Posted May 17th, 2015 by Bill Apter

KANE is at ringside in his usual role as Director Of Operations …

Reigns and Ambrose were teaming and beating up on Rollins when Kane stopped Reigns from doing toe Superman punch … Also J&J Security interfered several times … Another time when Ambrose wa about to win, Kane ran in and chokeslammed him … Orton cleared the ring … A  Superplex by Orton on Rollins only yields a two count … Orton dismantles the broadcast table and Reigns and Ambrose and Rollins put Orton through the table … Ambrose and Reigns attack Rollina and Kane stops them from attacking Rollins …Ambrose and Reigns put Kane through a table on top of Rollins!

It is Ambrose vs. Reigns now … They punch each other over and over … Superman punch on Ambrose and pin but Ambrose kicks out … Spear and cover by Roman but Rollins attacks! … J&J attack Reigns … Dirty Deeds and pin attempt by Kane smashes the steps on Ambrose and then thwarts a Superman punch … Orton … Orton with an RKO on J&J and on DDT’d Rollins … RKO  on Kane … Pedigree on Orton for the win!  TRIPLE H came out to raise Rollins’ hand.

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