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Welcome to the first episode of Ring of Honor on Destination America. This review may look familiar, since this was the episode shown on the UHF circuit, this past week-end. In the future, I will hold off posting until Wednesday evenings.

Before we begin, let me give you a rundown of the current champions and announcers.

Jay Briscoe – World Champion
Jay Lethal – TV Champion
Frankie Kazarian and “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels (collectively known as The Addiction) – Tag Team Champions

Announce Team:
Kevin Kelly: Former WWF/E interviewer and announcer
“King of Old School” Steve Corino: Retired wrestler turned announcer

So, let’s get to the show…

We were live-ish in Toronto, Ontario. Corino and Kelly were at the announce both. They ran down the main event for Best in the World…Briscoe vs Lethal.

Will Ferrara vs Kushida

I’ve been watching Kushida, recently, on AXSTv’s New Japan program This kid is beyond awesome. Side Headlock by Kushida. Push Off that eventually led to a nice Dropkick. Snap Mare and a Cartwheel Dropkick by the Japanese superstar. Kushida tried for the Standing Moonsault but Will got the knees up. Seated Side Headlock by Will. Kneelift by Will but Kushida fought back. Kushida with a Jumping Enziguri. Kushida snapped Will’s arm over the top rope. Kushida kicked away at the ar. Will rebounded with a sweet Clothesline. Suicide Dive DDT by Will. Incredible.

Running Back Elbow and Flying Dropkick by Will to earn a two count. Kushida escaped a Suplex and tried for the Crippler Crossface. When he didn’t get it, Kushida snapped the arm. Kushida dared Will to hit him and Will gave what he could. Kushida dropped Will like a bad habit with a wicked Forearm. Top Rope Moonsault got Kushida a two count. The fans were chanting for Kushida. He missed the Buuzzsaw Kick and almost got pinned. Small Package failed for Will. Kushida Arm Lock put this one in the record books.

Your Winner (by Submission): Kushida
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75 out of a possible 5

The Addiction strolled out to the announce desk. Frankie Kazarian took the microphone and said reDRagon have been whining and b*tching about wanting a title shot. Kaz said reDRagon could have a shot, next week and ONLY next week.

Silas Young vs Watanabe

Silas turned on Watanabe during a recent tag team match. Silas blasted Watanabe as the Japanese superstar asked for the Code of Honor Handshake. That fired up Watnabe, who unloaded with Forearms. Push Off but Silas with the Shoulder Tackle. Silas stomped on Watanabe’s back. Watanabe got the boot up. Standing Switch by Watanabe. Silas Elbowed his way free. Back Drop Suplex by Watanabe. Watanabe with a wild German Suplex. Silas escaped a Superplex but Silas still nailed a Flying Clothesline. 2 count. Watanabe ashed Silas in the face, over and over. Silas missed a Corner Splash. Hangman’s Neckbreaker by Watanabe. 2 count, again, for Watanabe.

Silas snapped Watanabe’s neck over the top rope and then kicked Watanabe in the face. Wataabe connected with a vicious Clothesline that sent Silas to the floor. Watanabe went out and ran Silas into the barricade. Watanabe with a Flip German Suplex, on the floor, that had Silas land on his face. Watanabe threw Silas in the ring but couldn’t get the three count. Silas tried for a Backslide but Watanabe connected with the move. Silas escaped and kicked Watanabe in the face. Silas with an old school Airplane Spin into a TKO.

Your Winner: “The Last Real Man” Silas Young
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

Silas mocked Watanabe by shaking his hand after the match.

B.J. Whitmer vs Moose

RoH looked at the recent disagreement between Moose and Whitmer. Colby Corino (Steve’s kid) was with Whitmer. Veda Scott and Stokely Hathaway were with Moose. Whitmer took the stick and said he wasn’t going to wrestle, tonight. Whitmer knew he could end Moose’s streak. Whitmer decided to give the opportunity to…Colby Corino.

Colby Corino vs Moose

Steve freaked out at hearing his 18-year old son being forced to compete. Whitmer got shots in on Steve Corino. Colby slapped and threw Forearms at Moose. Moose laughed at the offense. Moose chucked Coly over the top rpe and to the floor. Moose threw Colby into the barricade, big time. Moose with a Cesaro Swing into the barricade, multiple times. Whitmer chuckled at the sight of Colby getting decimated. Veda ordered Moose to continue the punishment. Powerbomb onto the ring apron. Powerbomb by Moose. Adam Page and Whitmer laughed as Veda slapped Colby in the face. Steve could barely stay in his seat. Page tossed Colby in the ring. Moose put one foot on Colby’s chest to finish this massacre.

Your Winner: Moose
Honor Roll Ranking: 1.5

Truth Martini ad Jay Lethal chatted in the parking lot. Lethal didn’t want to fight The Briscoes. Truth assured Lethal that he had this all worked out.

It was time for a segment of Inside ROH. It focused on the feud between ACH and Adam Page. Mandy Leon hosted this segment. Highlights of their fights aired. Adam Page is jealous of ACH getting all kinds of breaks that he feels he should have gotten. Page beat ACH by Up-kicking ACH in the nethrers. The ref didn’t see a thing. ACH will team with Matt Sydal to face Adam Page and B.J. Whitmer at Best in the World.

The entire House of Truth arrived for the main event. Jay Lethal is no longer part of the equation.

Donovan Dijak and J. Diesel vs Mark and Jay Briscoe

Ok, this seriously bites. Diesel is NO replacement for Lethal. I hope Dem Boys just beat the stuffing out of the rookies. Mark slammed a chair into the ring post in total disgust as this last minute match switch. The annihilation begins…next.

The fight was ready to go. Dijak and Mark opened the match. Jay Lethal was at the announce desk and he said Briscoe was chasing him. Mark came off the ropes with a Forearmand Chop combo. Dijak reversed a Whip. Dijak block Redneck Kung Fu. Mark flipped Dijak completely over. Wow! Jumping Savate Kick by Mark and Dijak stumbled into the corner. Diesel took the tag and Mark grabbed a Side Headlock. Diesel punched his way free. Tag to Jay Briscoe. Diesel rocked Jay with a few shots then the World Champ nearly took Diesel’s head off with hard Forearms. Headbutt by Jay and Mark tagged back in. Mark boxed the ribs of his foe. Mark went wild with Knife Edge Chops and then hit a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Lethal mocked the World Title belt as Jay Briscoe tagged back in. Corner Splash and Baseball Slide Dropkick. 1-2-no. European Uppercuts by Jay. Lethal started holding the World Title and Briscoe grabbed he belt from him. Diesel clobbered Briscoe. Dijak tagged back in and hit an incredible Suplex Throw. 1-2-not yet.

Tag back to Diesel. Diesel cracked the ribs and then hit the Scoop Slam. 2 count. Tag to Dijak. He smashed Jay’s back. Tag back to Diesel. Jay fought out of the House of Truth corner. Tag to Mark. Thrust to Dijak. Redneck Kung Fu on Diesel. Diesel went for a Whip but Mark rocked both men with Uncle Mule Kicks. Martini got on the apron to distract he ref. Mark was kicked off the toes by Dijak. Diesel almost pinned Mark. Time for one more set of commercials.

Mark kicked Dijak I the face and flew off he ropes. Dijak caught Mark, hit a Backbreaker and tossed Mark aside as if he weighed nothing. Tag to Diesel. World’s Strongest Slam brought Diesel a two. Fallaway Slam by Diesel and a tag back to Dijak. Boot Wash by Dijak. Diesel choked Mark, through the ropes. Diesel tagged back in. Mark with a Float Over. Mark fought out of the Double Team and tagged in Jay. Big Boots all around. Back Body Drop to Dijak. Funk Neckbreaker to Diesel. Jay tossed Dijak out of the ring. Jay went all Ali on Diesel and then hit a Discus Forearm. Dijak was knocked off the ring. Doomsday!

Your Winners: Dem Boys, Mark and Jay Briscoe
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5

After this battle, the House of Truth decided to jump Briscoe. Dijak took out Mark with Feast Your Eyes. Jay Briscoe with the Crash and Burn on Dijak. Jay went for the Jay Driller but Jay Lethal hit the ring. Briscoe planted Lethal with the Jay Driller!


–Jay Shannon

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