Tigre Uno to advance to the finals.

Your Winner: Tigre Uno
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

Jessie Godderz rushed down and attacked DJZ. Jessie threw DJZ in the ring and stomped away. Jessie rubbed his forearm across DJZ’s face and the powered up the former DJZ and slammed him into the corner. Gorilla Press Drop to the floor. Pope called Jessie “A Modern Day Adonis”.

Grado turned to Tigre Uno for advice. Grado was wearing a trash bag to help his break a sweat. Tigre listened to Grado ramble on and after Grado left, he said “What a Jackass.”

Taryn Terrell vs Awesome Kong
Lingerie Pillow Fight

Kong came out in her regular gear, so Taryn would not let her fight. Brooke came out and went off on Taryn for disgracing the division with her actions. Brooke wanted a straight-up fight. Kong had taken out Marti and Jade and Brooke beat the daylights out of the Knockout champ. She also stripped off Taryn’s purple robe to show her bra and panties. Yawn.

Your Winner: No Match
Segment Grade: .5

Backstage, Bobby Roode talked with Austin Aries about Aries going after Kurt Angle. They brought up Eric Young and the Dirty Heels. Roode and Aries were getting a night off from going after The Wolves. Bobby said he wanted the first title shot when Aries beats Kurt. Aries eagerly agreed.

JB interviewed Grado. Grado wanted to check to see if he had made the weight to qualify for the X-Division. He was confused by thinking this was the Cruiserweight Division of old. JB tried to explain that there was no weight limit…it was about No Limits.

Grado vs Kenny King vs Cruz
X-Division Triple Threat Qualifying Match #3

Grado even wears his hat backwards like Crash Holly did. Cruz sent King sailing with several moves. Grado slid under King and grabbed the leg. Spinning Enziguri by King. King kicked away at Grado’s mid-section. Kign with a Gut Breaker on Cruz. He then ran Cruz into the corner and Dropkicked him there. Grado made the save. King dropped Grado with a solid punch. Rear Chin Lock by King. Cruz got taken down with a wild Clothesline from King. King choked Grado with the boot and sent him across the ring. Grado avoided a charge and King struck the post. Cruz wanted a German but couldn’t lift Grado. Grado Cartwheeled and then rolled up Cruz. Big Boot by King to Grado. Cruz went up top and waited. Modified Thesz Press off the top. Hurancanrana by Cruz. King with his variation of the F5. Grado punched away on King. He wanted the Flip Flop and Fly but King blasted him. King couldn’t lift Grado. Bionic Elbows by Grado. King sent Grado into the corner. Grado flipped King over the ropes. Gado Cannonballed into the corner and pinned Cruz. Really?

Your Winner: Grado
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

While I would like to see Grado win the X-Title, I’m betting on Tigre Uno taking it.

Bram showed off an unconscious Magnus. Bram was ready to go after a TNA member from the past. That match was on deck.

Bram vs Crimson

Bram cut a rant about hating the past and wanting to get rid of it. He demanded someone come out and face him. He got the Tattooed Titan. He looked in great shape. He quickly took Bram down and pounded away. Suplex by the veteran but Bram got the boot up. Back Body Drop and Bram bailed out of the ring. Crimson chased Bram back in the ring. Back Elbow by Bram. Crimson delivered one of his own. Bram tossed Crimson out to the floor. Crimson got right back in and shoved Bram into the ropes. Bram bailed out to the floor.

Bram pulled Crimson into the ring barricade. Bram slammed Crimson into the steel railing, a few times. Bram punched Crimson in the face and threw him under the bottom rope. Bram slithered into the ring and clobbered Crimson. Bram talked trash as he decimated Crimson. Crimson with an Exploder Suplex. Rings of Saturn by Crimson. Bram would not submit and eventually reached the ropes. Crimson tried for the move again but Bram fought loose by biting Crimson’s hand. Bram then finished off Crimson with Brighter Side of Suffering (Impaler DDT).

Your Winner: Bram
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Kurt was asked about the upcoming match against Austin Aries. Kurt loved that he had two matches. He praised Rock Star Spud for his heart and enthusiasm. Now, he was ready to have Match of the Year vs Aries. Kurt was beyond confident that he would keep the World title.

Ethan Carter III was interviewed, backstage. He was livid that he wasn’t getting to face Kurt, this week. Ethan said he would throw the first punch and Kurt would not get up.

Kurt Angle vs Austin Aries
Feast or Fired Cash In for the World Title

Kurt looked winded as JB made the introductions. Collar and Elbow took them to the corner. Clean Break. Go Behind by Kurt into a Lift Drop. Aries rolled through to apply a Front Face Lock. Kurt spun under to reverse the move. Head Scissors and Takeover by Aries. Kurt switched into a Leg Scissors. Aries escaped and hit a Dropkick. Aires didn’t get it all and Kurt came back with punches and a Boot Choke. Clothesline by Aries but Kurt kicked out easily. Aries punched Kurt in the face, several times. Kurt spun Aries into the corner and punched away. Aries flipped out of the German Suplex as Raw headed to break.

Springboard Senton by Aries but Kurt still kicked out. Running Knee by Aries into a Snap Mare. Aries scaled the ropes and flew off to hit an Elbow Drop to the back of Kurt’s neck. Rear Chin Lock by Aries. Kurt blocked the Brainbuster. Aries escaped a Suplex but fell to a different one. The two traded fists and Kurt got the better of it. Overhead Belly to Belly by Kurt led to the Hat Trick Germans. Aries turned into a DDT and then the Last Chancellory. Kurt refused to give it up. Kurt piqued the ankle to apply the Angle Lock. Aries rolled under to send Kurt into the corner. Austin was limping badly. Aries went to the apron and ran Kurt’s face along the top rope. He then snapped the neck. Missile Dropkick by Aries. Kurt was stunned. Aries went for he Hesitation Dropkick but Kurt blocked it and applied the Angle Lock. Aries barely made it to the ropes.

Aries fought out of the German Suplex. Kurt dodged the Roaring Elbow and planted Aries with the Angle Slam. 1-2-not just yet. Kurt went up top but missed the Moonsault. Last Chancellory but Kurt just would not tap out. Kurt used Superhuman strength to make it to the ropes. Aries positioned the World champ and went to the penthouse. Kurt went up the ropes and pounded away. Aries the with Bell RIgner to Kurt’s ears. Kurt rushed the ropes but got pushed off. 450 Splash! Could be…might be…Denied.

The two men traded wild Forearms. Angle Slam avoided and Aries hit a pair of Discus Elbows and the Hesitation Dropkick. Brainbuster! 1-2-Foot on the Ropes. Aries put an Ankle Lock on Kurt! Kurt simply refused to hand over the title. He turned over and put on his own Angle Lock. Aries spun to send Kurt sailing out to the floor. Aries went for the Suicide Dive but ended up striking the guard rail. Kurt rolled Aries back into the ring. He dropped the straps and lifted Aries for the Angle Slam. Aries rolled through but ended up back in the Angle Lock. Grapevine! Aries tapped out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Kurt Angle
Impact Scorecard: 4.0

Ethan Carter III rushed the ring and attacked Kurt Angle. EC3 stared at the world title and then picked it up. Ethan held up the title belt to make it clear that he was ready to be the next World champ.


–Jay Shannon

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