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Welcome to Wild Wednesday Wrestling Night. Destination America and El Rey Network give us fans a massive number of hours of grappling glory. Let’s head to the best wrestling on the planet…Ring of Honor (in my humble opinion).

Kaz and Daniels, The Addiction, cut a scathing promo about how reDRagon’s b*tching and moaning got Kyle and Bobby the title match. Kaz warned them that with the rain comes the mud. I like that one (storing in my mental library). Daniels warned that everyone saw what they did to WIN the titles. What did they think The Addiction would do to KEEP the straps?

Roll the opening montage!

We were in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Bobby Fish was attacked, outside the arena, and it is questionable if Fish can go. The Addiction made their way down to ringside. Christopher Daniels took the stick and said he had Breaking News. Bobby Fish is medically unable to compete. Daniels reminded everyone that the contract for the match would not allow for a replacement for Bobby Fish. The theme music for reDRagon went off and Kyle came out alone. Kyle O’Reilly rushed down to the ring.

Kyle O’Reilly vs Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian
2-on-1 Handicap Tag Team Match for the ROH World Tag Titles

Kyle rushed the ring and took the fight to the tag champs. He hit kicks and Leg Sweeps. Knife Edge Chop to Daniels’ chest. Float Over as Kaz nailed Daniels. Cross Armbreaker on Kaz byt Daniels made the save. Double team, including the High Low on Kyle. Daniels with the Gut Wrench Suplex to the challenger. Tag to Kaz. Corner Double Team into a Leg Lariat by Kaz. Running Kick by Daniels and tag back to Kaz. Double Whip to the ropes. Kyle kicked Daniels and flipped Kaz to the apron. O’Connor Roll by Kyle but couldn’t get 3. Kyle with the Baseball Slide through the ropes. Both members of The Addiction were thrown into the barricades. Kyle put both champs on a chair and hit a Cactus Dropkick to both champs. Wow! Kyle used a Three Amigos version of the Butterfly Suplex to set up Kaz for the Cross Armbreaker. Daniels rushed in with the title belt and smacked Kyle in the face with it…pulling the DQ. Daniels even attacked the ref (stupid move in RoH).

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Kyle O’Reilly
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.25 out of a possible 5

The Addiction hit Celebrity Rehab…on the title belt. Matt Sydal and ACH rushed down to protect their friend, Kyle. Break time.

RoH looked back at how Donovan Dijak took down Mark Briscoe with Feast Your Eyes (GTS variation). Mark was ready to take on Dijak at Best in the World. Mark said he was going to break Dijak in…Big Time…in NYC. Mark kept calling himself the “Sausage County Chicken”. I so like his craziness.

Speaking of Silliness, Dalton Castle came out in a silver jumpsuit and cape. He had his “boys” with him. Elvis just rolled over in his grave.

Dalton Castle vs Jushin “Thunder” Liger

I am so glad the kids get to see this superstar. Liger has a 24-year experience advantage on Castle. Incredible. Code of Honor Handshake, sort of. The bell rang and Liger circled his foe. Dalton sashayed around. The two went to the ropes and Liger gave a clean break. Dalton took Liger to the ropes and Struck a Pose. Liger tied up Dalton like a pretzel and then went into a traditional Bow and Arrow.

Dalton kicked Liger and threw him out of the ring. Dalton faked a Suicide Dive and went back to posing. Liger blasted Dalton in the face. Liger hit a Back Chop and then slid out of the ring. Hurancanrana by Dalton after several failed moves on both sides. Time for more commercials.

Dalton threw several hard punches but wasted a ton of time. Liger flipped Dalton over the top rope and hit the Baseball Slide. Crash and Burn by Liger. Liger invited the boys in to celebrate with him. The fans absolutely loved it. Dalton had a major hissy fit. Shoving match and Dalton threw a knee and tried for a Roll Up. Dead Lift Side Suplex. Body Presses by Dalton almost got him the pin. Reverse Bear Hug by Dalton. Liger was right next to the ropes. Dalton blasted liger and climbed the ropes. Avalanche Splash but Liger kicked out at 2. Liger with Palm Strikes to the ribs. Rear Chin Lock by the Wrestling Peacock. Double Boots by Liger. Both men hit Clotheslines. Corner Palm Stike by Liger. Liger then put Dalton up top. Hurancanrana from the top brought a 2 for Liger. Liger went up top, again. Dalton got the knees up as Liger flew. Dalton tried to Roll Up but failed. Inverted Airplane Spin by Dalton that almost get the duke. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker by Liger into the Liger Bomb! Dalton kicked out. Brainbuster by Liger that ended this contest.

Your Winner: Jushin “Thunder” Liger
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25

After the match, Dalton showed massive respect to the Japanese Legend. Liger applauded Dalton for his effort. They hugged and Liger lifted Dalton’s arm. So cool.

In the back, Liger came up to talk with Cheeseburger. Liger showed Cheeseburger how to deliver a Palm Strike.

“Brutal” Bob Evans vs Cheeseburger

Go Cheesy! Yes, this man wrestles under the name “Cheeseburger”. Bob and Cheesy went back and forth. Cheese kicked out and attacked the knee. Dropkick and Kip Up by Cheesy. Bob went to the floor. Straight Right by Bob. Thesz Press by Cheesy to the floor. Bob missed a Shoulder Tackle. Cheesy climbed up the barricade and hit a Dive. The fans were chanting for Cheesy. The two fought on the apron and hit the Palm Strike, which slipped Bob in the ring. Shoulder Block by Bob pulled up Cheesy. Bob kept punching away on Cheesy as the fans booed. Bob punched away as the fans tried to rally the so-small Cheeseburger. Bob blocked a Tornado DDT but fell to the Springboard Knee Trembler. Bob used a Side Slam to send them both through the ringside table. Steve “King” Corino screamed “Bob just killed Cheeseburger!” The ref called off the match.

Your Winner: Ref Stoppage (No Winner)
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.0

Truth Martini and Jay Lethal cut a promo about how Jay Briscoe would be signing his own Death Warrant, next week.

Time for another episode of Inside ROH. The major focus was Jay Briscoe vs Jay Lethal. Both men hold titles and are determined to prove the other is inferior. They will meet at Best in the World. A history lesson showed how the two Jays went from fellow competitors to rivals.

Michael Bennett and Matt Taven (The Kingdom) vs “Doc” Gallows and “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson (Bullet Club)
Non-Title Match

The Kingdom recently took the iWGP Tag Team title from the Bullet Club. It was announced that reDRagon will get their deserved rematch for the tag belts at Best in the World. Maria Kanallis-Bennett was so beyond beautiful as she accompanied her hubby and his tag partner to the ring. ROH: Better than Divas, Better than Knockouts!

I remember Karl Anderson from his days as the NWA tag team champs as the Real American Heroes. Yep, I’m getting old. The two teams talked massive trash with each other. The ref was Red Shoes (legendary New Japan ref). Karl got out of the ring and took down Maria and then chased her. Doc dropped elbow on Taven. Taven took down Doc and then Crashed and Burned on both Bullet Clubbers. Maria was scared out of her mind. Bennett with the Cannonball off he apron. Raven went on the ropes but flew into a Diamond Cutter, on the floor! Doc with a Samoan Drop onto the apron. Time for one final break.

Double Team by the Bullet Club. Bennett was just assaulted including a Bicycle Kick from Anderson. Corner Double Teams on Bennett. Nice Leg Lariat by Anderson. Taven hit a Frog Splash on Anderson. He then nailed a Jumping Enziguri. Doc was sent flying. The Bullet Club will face The Kingdom in a six man match at Best in the World. Superkick/ Spear Double Team on Doc. Taven with a 450 Splash to the floor. Karl was throwing bombs but Bennett turned things around. Red Shoes got laid out, several times. The ref called for the bell.

Your Winner: Double Disqualification
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

The Bullet Club set up a chair but Maria got on the apron and flirted. Doc pulled Maria in and Karl broke the trance. Bennett saved his wife from something so evil. Stun Gun to Bennett. Karl reset the chairs and they nailed the double team finisher on the chairs.


–Jay Shannon

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