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TNA took a step back in time to look at Slammiversary XII. It was a way to promote the upcoming 13th edition of the yearly tradition. Mike Tenay and Taz called all the action from Arlington, TX (Home of the Texas Rangers and the Used-to-be-DALLAS Cowboys).

The show opened with highlights of the various matches that would air. It also showed off some of the best of the previous 12 years.

Sanada vs Davey Richards vs Crazzy Steve vs Eddie Edwards vs Tigre Uno vs Manik
Six Pack Ladder Match for the X-Division Title

The Finish:

Everyone had their shot at grabbing the title. Manik set up a ladder from the ladder to the ropes. Manik Powerbombed Davey ito the horizontal ladder. So cool. Sanada then headed up the ladder. Eddie held Sanada for a few seconds but the Japanese superstar was able to stretch up and grab the belt to remain the X-Champ.

Your Winner: Sanada
Slammiversary Score: 4.5 out of a possible 5

Lashley came out for the next match. MVP and Kenny King were banned from ringside.

Lashley vs Samoa Joe
Number One Contender Match

The Finish:

Joe was in control for most of the match. Inverted Atomic Drop and Running Boot led to Joe’s Backsplash Senton. 1-2-no. Lashley reversed a Whip but Joe nailed the Uranage, out of the corner. Joe tried for the Kokina Clutch but Lashley ran Joe into the corner. Joe spun Lashley around and attempted the Muscle Buster. Lashley fought out of it and slammed Joe into the corner. Spear!

Your Winner: Lashley
Slammiversary Score: 3.5

Magnus (w/Bram) vs Willow (Jeff Hardy’s alter-ego)

The Finish:

Abyss was in Willow’s corner for this one. Abyss, at the time, was having issues with both Magnus and Bram.

Willow missed the Swanton. Bram and Abyss slugged it out on the floor. Magnus slid out and helped Bram against Willow. Bram bashed the ribs, over and over. Willow went up top and hit the Nestea Plunge to the floor. Abyss and Bram to in the ring and Abyss hit the Corner Splash. He then dumped Bram to the floor. The ref ordered Abyss to get out of the ring. Twist of Fate, twice, by Willow but Magnus still kicked out. Bram had a turnbuckle but Abyss found Janice! Bram back peddled up the ramp. Willow went for Whisper in the Wing but Magnus tripped him. Uranage Slam for the 3

Your Winner: Magnus
Slammiversary Score: 3.0

Jeremy Borash was in the ring. It was time to announce the next inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. JB brought out Kurt Angle, 2013 inductee, to make the announcement. Kurt played it out for a moment before announcing…Team 3D (Bully Ray and Devon). The fans exploded for the 20+ time tag team champs. I got to meet these two fantastic men at Wrestlecon: New Orleans and they are absolutely incredible. Bully would make a quick trip to WWE, earlier this year, before returning home to TNA. Bully shared that they were only going into the Hall of Fame because of the fans. He thanked them all for their years of support. Devon got on the microphone and said he left TNA, earlier in the year, because he thought he was done. He came back because if he truly was going to retire, he had to do it with his brother. The fans popped huge for perhaps the greatest tag team in wrestling history.

Kenny King vs Austin Aries
Number One Contender Match #2

Lashley already advanced to the Main Event, earlier. Eric Young, then champion, was looking at a Three Way Dance for the title.

The Finish:

Missile Dropkick by Aries brought a two count. King Bum Rushed Aries to the corner. Cradle Throw by King. King missed a Corner Dropkick. Knife Edge Slaps and Chops by Aries. King kicked Aries in the face. Cartwheel Enziguri and Spinebuster. King tried to use the ropes for leverage but Earl Hebner actually saw King’s feet on the ropes. Discus Forearm for two. Last Chancellory by Aries. King would not tap. King snapped Aries’ head over the ropes. Springboard Blockbuster by King but he couldn’t follow up. The two men fought on the apron. King went up the ropes and brought Aries up to join him. Fireman’s Carry but Aries Elbowed free. Superplex Brainbuster!

Your Winner: Austin Aries
Slammiversary Score: 3.75

JB was back to introduce Ross, Marshall and Kevin Von Erich! Awesome! Those boys so look like their daddy. Marshall wrestles barefoot, just like his dad did.

Ross and Marshall Von Erich vs The BroMans

Jessie and DJZ talked trash about Texas and the Von Erichs. The BroMans jumped the Von Erichs. Jessie Whipped Marshall into the ropes. Hip Toss by Marshall. He boys were trained by NOAH and Harley Race. Kitchen Sink by Marshall. After a quick break, DJZ got in and Snap Mared Marshall. The big kid fought back with straight punches and a Snap Powerslam. Tag to Ross. Wild Dropkicks by Ross. DJZ put Ross on the apron. Jessie pushed Ross off the ropes. The ref didn’t see a thing. Flip Dive by DJZ to take out Ross. DJZ pitched Ross back in the ring but only got a two. Tag to Jessie.

European Uppercut by Jessie. Ross fought both men but ate a hard Dropkick. Jessie missed a Leg Drop but came back with a Whip. Sunset Flip by Ross. Jessie went for a Fist Drop but missed. DJZ tagged in and so did Marshall. Inverted Atomic Drop and Dropkick. Marshall tore into both foes. Double Shoulder Block. Kevin was thrilled. Double Team by the BroMans. Ross nailed a Dual Missile Dropkick. Jessie brought in a chair but Ross hit the Dropkick. DJZ attacked both brothers. Corner Double Teams by the Von Erichs. Jessie got the chair involved. Kevin hit the ring and slapped the Iron Claw on DJZ! Oh Hell Yeah!

Your Winners (by Disqualification): Von Erich 3.0
Slammiversary Score: 3.33

I want to send my sympathies out to the Stiller family for the loss of their matriarch, Anne Meara. That lovely lady brought smiles and laughs to the public for more than half a century. She was the mother of actor Ben Stiller.

On a more personal note, I want to say my good-bye to a very dear friend. Bill Peterson was the oldest member of my church family. He was the first person to welcome me and Dianna into the Ward when we moved out here to the middle of nowhere, Nevada, five years ago. I got the news about his passing just before teaching my classes on Sunday. It was hard to get through them when thinking of that special old man. We’ll meet again, my beloved Brother, some sunny day. Smile.

Gail Kim vs Angelina Love (c)
Knockout Title Match

The Finish:

Brian Stiffler was the ref, at first. He definitely favored Love, the champ. Sky sprayed the hair spray and Love nailed the Botox Injection. Stiffler saw it all but didn’t do squat. He counted two on Gail. Earl Hebner, the senior Zebra, rushed down and ejected Velvet Sky. Earl then benched Stiffler and took over the match. Running Clothesline and Dropkick by Gail. Gail hit the Neckbreaker but couldn’t get the three. Flying Crossbody by Gail for another two count. Corner Mount Punches by Gail. Love tried to pin Kim with her feet on the ropes but Earl saw it. Gail accidentally Dropkicked Earl. Love with the Roll Up but Stiffler didn’t count. Eat Da Feet by Gail. No ref, as Stiffler stayed outside. Gail tried to revive Earl. Gail rolled up Love but Sriffler waited until Love reversed the Roll Up. He then slithered in and made the three count.

Your Winner: Angelina Love
Slammiversary Score: 2.0

Ethan Carter III vs Bully Ray
Texas Death Match

Highlights and Finish:

Bully set up a pair of tables, just outside the ring. The fans were screaming for tables…and blood. Ethan clubbed Bully’s back. Ethan slid Bully back in the ring and Whipped Bully to the ropes. Ray with straight jabs and the Flip Flop and Fly (with a little Bruiser Brody hell added). Ray went out to get even more tables. The 3rd one was slid into the ring. Bully propped the table in the corner as Ethan caught his breath. Ethan dropped Bully. The fans chanted for a Cow Bell. Ethan brought a chair into the ring and waffled Bully’s back, multiple times. Brian Hebner began to count down Bully. Bully got up at five and kicked the steel chair into Ethan’s face. Open Hand Slaps to Ethan’s chest. Ouch! Bully went out to find a…Cheese Grater! New Jack just smiled, somewhere. Bully slammed the grated into Ethan’s chest and ripped at the flesh. Whine…Whine…Whimper. Low Blow by Ethan…with the Cheese Grater. Bully rolled out to the floor and Ethan threw the grater away. Ethan hit a Dropkick off the apron. Ethan got another chair and tossed Bully back in the ring.

Bully hit a Superplex onto a steel chair. Bully looked for more toys. He found a Dallas Cowboys trash can and a box cutter. Bully sliced the ring strap ropes. Bully pulled back the canvas and padding. Bully asked the fans if they wanted “The Boards”. Rock Star Spud slid in with a kendo stick. He swatted Bully which had almost no effect. Bully Witch Broomed Spud with the kendo stick. 1%er onto the exposed boards. Ethan couldn’t follow up. The count was on and Bully barely got up at 9.

Ethan picked up the trash can and found a whole lot of glass shards inside. He poured them out onto he mat. Ethan got up on the ropes and flew into a Bubba Cutter. Ethan landed in the glass. Damn! The ref was counting Ethan but Carter got back to his feet. Bully smacked Ethan with the kendo stick and put him on the tables. Bully climbed up but Dixie Carter came down to protect her nephew. Bully yelled “I’m going to kill you, b*tch”. Dixie ran for her life. Dixie crashed into Ethan. Dixie seemed out cold. Bully popped Ethan and then looked at Dixie. Bully has promised to put Dixie through a table. Bully put Dixie on the table. Dixie started to stir as Bully stood. Ethan cracked Bully with the kendo stick. Spud pulled Dixie out of harm’s way as Bully crashed through the table. The ref counted Bully down.

Your Winne: Bully Ray
Slammiversary Score: 3.25

Historical Note: Bully Ray would put Dixie through a table, a few weeks later. Dixie hasn’t been seen since (other than a follow up interview with Mike Tenay).

Impact is moving to Wednesdays in June.

James Storm vs Mr. (Ken) Anderson

The Finish:

Green Bay Plunge, by Anderson, brought a two. Storm kept working over Anderson’s injured leg. Storm put Ken on the top ropes and slapped his chest. Storm went off on several Dallas Cowboys players in the crowd. Ken popped storm and hit the Green Bay Plunge from the ropes. 1-2-Kick Out! How? Storm nailed a kick that sent Ken out to the floor. Storm yelled at the Cowboys and spat beer into one of the guy’s face. Security had to rush down to keep the Cowboys from kicking Storm’s behind…big time. Storm and Anderson got back in the ring. The ref got knocked down and one of the Cowboys distracted Storm. Mic Check!

Your Winner: Mr. Anderson
Slammiversary Score: 2.5

The Dallas Cowboys players got up in the ing to party with Ken.

Eric Young (c) vs Lashley vs Austin Aries
Triple Threat Steel Cage Match for the World Title

Eric was still a “Face” at this time. Escaping the cage was NOT an option in this match. Both Aries and Young tried to take out Lashley. Lashley popped Young and dropped him with a Clothesline. Lashley then turned to smack Aries. Lashley didn’t care which man he defeated, as long as he got the World Title. Double Team on Lashley. Double Suplex blocked and then reversed by Lashley. Lashley was thrown into the cage wall. Ares escaped a head Scissors and hit a Dropkick. Aries was Lawn Dared into the cage wall by Lashley. Young kicked out of a pin attempt by Lashley. Aries kicked at the hamstrings of Lashley. Press Drop by Lashley. Missile Dropkick, to Lashley, by Young. 2 count.

Corner Shoulders by Lashley to both foes. Aries dodged a rush and Young cashed into Lashley. Aries bashed Young in the face, over and over. Float Over by Young into a modified Thesz Press. Back Drop Suplex by Young o Aries. Aries drilled Lashley and tried for the Brainbuster. Lashley reversed it and slung Aries into the cage by way of a Suplex. Tornado DDT, by Young, to Lashley. Break time.

Lashley kicked Young in the face but Eric popped The Destroyer. Aries slapped Young’s chest. Crossbody by Aries but Young partially blocked it. Young put Aries and Lashley into a Fireman’s Carry. Double Spicoli Driver! Holy Moses! Lashley and Young fought up on the ropes. Lashley put Young all the way on top of the cage. “Please Don’t Die!” rang out. Aries got involved and hit a Hurancanrana to Lashley…from the top rope! Young stood up and did his Jimmy Snuka impression into the Mega-Powerful Savage Elbow. Brainbuster to Young but Aries only go a two. Lashley Speared Aries but Young made the save. Lashley with the Press Slam. He set for he Spear. Young dodged the charge and Lashley crashed into the cage door. Lashley tumbled out to the floor. Again, escaping the cage was not a win option. Savage Elbow by Young. Could be…might be…Denied! Young called for the Piledriver. Aries reversed eh move and hit a Dropkick.

Aries and Young traded Forearm shots. Aries got the better of the fight. Young ducked the Roaring Elbow. Aries came back and hit the Discus Forearms, twice. Full Speed Corner Dropkick by Aries. Young surprised Aries with the Piledriver.

Your Winner: Eric Young
Slammiversary Score: 4.95

After the match, Eric helped Aries to his feet and showed respect to his challenger. Lashley was still out on the floor.


–Jay Shannon

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