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By John Osting …

Opening Segment: Kevin is so great at being a sleazebag heel that it’s almost unfair. He is just phenomenal at just being evil while rooting his motives in just being a good father and provider for his family. Kevin would be perfect for the movies as an evil genius. Owens said he only did what he had to do hurting Sammi and all the rest. I think logically pointing out that they didn’t have to get in the ring with him.

Regal was also great here, as usual, taking Owens to task over his actions against him and causing several people to get injured and carried out on a stretcher. Owens correctly pointed out that Regal put his hands on him first and he was just reacting.

Crowe’s entrance into this angle did nothing for me. However, it did give Owens a reason to beat Crowe into a pulp for the main event. Maybe, Joe makes a move tonight.

Match 1:Emma vs Bayley:

Emma wins with Emma lock submission.

This match was designed to tell the story of the heel twosome of Emma and Dana Brooke. The evil Emma character is fun to watch and it will be interesting to see what Emma and NXT do with her heel character going forward.

Two minor things I noticed during this match that may need to be tweaked a bit are: I wonder if the referee knew what was going on in the match because it seemed the official was in the wrong place at the wrong time a little too much during the match. I also would like to see the two-on –one advantages last a little longer before the save is made. I thought Charlotte came out a little early. She sure paid for it though didn’t she? It was a fun segment for the ladies overall. I wonder if Bayley is available for hugging lessons?

Match 2: Blake and Murphy (w/ Alexa Bliss) vs. Elias Sampson and Mike Rawlis:

Blake and Murphy win with their suplex/splash finisher.

This match was my first opportunity to see this threesome post Unstoppable and it was ok. The match was ehhhh but they definitely have a gimmick the crowd gets behind and lets them hear it. The “sweetboys” and “We want Enzo” chants showed me the NXT fans are going to love this feud. I also love Alexa with these guys. She can cut a promo and the “Sparkle Splash” after the match was the best move of the segment.

I loved the trash promo by Bliss after the match as it insulted not only Carmella but also all of Staten Island. This will make the feud more personal when they do tie it up.

Match 3: Finn Balor vs. Tye Dillenger:

Balor wins with a Coups des Gras.

No demon tonight for Balor so I guess that means we are going to see a kinder gentler Finn. The match was nothing special and just let Balor get an easy workout out in with his move set. Although I like Balor and feel that this match was necessary to further solidify his spot as a dominant number one contender, I do feel bad for Dillenger. I like him and feel he could do a lot more if given the chance. This match wasn’t it. Here is hoping Tye gets a chance to show what he can do.

The promo by Jason Jordan addressing the fallout with Dillenger was interesting only because it teased a surprise partner for Jordan. It also brought out Chad Gable for a nice little exchange. Could the Shoot Nation finally be ready for prime time?

Match 4: Kevin Owens vs Solomon Crowe:

Kevin Owens wins with a pop-up powerbomb.

Owens is great here as he usually is. This match totally kept the heat on Owens as the heel sleaze whose only beating up these poor saps because they are dumb enough to want to face him.

Owens is fantastic at offense on the floor and showed it again in this match. Owens who looked unstoppable ate Crowe’s offense in this match alive. This was the perfect way for Kevin to be positioned going into his match with Cena on Sunday. Owens is big and mean and may spark interest in watching Elimination Chamber just to see if he knocks off Cena.

The post-match was great too even though I think Joe came to the ring too fast. Owens made the perfect heel move and bailed on Joe. This makes me look forward to Joe/Owens that much more when it finally happens.

That’s my NXT thoughts for this week. See you back here next week for next week for more NXT.

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