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Payback is rapidly approaching and Raw fleshed out several of the key feuds. Plus, John Cena faced one of the brightest stars on the horizon for the US Title. Oh yeah, and the World Title picture got a new twist added.

Tonight’s show came from the infamous Montreal. Randy Orton came out to start the show. Orton will be one of the guys going after Seth Rollins, in a couple of weeks. As it stands, Orton and Roman Reigns will face the champ. Randy liked the name Payback for a Pay Per View, because that is what he is going to get on Seth. Randy knew Roman would feel disappointment when Randy won the World title but that was not his problem…

Roman Reigns came through the crowd to discuss this situation. Roman said he was getting Payback, not Randy. The fans screamed for Randy ton ail the RKO. Randy said he wasn’t going to just stand by and let Roman take the belt. Roman threatened to drop Randy if he came near him. Randy reminded Roman that he (Orton) was a 12-time World Champion and has been in
12 consecutive Wrestlemanias. Roman brought up Summerslam, when he beat Randy Orton. Roman was cool with breaking Randy in half to win the World title.

New Day, for some odd reason, came out to interrupt things. They wanted all the negativity to stop. That started the “New Day Sucks” chant. Big E said Seth had Randy’s number…on speed dial. Big E wanted Randy and Roman to clap with them. New Day let everyone know that Roman and Randy would face the trio of New Day in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match…now.

Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E (New Day) vs Randy Orton and Roman Reigns
3-on-2 Handicap (non-title) Match

Randy got beaten on until he hit a Clothesline. Tag to Roman. Roman Suplexed Kofi into the ring. This is under Freebirds Rules. Woods took the tag and applied a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Roman. Universal ended when Roman hit the Samoan Drop. Orton tagged back in and kicked Woods in the ribs. Suplex by Randy. Roman came back in and kicked away. Snap Mare by Roman into a Running Kick to the face. Randy tagged back in and stomped Woods in the side of the head. Orton Stomp. Woods kicked Randy and then tagged in Big E. He dropped Randy and then brought Kofi back in. Kofi stomped away but could only pull a2. Woods tagged intot he match and tried for a pin. Randy twisted up from the Side Headlock and nailed the European Uppercut. Dropkick by Woods. 2 count, yet again. Raw went to break.

Roman was down after a little Triple Teaming. Dropkick to Roman but Reigns still kicked out. Tag to Big E. Overhead Belly to Belly by Big E. Big E hit another Belly to Belly Throw. 1-2-no. Woods tagged in and dropped an elbow. Woods talked serious rash. Roman punched away but Woods hit the Rolling Neckbreaker. Tag back to Kofi. Modified Fist Drop. Front Face Lock by Kofi. Rear Chin Lock by Woods, who had tagged in. Roman pitched Woods towards Randy. Roman nailed a Clothesline. Tag to Randy and Kofi.

Randy hit several Clothesline s but felt the sting of a Pendulum Kick. Kofi flew off the ropes and fell to a Snap Powerslam. Rope Assisted DDT to Kofi after Roman nailed a Superman Punch. RKO to Woods. Roman accidentally Speared Randy. Kofi covered Randy.

Your Winners: New Day
Raw Ranking: 2.75 out of a possible 5

After the match, Kane came out to talk to the men in the ring. Kane didn’t want the night to end for Randy or Roman. Randy and Roman would face each other in the night’s main event.

This week is a birthday week for two very important people in my life. On May 5th, both my step-son, Gary, and childhood best friend, Fred, celebrate their birthday. Gary was born in 1971, Fred in 1969. Happy Birthday to both of you.

Kane and Seth did a weird Christmas analogy talk. Kane then let Seth know that Rollins was going to be in action, later on. Kane set the match of Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose. J and J Security would be banned from ringside. Kane would not let Seth continue to talk.

Renee Young was in the ring. She brought out Ryback. Raw showed the surprise attack by Bray Wyatt. I was hoping Bray was coming out to attack Bo Dallas. Ryback talked about his background and how he was never supposed to wrestle again after breaking his ankle, in 3 places. Ryback didn’t know why Bray set his sights on him. Ryback said he takes fear and turns it into a positive. Ryback let Bray know that he (Bray) had gained Ryback’s attention. That is not a good thing…for Bray.

Bray came on the Tron humming “Whole World”. Bray cut one of his bizarre rambling promos about Ryback and his fear. Bray ured Ryback to Run.

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (w/Natalya) vs The Ascension

Connor and Viktor did an Insert Video about the Harts. JBL was seriously critical of the painted up duo, as was Booker T. Viktor dropped Tyson. Stu Hart would have been 100, on Sunday. His son, Smith, put up a really nice post on Facebook. Viktor Scoop Slammed and Fist Dropped Tyson. 2 count. Connor tagged back in and hit a Suplex. 2, one more time. Tag to Viktor. Tyson was dropped but Cesaro broke up the pin. Cesaro worked over Viktor with Running European Uppercuts on Viktor. The fans were loving it. Short Arm Clothesline by the Swiss Superman. Cesaro took out Connor but that let Viktor nail Cesaro. Flip Dive by Tyson to put out Connor. International Swing by the Internationals. Tyson had tagged in and he made the pin.

Your Winners: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Seth walked backstage. Renee interviewed him about Dean Ambrose. Seth said there was no point for the match. He called Kane “a Moron”. That will so bite him in the butt, count on it.

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins
Non-Title Match

Kane came out to inform Seth that if Dean were to win this match, Ambrose would be added to the World Title Match at Payback. Seth was beyond irate at that announcement. Told you Seth’s comments would bite him like a zombie with a tushie fetish. Smile.

The Finish:

Dean hit the Running Bulldog. He then headed up top but missed a move. Suicide Dive sent Seth into the barricade. Both men were stunned. Dean hit a modified X Factor to get a two. The fans couldn’t believe it. Seth escaped Dirty Deeds. Dean countered a Buckle Bomb. Dean with the Savage Elbow to a standing Seth. 2 count. Seth snapped Dean’s neck off the ropes. Flying Curb Stomp by Seth but he couldn’t get the three. Seth talked serious trash and hit the Superkick. 1-2-Kick Out. Seth argued with the ref for a slow count. The two men slugged it out and Dean hit a wicked La Bandera Clothesline that sent both of them tumbling over the ropes. Seth threw Dean into the ropes. Buckle Bomb into the Barricade. The ref started to count out Dean. Ambrose drew upon inhuman strength to slide in at 9. Seth turned and saw Dean. He began to stomp away. The ref kept pulling Seth back. Teeter Totter Clothesline by Dean. J and J Security rushed down and got taken out. School Boy by Dean!

Your Winner: Dean Ambrose
Raw Ranking: 3.75

Dean is now added to the World title match!

Seth tore into Kane, in the office, for his stupidity in setting up Dean as the 4th participant. Kane said it was Seth’s fault that he lost to Dean. Kane warned that he could keep adding people to the title match. Kane said this was just a way of making Seth better. Kane said he had a plan for Seth. Seth couldn’t believe it.

Byron Saxton interviewed Lana. Lana acted like she did not notice the cheers of the fans. Fandango came out and told Lana to embrace the fans. Rusev rushed out and grumbled at her in Russian. Fandango just might not have a good night, since he gets Rusev…next.

Rusev vs Fandango

Rusev tore into Fandango with kicks. The fans chanted for Lana. That seemed to fire up the big Russian Brute. Rusev missed a Corner Splash. Rusev pitched Fandango out to the floor. Lana seemed enamored by Fandango. She danced with him and Rusev exploded. He ordered her to the back. Boo!

Fandango attack Rusev. Rusev ended up sent into the post, twice. Dropkicks by Fandango. Corner Mount Punches but Rusev pushed Fandango away. Accolade!

Your Winner (by Submission): Rusev
Raw Ranking: 1.75

We got to see more Tough Enough video entries. I know a handful of great indy kids on the West Coast that really should get a look. The Reno Scum, El Chupacabra, Ryan McQueen and others have ignited Northern Nevada and a big part of California, as well.

R-Truth vs Stardust

Star had a bag as he came to the ring. Star did an insert video about how Truth dashed his dream of being King. He had a devious plan about how to defeat Truth. Roll Up by Star into a Hammerlock. Star hit a Front Drop Suplex. The fans began a “Cody” chant. This took me back to the days of Jake “The Snake”. Star with a Cartwheel and kicks. Star with solid punches. Truth came back with Forearms. Star dropped himself and Truth. Star crawled towards the bag. Star kicked Truth away. Leg Lariat. Truth with an X Factor. Truth decided to check out the bag. It was filled with plastic and rubber spiders. Truth freaked out and Star rolled him up.

Your Winner: Star Dust
Raw Ranking: 1.0

John Cena Open Challenge

The fans were seriously hostile towards Cena. Cena told the fans “I Quit”. That started the Ole Ole chant. By the way, I forgot to include my old amigo, O’Cat, in my birthday wishes for Cinco de Mayo. John knew some fans wanted him to give up and go away. John then went into a talk about facing Rusev.

Bret Hart came out from the back to an incredible pop. Bret was there to introduce John’ opponent. Heath Slater came out. He was not Bret’s choice. Heath got in the ring and complained about getting screwed over, so many times. Bret decked him and then brought out…Sami Zayn!

John Cena vs Sami Zayn
US Title Match

The crowd absolutely exploded for the former El Generico. I really like this kid. This was an incredible moment for Sami.

The match was in full force. Universal and Sami sent John to the floor with a Dropkick. Sami flipped off the top rope, backwards, intothe ring. John applauded Sami for his abilities. Back Drop Suplex by John that led to a Rear Chin Lock. John hit another Back Drop SUplex but only got a two count. The doctor came out and checked on Sami’s neck and shoulder. Sami landed badly off the Back Drop Suplex. The medico okayed Sami to continue. The two tested the waters and then John went right after the hurt shoulder. Clothesline by Sami but it really hurt his shoulder. Sami threw rights, over and over. Cena went Vintage on Sami. Sami rolled up John on the You Can’t See Me. Sami nailed an Elbow and hit a Top Rope Crossbody. 2 count.

Sami with an amazing Flip Dive over the top rope. Sami clutched at his shoulder. Sami put John back in the ring but John caught Sami in the STF. Sami crawled towards the ropes and finally forced the break. John asked the ref to check on Sami’s shoulder. . Flatliner into the Koji Clutch by Sami. John forced his way out. John rolled Sami up for the AA but Sami escaped. Rusev watched from the back. Clothesline by John as Sami came off the ropes. Cena lifted Sai for the Attitude Adjustment. Sami landed on his butt, not his back. Sami nailed a Clothesline and John hit the floor. Tornado DDT, through the corner ropes, by Sami. Zayn tried to lift John to throw him back in the ring. Both got back in but John nailed the AA. Could be…might be…Denied!

Blue Thunder Bomb by Sami for the two count. Sami was getting so frustrated. Sami’s left arm was virtually useless, at this point. John punched away. Springboad Stunner into the Attitude Adjustment by John Cena to retain.

Your Winner: John Cena
Raw Ranking: 4.25

John and the ref both checked on Sami, after the match. Code of Honor-like handshake. John helped Sami to his feet and then left he ring to make sure Sami got the respect he so deserved.

Renee wanted to interview Sami Zayn but the New Day interrupted her. They bragged about their win. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd came in and gave New Day a hard time. Kidd, Cesaro and Nattie got a “New Day Sucks” chant going.

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella were on their way to the ring when Naomi and Tamina attacked. Both Brie and Nikki were taken out. The match that was scheduled to happen didn’t even get announced. Naomi said “This is what Family is all about”. Tamina and Naomi are cousins, by marriage.

Raw looked at the finals of The King of the Ring Tournament. Bad News Barrett defeated Neville in the finals, by way of a Bull Hammer.

“King” Barrett came out to speak to his subjects. Barrett said he would rule his kingdom with an Iron Fist and a Bull Hammer.

“King” Barrett and Sheamus vs Neville and Dolph Ziggler

Dolph did an insert video, mocking Barrett and Sheamus. King and Dolph faced off.. King clubbed him and stomped away. King kicked away on Dolph and put him on the top ropes. King clubbed the lower back. Running Knee by Barrett. Jumping DDT by Dolph to get a 2 count. Raw went to break.

Sheamus was in to continue to beat down Dolph. Ziggler fought back but took the Irish Curse Backbreaker. Sheamus shrieked at Dolph. Superkick, out of nowhere, by Dolph. Neville begged for the tag. He got it, as did Barrett. Neville slid under King and then sent him to the floor with a Headscissors. Neville then hit a Twisting Flip Dive to the floor. Neville landed on his feet. Springboard Missile Dropkick and Standing Shooting Star Press by Neville to get a two. Barrett reversed a Whip and kicked Neville in the ribs. King set for the Bull Hammer but missed. Enzigui into a German Bridge Suplex. Dolph and Sheamus got involved. The two went at it on the floor. Neville kicked Barrett in the face. Neville set for the Red Arrow but stopped to kick Sheamus. Neville with a Spingboard Move but Barrett connected with the Royal Bull Hammer.

Your Winners: “King” Barrett and Sheamus
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton

Kane, Seth Rollins and J and J Security came out to watch the match. Jamie let everyone know he was the Guest Ring Announcer. Joey Mercury was the Special Time Keeper. Kane was Guest Enforcer. Seth was the Special Guest Commentator. Michael Cole joked about Jamie’s lack of height.

Seth said he trusts Kane, because of a plan that Kane has in mind. Randy tried for a quick RKO but didn’t get it. The two men traded hard fists. Back Elbow by Randy. Roman kicked and punched away. Randy came out of the corner with a hard Clothesline. Samoan Drop by Roman. Roman tossed Randy out of the ring. Randy kicked away at Roman and Back Dropped him on the barricade. They had just gone out to the floor. The two slugged it out. Jamie got decked by Jamie. Randy nailed a Clothesline on Roman. Randy slammed Roman’s face into the barricade and hit the European Uppercut. Randy stared at the Authority figures. Roman got in the ring and nailed a Jumping Clothesline.

Randy punched away but Roman came back with shots. Roman held the ropes to avid the Snap Powerslam. He did, however, fall to the Twisted Sister Backbreaker. Roman snapped Randy on the top rope. Rising Son Dropkick by Roman. Roman talked trash to Seth. Roman missed the Superman Punch but Randy got all of the Snap Powerslam. Rope Assisted DDT by The Viper. Randy went into his Dark Place. Roman pushed ut of the RKo and nailed the Superman Punch. Kane tripped Roman as Roman bounced off the ropes. All Hell broke loose. The entire Authority Force mugged Randy Orton. Roman flew over the top rope to take out the Authority. Seth sent Roman into the ring post. Kane and crew went back to mauling Randy. Orton tried to fight back but the numbers were too much. Roman came to Randy’s aid…as did Dean Ambrose. Dean tore into the champ and then destroyed J and J Security. Roman blasted Kane. The four men in the World Title stood, until Roman dropped Seth with a Spear. Randy then planted Roman with the RKO. Dean caught Randy with Dirty Deeds.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Raw Ranking: 2.0


–Jay Shannon

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