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Chris Sabin made his in-ring debut, this week, Plus, Ring of Honor had an amazing six-man tag team match.

Adam Cole joined Kevin Kelly and Steve “King” Corino at the announce desk.

Chris Sabin vs Kyle O’Reilly

ROH looked back at when Chris Sabin was revealed, along with Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian, as the KRD faction. Adam Cole was still offended that Kevin Kelly accused The Kingdom of being behind the KRD. Sabin disappeared into the crowd after coming out from the back. He would return to blind side Kyle. Chris nailed a DDT on the ramp. Kyle still has a cut on his forehead and Sabin was determined to open it back up. European Uppercut by Sabin. Sabin threw Kyle into the barricade, several times over. Chris lifted and dropped Kyle onto the ring apron. Chris tossed Kyle in the ring and the match officially started.

Kyle with the Flying Arm Breaker, in the ropes. Kyle was massively fired up. Kyle went back out to the floor and hit a Flying Knee to drive Sabin into the barricade. Corino so sucked up to Cole it was ridiculous. Sabin kicked Kyle in the face but Kyle came back with a Belly to Belly. The ref was counting. Todd Sinclair, lead referee, is out for an undefined amount of time due to attack by Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa has been fired by the company.

Kyle with Daniel Bryan-like kicks. Sabin caught the leg but Kyle escaped and jumped on Sabin’s back. Kyle locked in the Cross Armbreaker but Sabin was too close to the ropes. Kyle stayed focused on the arm. Sabin tried to sucker Kyle in with a handshake but Kyle wasn’t buying it. Float Over and Slide Under by Sabin. Chris spat in Kyle’s face and then went to the floor. Sabin snapped Kyle’s neck over the ropes and then Punted Kyle from the apron. The cut was open.

Before the show returned, Ring of Honor ran a warning about the blood on Kyle’s face. They also switched to black and white video. I HATE THAT! Walking Dead lets us see zombies rip people into pieces, yet one little trickle of blood on a wrestling show and we have to go all 1950s. (slowly I slide off my soapbox).

Sabin worked over Kyle’s back and neck. Sabin choked Kyle over the middle rope. Snap Mare and Running Kick by Sabin. Chris ripped away at the bandage around Kyle’s head. Sabin flipped Kyle over and tied Kyle up like a pretzel. Kyle twisted around but took European Uppercuts.The two traded Haymakers. Dropkick by Sabin. Chris went up top but hopped down before nailing the Fist Drop. Kyle with the Triangle Choke attempt. Sabin slipped free and locked up Sabin’s arms. Kyle made it to the ropes. Abdominal Stretch by Chris. Kyle flipped out and hit kicks, Knee Strikes and a Lew Sweep. Kyle with a Rolling Biel into the Cross Armbreaker attempt. He didn’t have it fully cinched in before Sabin reached the ropes.

Kyle put Sabin on the ropes and stayed on the arm. Sabin slid under and put Kyle in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Chris stood on Kyle’s crotch. Sabin then went for a Slider Dropkick but Kyle flipped up and Chris slid into the post, nethers first. Chris hit a DDT but couldn’t ge three. Flair vs Danielson chants as Knife Edge Chops and Chest Kicks rained down. Chris blocked Ax and Smash. Rebound Lariat into the Brainbuster by Kyle. When Sabin kicked out, Kyle tumbled out to the floor. Bobby Fish came out to cheer on his partner. The fans helped Kyle get back up to his feet. He barely made it back in the ring in time.

Sabin tried to take advantage by Kyle would not go gentle into that goodnight. The two went into a serious Hockey Fight. Ax and Smash into the Flying Guillotine Choke. Christopher Daniels got up on the apron but Fish took him out. Kazarian rushed in and ripped at the cut. Kaz and Sabin hit the Lifting Spin Plex. Sabin then hit the Michinoku Driver to finish off Kyle.

Your Winner: Chris Sabin
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Corino and Kelly discussed the guys from New Japan coming to Ring of Honor. Corino discussed the level of talent that was on their way to the States. They sent it to a promotional piece about the upcoming matches. RoH also ran highlights of last year’s co-promotional shows.

Adam Page is having a feud with ACH. Page is frustrated that ACH seems to get the breaks that he deserves.

Mark Briscoe, Jay Briscoe and Roderick Strong vs Alberto El Patron, ACH and Matt Sydal
Six Man Tag Team Match

Alberto was “home” in San Antonio. He is now billed as being a Texan. No ODB? Darn. The ring was blizzarded by streamers. RoH took a quick break to clean things up and get the match ready to go.

ACH and Mark opened the contest. Mark kicked away and threw hard Forearms. Float Over by ACH but Mark hit a Flying Knee and Snap Mare. ACH broke free and Cartwheeled around. Dropkick by ACH. Tag to Matt. Roddy also tagged in to the match. Roderick tried to work over the arm but Matt reversed it. Nice Universal. Strong blocked a Hurancanrana but Matt came back. Strong did roll through that one and the fans showed their appreciation. Alberto and Jay took tags. The fans chanted “Si” for El Patron. The chant switched to “Man Up”. Shoulder Tackle by Alberto. Universal into a Hip Toss by Jay. Side Headlock by Jay. Alberto got Shoulder Tackled. Hip Toss by Alberto. Jay blasted Alberto in the chest and face. El Patron nailed wild kicks and a Snap Mare. He missed the Knee Strike but connected with the Lung Blower. Jay came back with a Thrust Kick. Tag to Mark.

Mark threw hard punches to Alberto’s face before hitting a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Mark stomped Alberto’s neck. Strong tagged back in and unloaded with Knife Edge Chops and a Whip. El Patron got he boots up and then brought in ACH. Knife Edge Chops by ACH but Strong gave as good as he got. Matt was tagged in and Strong was double teamed. 2 count. Strong hit several Chops but Matt nailed a Jumping Knee. Backbreaker by Strong, out of nowhere. Mark and ACH both tagged in. Mark went all Redneck Kung Fu on ACH and hit a Flying Knee. Ach got the boot up but was thrown Belly to Belly. Slider Dropkick, by Mark, to Matt. He tried the same thing to ACH but ACH got the knees up. It broke down into craziness. Crash and Burn by Patron and a Flip Dive by Jay.

Mark nearly decapitated ACH with a huge Clothesline. 2 count. Mark hit a huge chop as RoH took their final break.

Jay with a Snap Mare and Leg Lariat to ACH. Tag to Strong. Strong Kneed ACH in the head. ACH fought back with hard Forearms. Strong nailed an amazing Dropkick that folded up ACH. Tag to Mark after Strong hit a Backbreaker. Gut Wrench Suplex brought Mark a two count. Strong tagged back in. ACH hit a Gunshot Slap to the ear. Strong pulled ACH off the ropes and hit the Basket Catch Backbreaker. Jay tagged back in. Jay hit a Headbuttand a Snap Mare. Jay with the Rear Chin Lock. ACH with the Jawbreaker to get free. Enziguri by ACH to Jay and kick to Strong. Dum Dum Drop to Jay’s back. Strong and Patron tagged in. Alberto rocked Strong with the Step Up Enziguri. 2 cont. Alberto called for his finisher. Double Knee Gutbuster by Strong. Tag to Jay. He unloaded with punches and kicks. Neckbreaker by Jay to get a two count. They actually threw in an extra commercial break.

Alberto with a DDT to Jay. Tag to Matt. He went after the arm with a kick. Standing Moonsault brought a two count to “ReBourne”. Matt also dropped Mark. Jay blocked a Pumphandle and tagged in Mark. Elbow Drop by Briscoe. Mark stomped a mudhole in Matt’s chest. Float Over and tag to ACH. Tornado Face Plant by ACH. Strong came in and took out ACH and Matt. He hit the Enziguris to all 3 opponents. Strong nailed a Superplex on ACH. Froggie Bo to ACH’s chest. Patron made the save. Redneck Kung Fu on Alberto. Modified Warrior’s Way, in the ropes, by Mark. It all broke down into chaos. Superkick to strong by El Patron. Matt nailed the Shooting Star Press to Mark. ACH then finished off their opponent with the 450 Splash!

Your Winners; ACH, Matt Sydal and Alberto El Patron
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25


–Jay Shannon

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