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Ring Of Honor presented Road Rage. The main event of this week’s show saw War Machine battle The Briscoes. Batten down the hatches, this one’s guaranteed to be wild and wooly.

Welcome to Hopkins, MN. Steve “King” Corino and Kevin Kelly were our hosts.

ACH vs Adam Page

Page has been giving ACH a hard time because Page feels ACH is getting unfair breaks that he should be getting. ACH got showered with streamers as he got in the ring. ACH offered the Code of Handshake but Page refused to shake back. So, ACH went out and did the Code of Honor Handshake…with the fans.

Face Wash by Page. ACH shoved back and Page disappeared into the ropes. Collar and Elbow and they headed to the corner. ACH bashed the back as Page bailed out to the floor. Page slid in and out to break the count. The fans booed Page for his perceived cowardice. Page got back in and stomped and punched away. The two traded various shots. Shoulder Tackle by ACH. Cartwheel and back flips all around. ACH hit a massive Dropkick.

The fight went out to the floor and ACH kicked away. ACH sent Page into the barricade and partied with the fans. ACH got a clap-a-thon going. Corino paid tribute to Verne Gagne. ACH ran around the ring and hit a Round-the-Post Head Scissors. Nice to see Todd Sinclair back as the Zebra in Charge. Page tied Ach in the ring skirt and beat him senseless. Page ran ACH into the corners, as they got back in the ring. ACH threw wild Forearms. Page dropped ACH with a Crossbody and got a two count. Page tied up ACH as Ring of Honor took a first break.

ACH tried for an Enziguri but missed. Page dead lifted ACH and hit a Bridging Fallaway Pin. 1-2-no. Page punched away at ACH and sent him sailing into the corner. Snap Powerslam by Page. ACH kicked Page away. Knife Edge Chops back and forth between the two men. Page hit a Knee Strike but missed a punch. Double Crossbody and both men were down and stunned. The two began to unload Haymakers on each other. ACH got the upper hand and rocked Page with Clotheslines. Page reversed a Whip but Ach Floated Over. ACH kicked away at the chest and butt, over and over. Jumping Spin Kick dropped Page. Running Lariat nearly destroyed Page but Adam had a little left in the tank. ACH dropped Page with the Inverted Winds of Change for a two count.

Go Behind by ACH but Page ran him into the corner. ACH got a boot up but missed a Springboard Elbow Drop. ACH fought out of a move and still got nailed with a Jumping DDT. 2 count. ACH flipped Page onto the apron and chopped away. Page Shouldered ACH and hit a Big Boot. Flip In Clothesline by Page for the two plus. Quick break for ROH.

ACH blocked Suplexes by Page. Both men tried and failed for Suplexes. ACH finally managed to flip himself and Page over the ropes with the Suplex. The fans exploded with delight. Sinclair started the count. ACH went for a Baseball Slide but got caught and sent into the barricade and ring apron. Shooting Star Shoulder Block from the apron. Page with the Wasteland-like Backbreaker. 1-2-kick out. The fans were chanting how awesome this match was and they were beyond right.

Page put ACH on the top rope and punched and chopped away. ACH blasted Page, who fell to the canvas. Dum Dum Drop for the two count. ACH missed the Midnight Star. Reverse Low Blow Kick by Page. The ref didn’t see the Upkick into the nethers.

Your Winner: Adam Page
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75 out of a possible 5

Page offered the Code of Honor Handshake but ACH tore into Page. Refs , security and wrestlers hit the ring to break up this fight. “Let them Fight!” broke out in unison. ACH went for the Spinning Crash and Burn but Page moved.

Ring of Honor looked back at The Addiction win of the tag team belts. It also led to the reveal of who the KRD was (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Chris Sabin). Kyle O’Reilly then cut a promo where he said he was shifting focus to go after Jay Lethal, next week.

The Young Bucks pushed their “Superkick Party” DVD set and other assorted stuff you can get at Ring of Honor’s shopping site.

Truth Martini and Jay Lethal pushed the new Jay Lethal DVD. Jay wanted to give a title shot to someone he hasn’t beaten, yet. They mentioned Elgin, Moose and Jay Briscoe. Lethal got a little irritated when Briscoe’s name was mentioned.

The Briscoes did a promo about the issues between The Briscoes and War Machine. Highlights of various encounters aired. The last time they fought, the match was thrown out. Jay was ready to finish the business that they started earlier…

War Machine (Hanson and Rowe) vs Mark and Jay Briscoe

Got a call on Monday afternoon from my old buddy, Scooter. He got to see Ring of Honor for the first time and he was so impressed by War Machine and The Briscoes. As a seasoned veteran of the ring wars, it takes a lot to impress Scooter. They did it…big time.

Mark and Hanson began this war. Lock up and the two headed to the corner. Mark shoved Hanson and got punched into another area code for his trouble. Mark worked over Hanson’s ribs with hard boxing jabs. Headbutt by Mark. Hanson reversed a Suplex and then nailed a straight right. Tag to Raymond Rowe. Rowe nailed multiple Forearms. Whip by Rowe but Mark got blasted with a Leg Lariat. Tag to Jay. The World Champ tried to rock Rowe with a European Uppercut but he tattooed titan wailed away. Mark tagged back in and unloaded with Knife Edge Chops. Rowe alternated the move with his opponent. Tag back to Hanson.

Double Team on Mark. Hanson dropped Mark with a Clothesline to the back of Mark’s head. Crossfaces by the Bearded Beast. Tag back to Rowe. Double Back Drop Suplex on Mark. Mark did his best to fight back but Rowe nearly knocked out Mark with a Knee Strike. Mark woke back up and blasted his foe. Rowe whipped Hanson into Mark and then Rowe nailed Shotgun Knees. 1-2-not yet. Hanson smacked the taste out of Mark’s mouth and then worked over the back. Backbreaker by Hanson for the two count. Rowe came back in after Hanson Scoop Slammed Mark. Fist Drop by Rowe. Mark got the boot up and finally tagged Jay. Wild Clothesline by the World Champ. Brutal Headbutt by Jay, followed by a Boot Choke. Jay bounced Rowe’s head off the corner and then Whipped him. Slider Leg Lariat by Jay. Tag back to Mark. Mark punched the ribs and then hit a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Mark stomped at Rowe’s skull. Mark with Corner Shoulders and a tag to his brother, Jay. RoH needed to pay a few bills so we went to commercials.

Jay blasted Rowe with a Headbutt and European Uppercut. Tag to Mark. Mark popped Rowe between the eyes, over and over. Uranage by Rowe and a tag to Hanson. Jay also got the tag. Jay with repeated stiff lefts. Cartwheel Clothesline by Hanson. Hanson put Jay over the top turnbuckle and pounded the chest. Mark slid in and hit a couple of Big Boots. Hanson No-Sold them and hit a Side Slam. Neckbreaker by Jay. Jay then popped Rowe. Hanson blocked the Jay Driller and Rowe hit the Superman Punch. Mark took out Rowe with Uncle Mule Kick. Mark dodged the Spin Kick o Doom. It ended up a stand-off and the fans were delighted. The four men just went old school and slugged it out. Jay and Hanson went over the top with La Bandera. Rowe flipped Mark over the ring post and all the way to the floor. Jay came back with punches and kicks to Rowe. Wild Forearm by Rowe. War Machine went for Fallout but Mark pushed Hanson off the top turnbuckle. Doomsday Device defused by Hanson. Stereo Chokeslam by War Machine Could be…might be…Denied!

Bronco Buster by Hanson to Jay. Mark flew off the top and got Powerbombed. Hanson POwerbombed Rowe onto Mark. A huge War Machine chant broke out. Jay shoved Rowe into Hanson. Doomsday Device! Rowe went to the floor only to get planted with a Blockbuster by Mark. Hanson with the Mongolian Chop and Dead Lift. Jay reversed it into the Jay Driller. Hanson kicked out! Jay kicked Hanson in the face, several times. Jay nailed a 2nd Jay Driller. Count to 100, this bad boy is a done deal.

Your Winners: The Briscoes
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.75


–Jay Shannon

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