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Welcome to Hard Core Justice. Kurt Angle battled Eric Young in a Stretcher Match, Plus, the X-Division and Knockout titles were on the line.

Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Davey Richards vs Khoya, Manik and Abyss
Six Man Street Fight

The battle got going before the bell. Al Snow has now replaced Taz in the announce position. The toys were flying all around. DaVey with a Back Body Drop on Manik. Matt went after Abyss with a trash can lid. Stall Suplex by Davey on Manik. Khoya kicked away on Jeff and then walloped him with a can lid. Jumping Neckbreaker by Manik to Davey. Matt saved Davey from a Suplex. Double Tea on Manik. Poetry in Motion. The Faces used a chair to hit a modified Poetry in Motion with the chair Dropkicked into Abyss’ face and chest. . Twist of Fate by Matt to Abyss. Manik pushed Jeff off the top rope. The fight was going down in and out of the ring. Manik bashed Davey with the can lid. Abyss then used it to crack Matt. The Revolution was in full control. Jeff with a Baseball Slide Dropkick to Khoya. Back Drop Suplex by Manik to Davey. Jeff threw a trash can at Khoya. Abyss found a pupe and used it on Jeff Hardy.

Mat took a chair to Khoya and Abyss. Matt clobbered Khoya with the trash can and then used a kendo stick on his foe. Manik popped Jeff in the face with the trash can. Everyone got involved in a wicked Tower of Power Davey flipped out of an Abyss Chokeslam. Dropkick to the knees, followed by Creping Death, by Davey. Suicide Dive, by Davey, to take down Khoya and Abyss. Jeff hit a Crossbody Plancha. Side Effect to Manik. Davey with the Wolves Stomp to Manik. Abyss prevented the pin. Chokeslam! Abyss reversed a Whip and dropped Jeff with a Back Elbow. Abyss placed a chair on Jeff’s chest and bounced off the ropes. Jeff drove the chair u into Abyss’ crotch. Twist of Fate by Matt and Swanton by Jeff.

Your Winners: Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Davey Richards
Hard Core Score; 3.25 out of a possible 5

James Storm came out and read the riot act to Abyss for losing, again.

Josh Mathews gave Al Snow a hard time about his ugly jacket. It looks like they may be the new announce team.

Mr. Anderson said he had some excitement for the fans to counter the boring campaign crap of Ethan Carter III, from last week. Anderson invited everyone to join him in the ring, right after the break.

So, Billy Corrigan is now a major part of TNA. He will be into doing the whole creative thing. I’ll leave the door open as to whether this is a good idea or just another WCW Revisit…

Ken Anderson came out to do the intro but he just unhooked the Drop Mic without speaking. Ken noticed he crowd was rowdy. He brought up Ethan Carter III and he crowd booed like crazy. Ken waned to see EC3 get his *ss whupped. Ken wanted to include the fans in something that he was sorking on…

Before he got to say anything else, Ethan and Tyrus walked form the back. Tyrus was carrying Ethan’s campaign sign. Josh reminded everyone that Ethan was undefeated for well over a year. Ethan stated he was the first to bring politics into wrestling. Snicker…yeah, politicking has NEVER happened, before. Ken told Ethan if he wanted the World title, win it. Ken realized that Ethan’s undefeated streak was of ultimate importance. Ken then revealed a sign that stated he would “Beat the Streak”. Ken said he would defeat Ethan on the live May 8th episode of Impact. Ken wanted the fans to vote regarding the match. Ethan accepted the challenge. Ethan warned Ken to tread lightly, regarding him.

Mark “Mandrews” Andrews vs Tigre Uno vs Kenny King vs Rock Star Spud
Fatal Four Way Ladder Match for the X-Division Title

Spud went into this match with bandaged up ribs. King immediately went after he bad ribs. In the ring, Tigre dropped Mandrews with a Leg Lariat. Twisting Plancha by Tigre. Mandrews hit a wild Shooting Star Press to the floor to take out King and Tigre. Awesome! Andrews was the first to get a ladder in the ring. King pounded away on Andrews. Tiger jumped on one end of the ladder to send the other end into Andrews and King. Ask Joey Mercury how much damage that can do. Tigre started up the ladder but Spud closed the ladder and sent Tigre flying.

King went after Spud’s ribs, yet again. Andrews rocked King with a shot. Andrews with a great Tornado DDT off the ladder. Tigre planted Andrews with a Backwards Samoan Drop (Guadalajara Drop?). In the ring, King just kept kicking at the hurt ribs. King drove the ladder into Spud’s side. King was just vicious with his attack on the ribs. Andrews used a Dro Toe Hold to send King’s face into one of the ladders. Andrews set up the ladder and almost got he strap. Tigre stopped him. The two fought on the ladder. C4 Moonsault byTigre Uno. Amazing. King climbed the ladder but Spud did his best to stop him. King mocked Spud and punched away. That seemed to fire up Spud. Spud tore into King with wild punches. Jumping Back Kick by Spud. It was almost a Pele. Spud headed up the ladder. King went up the other side. Tigre did a Springboard to join King on the ladder. King Bieled him off. Spud with a Kabuki Claw and wild punches. Spud bit the head of King. Spud punched King off the ladder. Spud reached up and almost got the title. Homicide rushed in and pulled Spud down into another ladder. Homicide threw King onto the ladder and the belt suddenly lowered to make it easier for King to get it.

Your Winner (and New X-Division Champion): Kenny King
Hard Core Score: 3.0

Josh and Al talked about the types of matches available to vote for. The fans could choose Ken’s option of a Falls Count Anywhere Match or Ethan’s desire, an Arm Wrestling Match.

After that, the Eric Young vs Kurt Angle situation was evaluated. Eric walked out with a stretcher to make a visual point. TNA flashed back to Eric Young’s attack on Austin Aries. The fans broke out the “You Suck” chant. Eric said Kurt wanted the “Real” Eric Young. Eric told everyone that he was a World Class wrestler and man. Eric ran down the people that he has taken out: Lashley, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries. Eric’s match against Kurt was going to be Non-Title. Eric knew he could beat and hurt Kurt Angle. Eric was determined to end Kurt’s career…tonight.

The BDC was celebrating in the back. Kenny King said the BDC would eventually gain all the gold. MVP stepped in and said the BDC was better than ever. MVP told Low Ki to finish off Drew Galloway with the steel pipe. “Blood in…Blood Out” was Low Ki’s comment.

Elsewhere, Spud was interviewed about losing the belt. Spud felt the belt was stolen from him. Spud talked about the great men that held the belt before him. Spud was determined to get his X-Title belt back.

A promo for the Dollhouse aired. These chicks are just weird. Vicious and delicious. Taryn makes a great heelette.

Remember, next week’s TNA will be LIVE! I’ll be at work when it airs but I will be ready to hit play on the DVR when I get home (at midnight).

Taryn Terrell (with Jade and Marti) vs Brooke
Knockout Title Match

The Dollhouse skipped around the ring like a trio of 8 year olds. Bizarre. Brooke wasn’t into all the silliness, she wanted the belt. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Brooke took a Side Headlock, after the break. Taryn punched Brooke’s ribs and went her to the ropes. Shoulder Tackles by Brooke. Deep Arm Drag and Dropkick by Brooke. Taryn bailed out of the ring. Marti and Jade gave the pep talk to their leader.

Back in the ring, Brooke nailed a pair of Bow Tie Neckbreakerst o earn a two. Taryn reversed a whip. Marti distracted the ref. Jade tripped Brooke and Taryn rubbed Brooke’s face into the canvas. Josh and Al argued about the canvas being like sand paper. Taryn dropped her weight on Brooke’s back. Taryn hit a Snap Suplex on the challenger. Taryn slapped Brooke in the face and then hit the Rolling Neckbreaker. 1-2-not yet.

Taryn choked Brooke over the middle ropes. Jade and Marti mocked Brooke. Curb Stomp by Taryn as the other Dollhouse girls acted shocked (jokingly). Taryn missed a Crossbody and Brooke pushed herself to get up. Brooke threw wild Forearms and Clotheslines. Flying Burrito by Brooke, followed by a Running Back Elbow. X Factor to the champ. Brooke stomped away as Jade and Marti called for Taryn to get back in this. He Dollhouse pulled Taryn out as Brooke went to his a R ump Shaker. Brooke hit a Crossbody, to the floor, to drop all three girls. Brooke slapped Taryn. Jade pushed Brooke off the top, as Marti distracted the ref. Cajun Cuter by Taryn to retain.

Your Winner: Taryn Terrell
Hard Core Score: 2.0

The girls did the Jawbreaker thing. Taryn then shrieked that no one could beat her. Gail Kim came out and Taryn was amused. The laughter stopped when Gail presented her ally…Awesome Kong!

A promo ran for Slammiversary. TNA will be doing a live PPV for the first time in many months. June 28th is the date.

A promo ran about The Rising vs The BDC. Drew will battle Low Ki in the Pipe on a Pole Match. The match is on deck…

Low Ki vs Drew Galloway
Pipe on a Pole Match

The two just tore into each other. Drew chased Low out to the floor and he dropped Low Ki across the barricade. Drew nailed a wild set of Knife Edge Chops. The fans held Low Ki so Drew could chop him. Low Ki grabbed a chair and drove it into Drew’s ribs. Low then slammed Drew’s face into the ring steps. Low Ki hit weaker Knife Edge Chops. Low Ki threw a chair at Drew but it missed. Drew got it and worked over Low Ki’s lower back. Drew Suplexed Low Ki onto the ring apron and then chopped him, again.

Drew went for the pipe but Low Ki stopped him. Ki kicked the daylights out of Drew’s chest. Ki wanted the Fisherman’s Suplex but Drew countered. Ki avoided a Powerbomb to a steel chair. Running Forearm by Ki. Corner Mount Forearms. Ki almost got the pie but Drew hit a Thunderlips Slam. Drew went off on Low Ki with punches and stomps. Drew set up the chair and then put Low Ki on the top turnbuckle. Drew went for a Superplex but Low Ki fought back to avoid it. Low Ki with the Warrior’s Way, which sent Drew into the chair. 2 count.

Low Ki went after the pipe, yet again. They two fought on top of the ropes. Low Ki hit Headbutts but Drew fought him off. The pipe fell off the holding place. Drew threw Ki across the ring, even though Drew was in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Drew got the pipe but Ki hit a Round House Kick. Future Shock DDT on the chair brought he 3!

Your Winner: Drew Galloway
Hard Core Score: 3.0

The BDC and The Rising all hit the ring. The numbers were still on the side of the BDC. TNA went to break as the fight kept going.

The Triangle between James Storm, Mickie James and Magnus was showcased. James talked Mickie into sticking around for at least one more run. Magnus was warned about how dangerous Storm is. He asked a camera crew to keep an eye on Mickie. A video aired about James running into Mickie at the grocery store. Storm asked to hold Donovan, Mickie and Magnus’ son.

Magnus was in the ring and he was not happy. Before Magnus could speak, Storm came out to interrupt. Storm wanted to bring Mickie out but Magnus felt it was better for the two of them to settle this. Magnus warned Storm that he was over-stepping his bounds by manipulating Mickie into staying in the ring. Magnus knew Storm was trying to drive a wedge between him and Mickie. Storm said he was not trying to cause problems between the two of them. Storm knew Magnus had trust issues. Storm ran down how Magnus got a camera crew to follow his girl around. Storm stirred the pot by mentioning how Mickie didn’t tell Magus about running into Storm.

Backstage, Kurt cut a promo about needing to dominate and break Eric Young in half.

Eric Young vs Kurt Angle
Non-Title Stretcher Match

To win this match, the winner has to strap down his opponent (both straps). Eric came out first and he looked determined. Eric jumped Kurt and stomped away. Kurt reversed Whip and nailed a couple of Clotheslines. Kurt stomped away but Eric went to the eyes. Eric pitched Kurt out through the ropes. Kurt popped Eric and rammed his face into the ring apron and barricade. Kurt dragged Eric around and slammed his face into the ring steps and barricade. Kurt threw Eric back into the ring.

Eric looked dazed. Eric moved and then threw Kurt into the ring post. TNA decided to take a commercial break.

Eric was still in control as the show returned. He blasted Kurt and then went for a Whip. It was reversed and Eric did the Flair Flop. High Belly to Belly by Kurt. Eric retreated to the floor. Kurt jumped off the apron and got nailed in the ribs. Eric slammed Kurt’s face into the ring steps and then Curb Stomped his face into the metal steps. Eric went to get the stretcher. Kurt wasn’t done fighting and he sent Eric into the ring apron. Kurt wanted a German off the apron but Eric held the roes. Eric Back Elbowed Kurt to the floor. Eric went to adjust the knee brace but Kurt caught Eric with a pair of Germans. Eric grabbed the turnbuckles but Kurt hit a 3rd German. The two went out to the floor and Eric Back Kicked Kurt, low. Kurt blocked a Piledrive into a Slingshot and Angle Slam, on the floor.

Kurt rolled the stretcher over and went after Eric. Kurt brought Eric over and placed Eric on the gurney. Kurt got the first strap secured but Eric battled to avoid te 2nd on being put in place. Eric went to the eyes. Eric wanted the Figure Four but Kurt blocked it. Kurt turned the Piledriver into a Sunset Flip and AngleLock. Eric rolled through to send Kurt into the exposed turnbuckle. Eric had ripped the pad loose, moments earlier. Eric nailed a pair of Piledrivers. Kurt was bleeding from the top of his head. Eric dragged the unconscious Kurt from the ring. Eric threw Kurt on the stretcher. He to the first strap in place and then finished Kurt by securing the 2nd strap.

Your Winner: Eric Young
Hard Core Score: 2.0


–Jay Shannon

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