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Payback is in the record books. Elimination Chamber is just two weeks away. Creative had to shift into high gear to get things ready for the next event…exclusively on the WWE Network.

Roll the opening montage.

HHH and Stephanie came out to kick off the show. Tonight’s show came from Richmond, VA. This was the first appearance of the happy couple, on Raw, in some time. Stephanie wondered if everyone missed them. They hadn’t. Stephanie pushed Seth Rollins. HHH chimed in and said Seth was everything that they said he was. HHH said Seth was the “Future” f the WWE. Stephanie said they would be holding a tribute to Seth called “”Architect of a Dream”. Stephanie let Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton know that they were now at the Back of the Line.

The Authority revealed the vacated Intercontinental Championship. Stephanie mocked Daniel Bryan for his non-television watching lifestyle. Stephanie mentioned how Daniel has had two injuries in two years. HHH made it official that the new champion would be determined in the Elimination Chamber. HHH talked about how brutal the E-Chamber is.

Sheamus cut off Stephanie’s push of the WWE Network. The Authority didn’t look happy to be interrupted. The “You Look Stupid” chant broke out. Sheamus apologized for interrupting. He felt there was no need for an E-Chamber match. Sheamus took credit for ending Daniel Bryan’s career. Sheamus sent it to a video of him destroying Bryan, on Smackdown. Sheamus wanted them to just hand the IC strap to him.

Ryback came out to suggest why that wasn’t a good idea. Ryback was all taped up, after his wild match with Bray Wyatt, on Sunday. Ryback told Sheamus that the Irishman looked stupid. Ryback said Daniel was more of a man than Sheamus could ever be. Ryback challenged Sheamus to face him. Stephanie stopped them and let them know that both of them would be in the E-Chamber. HHH liked the vibe of Sheamus vs Ryback. He made the match to go, right after the break.

Sheamus vs Ryback

The Finish:

Ryback wanted the Meat Hook but Sheamus exited the ring. Ryback with a Gorilla Press Drop on the announce table. Sheamus got on his bike to avoid Ryback. Ryback sent Sheamus into the ring post. Sheamus kept clutching his eye. Sheamus fought out of Shell Shocked. He ref kept Ryback back as the ref tried to check on Sheamus’ eye. As the ref moved Ryback back, Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick.

Your Winner: Sheamus
Raw Ranking: 2.5 out of a possible 5

The party was starting, in the office, for Seth. Dean Ambrose came in after Seth praised Kane for his actions and allowing Seth to save Kane’s job. Dean reminded Seth that Dean won their last 1-on-1 contest. Dean was ready to fight Seth at E-Chamber, with the title on the line. Seth wasn’t willing to fight Dean, again. Kane announced that Seth would get the chance to choose his own opponent. Dean said he was heartbroken at how far Kane has fallen. Kane was ticked off and put Dean in a match against Bray Wyatt, tonight.

Renee Young interviewed Neville. The announcers praised Neville for is abilities. He did have a great showing, though he did botch a Springboard move and made a cardinal sin of immediately going back to the move. Neville said nothing compared to performing in the WWE. Neville was ready to prove the doubters wrong. Neville was cut off by the arrival of Bo Dallas. Neville took the NXT title from Bo, way back when. Bo mocked Neville for his heart and optimism. Neville poked the stick at Bo by reminding him about taking the title from Dallas. Bo went after Neville but the Englishman sent Dallas to the floor.

Neville vs “King” Barrett

Bo joined the announce team for the match.

The Finish:

Barrett focused on Neville’s injured leg. Neville Elbowed his way out of a Leg Lock. Scoop Slam failed and Barrett missed a Big Boot. Jawbreaker by Neville. Neville tried to follow up with kicks but it hurt him more than Barrett. Bull Hammer Elbow!

Your Winner: “King” Barrett
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Barrett got his royal attire and stood tall. Bo Dallas returned to the ring and stomped and fell on the injured leg, over and over. Leg Whip DDT by Dallas. Bo cracked Neville’s leg into the ring post, multiple times.

Highlight stills of the “I Quit” were shown. Neither man actually said “I Quit”. Rusev screamed something in Bulgarian. Lana translated it that Rusev was saying that he surrendered. That would be examined, next.

Titus O’Neil won the 2015 Mega Dad of the Year. So cool.

Rusev stormed out from the back, brandishing the Russian flag. Rusev informed the fans that Lana would not come out, tonight. Boo! Rusev said Lana does not speak for him. Rusev knew how to say “I Quit” but he didn’t. Rusev got into a screaming match with the fans when they kept calling for Lana. Rusev reminded everyone that he made John Cena pass out. Lana was the one who quit, because she was weak. Rusev demanded to restart the match.

Lana came out and everyone was thrilled, except Rusev. Lana said she was there to explain. Lana knew Rusev was misunderstood. She believes in him, then and now. Lana said she was trying to protect Rusev because she cares for him. Lana stated that Rusev screamed, in Bulgarian, that he quit. Rusev said he did not need Lana. He needs no one and he fired Lana. I know a whole lot of men who would love to have her as their manager. Several of them will be joining me in Sacramento, on June 6th. More on that as details become available.

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt

The Finish:

Dean nailed a Flying Crossbody and then a Corner Splash/Bulldog. Bray rolled outside the ropes. Dean wrapped Bray in the ropes and Dean delivered the Dropkick and Leg Drop. Dean seemed to pull a hamstring. 2 count for Dean. Bray escaped the Funk Neckbreaker. Dean got out of the Uranage. Suicide Dive by Dean and Bray avoided most of the move. Dean fought out of Sister Abigail. Bray caught Dean on the Rebound Clothesline and dropped The Lunatic Fringe. Bray went all Spider to try and freak out Dean. It didn’t work. Dean smacked Bray. Rebound Clothesline by Dean for the two.

Dean wanted the Superplex but Bray fought out of it. Bray missed the Middle Rope Backsplash Senton. Dean wanted the Savage Elbow. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury got involved. Jamie shoved Dean into Bray, who hit Sister Abigail.

Your Winner: Bray Wyatt
Raw Ranking: 2.25

Tough Enough entry videos aired.

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd vs New Day
Tag Team Title Match

The Finish:

Xavier Woods was banned from ringside, thanks to his underhanded actions at Payback. He slid in the ring and pretended to be Kofi Kingston in the third fall. He got the Roll Up Pin.

Big E hit the Belly to Belly on Cesaro. Tyson hit a Springboard Savage Elbow after getting the tag. Tyson dropped Kofi and locked in the Sharpshooter. Big e rushed in and attacked Kidd. Cesaro came in and the punches flew. New Day stomped away on Kidd and the ref called for the bell. Woods rushed out as Cesaro was setting Kofi up for the Cesaro Swing. The Lucha Dragons, Los Matadores, The Ascension and the Prime Time Players all hit the ring and the fight was on, big time. Titus flipped Woods in the ring and woods hit the Millions of Dollars Gutbuster. So, the Elimination Chamber Tag Team Match will feature:

The Prime Time Players
The Lucha Dragons
Los Matadores
The Ascension
New Day
Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (Fact)

John Cena Open Challenge

John did his typical pro-America promo. He said the US title belonged to the fans. He was willing to give anyone a shot. Out came…Kevin (Steen) Owens. Kevin explained he already had a title (the NXT title) so he didn’t need John’s belt. He did want to fight John, some time.

Interesting Side Note: Last year, at Wrestlecon—New Orleans, Steen was asked about going to the WWE. The rumors were strong, then, that he was going to NXT. I overheard someone ask Steen “If you DO go to WWE, who would you want to face?” Steen smiled and said he would love to battle John Cena. Owens jumped John and beat him down. Owens had just turned down Cena’s US Open Challenge. Pop Up Powerbomb by Owens. Owens stood on the US belt as a show of disrespect.

Raw looked back at Daniel Bryan’s forfeiture of the Intercontinental title. So far, Sheamus, R-Truth, “King” Barrett, Ryback and Rusev are in the match. One more person will get to try inside the structure from hell.

Dolph Ziggler vs Star Dust

The Finish:

Star with a sharp Back Elbow. The fans were actually bored with this match. Side Effect by Star. Star with a solid punch to the face. Running Clothesline by Star for a two count. Star Rising Solar Kick. Knee Strike and Zig Zag by Dolph.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Michael Cole got in the ring to talk with Dolph. Dolph was seriously disappointed that he lost to Sheamus. Dolph showed off the scar on his head from where his face was split open. Michael Cole announced that Dolph was going to get the sixth spot in the Intercontinental Title E-Chamber Match.

Lana walked out to talk with Dolph. She smiled at Dolph. Lana planted one serious kiss on Dolph dn the crowd popped, huge. Lana giggled like a school girl as the fans chanted for another kiss. Rusev stormed from the back but Dolph was determined to fight.Rusev sent Dolph out nad looked at Lana. He screamed at her in Bulgarian or Russian. She slapped Rusev in the face. He looked ready to cry. Dolph surprised Rusev with the Zig Zag. Dolph and Lana left together. Booker T warned Dolph to watch his back.

Kane walked backstage and ran across Adam Rose and Rosa. He just shook his head and walked on. If you haven’t seen the ESPN special about NXT, it is a must-see. Rose has some unique challenges in his personal life that are very heart-touching. Let’s just say he is an amazing father.

Speaking of fathers, Tamina’s dad, Jimmy Snuka, celebrated his 72nd birthday on Monday. I have met the Snuka family and they are fantastic people. Happy Birthday, Brudda.

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs Fandango and Zack Ryder

Luke grabbed a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Harper. Universal into a Fandango Dropkick. Luke shoved Fandango into the barricade and nailed a Big Boot. Tag to Rowan. Big Splash onto Fandango. Rowan punched away and dropped a knee. Luke tagged back in. Double Thrust by Luke. He fans screamed for Ryder.

Fandango hit a Tornado DDT. 1-2-No. Zack got the tag and threw wild Forearms. Reversed Whip by Harper. Missile Dropkick by Zack. Black Hole Slam by Harper. Superkick/Uranage combo to finish this one.

Your Winners: Luke Harper and Erick Rowan
Raw Ranking: 1.75

The Bellas walked backstage. Stephanie strolled up and wished Nikki the best in her title match. Stephanie wished Brie the best for Daniel Bryan. Stephanie scheduled some counseling sessions for Brie. Stephanie banned Brie from going with Nikki to the ring.

Nikki Bella vs Naomi
WWE Divas Title Match

The Finish:

Naomi pulled Nikki off the ropes. Naomi with the Rear Chin Lock. Tamina got hurt during the match. Naomi Kneed the champ. Nikki drove Naomi’s face into Nikki’s knee. Double Boots by Nikki. Flying Clotheslines by Nikki. Huge Back Body Drop by the champ. Double Trip brought Nikki a 2. Nikki went for the Rack Attack but Tamina got involved…

Paige rushed the ring to attack Naomi. Paige then took the Divas title belt. She put it down but turned to look at Nikki. Paige dropped Nikki with the Ram-Paige! Yes!

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Ranking: 2.25, until the ending

The “Architect of a Dream” party was getting started. Stephanie discussed chasing a dream and reaching it. She introduced Seth to the crowd. J and J Security came out with Seth. HHH ran down Seth’s accomplishments, so far. HHH said Seth was a reflection of him (HHH). HHH was impressed to see Seth use the Pedigree, at Payback. Seth tried to play humble but it was as phony as a $3 bill. HHH wanted Kane to share what he thought about Seth aka Justin Bieber (according to the crowd). Kane had a lot he wanted to say but he just mentioned how much taller he was. Kane knew Seth was Best for Business. Seth was shocked that Kane had such a small amount to say. Kane thanked Seth for saving his job. Kane put together a video package about Seth Rollins.

Jamie then stepped up to praise his boss. Joey then went to say something but he couldn’t get the words out. What is he…the bald Harpo Marx?

Actually, Dean Ambrose cut off the celebration. Dean marched down to the ring and got in it. Stephanie felt Dean had a lot of nerve. Dean said he was out looking for a Justin Bieber album for Seth. That started a deafening chant. Dean again asked for another title match. Stephanie said Dean didn’t deserve the match. She ordered Seth to attack Dean. Seth looked a bit Brown Alerted at that concept. Dean tore into Seth. J and J Security got in the middle of it and Dean took them out. The fight went to the floor. Dean took out all three men. Seth kicked and punched away on Dean. Seth tossed Dean towards the ring but he rebounded and flipped Seth over the announce desk. Dean showed off some cinder Blocks. Dean held a chair and threatened to smash Seth with it. Stephanie said if Dean let Seth go, Ambrose would get his World title match. Joey and Jamie jumped Dean. Ambrose dropped everyone in sight. Dean chased Seth back in the ring. Kane came in and hit the Big Boot. Dean escaped the Chokeslam and nailed the Rebound Clothesline. Seth attacked Dean and hit the Pedigree.


–Jay Shannon

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