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Road Rage continued, this week.

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs Caprice Coleman

Code of Honor Handshake. Elgin kicked and clubbed Caprice to start. Whip was reversed into a Side Headlock Takeover by Coleman. Elgin bashed the ribs and then hit a Shoulder Tackle. Universal into a blocked Hip Toss by Elgin. Caprice opened up with Knife Edge Chops. Nice Dropkick by Coleman. Elgin went to the outside but he reached in to trip Caprice. Coleman was thrown into the barricade as RoH took a quick break.

Road Rage continued and Elgin was hurting. Knockout Punch by Caprice. Coleman then hit a Springboard Leg Lariat. Elgin came back with a Big Boot. No Hands Hurancanrana by Coleman for a two. Elgin sat down to block a Suplex. Elgin clubbed the back. Roll Up by Coleman. Discus Forearms to Coleman brought a two count to Elgin. Coleman caught the big kick but Elgin with the Back Roll and Double Stomp. Modified Uranage Slam by Elgin but he didn’t hook the leg. Elgin pulled Coleman onto the apron but Caprice fought back with a sharp kick. Springboard Inside Out Moonsault to the floor by Coleman. Impressive as all get out. Coleman pitched Elgin back into the ring. Sky Splitter by Coleman but Elgin somehow kicked out. Coleman with a Leg Lariat but Elgin came back with the Buckle Bomb and Elgin Bomb to take the duke.

Your Winner: Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

The Briscoes vs War Machine feud was examined. Last week, Jay beat Hanson after two Jay Drillers.

Jay Lethal and Truth Martini discussed Kyle O’Reilly. They let it be known that Kyle would be embarrassed by the “Greatest First Generation Wrestler of All Time”. Lethal gave Kyle credit as a fantastic tag team specialist. Tonight, Kyle had to go solo. Kyle then countered with the threat that he was going to survive Lethal Injection and give the soon-to-be former champ a taste of his own medicine. That match is on deck!

Kyle O’Reilly vs Jay Lethal
Ring of Honor TV Title Match

Truth Martini accompanied his charge, Jay, to the ring. Jay has modified the TV title belt so that it now just reads “Ring of Honor Champion”. Code of Honor Handshake before the bell.

The two men took some time to stare each other down. Collar and Elbow and Kyle immediately tried for Arm-ageddon (Cross Armbreaker). Lethal bailed out to the floor. Kyle kicked Lethal in the ribs and Jay bailed out to the floor, again. Jay and Truth talked strategy before the action continued.

Collar and Elbow and Kyle took the Side Headlock. Jay with the Push Off but Kyle came back with another Side Headlock, his time making it a Takeover. Shoulder Tackle by Kyle into a Universal. Kyle with a Hip Toss after blocking Jay’s attempt at one. Kyle went back to the Side Headlock. Jay pulled at the hair but Kyle would not release the hold. Kyle held the ropes and then flipped Jay onto the apron. Kyle went back to the Side Headlock. Jay with the Back Drop Suplex but Kyle did not release. Knee lift by Jay. Deep Arm Drags by the champ. Lethal bailed out to avoid another Side Headlock. Kyle came outside and got it anyway. Jay threw Kyle into the barricade. Time for a break.

Kyle with a Twisting Arm Bar Drop. 2 count. Jay was seriously hurting as Kyle stayed on the bad wheel. Armbreaker over the shoulder by Kyle. Jay came back with his Cartwheel Dropkick. Jay kicked away at Kyle and threw knees. Hammer Throw had Kyle collapsing like the 1929 Stock Market. 2 count. Snap Suplex by the champ. Lethal then put Kyle in a wild variation of the Surfboard. Kyle would not tap out. Jawbreaker by Kyle Kyle blasted Jay’s arm. Lethal went outside but Kyle stayed on his ail. Kyle ran the shoulder of Lethal into the barricade. Kyle pitched Jay back in but it wasn’t for a pin. Kyle Hammerlocked the bad arm and kept working on the injured shoulder.

Kyle kicked Jay into the corner. Jay blocked a Whip but Kyle cracked the arm and then twisted it in the ropes. Whip by Kyle but Jay flipped Kyle over. Arm-ageddon through the ropes. Truth smacked Kyle with the Book of Truth. Todd Sinclair let the match continue. Kyle was sent into the barricade. The fans called for a Superkick. Jay choked Kyle with a Canadian flag that some fans had brought to the show. Jay mounted Kyle’s chest and pounded away at the face of the young challenger.

The two got back in the ring and Jay Scoop Slammed Kyle. Lethal went up top and hit the Ax Bomber to Kyle. 1-2-Not Yet. About time for another set of commercials.

Float Over by Kyle. He kicked away and nailed a Knee Strike and Leg Sweep to Lethal. Jay was somewhat dazed. Flying Forearm into a Butterfly Rolling Suplex. He hit two of those and then a Spinning Faceplant. Could be…might be…Denied. Kyle kicked Jay in the chest and then went for a Whip. Jay reversed it but Kyle rocked Jay with a surprise Knee Strike. Flying Guillotine by Kyle. Jay slowly crumbled but managed to hit the Lethal Combination as a desperate attempt to survive. 2 count. That was classic.

Jay smiled as the fans chanted “This is Wrestling”. Reverse DDT by Jay Lethal then headed up to the Penthouse. He stopped to argue with Todd Sinclair, which would be a huge mistake. Kyle stopped Jay and blasted him with Elbow Smashes. Jay blocked the Superplex from Kyle and punched Kyle off the ropes. Jay then set for Hail to the King (Savage Elbow). 2 count, yet again. Knife Edge Chop by Jay. Lethal put Kyle up top. Jay’s left arm seemed seriously damaged. Kyle fought out of the Superplex. Flying Super Divorce Court into Arm-ageddon. Lethal rolled under to avoid the move. The two both tried for Suplexes but ended up taking each other over and out to the floor.

Truth yelled at Jay that Kyle didn’t have anything left. Sinclair began to count out both men. Lethal made it back in at 13. Kyle barely slid in just before the 20 count. The fans chanted for Kyle. Kyle begged Jay to hit him. He went all Rocky Balboa on Lethal aka Ivan Drago/Clubber Lang. The two went into a major Hockey Fight. Jumping Knee Strike and Knees by Kyle. Ax and Smash but Jay hit the Superkick. Rebound Clothesline by Kyle. Brainbuster by Kyle for the two plus. Arm-ageddon in the center of the ring! Jay slithered and slid around to try to get to the ropes. Jay made it as it was announced that the time limit was drawing near. I see where this is headed…darn it.

Knife Edges and Kicks went back and forth. They were both so spent, at this point. Double Clotheslines put both men on the canvas. Jay called for the Lethal Injection but Kyle would not let him have it. Kyle converted Lethal Injection into Arm-ageddon. Jay was so far from the ropes. The bell sounded as time expired.

Your Winner: Time Limit Draw
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.90 (would have been a full 5.0 if there had been a decisive winner)

The fans yelled for five more minutes. We had to wait until after the break to see if Jay would agree to keep fighting.

Jay had the microphone. He fans yelled “Man Up” in unison. Jay said he was going to continue the match but he fans ticked him off with their rudeness. He left the ring and walked towards the back. Jay passed Jay Lethal and headed towards the ring. Jay asked for the house mic. Briscoe told Lethal to stay in the back and watch how a real champion does. Jay Briscoe offered Kyle a World Title Match…right now!

Jay Briscoe vs Kyle O’Reilly
World Title Match

Code of Honor Handshake. Lethal rushed in and dropped both Briscoe and O’Reilly with the TV Title belt. Lethal stood over Briscoe and held his TV Title high as the show drew to a close.

Your Winner: Match Never Started
Honor Roll Ranking: N/A


–Jay Shannon

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